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Doing Well

Jun 24, 2009 - 0 comments

doing well




globus hystericus






Panic attacks

Doing very good lately, lost weight so im healthier also, panic attacks have gone which is great, thanks to Lexapro and some hard work, when i still get nervous i get Globus Hystericus but nothing like i used to, to be honest in the last 2 months i have not "Ran out" of one single shop! :) like i used to, i am so so proud of myself. i am doing well, but the biggest test is coming monday! i will wright up another post on monday or tuesday evening to tell how it went, i am going on a holiday!!!!! my god im so nervous, the drive to the airport, SCARY! the airport and all the people, SCARY! the take off and landing, SCARY! god this is the biggest test of my life, but in a good way if i can do this i can do anything again! it will give me soooooo much strength if i do this! just hope it goes well, i have my gf with me at all times though so lets hope it goes well! Will post back monday or tuesday!!!


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