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Tramadol & Ultram Withdrawal & Recovery Room Part 11

Jun 25, 2009 - 209 comments





ultram withdrawal






tramadol recovery




Welcome to Part 11!

There's a huge number of posts on Tramadol recovery here.

Please come in and make yourself Comfy!

Love and Healing,

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by onemoretry48, Jun 25, 2009
Just curious if anyone watched Celebrity Rehab...I know it's trashy, BUT if you did watch it, the first day that the model Amber checked in they showed her cache of pain pills she was taking and she specifically pointed to some small white ones and said "these are the more >> speedy>>  ones" My guess is that was Tramadol.


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by jekorb, Jun 25, 2009
Thanks to all who answered my questions regarding sneezing/head cold symptoms and yawning.  I'm guessing it's one of the many ways our miraculous bodies try and expel the Tramadol from our systems.  I appreciate everyone's answers and learned a lot.  Jules, I felt the same as you 10 years ago when I w/ded from Tram~~~absoluted hated that pill with a passion.  However, my mind set was such that I obviously wasn't altogether ready to commit to stopping taking opiates.  In fact, I KNOW it wasn't.  I had no intention of not taking ANY more pain meds, I just didn't want to take Ultram, and you can see how long that lasted.  I will at long last be stopping them for GOOD, with the help of God, family and friends.  I've gone way past hatred of that white pill~~~I despise and loathe it with every fiber of my being.  This loathing will be compounded after I come out of the deep end, so to speak.  I look forward to this hatred; NA will help me keep this hatred glowing inside of me for opiates, as it has for so many, many others.

I was also drawn to the weird-o-rama called Celebrity Rehab!  It was like a passing a vehicle accident---you just can't NOT look.  There were two very pathetic inhabitants; the rock musician and Jeff Conaway.  I'm assuming they are still alive as I've never seen anything to the contrary, but HOW alive?  Jeff went right back to using as soon as he was ejected from the Rehab House, aided and abetted by his girl friend.  I couldn't get over how quickly everyone was able to look good after coming into Rehab until I started researching Suboxone, which is obviously what the Celeb MD was giving them there.  They just could NOT have look that good, sitting, eating and laughing, 2 days after coming in!!  They never mentioned the use of Suboxone but they were getting pills from the "pharm-lady" in tiny white cups---so I surmised that's what they were getting.  I got into a whale of trouble on the CR website for saying that I didn't think it was possible to look so good after such a short time.  Got called every horrible name in the book, even!  I've felt a lot of things 2 days into w/d, but being able to sit in a conversation, eat and laugh were WAY down the line for me at that point.  Anyway, I am wondering if they'll have another episode this Fall.

Anyone try sam-E during w/d?  Did it help?  What kind of food could you stomach while w/d-ing?  Did Tylenol PM help at night?  I know someone posted about it, but I couldn't find it.

Thanks and God's blessings, everyone.

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by onemoretry48, Jun 25, 2009
Oh I agree Joan, one minute Amber was throwing up in a trash can in the hallway, the next minute she was fine. It must have been Suboxone, especially if those  pills were Tramadol.
As much as I admire Dr Drew, I think he sacraficed their recovery for the ratings, especially in Season 2.

I also watch Intervention occasionally and that is getting pretty "staged" too, it seems like the individuals are really not just thinking they are in a documentary about addiction, at least about 1/2 way through.

Anyway those shows, do get the word out and I watch them for my recovery just as I post here and try to help others.


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by grandmagirl, Jun 25, 2009
Hello Joan...
       Tylenol PM helped me to sleep. Also I drank a lot of milk when I couldn't eat anything else. Than I started on 7- up and crackers. I have never used sam E so I can't give you information on that supplement. I have been using Cal/Mag.  supplements for cramps in feet and legs. I also take omega 3's and 1 prenatal supplement once a day. The prenatal supplements really do help with the energy coming back. My husband uses them also. Thank God nether one of us is pregnant....Hugs to all....

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by Jenn2981, Jun 25, 2009
Hi Everyone,
I've been spending the last few days reading everyones posts.  You are all such a wonderful group of people.  It's so nice to read about people who have quit Tram and people who want to.  I know when I was going through w/d I needed to hear all of your stories to know that I was going to get through this.  

It's only been 15 days since I stopped taking Tramadol.  I did ween myself down for two whole weeks prior to that and was experiencing most of my symptoms of sneezing, depression, and just having absolutely no energy.  I know a lot of people experience their symptoms for weeks.  I feel like I've been one of the lucky ones.  The only really terrible symptom I had was depression (probably because I didn't have the energy to do anything and things were piling up at home and in the office)!  Taking a antidepressant really helped me with that.  My only complaint now is that I actually feel pain when I over exert myself.  I don't remember ever having sore muscles when taking Tramadol but since I've been trying to be more active and going to the arm and leg muscles are KILLING me!  Oh my God, I'm so out of shape!!

I actually took Tramadol for eight years and I'm so not proud of that.  So, I'm really surprised that my w/d symptoms were not as bad as some have experienced.  Why I'm saying this is because if you are thinking of quitting Tramadol you should definitely go for it.  You might be lucky and start feeling better soon than you think.  Thanks everybody for helping me realize that i made the best possible choice for me.  


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by onemoretry48, Jun 25, 2009
Jenn2981, are you the one who is taking Wellbutrin? Do you think it's helped?
I used to take Wellbutrin years ago..pre-Tramadol and it really was a great thing for me at that time.

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by BVD660, Jun 25, 2009
"The Office" is an AWSOME movie.  Some of my co-workers and I have had some good laughs over the years talking about that one.  The tv show is pretty funny too.  Steve Carell cracks me up.

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by Jenn2981, Jun 25, 2009
Onemoretry48-Yes I'm currently taking 150 mg. of Wellbutrin and it's help with my mood and my energy.  I honestly think that's the only reason I'm sane right now!  I still don't have the energy that I had on Tram. but I'm able to get on with life and start exercising so I DO have more energy.  Good luck!

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by Pat_, Jun 25, 2009
Tomorrow will be day one for me, I've taken one 50mg tab per day this week. Had some sleep problems and nausea in the mornings, I tended to hold off on the one pill until the afternoon when my pain is the worse.

I wonder about the pain, I think it is something with the hamstrings, not sciatica, and I will probably give prolotherapy a try (thanks samajax). I also wonder if my fear of dealing with the pain is the addictive voice in me not letting go of the tram, a cognitive thought, or a combination of both...

I have Monday and Tuesday off, so I have extra time to recover if necessary. However, I do find that when things get busy, it takes my mind off things and I feel better. Perhaps work wouldn't be a bad idea. But, on the other hand, I was in a meeting earlier this week and snapped at a coworker. Not something I usually do. The evil tram. We'll see.

Went to the gym this morning, even feeling ill. I planned to do weights, but the elliptical just felt good, so I switched to interval training. This really seemed to hold the nausea off for a couple of hours.

Thanks to all for the posts, ideas and inspiration.

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by jekorb, Jun 25, 2009
Way to go, Pat!  You really weaned down big time~~~only ONE 50mg pill per day this week??  Wow, I could NEVER do that.  I really respect you for that; it must have been very hard.  And Jenn, thank you so much for your words re w/d; it made me feel braver, tho I'm still frightened.  I appreciate your post.  Jules, I watch Intervention, too, and can't believe these people wouldn't be very suspicious about "helping with a documentary" and not smell an intervention of their own coming.  Hmmmm.......

Grandmagirl, thank you so much for your comment on prenatal vitamins!  I mean, are they OTC?  Under what name?  If I can get 'em, I'll be at the pharmacy tomorrow.  That's one thing I really worry about----lack of energy, which is so debilitating in itself and feels like depression in and of itself.  I may not do the sam-E thing---they're expensive and have their own side effects; plus, I have to take my Bentyl for colitis and don't want to mix things in, but the prenatal vitamins is a brilliant idea!  I'm so proud of you, too; 15 days clean.  I'm so anxious to get w/d underway and get it in back of me, so I, too, can say I DID IT!

Went to second NA meeting this evening and got so much more out of it than the one Mon. night.  Will stick with this group of people---they're just great, very enthusiastic and loving and actually allow HUMOR, which the other group did not.  For me, if I don't laugh every now and then, I cry.  I can't go to a meeting that is SO deadly serious that you come out of it with relief, not from the content of the meeting, but that you are heading to your car!  Blessings, everyone.


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by EmilyPost, Jun 25, 2009
OK so raise your hand if you think Micheal Jackson died of a complicated Rx drug Overdose.

*raises hand*

Fred I will get you a red swingline stapler.  I promise.

Everyone coming off tramadol, you'll be ok. You really will. I absolutely 100% assure you that it'll be ok. It just takes time. Staying nice and distracted helped me alot.

(((((((hugs to all))))))))))


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by FinallyFred, Jun 26, 2009
I am not feeling particularly "deep" tonight...

I don't know what Michael Jackson died of, but my cat is in the other room with the TV on and he is complaining that he can't even find ANYTHING to watchon animal planet that is unrelated to Michael Jackson.

BVD aka Boe,  It was great to see that you are still hanging around.  Miss your "voice" around these parts.  Hoping all is well with you my friend.  It's been a while since I have watched the movie, "The Office", I think it's time to rent it again.  If any of you work for a large corporation, I highly recommend it for a few laughs.  Can't stand the TV show or Steve Carrell, however.  sorry.

