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2nd Day of Detox...Feeling pretty good.

Feb 04, 2014 - 4 comments

Good Morning all my strong loving peeps of MH. Just thought Id drop by to let everyone know I'm doing rather well this morning (thou I just woke up around an hour ago) & still slept great last night...I think taking all the immodium really helped !!! Just wanted to say thanks to all yall who are/have helping me along this toutourous path...I hope I can get through this week...& I hope despite taking all the immodim yesterday (took 12)  that I can still get out all the Dirriah possible as I know how important that is...but I'm beginning to feel the pain in my lower back again so guess I'm gonna try n get up n move around...lov to all & God Bless!!!!

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by digger1976, Feb 04, 2014
Well done on the sleep and well done on your attitude! Yes keep as busy as possible, this will help you so much. The pain will return as to be expected BUT I've read so many story's on here about how the pain levels off to a more manageable level after a while without your DOC, so keep going and everything will work out for the best. Try to eat as healthy as possible, avoid to much sugar and caffeine especially at night before attempting sleep, it will aggravate the RLS. Keep yourself well hydrated too, very important for the cleanse. Well done on day 2, keep your head up and stay focussed my friend, be proud of what you are doing for yourself and your loved one's. Wish you the best of everything, way to go!!! :)

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by chanel0105, Feb 04, 2014
Thanks so much all the help up here means more than y'all know !!!!
I'm gona try and force myself to do something today but it's like 37degrees here so don't know i wanted to know will I b able to go to the bathroom and get all this Dirriah ive had backed up after I stop the immodim ??????

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by weaver71, Feb 04, 2014
Wouldn't worry about getting the diarrhea out, Immodium helps, but I wouldn't fear constipation at this point. You're doing great, I've been seeing how much you are reaching out and accepting advise. You are on your way to freedom, never lose track of that FACT. Congrats on your progress. Truly deciding to quit took the longest for me, you are already there, way to go.

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by ActingBrandNew, Feb 04, 2014
Glad you got some sleep! Keep up the good work!

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