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8 months from surgery

Jan 27, 2014 - 2 comments

Hey all, not sure if anyone reads these but here i am 8 months after surgery almost completely headache free and if i get them they are not the crushing feeling i used to have. Neck feels pretty good not sure it will ever be the same but all in all good to go. Been having seizures since the operation though, not sure whats going on with those yet but hopefully my appt tomorrow will give me a little clarity on the situation. Employer hopefully will finally let me come back to work.

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by selmaS, Jan 27, 2014
All in due time...and if ur recovery is nething like mine u will continue to see benefits over the next few yrs.

Good luck tomorrow.

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by randomlycurious23, Jan 31, 2014
Glad to hear you are headache free!!! Any other things you have experienced after surgery? I am very interested in every single detail about your surgery before, during and after.

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