I haven't caught Celebrity Rehab, but I saw "The Cleaner" (Tuesdays on A & E) for the first time.  (Mrs. Fred TIVO'ed it) It's not a reality show (thank god).  The story line centers around "The cleaner" getting addicts/alcoholcis off their DOC (drug of choice)  I found it easy to watch, not too serious, and moderately entertaining.  

Jenn, you mentioned, "my only complaint now is that I actually feel pain when I over exert myself.  I don't remember ever having sore muscles when taking Tramadol but since I've been trying to be more active and going to the arm and leg muscles are KILLING me!  Oh my God, I'm so out of shape!!"  Join the club of striving to get back the use of those muscles and body parts that were vacationing in the tramazone for years.  I'm right there with you.

I have been forcing myself to take a walk every morning before work and sometimes after work as well.  In a prior life, I would pack my gym bag, go to a club and work out there.  These days, I am finding the keeping it simple is the most sure fire way for me to excercise.  So I simply walk out my door and I have found a route to walk from home that doesn't  involve driving or packing gym bags.  KISS and all.  This morning I saw a complete rainbow.  That was worth the price of admission.  

To those of you entering into the twilight zone now, know that this too will pass.  As Em said, you can absolutely 100% be assured that the acute withdrawal will NOT last more than 3-5 days.  It won't last forever, I promise.

And when you have made it through 2-3 days and feel like giving up, consider the INVESTMENT you have laid down already.  And the times in the past you have gone through withdrawal symptoms before.  Consider that if you can only push through a few more days, moment by moment, you can be forever DONE with this drug.

To those in the throws of withdrawal, I can relate to how you are feeling.  If you don't already have it going, a simmering case of anger doesn't hurt.  And whom might you be angry at?  

Personally, as I was going through the dog days of withdrawal, I found it motivational to consider those civil authorities who have NOT insisted on complete testing of tramadol before allowing it into the public domain.  I was angry at the man, who knew I was an alcoholic/addict, and prescribed this RAT POISON for me anyway.  I got angry at the manufacturers who are getting filthy rich from the sale of this drug.  and the "" folks who anxiously take your money and peddle their wares.  

I got anry at the pretty faced drug reps I see smiling and slipping in to see my doctor as I sit in the waiting room.  While they sit in the back room yucking it up and devouring sub sandwiches the drug rep has brought for my doctors entire office that day!  

As a general rule, there aren't a great deal of points in playing the victim.  In most situations, there is wisdom in recognizing our part, in cleaning up our side of the street as they say.  However, for about 5 days, I see a great deal of merit in developing a healthy dose of righteous anger at those who placed us unknowingly under the control of a drug that demanded more and more of me over time.

Anger at a drug that told me I was resigned to remain under it's spell all of my days.

Anger at the drug that left me without hope, and constantly zoned out of life,

Anger at having to plan my vacations around having a sufficient supply of this drug.

Anger at being forced to count pills and at the end of EVERY RX cycle, being reduced to search for pills under my car seat and at the bottem of my pill drawer.

Anger at having spent six years in the increasingly constant rtegular state of withdrawal as this terrible drug possessed me.

Anger at how impatient and upset I  became if my doctor wasn't in the office on THAT 1st day when I was allowed to renew my prescription.

Anger at myself and the stupid pharmacists, when I dutifully drove to my pharmacy, only to find that my doctor had not approved my drug yet.  Panic city man, don't they understand I need this drug?  

Anger for the all too common nights of insomnia, nausia, restless legs and unproductive next days at work when I would run out of pills.

Anger at feeling that it was only me who experienced all of the above.

And as you think on these lovely experiences you have had on "the pill", may those thoughts and that anger blossom into a dogged determination to not let this drug, these doctors, the drug reps, the agencies appointed for drug control, and the greedy manufacturers WIN.  

At this moment, at this time, you hold the power to take back your life from those other people, firms and things, that have so controlled each of us.  

Courage Strength and Love,


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by clendenon, Jun 26, 2009
Michael Jackson  died of an overdose of "pain killer" demerol.  Las vegas entertainer Danny Gan died of an overdose of "pain killer" hydromorphine (delaudid).  And we are here because of "pain killer" tramadol.   I think it's time we start taking the word "pain" out of the description.

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by samajax, Jun 26, 2009
So I went to my prolotherapy doctor yesterday afternoon and had a chat. We made fun of my misery in the only way I know how...But behind my mask of humor, he knew I was giving him a schooling in drugs- and his nurse most certainly won't tell people when they ask about tram, that there will be no problems with withdrawal or that it is safe. He listened with open ears.

I took my part, like Fred said, and saw that I wanted relief from pain- at first. I might have used it differently, but after I saw the amazing "speedy" effect of tram, I was hooked. My hard workouts were easier. My recovery time was shorter, My ability to go longer at life was noticeable. The pain that had brought the tram into my life had probably been gone for months- way  before I would admit it was not there anymore.......that is my part of the street.

Vicodan and the other "real" opiates caused bowel blockage and nothing of real interest to me. Tram brought a new energy to my life. A return to a more hyper me. And I know of hyper- those doctors tried to put me on Ritalin way early. That hyper allowed for all sorts of all over the map achievements...and tram gave that feeling back to a 50+ year old body. Madness. I still climb mountains, and the tram made that climb to the high altitude summits that much easier...It will be missed.

It is appropriate that I took my last dose(hopefully) yesterday afternoon, at 3PM. The date will be marked by Farrah and Michael- two pop icons of my youth. A passing of myself into post adulthood adulthood. :) I will mourn the passing of those folks and of my good friend tram on the same day.

Today- work. Funny, I didn't time my first protein bar ingestion of the day so as not to counteract the speed of tram getting into my system. Wouldn't want to take it on a full twisted is that.

Oh, and so far I have sneezed at least 8 times since rising.

OK, onwards. Thanks you'all for being here. It was 105 yesterday- and I don't live in Phoenix..

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by Lillyval, Jun 26, 2009
Wow - what a lot of activity here over the last day!  I I know many of you are stuggling with early wd, but the overall energy here is so positive and you all are so DETERMINED - I feel you all will succeed!

I realized yesterday I am completely DRUG FREE for the first time in almost 6 years (since my last pregnancy).  I decided not to back on Celexa after all.  So I'm taking 900mg St. John's Wort (time release) and just started 1500-2000 mg DLPA taken with Emergen-C.  I feel a lot better.  I don't know if the DLPA is actually doing something or if the timing of starting it just happened to coincide with when I would start getting better.

Joan - I did try Sam-e a while back and I didn't feel it helped.  I may not have given it enough time - they say it takes awhile to build up in your system.  Also, I had recently gone off an SSRI, and after being on drugs maybe the effects of Sam-e were too subtle for me to detect.  I have heard it's worked for others.

About the drug companies: Have you noticed that every single drug they're pushing on TV these days is something that you have to take every day for the rest of your life?  I read a book recently that said this is their current money making strategy.  But my feeling is - that just can't be good.  I know there a folks out there who really need daily medication - like insulin for diabetes.  But for the average person?  They want us all to be on something. When I think of drugs I have been on, (like SSRI's, which I don't think harmed me like tramadol), they lose their effectiveness over time as our bodies adapt to them.  Even if they're not technically addictive.  And as for opiates - they're really only good for short term use.  If you've ever had surgery or something and been prescribed a short course of them, they start to lose their effectivenss by week 2.  It seems if we need long term releif we have to turn to the natural therapies mentionned in this forum, exercize, massage, hot soaks, heat, ice maybe some NSAIDS.  

Also, since I'm on a roll here, I think once we get off the tram and our sysems start to get back to normal, we're still going to have our bad days.  Many here have been on tram for years, and I have the feeling that many (most?) of us are well over 35 *clears throat*.  So we can't discount the fact that we're older than we used to be, and even if you talk to non-addicts they have their down days and aches and pains, too.

One more thing.  My 11 year old son confronted me yesterday with the concern that he thought I had some kind of fatal disease because he saw me on MedHelp all the time.  It's amazing how we affect our kids without even knowing it.  I told him about the tramadol but I really didn't get into the gory details about addiction - he's been given the anti-drug message and everything, but he really doesn't know the danger he's in with our family history.  That's an up and coming conversation...sigh.

The good news is I think despite the turmoil of the last few weeks I'm already becoming a better mother again.  I'm not the irritable, snappish crank I was on the tram.  I actually laughed with my kids yesterday!
Sorry to be so long winded, but it's amazing how your mind starts working when you start to feel better again!
Courage everyone!

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by Lillyval, Jun 26, 2009
I just read over my last post and I realized it could be offensive to those of you with serious injuries, surgeries and severe chronic pain.  I'm sorry!  I don't mean to imply that you shouldn't do whatever you need to do to get some relief.  I just don't want any one else being harmed for the profits of the drug companies.  I wish you all health and healing!

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by jekorb, Jun 26, 2009
Lillyval, excellent posts and I thank you.  My husband just mentioned the other day how many ads there were on TV for meds of every kind, just about.  We are a medicated people~~~evidently, it's thought that we need to be medicated in order to face life in this nutso world.  Myself, I intend to focus on the world's beauty and the goodness of its people, pray about the nuttiness, and help those I can help.  

