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To know or to not know

Jan 30, 2014 - 0 comments

Depending on ones true self reflects on the way the dark side is managed, as it will not be controlled or even pushed away.No matter what age or maturity a diagnosed dark side sufferer is, from past experiences and trial and error, so many trails,tracks,ups,downs for me is how I picture in my self. By being able to imagine how ever you want is a way to start opening those raw ends that want to overtake your sanity and rule your train of thought.i established this in me and found I was trying to erase from the core and found myself growing worse, instead after sometime I tried tackling much smaller offshoots, I have now lived with manic depression bipolar schitz for 20 years I refuse medication refuse phycs who can read books and think they can fix us, truth being no book will fix it only you me and us can learn from each other strategies to manage our own separate ways. We are the same though handle our feelings and emotions differently.

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