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Waiting, wondering

Jun 23, 2009 - 0 comments

Elsewhere I wrote that, if I were superstitious, I wouldn't mention the seeming reduction in my symptoms for the past week or so.  I think that was 10 or 11 hours before the stabbing ice-pick-in-the-temple came back, while I was brushing my teeth.  I took one Imitrex as directed.  Soon afterward, I was hit with overwhelming sleepiness.  This was not the case in my previous uses of this drug.  It began with a heavy feeling in the forehead and eyes while walking Bandit, but then I noticed myself drifting off while seated at the keyboard.  Text message reply from my boss said not to put myself or others in jeopardy.  Cancelled planned lunch with Nancy (yes, very reluctantly), and laid down on the living room floor with a throw pillow, where I found myself a short while ago when I woke up, freezing, with the air conditioning vent blowing right onto me.  I should visit the post office, but I don't yet think I ought to drive.  Maybe before they close.

Have read some interesting things about Imitrex this morning, before I conked out.  I'm not sure that it should have been prescribed for me, with my indefinite diagnosis of possible migraine, and with the high dose of SSRI I'm already getting.  I'm going to read more on serotonin syndrome.  Is sleepiness a symptom?  I also read that I should have told my doctor if I use a salt substitute containing potassium.  Evidently there's a problem with Imitrex possibly causing potassium to build up, rather than to be flushed through the system.  Well, since I'm taking two kinds of BP meds, the PCP naturally told me to limit salt intake, so one of the church board members brought me a little shaker of Morton salt substitute, which is primarily potassium chloride.  Maybe the general neuro who prescribed this drug didn't read my med list beforehand?  I wasn't especially happy with him to begin with.

I am also thinking of sending another fax to the PCP to list all these questions, but it would have to be succinct, of that I'm sure.  Perhaps in a bit I'll feel up to it.  Honestly, as much as I want to be wrong, I still think that MS better explains all of my symptoms than does migraine.  I wish I could somehow convey that thought to the neurology department in convincing enough terms that they'd look into it further.  I don't want to go through more tests, of course, but I'll go through a lot more if it will get someone to do something that will make me feel as if positive steps are being taken.  I still feel that they're barking up the wrong tree.

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