There are things I will miss about Tramadol, I can't kid myself; the energy, the willingness to jump and a run like a crazy person chasing my grands and playing, the ability to laugh at the drop of a hat (too much? too loudly?).  I never had "down" times with Trams, unless I was running out.  There are the bad things, things I WON'T miss about toxic Trams and other pain meds I've begged, borrowed or stolen over the decades.  The worrying (as Fred said above), the counting, and fear of being without, the fear of being discovered and "outed", the fear that I won't be around when my grandchildren are older, the fear when I feel sharp pains in my kidneys, liver, chest or upper back.  Everyone is right~~~Tramadol causes much more pain than it relieves.  I have no idea what level of pain I would be having now with my colitis, but I'm sure it can be controlled with my Bentyl and Tylenol; if not, I will have to trust my MD to find something else for me, all the while knowing I am an addict and I cannot take opiates.  Another thing I won't miss----the COST!  I don't even want to add up the amt. of money I've spent on Trams from the "Friendly Internet Dr. Feelgood", but I'm sure I could have taken a very nice vacation with it.  I thought I was so smart and ha, ha, I fooled the doctor b/c I don't need him anymore.  I can buy my toxin right on line and no one's the wiser, especially not ME!!!

I bought my first NA hard-bound book last night, intent on starting to read it tonight and will take it with me on vacation.  This is the last vacation I will ever take looking through the lying eyes of narcotics.  I'm so excited to get home and get busy.

Samajax, go, go, go!  May God lift you up and grace you with strength, courage and the assurance of His everylasting love for you.  I'm very interested in how you're doing, so keep 'em coming.  Fred, your words are INCREDIBLE.  I read your June 20th post everyday----now, I'll have to include today's post, too.  Your "anger" points are amazing and worth ready over and over, as they certainly apply to me and I am pretty darn sure they apply to many more, too!  God bless you, and all my friends on this thread!  Group hug!!  (((((  )))))

I'm very sorry about Michael Jackson---I wish his family could have somehow convinced/wrestled him into getting clean.  The super-star crown was evidently too heavy for his head; it's a shame.  He had much more talent to share.  I still get chills when I recall him throwing his baby's legs over the railing three stories up for the photographers.  You just KNOW he was higher than a kite---what if he'd decided to see if the baby could fly or something?  Well, that's in the past; his children will go on to a future without him, but will be fine, God willing.

Blessings, everyone.

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by jekorb, Jun 26, 2009
Fred, I know just what you mean about those drug reps~~~they're dressed like they're about to meet the president, the women gorgeous and perfumed, the men look like Harvard preps.  Are they trying to seduce the doctor/office staff??  It's seems like it.  And yes, they many times seem to be bringing gifts of one kind or another; once, I was in the waiting room and two reps brought in a tray of petit fours, cookies, cakes, candies, etc. that took two of them to handle!!  You should have seen the eyes in the reception area!  Now, how could a doctor say no to these wonderful people, I ask you?

Ultram came out like this, as a rep's "come on and try it--you'll like it".  I got my first Tramadols when we lived near the Ohio River; the doctor gave me a handful of blister-packs with "the new break-through in pain relief without narcotics".  I was mad at him b/c I wanted Vicodin and I wanted it NOW.  However, he wouldn't give 'em to me, so I took an Ultram and WOW!  These are GREAT!  And look, Ma~~~no narcotics!  OK, I'm going to go have a good cry now.  Blessings, everyone.

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by EmilyPost, Jun 26, 2009
Joan someone would have caught the baby if he'd dropped him. Still ... that was the act of a man on a "cocktail of drugs." The fact seems to be that he was on a ton of pills and no one could stop him. Because see, it gets so much easier to be addicted when you have unlimited amounts of money.

Joan Your experience getting Tramadol was alot like mine. No no, not a narcotic! Certainly not! Such a lie. What kills me is the fact that we're all seeing this drug being dethroned, state by state. God bless the states that have already condemned Tramadol to its proper place. But it isn't moving fast enough for my tatses. I have friends who are on it and cannot hear me at all about the drug. Honestly, they cannot hear me.

One thing Tramadol is not? It's NOT your friend. Unless your friends turn on you and try and murder you?

Oh yes Fred, the constant gifts from the Drug Reps. That behavior works by the way. Bringing gifts and lavishing praise on an entire staff? It works. From Prozac notepads to yes, a free lunch. It works, which is exactly why they do it. And I'm still good and pissed off about the Tramadol. It shouldn't be so widely available and it should not be presented as a safe alternative to opiates, because it is not. The burden of proof rests with the medical profession. I have had way way way too many Doctors close their ears when I tell them about my Tramadol experience. They are usually looking in a book and quoting it's safety to me. It pisses me off because it's wrong.

And yes, we're a medicated society with the attitude that it's completely normal to visit a pharmacy. Obviously we need western medicine, but truly, the amount of pills pushed on the people of this country is sickening.

Los Angeles is kind of not moving around this morning. The Freeway was almost empty. I expect it to be super slow today. I came to work because I really really need to get "normal." The klonopin taper and resultant symptoms when stopping took alot out of me. My posture is the S-U-C-K at the moment mainly from just being wracked with pain from withdrawal. I am all set to get back into yoga. Including doing the necessary shopping. Water, yoga clothes, vitamins ... So that's a couple weeks out, and I am looking forward to getting back into my regular body. Because this has officially been a bad year.

I will say to anyone who is out there considering ditching all your pills, do it. The fact is that most pain, eventually gets worse because the drugs turn on you. You may have healed more than you know. I don't want to end up back on pills. So despite "chronic pain" and back injury, I'm exploring every avenue that does not include exposure to Doctors who have zero concern about setting me up. It's outrageous that none of these Doctor even once suggested to me that perhaps "layering" pills was a terrible plan!

Those of you suffering early withdrawal, I went thru it. It's hard to believe it was over a year ago. You'll get thru it. Pace yourself, be kind to yourself. Patience and Faith ... and a huge dose of distraction! It will be ok!

Love and Healing,

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by Trees_and_Tablets, Jun 26, 2009

4 tramadol free days now. Last night took anti histamines and slept for the first time since Monday. Then, as if by magic, when I woke up this morning managed to get ready and go to a family wedding. I've had to cut out half way through but at least made it to the speeches. I am so please - yeterday I thought feeling remotely like this was weeks away. Having said that I am now a bit wrecked again but I now at least feel that it's sleep I need and not meds.


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by jekorb, Jun 26, 2009
Emily, I really like your suggestions of "distractions".  I thought about it, and it IS very important, b/c as I recall, during w/d if you don't have some kind of distraction, you center on the pain in your body as it begs for its Trams, and after you are clean, distraction is equally important because when you have time enough on your hands to possibly be bored, your mind may start desiring the Tramadol again, which will in turn make your body ache for it.  I don't mean one has to be continuously busy, for heaven's sake, but just be cautious of too much sitting-around-time, at least I'm thinking in the early weeks/months, as I would think this is when toxic thoughts emerge.  I am an addict~~~I know I will want opiates again, no question.  Maybe I'll be SO angry at Tramadol after my w/d, I'll throw up if anyone mentions it.  Will I forget what my w/d was like?  I haven't forgotten the last time I went through Tram-drawal; I'm sure I won't forget this upcoming one, either, not by a long shot.  NA wants you to "not forget", to remember the ordeal, remember how you were when out of/nearly out of Tramadols or your d.o.c., i.e., the panic, heart racing and fear.  I don't know if you belong to NA, Emily, but I know for me this is the ONLY way I can stay off toxic Trams and other narcotics for the rest of my natural life.  I won't live like this---I refuse!!  B/c I had such a good experience at the NA meeting last night (thank you, Vicki, for urging me to go!), I will look forward to going.  I already have a list of 10+ people to have told me to call them night or day if I need to!  How lucky I am!

I know it's a big order for someone as young as you are, but so many of us on this thread are looking to you as a leader of sorts, the brave young woman who came out with her story and encouraged everyone to come out with theirs.  I hope this doesn't make you too uncomfortable.  I look at your days clean, and am hungry to be like that, to someday post that I, too, have 377+ days clean.  I don't know if you started the Tram thread, but you seem to be its guiding light.  And you have my deepest gratitude.  Thank you.

Blessings, all!

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by jekorb, Jun 26, 2009
T and T, I am SO VERY EXCITED for you!  Way to go!!  This makes my chomp at the bit to jump/dive into my w/d.  I'm thrilled for you as I am sure you are for yourself.  Damn the Trams.  I'm happy for you and envious at the same time.  I almost wish I could back out of this vacation as I can't think of it at all and will be counting the hours till we come back  home.

Keep us posted; we're all interested, of that I am sure!

Blessings always,

544292 tn?1268886268
by EmilyPost, Jun 26, 2009
Aweee Joan you are so sweet!

No, I won't go to NA. I would be a better for for OA. But I haven't gone there either and am years and years and years away from actice addiction. My pills thing came after several accidents. There's been two car accidents for me in the last year.  I actually don't have drug cravings. I was a chronic pain patient. I have nerve damage and herniations in my lower back. I have zero desire for Opiates or Tramadol or any pills.

And yes, it was me by myself here 377+ days ago talking to myself. Until you all came and joined me ;D

I can't imagine forgetting the pain of being in a deep deep spider web of western medicine "pill layering."

(((((((Joan)))))))) I can only encourage you to do what is best for you Dear Heart!

You're very kind!


