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the enemy

Jan 26, 2014 - 2 comments

The enemy is often you and all that controls you , the mind is a powerful thing, it can
create how you feel and perceive things.If I could get rid of one person in my life
it would be my own physical self , the mind and all that controls it every thought, every action, and every
word.Without the mind you are your true self , and your ego no longer is your mind a spiritual plane
beyond the physical is where you are your true self and the enemy is no longer you.Learning to love
yourself is the hardest thing to do in a perfect state of being there is nirvana , and that is what sxientists have
proved that without the mind and all that controls it , there is matter , in essence death is a altered state of being
where u r no longer captive in the mind and what defines it.

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by pcrissy, Jan 26, 2014
When you are running scared from your thoughts, mind is racing every thought is swallowed up into
Another scary thought, till madness climbs the walls of every hour of the day, fighting to stay sane,fighting
To control your mind until you become unable to run the battle is over, then you are frozen.
Frozen in time,  and space for eternity where the heart beats no more, and your not running scared.
Frozen. There you will be no more./ the existence of being to where you are not heard, seen,or felt
The chains really broken and you can breathe again in a world we are not in yet.where is it?
Heavan where you are finally free amen.

6653958 tn?1395763193
by pcrissy, Mar 25, 2014
Sheer panic is mania take me off this bipolar ezpress, maybe u feel but it isint what u should
But if u could be happy and fewl normal u would.I dont know a day goes by when I want
To lay my head down and cry, its moments like this when we just lie,
maybe we are not as as strong as the rest and even tho we try are best ,
noone sees the terror that is in your mind, when somedays noone is kind, everyone
wants to be quick to judge you , but even if you knew , those people can see me
as what they want, for who really cares its your battle u fought , to rise above them is all
you want to be , but they will never ever see that u are more than what they can define,
Just a person who is mentally ill for that is a burden you must live with but only
you can define who you are so dont let anyone make you be the one that they define
the one they can see.

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