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Oh boy!!

Feb 07, 2014 - 3 comments

Well the Taper is coming in to affect i am NOT looking forward to what's to come, nut i am not going to think myself in to it getting worse, i am definitely going to have to got o the Dreaded Dentist to day, i can't have raging nerve pain from my teeth crippling me up and the WD's? Man!! i am really pain sensitive and it's not going to be a relief as since i've been on these Oxy's ever pain is more intense than it should be.

Before i was on this crap i had a high pain tolerance level, not now!! Even my clothes are painful to put on and wear and i haven't been able to get in the shower or brush my teeth with this pain an THAT'S freaking me out that my teeth have already gota problem and it's no help not brushing them but what can you do when it feel's like your dragging the nerve out via your brain when the brush goes near it? And God forbid with other symptoms already starting to rear their head having this to go with it? No! No ! No! I just hope they don't need to pull any teeth! The last time it took 3 or 4 dentist to frag the MFB out and it was just as painful after it was taken out and the pulling?

I was screaching!! That's enough of that! just get myself there and hope the God's are kind to me. I need to make a list of what i need as i don't want to keep this dose where it is in order to keep the withdrawral's away so i can get out with out crapping my self? And it's bad enough at the moment trying to move around with the aches and feeling like throwing up everywhere. It makes you wonder sometimes even when you practically know whats coming next and then you don't alway's get what you expect which is worse the anticipation or the happening.

BUT we all know which is which...unfortunately i just hope i can find my fight  i got problems with my hand's due to pain and arthritis and God knows whats going on but the stress i've been under is no friend. I'm geting anxious, time to go make a cuppa or something. Oh well the day's not started yet and i'm tired and feel kicked in. I am thinking of ALL of you that are surffering, i really hope fate smiles on us all and eases us all down gently. Mind there is quite a few people saying their actually not to bad like they thought they would be, but i'm sure a lot of us been there. Thought it wasn't going to be so bad and then??? I sure hope not for all our sakes......

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by ROSYouralright, Feb 07, 2014
You are going to be ok! First things first: definitely get yourself in to see the dentist!! Tooth pain is the worst..

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by nonights, Feb 07, 2014
You will get past this. I can tell you are a strong person tap into your strength.

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by msdelight, Feb 07, 2014
Listen. Go get yourself some Sensodyne toothpaste, buck up and take this thing head on. You are not going to die. Whining about it wont make it go away. Its not that bad. It uncomfortable. If you keep telling yourself how horrible it is you will never quit. Go to the dentist and you will probably get pain pills. That's what your addict brain is planning, isn't it? You really need to rethink your plan and develop a positive attitude. The way you make it sound, no one will ever quit who comes on this forum. You did this to yourself, we all did, and you have to pay the price. Period. Its not easy but it is worth it. Good luck.

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