910168 tn?1262466069
by Lillyval, Jun 26, 2009
Well I made my report to the FDA.  Here's the link:

I also looked up the manufacturer of Ultram ER which I was on. It has no generic so my insurance was paying over $450 for 90 tablets!  It is Ortho-McNeil-Janssen.  If you are feeling strong in your recovery take a look at their website (If you have the urge to use - don't).  It is sickening - full of  free sample offers, coupons, how to tell your doctor you need it and my favorite - safe for Long Term Use!  It will make you mad enough to go ahead and file that FDA report.

910168 tn?1262466069
by Lillyval, Jun 26, 2009
Oh yeah, It also has a "Tell a Friend" section.  I'll tell my friends to avoid it like the plague!

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by mommawoos, Jun 26, 2009
Hello everyone. I just stumbled on this forum...clearly a sign from God. I also just this week started taking only 1 tram a day instead of the 4-6 that I have been taking for the past 6 years. I have some questions that I am hoping some of yall can answer, please.
Can you wean yourself off these pills slowly or do you just need to quit cold turkey? Someone wrote above that the w/d symptoms will only last 3-5 this correct? What are some or all of the w/d symptoms?
This drug is ruining my marriage, my kids are suffering because of it and my family is disgusted with me over this.
I have got to get off this stuff NOW before I lose the people I love the most.

Thanks everyone for any info/help you can give me!!


710395 tn?1249143251
by kevzx81, Jun 26, 2009
mommawoos- you can wean yourself off (taper) or quit c/t. The WORST of the symptoms will be over in a week, maybe a little more or less. It can take a while longer (depending on the length of use and dosage) to feel completely ourselves again and many of the symptoms appear and vanish randomly. Dont be suckered by having one good day and thinking youre over it;Tramadol is more random than that. If you go to Emilys Profile you can read all the previous threads and get a full description of what to expect.

A WORD OF WARNING: DO NOT suddenly increase your dose again, if you are on 1 a day now and you go back to your previous dose you are at risk of Grand Mal Seizure. Suddenly increasing your dose is very dangerous.

Please keep posting and let us all know how you are getting on. Courage to you.

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by clendenon, Jun 26, 2009

First, welcome. You're in the right place.  You have already started a very steep taper dropping from 4 to 6 (50mgs?) pills to 1 per day.  If you read the past posts you will see  that a  50mg per day dose is usually the starting point for a cold turkey quitting plan.  To wean slowly or to jump into the CT process is a decision that you have to make based on your particular situation  (employment, family, pill availability, and other health issues).   May I suggest reading and re-reading all the posts here from day one ?

In these posts many if not all your questions should be answered.  But just for a quick answer I would say that the worse WD symptoms probably would last about 4 or 5 days then start to abate. (for me the worse day was day 4).  My worse withdrawal symptoms were extreme anxiety, sleeplessness (or fear of sleeping), loss of appetite, hydrophobia and the worse was that awful feeling of impending doom. Others report other symptoms.  I know it doesn't sound like a lot of fun but we have to be truthful.  And that is what you will find here, a lot of fine people that want to help you and will tell you the truth.

I always say what worked for me.  I sat down, made my tapering plan, wrote it on a calendar, then after 10 days I went into the cold turkey.  After 10 days I considered myself tram free.  That worked for me.  Find out what will work for you and don't be afraid of making mistakes and starting over again.  That's part of the process too.

Remember a lot of former users and those that have already gone through the WD process are here and usually you'll get a quick response from someone.  Good luck to you.  Courage, you and your family are worth it...blessings...clen

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by grandmagirl, Jun 26, 2009
Thank you Emily...for all of your hard work...I say work...knowing that you did this by YOURSELF. To be able to come off of Tram and than Klon and encourage others at the same time is just fantastic. You are so strong and so giving. The gift that you have given all who come here hopefully will continue to be passed on with each new person that gets clean .I cannot thank you enough for the insight that I needed to clean up my life. I still have one more taper to do an another medication and will try that at the end of the summer. You have given me the faith that I so badly needed to be honest with myself and with my family. Thank God I am Tram free.

Thank you Fred....The posts are just so informative and strong. You have also given me the courage to carry on. In my deepest depression ...I looked so forward to your posts. I can see myself there almost every time...

Kev...Your the constant one...I love reading all of your great information..It has helped so many..Thank you

To all of you that are either just starting this journey or have been going it for a while ..much thanks for all the information. With each new post we all get another piece of the puzzle. We can than use each piece to help us on our way to recovery.

Enough rambling....have a peaceful weekend and thank you friends...

946806 tn?1246069369
by Pat_, Jun 26, 2009
Reading these posts is such a help. Thanks.

I stopped at the same time as samajax, my last 50 mg tablet was 3 pm yesterday. The worse so far was actually the four day taper, with random nausea and sleeplessness on most nights.

Today started with the gym at 6:30, which seems to help. I didn't feel sick at work, but spacey. Ears are ringing a little, and I drank more coffee than usual, but still was pretty sleepy most of the day, especially during the afternoon which is when I usually took the tram.

Staying busy and distracted at work helped, and created a task list at the beginning of the day to stay on track and help get stuff done.

I'm off this weekend and most of next week too, so I've got time to get through this.

Best to all and thanks again!

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by FinallyFred, Jun 27, 2009
Helloooo TRAM Warriors!!!

I was reflecting on this place tonight and I recall that I got here the same way most everyone does arrive - broken, defeated, and full well expecting that I would spend the rest of my years on a drug that no longer made me feel WELL, but one which I could not kick.  The only positive thoughts I had at the start about this drug, was that I was positive I was utterly defeated by it.

Pat_ and samajax, nice work you guys.  Impressive.  You talk like it's easy, but I know the truth.  In a few weeks when you look back, you may well say to yourselves, "that was one of the hardest things I have done".  You should be grateful and be damned proud of what each of you are doing now, tiny moment by tiny moment...putting yest another "tick tokc"  between you and that last tram.  (((kudos)))

To anyone who stumbles on here, stick around until the magic happens for you.  I know that there are thousands of folks lurking out there, who don't yet have the faith to believe that this miracle can happen for you.  And that is not a critcism, it's just a fact.  It took a few return visits here myself to be convinced that - that which I had wished for , for years, could actually be possible.  (save this place as a favorite, won"t you?)

I remember when I first arrived here, I SERIOUSLY thought that Emily and others who posted that they had gone days, weeks, and months without the tram pumping through their veins... ( You recall that right Em?)   It's not that I thought that they were malicious, I just didn't really think that it could be possiblePOSSIBLE to get off this stuff.  

And I recall seeing someone post in my first few days here, asking why everyone who posted seemed so upbeat.  Someone (maybe you Em) explained that the "lurkers" who didn't feel they could ditch the trams simply didn't post. TENS OF THOUSANDS OF THESE FOLKS.  When one considers the money that is being poured into successully marketing this drug to the masses, it is appalling.  Scary and dangerously irresponsible and motivated NOT to do us good, but to enslave us.   So, yeah, many of us get a little emotional about this crap.

Joan, glad you validated what I see sometimes WHILE waiting in my M.D.'s waiting room.  And I  have a good friend who was a marketing rep for a drug company.  In addition to the sandwiches, cookies, baseball tickets and god knows what else those pretty faces wink with. my buddy was forever taking the good doctors out for a round of golf most Wednesday afternoons.  He went to the good doctors kids' weddings and developed tight relationships with his "clients".  Is it any wonder this drug is being handed out like candy and misprescribed?  And my friend recently  retired RICH at the age of 53, never needing to return to those offices. Leaving that job to younger, more motivated drug pushers.   Nobody puts poison in the hands of people they care about.  "Tell your friends?"...RIGHT!  

Trees, YAY.  Congratuations on 4 days clean man.  If you can stand the pun, I'd say you are nearly "out of the woods"!

Lilly, I plan to visit the FDA website you posted.  We are but a few small voices, but if we each spread the gospel of what tramadol is doing, it can't hurt.  

April, you asked whether a person could wean themselves off this drug slowly, and then you said that you went from 4-6/day down to ONE.  You made a pretty drastic cut there kiddo.  To my way of thinking, what you did isn't a "taper", but a declaration of war on this drug.  Not sure how long you have been down to ONE/day, whether you did this because you are running out of pills or what, but if it has been longer than a few days, you have probably already experienced some of the worst withdrawl you will encounter.  Regardless of WHY you dropped, yes, if you can make it now through 3-5 days, that six year habit you had, that you said is ruining your marriage, will be a thing of the past.  

too took this CRAP for six years, 8 pills a day.  Like Kev warned, there is a danger of SEIZURE  if you were to radically increase your dose after dropping down so please be careful about popping back on up to 6 pills/day, OK?  If you wish to resume the trams, nobody here will think less of you.  Just don't radically INCREASE you dose.  A life is a terrible thing to loose.  

And Em, what you said is SO true, "our in the flesh friends" won't stop taking this drug simply because we explain the dangers of this POISON to them.  Lord knows, I have tried here.  No person can convince another tram user that tram is enslaving them  Not Emily, not Fred, not Clen nor do any of the rest of you have the power to change someone's lives if they have wooden ears.

The fact is, the flipping MIRACLE for me, is that I was blessed with a moment of clarity after reading some of what others wrote here.  MIRACULOUSLY some kind of switch flipped inside of me.  And a small voice inside of me told me that those I first considered LIARS, may just be the closest things to a higher power that I may ever see.  I figured that I WAS on this drug for life you know.

