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Made It To Day 4..then relapsed how stupid I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 06, 2014 - 0 comments

As i began my detox Monday..& surprisingly it went ok for the most part. .nothing like my first detox last time im guessing bc I was detoxing last time from 7 years and this time it was just 4 months or it might hav been bc the first time was alot stronger pills than what I had been perscribed this time.¬†¬†However today I was cleaning the house and found a 30 mg pill & took it I feel so stupid. My ? Is does this mean tom i will go thru wd all over again? ?? I sure hope not I could hav Swore I had gotten rid of them all. I kno I will hav to start over with being clean again but I dont want to go thru wd all over again? ? Any insight.?? You hav been a lifesaver thru all of this & my saving grace..i mentally feel much worse now that I have relapsed. This is so ridiculous the viscous cycle of this disease. I mean i didnt feel any better than I did if anything I felt worse. Bc now I kno im not clean & have to start alllll over again tomorrow.  I mean really? ?? I was so blessed to not have that serious of wd this time. .& now that I've relapsed I really hope this doesn't mean I hav made it worse on my body for the wd I kno I hav to take a much closer look at my mental status on this..ughh

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