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Short Term Goals - I can wear my wedding rings again

Feb 02, 2014 - 0 comments

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Big smile this morning, I decided to try my wedding rings on to give myself a little motivation. Remind myself of what I'm pushing for......and they fit! Now let me clarify, I got them to "fit" before but I had finger meat squeezing out from around and between the rings and eventually had to take them off because I was getting cracks and calluses underneath. So today is a big deal :-D, they easily slid right onto my finger, and happily sat there with no pain because they actually FIT!! Long term goal, to get back into my regular clothes. I refused to get my rings re-sized and I refuse to buy new clothes. Enjoying the journey. I imagine myself chit chatting about how I accomplished my goals, I'm putting myself there while still enjoying the ride to get there. Motivated!

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