But a certain HOPE welled up inside me in the face of my long dark defeat with this drug of six long years,  (2,190 days).

And the POSSIBLE shined through that IMPOSSIBILITY I had felt all those long lonely tram days.

My first post to this site came after reading here for a couple of days.   I still recall declaring that I thought this forum just could save my life.  I didn't hve a good track record up against this strong opponent, TRAMADOL.

0 wins - 2,190 losses to be percise.

Yet against all odds, I found that much needed HOPE in all of the posts here late last year.  Hope that if it had been possible for others, if I did what they did, I would get what they got.  

I am fairly certain that if one were to go back and read my early posts, you would find that soon after that, I declared my own war on this terrible drug.  I think that I posted after that first day something to the affect that my proud record with this drug then stood at 1 win - 2,190 losses.  

Yet I found a FAITH here that convinced me that if I was willing to do all out war with this drug for 3-5 days, the battle COULD possibly be won.  I reflected on all of the withdrawal anguish I had suffered in many of those 2,190 days already, and felt that this WAS a battle that I simply HAD to fight.  Once and done.

The only positive thoughts I had at the start about this drug, was that I was positive I was utterly defeated by it.  But today I am eternally GRATEFUL that I found you all.  Grateful that  in my moment of clarity, that somebody before me showed me that it could at least be possible for me too.  You showed me that if I could just string moments together without looking ahead, those moments could turn into enough moments to get this damn tram out of my system.  It isn't easy, but it can be done.  Indeed, it really MUST be done to avoid years and years of feeling UNWELL while on a drug that blows sweet kisses in our ears and then seeks to control us all.

TODAY I celebrated eight years without the booze..  But none of those days means as much to me, as that first shaky little baby step I  took toward a tram free life late last year.    

Today my win-loss record with this EVIL drug  is still not impressive.  And yet  I am grateful and blessed to say that I could care less about the past.  Today I stand without cravings or ANY withdrawal symptoms of any kind that linger.  And the person that I once was, has been returned to me, by simply believing that the battle could be won by making that first small yet determined step.  

Tonight I was with a group of friends.  I told them about you all and how I wished I could reach through the interwebs and give each of you a big wide smile or an encouraging hug tonight.  And as we talked, it occurred to me that what I COULD do was to be kind, loving  and encouraging with the people I WAS with face to face.  And the thought struck me that maybe somehow, someone else near EACH of you, would be touching you as well, face to face, showing you kindness, love and encouragement right where you are.  Crazy I know.

So that's my wish for each of you tonight.  That just maybe, SOMEHOW, someone NEAR YOU will smile a big wide grin your way and show you kindness and love in YOUR time of need.  Cause you are all SO WORTH IT.

Courage, Strength and Love to you all,


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by Trees_and_Tablets, Jun 27, 2009
Slept again last night, albeit with the help of the anti-histamines. Woke this morning wanting to get up and about and feel movement in my joints. It's as if all my body is gradually ridding itself of some sort of ache, and movement drives this. My main symptom as I type this is I think caused by the Anti-histamine - a kind of dopy drowsiness - certainly not the body wracking wds of the previous few days.
I pray I'm not joyful too soon and that I don't get clobbered with the deep wds I had during the first 3 days again, But I am amazed at how quickly I am starting to move forwards.Sure I recognise I will have some relapses and bad days in the weeks ahead, but to have made such huge jumps forward in the early days is the most encouraging thing.
And so I can only endorse everything said here by all the tram free people. It takes something within you to make that first CT step and then real determination to stick with it, but after 4 days this is amazing.
Good luck and positive encouragement to all those about to jump ship.


910168 tn?1262466069
by Lillyval, Jun 27, 2009
Samajax, Pat, Stephen and all who are in early withdrawal - We're cheering for you!  We feel your pain, but we know you can do it!

Pat, I too, was experiencing withdrawals at 50mg so I stopped at that point.  You'll feel like hell for a couple of days, but I don't think going back and tapering more at this point would be worth it (just my opinion).  Also having tapered down to 50mg I felt that my physical symptoms were less intense than times in the past when I tried CT without tapering.

Fred- I've been continuing to read the saga that is this forum starting over a year ago.  What you just said above about lurkers reminded me of your story about how you googled tramadol withdrawal and ended up coming within an inch of buying online pills.  Thank God you had that moment of clarity that led you to go ahead and kick tram to the curb.  But I'm sure others who suddenly get those pill offers think they've found the answer to their withdrawals and go on with their misery.  It really makes me sad.

To end on a up note.  This really does get better.  People kept telling me it would and I almost didn't believe it for a while.  Being free of this drug is worth what you have to go through to get there.  I was cracking up laughing with my kids last night like I haven't done in a long time.  It's worth it!

910168 tn?1262466069
by Lillyval, Jun 27, 2009
Pat - Sorry I just realized you weren't the person who asked about tapering.  You're already off. YAY!  I know what you mean about sleepy and spacy.  Stay tuned for weepy and emotional.  But it will improve soon I promise.

April - hope all of the above replies were helpful.  Keep posting - we're here for you!

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by mommawoos, Jun 27, 2009
Thank you ALL for your encouraging words and for answering my questions. I have figured that now is the best time to do it. My husband has taken our kids away for a week, without me, to visit his family. After I was done crying yesterday when they drove away, that's when I stumbled onto this website. And I realized that NOW, this week that they are gone, is the time to stop this thing completely, so that my kids don't have to see what I'm going to go thru. Hopefully when they come back I will be past the worst part. I have exactly 7 days till they come home. I miss them like CRAZY...have NEVER been away from them like this. But I think God sent them away like this so that I can do what I have to do. I see it all now, I was so mad at my husband for doing this to me. But now I'm thanking him.

I wrote above that I had tapered off from 4 to 6 a day (50mg) down to just 1 a day. When I feel that weird feeling coming on, like that weird feeling in my legs or my arms, I pop that 1. It is 9:25 am now and it usually has been hitting me at 3:00-4:00 each afternoon. I have my pills in their bottle on my counter in the kitchen, on top of a picture of my little boy and my little girl. I plan on looking at that scene all day today, and for the rest of this week. When they come home next weekend I want to hug them and play with them and spend every second of every day with them. I don't do that now. I feel so ashamed by that. I have been on tramadol for 3 years. My little boy just turned 4. So for his entire life practically I have been on this damn drug. I'm just so ashamed that I let myself get on this. And I started it because of back pain, then I realized that my appetite was gone on these pills!!!! It was AWESOME! I was skinny!!!!!! Woo Hoo, I'd found a "diet pill" that my insurance would cover!!! Man, I thought I was so freaking smart!

Anyway, sorry to ramble. Wish me luck. About 4:00 today I expect to be in pure hell. But I deserve it for what I've put my family through.

I'll be in touch to let yall know what's going on. THANK YOU AGAIN EVERYONE!!! I feel like I've found so many wonderful people!!!!


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by samajax, Jun 27, 2009
Morning everybody..

Pushing 40 something hours on the no tram train..Dinner last night at a low key French restaurant- and my speech filters were off. Anything that popped into my head, out it came. All the while a creeping body malaise was stewing in every inch of my being. Came home, ate massive amounts of dark chocolate, took my half ambien/melatonin combo and slept... Soundly for a bit- thanks to pharmacology, then the rest of the night was in and out of great vivid dreams and very exhausting. Gotta love it.

Thanks to all here. I know it can be done..and Fred, I agree with your pep talk to Pat and I, especially about the fresh w/d being way harder than my posts let on. I've never been one for writing the obvious. I think I'm writing here to examine my process and motives- especially when I spoke of missing the "speedy" part of the drug- and know I'm not the only one who held onto that one effect as the last benefit they didn't want to give up...

I'd like to write about process as well and let the other, better writers, examine the depths of the tram psyche, both on and off the drug. I hopefully will write about the action of getting off- those daily activities, so others might see and identify with my experience. Every lurker who comes here and reads our posts will hopefully  latch on to one of our stories as their own and maybe follow the steps we took down to the letter each day.

So today, in the midst of the post tram pill ingestion haze, I have a plan of action. It is somewhat vague as to allow some time just to be still. I've already had a protein bar and some fat-free yogurt- and that is to ease the guilt of French food and chocolate...:). Made myself get dressed, water the plants and get in here to this site. I truly think coming here for a few months- or longer, will be part of my daily plan. I write to you'all as a way of venting and planning. Swimming some laps will come soon. I going to Home Depot and getting myself some things to do- or I might just wander around.. So basically, I guess what I'm saying here is that my way of counteracting the seriousness of what I am feeling is to move...move if I like it or not....and I don't mean always physical labor, but a connection with something outside my own chemically blitzed out head....maybe a movie in a cool and dark movie theater....

So thanks guys and gals. Without stumbling into here, I wouldn't have known the realities of what the drug label so vaguely lists as "possible" side effects. I see these effects first hand in all your writings. And now, in all it's glory, I am feeling them in every cell of my body...I can even feel them in the stumbling, loping, style of my typing and writing..

I was going to rant on about your recent discussions of the "take a pill for that" society, but after reading my words, I could just feel the craze and lack of filter coming right out....and justly deleted those words.

I am off to swim some laps...Have a great day you'all and we will talk later.

