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Feb 07, 2014 - 2 comments

Hang on? why am i just going to moan? Oh! yeah! I keep getting locked out asking to register, my Tracker keep's getting 'Blacked out. Wd's suck!! Go help us ALL Amen xxx Got a Dentist appointment for 2-50, and as MUCH as i really don't want yet another Xray, i had far too many already and she did suggest getting my one's from my previous dentist as i'm worried about too many being down. BUT i am believe it or not after my Mega moan, grateful to have a Dentist i got to look at it this way. While i'm sat in Agony+plus WD's which is NOT an optional extra %$£"! I will be laying double dying if i don't get it sorted now. The bloody Oxynorm have wreaked my teeth and i thought it was just me imagining  things. but nay.

Anyway i may not be here long enough to worry about Xray's the 'Aliens (COOL!! :-) may just tele-port us else where where just one smile and everyone would be whole and happy again. I am also going to go to the Library and check out if they get some book's i fancy on Amazon but can't afford,

i love books but i can't concerntrate at the moment but you name it, i've got it here. Things fascinate me and i'm glad that when all this mayhem is over my Child comes out to play, i still try to do it now. I walk down the roa singing anything and it's better at night as no one is quite sure whose who in the dark and i don't care if i sound like a degenarating Zombie either. I do really belive that your thoughts vibration can be raised by thinking in the positive im not alway's successful at this but i am now not freaking over breaking dishes, spilling food i just cooked ALL IN THE FRIDGE!!

Ans write another ''What i need while im out in case i can't get out later' List as well. I thought there was a place on here you could do that but i can't see a ''To do'' anywhere now. Right!! let's get ''doing' as by the time you look up 5or6 hours have gone? An that ''In case'' list, i rather put i am doing an vibe myself up and do it, not sit felling like **** and tell myself 'Oh i'll have to ''Try'' later?

An excuse if EVER there was one!! Until you do do what your going to do you need to do so you can do what you have to do at any given time ( how many ''do;s'' boy's and girl's? ha! ha! ha! ) Right Touche' away!! See ya'll later Love and a big around the planet HUGE HUG With love to everyone xxx Tswana xxx

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by ROSYouralright, Feb 07, 2014
Their is always the THOMAS recipe! Have you checked it out yet?? Its a list of things to help you through detox. Take what ya need and leave the rest!

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by msdelight, Feb 07, 2014
Did you say you were from the UK? You sound SO American. Is this like for real or what? You really need to hit a meeting.

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