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Today is weird

Nov 19, 2007 - 2 comments

symptoms worse

Novemeber 19th, 2007
Both of my heels are numb today. Had really bad headache last night- back of head. These have been coming on pretty regular. They are not like regular headaches. I call them "lightning headaches" because they feel like something going straight through my brain.

My memory is getting sooooo bad. Just short term. I get lost in the middle of conversations. I can't think of regular thing's names. Sometimes I even forget how to do simple things like drive, put straws in cups, things like that. I can have a phone conversation for 5-10 minutes and hang up and for the life of me- I cannot remember what I just talked about. It is not getting me "down" it just aggrivates me a bit that no-one can tell me what is going on.

My eye is getting worse. LT side. Still have spot in center of vision. I made an appt to see Dr. Driggars next week. I hurt. My eye hurts. My back hurts, My arms hurt just typing.... they feel tired.

My legs feel heavy. I have spots on my upper thighs and arms that sometimes feel like something is burning me. My jerks and spasms are getting worse, too. I think I am having bladder spasms again, too. Man- does that hurt!

Jerky eye movements. My dizziness is coming way more often now. Not just during "episodes." I will call my MS chapter today and see if I can find a good Neuro. I wonder if there are such things as good neuro's around here? ehehhehe just kiddin. I will find one... one day!

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by faith10500, Nov 25, 2007
o my dear sweet child you need a ct done on your brain the truble is in your brain i can tell u this i hade the same thing happen to me mine was right after i hade surg it is casued by a blocked nerve in your brain you dont have to have surg to have it happen to you if your dr whont listen to you  well then get new dr if not treated you may br in real truble later on it is a slow acting  blocking but depending on the time you have hade it is key on yhe time left this whont kill you but it will drive you crazy so call your drs and tell them you insest on a mri and a ct scan no dies i repet no dies i was lucky i got it in time god is watching over you i will pray for you love you gina.

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by NayNay29, Nov 25, 2007
I am actually going to see my eye doc Wednesday. I have had CT's and MRI's- they keep finding nothing. I am so aggrivated. Hopefully someone will figure something out. I am waiting on my GP to refer me to a good Neuro. Thanks for the prayer. Hope you are well and happy, too.
Peace- Davin

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