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by Trees_and_Tablets, Jun 27, 2009
5.35 pm on day 5.
Symptoms - drowsy, still needing sleep, feel like I want to just sleep until the rest of the minor wds wear off. Strange really how the intensity of the symptoms vary and yet are all just as bothersome. How I feel at this moment is probably 100 times better than in the middle of the CT, and yet it is still so totally unwelcome. Slept most of the afternoon curled up beside my Jack Russel dog. She's known for weeks that there's something going on and has placed very few demands for walks on me!  
The weather here is increasing in humidity and for me that is worse than the damn tramadol wds. I hate sticky weather, so today ordered a air conditioner to help with the forecasted prolonged period of highs coming our way.

Think I'll go make some tasty morsel for our dinner now to keep me busy.

946806 tn?1246069369
by Pat_, Jun 27, 2009
Hi all,

It is now day 2 for me, and 48 hours since last tram pill.

Foggy, but otherwise okay.

One day at a time.

Be well.

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by clendenon, Jun 27, 2009
Good showing Trees_and_Tablets, you too Pat_......and you too samajax.  And mammawoos. Wow a lot of strong people in the battle.  Very good.  We all know how rough it will be but believe me it's worth the effort to stay with the program. T and T, at least you have past that terrible day 4,  things should start looking better now.  

I will be posting my tracker now that I have past the 30 days.  It could be an incentive for someone.

Avatar universal
by clendenon, Jun 27, 2009
OK lets see if it works....

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by jekorb, Jun 27, 2009
Hello, everybody.

Mommawoos, you had me bawling my eyes out as I pictured you watching your family drive off.  I understand your wanting to not subject your children to your withdrawal, but jeez.......struggling all alone is tough as all get-out.  My prayers, my dear, you are a very courageous woman.  Pat, go, go, go---day 2; don't back out now.  Good for your and God's blessings.  Samajax, I simply do not know how you got the strength to go out to dinner!  And only 40 hrs. out!  You are incredibly strong---no way could I do that, not even if I HAD to.  T and T, day 5 already, you're almost ready to pull into the station, out of the bad weather and empty promises; almost (if not already) at the point where you can look at the world with a proud, relieved smile of "I DID IT"!  Hearts and flowers to you.

I am having a tough time today.  As I mentioned before, I can't w/d until July 9th.  I have been so gung-ho and eager to just "get on with it", get through it in one piece, and be able to say "I spit on you, Tramadol!".  However, I slept late this a.m. and it had been over 12 hrs. since my last dose (3) of Trams.  As soon as I was fully awake, BAM!--like a hammer it hit.  The awful pain in my stomach, like someone was scraping the inside of my stomach/guts with razor blades, panic, fear, shakes---and this was only 12 HRS. SINCE LAST DOSE!  How in the hell am I gonna do this?  Where is my brave front NOW?  I was almost on the floor, but before I fell, I grabbed my little brown bottle of poison and crammed three in my mouth.  In 10 min., I was almost back (ha, ha) to stinkin' normal, what normal is right now, a lie.  Then, I cried.  How am I possible gonna do this?  I couldn't even get to 8 a.m., without nearly passing away from the massive pain that grabbed my guts.  I still am determined to do this (yeah, I'm REAL brave right now, since Tram is skipping its way through my bloodstream), but how am I gonna get through even Day 1?  

I'm sorry to be unloading here, but I am so afraid, and so ashamed. So envious of everyone.  And still so Tram-controlled.  As much as I push it out, the word "failure" keeps coming back into my mind.  If I want to continue to live, I can't fail or back out.  Right now, however....................


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by Trees_and_Tablets, Jun 27, 2009
for years I was like you every time I was late with a dose and like you worried about how I would cope when the day came to rid myself of this. But somehow I managed to stay focused like on the first part of your last post where you state you can't wait to just get on with it. All through my life (I'm 52) I have had to deal with situations I didn't relish. Waiting outside the head teachers room to be caned for late homework. In the waiting room at the dentist knowing that the next 30 mins would be painful. And others, lots of others. But somehow I have always at some point managed to focus on the fact that SOON, whatever the degree of pain, I was going to be past this and able to carry on. And that fact really really made me stare the monster in the face and grin and bear it. None of this is going to kill you. Throughout history humankind has faced and triumphed over the most horrendous experiences. No I'm not being dramatic here, because I believe whatever the size of the mountain in front of us at the time, it is still massive and a daunting prospect. But it IS possible. Think about the worst thing you've conquered and draw strength from the fact that YOU have within you the determination and courage to achieve what you want. Concentrate on the rewards. You CAN do it. You will be stronger than the bunch of chemicals you have been ingesting. Think how many shallow people in the world would endure agony for days in order for celebrity status or money to befall them. It's just a case of focussing and desiring the end result I believe.

Come on July 9 do your worst - you'll not hold me back!!

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by FinallyFred, Jun 28, 2009
I had a falulous day on Saturday.  The weather (by Seattle'standards) was beautiful.  I worked in the yard and even laid out in thE back yard sun with Mrs. Fred for 30 minutes.  Took a long walk, did some chores, and then was blessed to have both of our adult sons and two grand kids over for dinner/the evening.  

Trees_and_Tablets, Pat, samajax, AND April,  When I got a few days into my withdrawal, the things that kept me moving forward were (1) reflecting on all of the ways this drug controlled me, (2) the moments of investment in myself that I was making each moment I didn't put a tram in my mouth and (3) the knowledge that I was getting close.  

(1) What good did this drug really do me?  Yes, as we begin to come off this drug, TRAMADOL would like to remind us ONLY of the things we will miss if we successfully get the monkey off our backs. I'm not going to even mention the one or two reasons that come to mind.  But ON BALANCE, the risks and PAIN of continuing with this drug FAR outway the benefits.  

Tramadol caused me PAIN.  Some may have physical reason why their pain may continue, but continuing on the tram is not a viable option.  Like others have said here recently, the original reasons for taking tramadol vanished a long time ago for me.  Things like surgical pain disappeared years before I quit, but the trams gave me so many other physical pain, and a person doesn't ralize that it the TRAM causing the pain.  

I ached in so many places in my body while on the tram, that I seriously thought I had fibromyalgia.  And when I was in "forced taper mode at the tnd of each RX cycle, the pain and sleeplessness was incredible while ON this drug.  Don't forget to remember how much DAMAGE this drug to you.  Relationships, the fear that our source would dry upand  (fill in the blanks),

This drug did no favors for any of us.  It wrapped us around it's tenacles and we were forced to dance to it's drum beat.

(2) Investment - That phrase, "you can pay me now or you can pay be later", kept me going.  Yes, Each moment of resisting the feelings of caving in were hard.  But what I failed to see in the past is that those feelings would not last forever.  The tramadol WILL leave us in a relatively short time if we can just continue to put time between ourselves and that last pill.  The HOLD will be loosened.  And I recognized that the few days I had strung together were days that I didn't want to EVER repeat again.

(3) Getting close - This drug desires to posses us for ever. It won't leave us without a fight.  The first 24 hours aren't bad, but the next couple of days seem to last forever.  But this drug which we ate with reckless abandon will loose it's sway over us, if we can just continue the fight.

Joan, you are being honest.  You have chosen a day to bite the bullit and i predict that you will be strong by July 9th.  Any time you reduce your dose as you have tried recently,.. will experience withdrawal symptoms.  It will be OK, you'll see.  

Clen, i like your tracker.  33 days of being clean of this drug has GOT to freel good.  

Lilly, Yup, I am so glad that I didn't hook up with the "".  I know where I would be today if I had taken that course.  It is shocking, but I have heard some folks posting who  DID buy trams online.  They mostly lost the small favors our physician's did for us - they kept our pathetic daily does at 8 pills or less per day.

And some of those buying online are taking 30-40 pills OR MORE per day.  I am fairly certain that is where I would have been BY NOW.  Even though I was in withdrawal much of the time I was taking this rat poison and I didn't even realize it, I am SO glad that I was forced to stay on 8 pills/day all that time.  Opening up the online options only makes our problem MORE difficult to beat.  Yes, I am glad I had a moment of clarity and not a moment too soo.

To you newer folks - I strongly encourage you to begin a personal journal (on your profile page).  I am not saying that you should avoid posting here, far from it. But you will never get another chance to record in one neat package, your first days fighting this awful drug.  For your own future reference and for the sake of those coming up behind you, begin now.  

Courage Strength and Love,


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by TRAMMAN999, Jun 28, 2009
I have just found this site and have read every comment slowly and carefully. The forum has 'obviously' helped many people. However, for me reading all this for the first time 'coming off' seems as though it will be an unsurmountable task. I am extremely frightened. WHY?
My story 30 months ago I was diagnosed clinically depressed (I am 64, never been ill in my life, fit as a fiddle, marathon runner, good job, enjoyed job enjoyed life etc etc). Can't think of cause! After hitting brick wall I was extremely vulnerable. Dr scooped prozac into me - nearly killed me. Since then (still being vulnerable) carried out doctor's orders. i.e. 5 more lots of chemicals pumped into me. ALL of them felt as though there was an attempt to kill me!! ALL of them exacerbated the symptoms. I have been more or less house bound, bed bound, chair bound for the full 30 months.
By chance I found Tramadol for my accompanying neck ache. It helped my neck - and what do you know I felt a little better. In order to get through my life I have hung on to Tramadol. Yes, going from100mg/day to 800mg/day. Of course it does not help like it did - but I keep taking it in hope, or just for a glimmer of life.
Now, I have come to thinking that Yes 1) I have to get off this stuff  2) this stuff maybe not masking anymore, but could be a contributary factor, if not the cause of my inability to do anything!?? - especially when I read every comment in the forum.
Last few weeks: I have attmpted to cut down - God help me!! NO WAY! - I have thought. I thought it was me that was weak.
NOW -  I am extremely frightened (which of course, doesn't help). The doctor said come off ther Tramadol and we'll try another antidepressant. Beside not being keen on trying yet another antideptessant - the doctor said glibly come back "in a week when you have come off the Tramadol" I did have it in me to say "Hang on, don't you think that is kind of unrealistic? I have not been back to him for 2 months because I am still full blown popping 600/800mg/day. I know it is not wise or useful to take antidepressants with Tramadol.
'I do not have anyone to talk to'. So, I have to go alone. Any advice or encouragement would not just be welcome it could patch up my horrible life (which to be honest is not worth living like this at the moment).

