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I can't wait!

Jun 24, 2009 - 2 comments

So, today's the big day!!! I can't wait..I hope I can hear the heartbeat. I have heard conflicting information about whether 7 1/2 weeks is too soon (I'm actually closer to 8), but I do hope I can.

I had a horrible night sleeping last night. I swear I could feel my bbs growing; they hurt so bad and I loved it. I am really tired this morning and the nausea is there, but it's this gag reflex that I have that's the worse. I gag at EVERYTHING!

My poor DH had to wake up this morning to clean up the cat poo on the floor (the poor cat is almost 18 years old), but just holding the bag for him and get 'whiffs' of the poo...I thought that I was going to lose it all over the place!

I need to stay as busy as I can to get the day to  pass quickly. But I'm too tired to do anything LOL!

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897494 tn?1267476064
by crystalwolf, Jun 26, 2009
The gagging is the WORST! I'm not the type to throw up ever. But sometimes I wish I could just get it over with! Mainly salad which I used to love and eat everyday. GAG! I have to force swallow it sometimes. But like you. I am just LOVING every minute of it, (or trying to anyway) when I'm not having a severe mood swing. How did your ultrasound go? I got one yesteday but I am only 6 1/2 weeks so they could only see the gestational sac, but at least it's in the right place! I'm so excited!!

216278 tn?1308861082
by wanting4#1, Jun 26, 2009
My u/s went great...sprout was measuring right on track and the heartbeat was 151 bpm. We were thrilled!!

Good luck and wishing you a healthy and happy nine months! :)

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