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by Lillyval, Jun 28, 2009
April - Please be kind to yourself.  Many others here, myself included, are parents who regret the way we were with our kids while on tramadol.  But I honestly believe the more we heap blame and shame on ourselves the more we are going to want to kill that emotional pain.  And how do we tend to do that?  With drugs of course!  It's a vicious cycle. Take the time you have alone to take care of you - you have so much to offer your kids when they return.

Joan - You can do it.  For me that stomach pain was probably my worst symptom.  When it hits take immodium.  We have opiate receptors in our intestines as well as our brains.  That pain, I believe, is the opiate receptors in the gut withdrawing from the drug.   Immodium is an opiate like substance that binds to the gut receptors but doesn't effect the brain.  Don't make it a habit, but if you use it for the first day or two it will help.  You can do this.  Sometimes I think the FEAR of pain is almost worse than the pain itself.  But you'll find out you're stronger than you think you are.

samajax, Stephen and Pat - Great job!  A few more tough days and you'll be coming out on the other side!

Blessings and Courage everyone,

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by Lillyval, Jun 28, 2009
TRAMMANN - I know that Tramadol acts like some of the older trycyclic antidepressants, which is why it probably made you feel better.  I'm guessing that the 5 antidepressants you have tried are all SSRI's like prozac.  For those whom SSRI's don't help - they tend to make things worse.  It must have been awful for you.  I have a friend around your age who also can't take SSRI's but he is now successfully on an older med (It may be Elavil).  If I were you I would try a SLOW taper of Tramadol - like reducing your dose a little bit once a week - until you can get off it.  Then you can safely try another med if you need it.  I wish you all the best.

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by jekorb, Jun 28, 2009
Tram-man, you and I are most likely the oldest posters here (I'm pushing 60).  The closer my big-shot proposed date for withdrawal (July 9) gets, the more terrified I become, so I feel your pain, as they say.  I take 9-10 50mg. Trams a day; have tried to cut down, but can't wean.  Cold turkey looked like the only solution and I thought I was being so steadfast, head-held-high and have now found it to be all bull-shit, not for others, but certainly for me.  I tried again this morning to go 12, 13 hrs. past, but when the pain hit (I have a very weak stomach, very low tolerance for pain), I could NOT repeat the sacred mantra "I Can Do It", let alone do anything but hyperventilate and grab for my meds and bottle of water.  I lay, waiting for serenity (Ha!), waiting for my panic-driven heart rate to slow.  I've heard so many times that it won't kill me~~~I'm not so sure now.  My husband listened to me (thank you, God, for him!) while I talked/cried.  Tomorrow, we will be calling a doctor who specializes in pain management/drug withdrawal for help after we get approval from our insurance, which I know we will.  I have done c.t. in the past and it has been bad, and only after a month or two of a prescription regimen.  What I would go through after 1 1/2 years on Tramadol~~~I can't think of it, the nightmare is so horrifying.  I can't do it....I'm too old.  In her earlier installments, EmilyPost said time and again how physically strong she is, but that the Tramadol w/d kicked her ass right, left and every-which-way.  I won't survive this kind of beating.  I realize I will have to be in one-day or thereabouts withdrawal, be taken to the office where I will get my first dose of Suboxone and will have to stay so the doctor can monitor me.  Then, I will go in every week until it's found that the dosage is right, then once a month.  NA will be my outlet for feelings and will help me stay on the straight and narrow.  For this, I pray with all my might.

I am so proud of all of you who have gone through it "Big Time".  I have heard on a few boards that Tramadol may not qualify for this treatment, but I'm sure these MDs know what a Tram w/d looks, acts and sounds like, and now that a number of European countries are classifying it as a narcotic, it won't be long before the U.S. will do the same.  At any rate, there it is.  I feel like a fool for my previous big-talk; who did I think I was, anyway?  I'm certainly feeling my age today.

Blessings always to all,

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by grandmagirl, Jun 28, 2009
Good morning friends,

As most of you know I'm 90 days out. I have been hit with severe depression. Yes it's been an awful year and it cannot all be blamed on Tram. I stopped taking Tram sometime in March when I didn't bother to refilll my Tram.So ..with out really knowing what was happingI went into full blown with drawel. I posted here after looking up Tram on the net and of course found this site. As you can see by my profile I have a large family. Husband and I workf time I'm  home with a mos. vacation time. We have a 21 year old special ed. grandson living with us...Lots of stress there...I have also gone to 4 funerals since coming off tram. 3 close realatives and my best friends son. bottem line depression hit....   I'm not sure if I'm just over whemled stress..or clinicly depressed....or is this a symtom of with dawing?  Need some help from you friends that have had any experience with you still have depression 90 days out.?I'm really scared  and will  see doctor which I really don't want to do. He already tried to give me ant-depressents a few mos. ago which I thew away .maybe should have gone on doctor's visit I had not realized that I was in with drawel. I thought I was having a heart attack. My pluse rate was high...Doctor just gave me the"your nuts look"  I really need some good advice right now...A lot of crying and laying in bed....If you have the time today can some one respond...Much thnaks...  

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by kevzx81, Jun 28, 2009
Grandmagirl- Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. After all your losses and stresses this year I doubt that your 'depression' is clinical. I think it can take awhile for our feelings to catch up with us,especially if we have suffered several shocks/losses. Youve had so much to grieve over. I dont think youre depressed.I think your grief is catching up with you.Add in all the worry of Tram w/d and a special ed to care for on top of your losses...worry and grief. Its no wonder youre feeling so low. Im sure the doc will be happy to medicate your feelings if you ask but I really do believe its best to live through these feelings as they are an inevitable fact of life. I hope you are getting support and rest while dealing with your grandson...I hope you are getting time for rest and catch up with your own thoughts and feelings. I would only think there were something wrong with you if you hadnt had these feelings!!
Healing thoughts to you grandmagirl.

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by grandmagirl, Jun 28, 2009
Thank you so much Kev for your helped a lot...I needed a wise word this morning.. I really don't have much help with my grandson. My husband and I do it all..Well it could be a lot worse.  Thank for your kind ,means alot to me.

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by Pat_, Jun 28, 2009
Hope you are feeling a little better, Grandmagirl...

Tramman, the only suggestion that I can offer is try to taper. I am also an older ex-marathoner, 52.

Day three for me today. Some waves of nausea come and go, but at least I am sleeping okay.

Staying occupied helps me.

Joan, best wishes to you!

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by clendenon, Jun 28, 2009

Your extremely high  dosage and your age put you into very dangerous situation.  Those are toxic levels of tramadol you are taking  and definitely put you into risk of seizure.  Instead of a taper you might consider a detox program but this will have to be consulted with a real health professional someone that knows something about tramadol.  If you still want to try a taper I would suggest  cutting your dosage in half and starting  from there.  It will be extremely difficult to do a slow taper from 600/ 800 mg/day.  You are right about not taking anti-depressants while on tramadol.  It's a dangerous combination, read this:

"Seizure Risk: Tramadol causes seizures in animal models, and a few seizures have been reported in humans receiving excessive single oral doses (700 mg) or large intravenous doses (300 mg). Administration of Ultram may enhance the seizure risk in patients taking MAO inhibitors, neuroleptics, other drugs that reduce the seizure threshold patients with epilepsy, or patients otherwise at increased risk for seizure. In animal studies, naloxone administration increased the risk of convulsions.
Use with CNS Depressants Ultram (tramadol)  should be used with caution and in reduced dosages when administered to patients receiving CNS depressants such as alcohol, opioids, anesthetic agents, phenothiazines, tranquilizers or sedative hypnotics.
Use with MAO Inhibitors Ultram should be used with great caution in patients taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors, since tramadol inhibits the uptake of norepinephrine and serotonin".

Your post indicates extreme depression but since you are here that means you really want to quit and put your life back in gear sans pills.  So I suggest you go back to the doctor and be adamant that you want to wean from tramadol and all of those anti-this anti-that  drugs.  Proceed with caution but with resolve.  It might appear hopeless now but once you're on the right plan it will start looking better.

I am also 60 years old.......clen

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by Lillyval, Jun 28, 2009
Grandmagirl, I'm so sorry for everything you're going through.  I was thinking the same thing as Kev, it sounds more like grief than clinical depression.  Four deaths in three months is a lot for anyone, and even more so for someone who's emotions are raw after just coming off of tram.  I hope there's someone you can talk things through with - a counselor or a trusted friend maybe?.  We're all here to support you but this forum probably can't provide enough.  You will be in my thoughts and prayers.  Please keep us posted on how you're doing.
God bless you,

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by Bigman7778, Jun 29, 2009
Been about 2 1/2 weeks since I last took tram.3rd go round of w/d ended up being the worst and most debilitating yet.No real physical lproblems about 5% of wicked first time but became incredibly depressed and couldn't seem to shake it.One of those, glad I don't own a gun times.Good to see so many new people getting off Tram and  using th\is site to help which it definetly does. Best to all.  Big.

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by Miss_Amy_2009, Jun 29, 2009
Good morning ALL!  It's nice to see new people that have found Emily Post's journal. I'm happy that there are more people that have the desire to end their relationship with Tram!

For all of you newcomers: I am 55 days Tram Free and feeling GREAT! Went from 200mg down to 100...then started the weaning process back in April. If you would like to check out my ticker, I have posted my past posts to the journal for each day of weaning so that you can get an idea of which w/d's I experienced, how I managed through them, how long they lasted, the changes in dosages, etc... I drank lots of water, took a daily multivitimin and distracted myself with posting here which I found quite therapeutic. The support/encouragement here is amazing!!  You will not find another site that is more informative than this journal.


-It's a difficult but short journey through acute w/d's (3-5 days of agony; sleepless nights, chicken skin, anxiety and even more anxiety (this was the worst for me), RLS, sweating, chills, etc...)
-You will make it to the other side, shortly after the worst symptoms -hang in there (Remember these words when you're struggling and doubting if you're able to do it) when you start wondering when the W/D's will end, you're almost there!!! Don't give up!!)
-Be prepared to have other w/d's that last about a month after the acute w/d's are over (lethargy, depression, sneezing, etc...) (note: if you made it to this point, you'll be able to handle these w/d's with no's simply a waiting game. KNOW that it DOES get better around 30 days post tram.
-The 3-5 days of the acute w/d's is worth the trade of a better future being tram free. It's not an easy task, but well worth the fight!
(Somehow I was able to manage work during this time, even though I was not comfortable in my own skin. I can only imagine what it would have been like to have children to care for during this time. Let it be known that it is NOT easy but you can make it through these 3-5 days if you want it bad enough.)

Some of us come to realize that we are suffering through w/d on a daily basis WHILE ON TRAM, but it seems that most of us realize the pain that Tram causes AFTER we make it to the other side.

Read as much from this site to gain the knowledge of what to expect. Then come up with your own strategy of C/T or Tapering. Jot down a schedule to stay on track, but keep it flexible and realistic. Whether you're tapering or going C/T, be patient with yourselves. Care for yourself as if you're going through the flu. Make arrangements with your family, at work; the same as you would if you were not feeling well, otherwise. Believe that you CAN do this-because you CAN! Always consult with your doctor. Listen to your body and do what is comfortable without getting too comfortable. It's worth it, because YOU"RE worth it!

Have enough courage to step outside of your comfort zone and break free from tram.  Life is good on the other side. I'll see you when you get there.

Strength and Courage to all that have fear and are struggling....

*Big Hugs*


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by samajax, Jun 29, 2009
Hello everyone...

Day 4 here and it is the worst it has ever been. I'm sitting here at my desk and just want to go home..but I have work to do and if Amy above isn't giving me the business..:), I only have to endure one more day of this ever so pleasant stuff. That's a killer amount of tram. I was on 400mg and wanted more...Follow the instructions for taper found here..and let your doctor know what you are doing. Most doctors don't have the amount of knowledge on how to get off tram that you can find here. A week? you have to be kidding. If you go to opiate sites, they talk of Buprenorphine, but that just seems like another drug, another w/d. Good luck my friend.

Where did Joan (right?) go? But of luck to you...Follow the taper. Don't try and do 12 hours without and wait in agony. Keep to your normal schedule of ingestion, just decrease the amount. My heart goes out to you. the instructions are here. The choice is to keep on doing what you know, or..... My heart goes out to you.

Morning Pat...same symptoms as me? we are litter mates, so let's see this through.

I did a whole bunch of diversion yesterday. Had a good swim in the AM, then a friend came up to hang for the day. She brought her dog, we went to lunch..hung outside by some water..and when she left I consumed sugared items in mass amounts. My usually great diet in leaning to fat and sugar right now, but we will just take care of that later. I have developed a fondness for sour gummy octopus...sugar and cow hooves I believe...

Sneezing...up earlier than the alarm. Energy and lethargy combined...killer mood swings..counting the time until this subsides. I will not cry in the office...:)

Thanks for all the advice from everybody here.

Seems like everybody here has a doctor that put them on these things...tell that doctor how you want to quit and tell them the timetable you want. School him/her on what you are experiencing, not what they have read or heard.

Until later, strength.


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by Pat_, Jun 29, 2009
Hang in there samajax. Hope your day gets a bit easier as it goes on.

Day four here as well, and I am thankful and grateful...

To have learned of these wd effects early on, when I was at a point in my use where it was still (relatively) easy to stop.

I owe Emily and the others who have gone before me big time.

Strength to all.


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by jekorb, Jun 29, 2009
Hi, everyone.  Am still thinking fondly of and praying for all on these threads.  You are all warriors and have my deepest respect and admiration, all of you.  Samajax, as you might have read, I have decided it would be too hard on me physically and mentally to go through a 5-day detox from Tramadols and I'm not one of the luckier ones who are able to wean  I have cut down two pills a day but that's as far as I can go, unfortunately..  This poison's viciousness as it screams its way out of the system would be too much for me to bear.  I have an appt. with my family MD in July (the 9th to be exact~~~ironic, no?) who will make the referral to the substance abuse MDs who will put me on Suboxone (my insurance requires this).  If I have to stay on Suboxone for several years, so be it; it will be completely under a doctor's care.  I just do not have the strength or courage to go thru yet another week-long w/d, and this one would be a doozy, and one from which I'm not at all sure I'd come out on top, believe me!  

I am eager to get back to NA after I see the s.a. doctors.  I see NA as my lifeline to the future.  Am interested in continuing to read the posts in our fight against this horribly addicting and tenacious drug.  Blessing always, Joan.

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by Miss_Amy_2009, Jun 29, 2009

Consult with your doctor about your tapering when you see him. In the meantime, keep in mind that I've learned that you're only supposed to taper 10% or 1/8 of the current patient with yourself and hang in there.

*For perspective: Please read my post in the PART 10 that uses the analogy of someone going to the gym to work out and overdoes it...only to find it too painful to continue....


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by clsss, Jun 29, 2009
This stuff is no ordinary opiate. Unlike other opiates (methadone and fentanyl being the two other exceptions) Tramadol works as a serotonin agonist (antidepressant). Hence the "euphoric high" that the others lack.

What this means is that, while kicking, say, heroin is bad enough, with tramadol you are also kicking prozac at the same time.

For me, the opiate kick was not so bad (that 3-5 day intense part) compared with some other habits I have had. What got me was the headaches and depression that started around day 10 and hung out for a few weeks. In hindsight, some mild anti-depressants would have been a good idea...

And folks, DON'T TAKE BENADRYL it makes RLS a thousand times worse.

You would also be amazed how fast your full-on habit comes roaring back if you try to chip this shit even ONCE.

It should be illegal. It is way more dangerous than oxycodone.

Good luck to you all and just hang in there...

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by mrcrump, Jun 29, 2009
Hello everyone, Today is day five of no Tramadol. Every day has been a slow progression. One minute I feel fine, then the next I'm crying to my boyfriend because everything inside of me feels so foreign. I haven't slept well at all. When it gets close to one am (which is usually the time I go to bed) I start getting really nervous. I sweat cold sweats and my heart pounds. My breathing also becomes very irratic. It's probabley the scariest feeling.   Good news though I found a Rx for some anti-nausea medicine I had from last year when I had surgery, so every morning I wake up feeling like you know what, and so extremely nauseous. So I take the little yellow pill and after about an hour the nausea let's up. Atleast now I can actually get some work done from home. These last five days I have literally moved from my couch to my bedroom to my bathroom. That's it!!! I haven't even left my house once. My boyfriend calls me the Hermit with W/D's!!!  : )   My body aches have diminished quite well also. I have been reading all these new posts and I'm sooo proud of everyone. Keep up the good work. We'll all make it out of our funk.  As Crosby Stills and Nash once said: "You gotta keep on keepin on."  
  Love, KS

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by Evangalina, Jun 29, 2009
I did the unthinkable, ordered more Tram online. I don't even know what i am putting into my body, so scary, and the fact that this S#!& is available without a scrip? So scary! Here come the excuses: My family was in town for the weekend, anyone who has read my posts knows my situation. I am a single mother of two little girls: ages 2 1/2 and 8 months. I work full time. I recieve 0 dollars in assistance (no child support, no govmt assistance etc). Its not that I am too proud, I fall into that "inbetween" where I just don't qualify. I have to find a time when I have accrued enought PTO to take a week off of work, children at daycare, and just get off this stuff. I am currently taking 400mg a day, which is quickly becoming not enough. My body is screaming for more, w/d's first thing in the am, within 3 hours of my last pill I am already starting to shake and feel like I want to rip someones head off. I am currently on Lexapro, the Dr does not believe me when I tell her of the w/d symptoms. I started taking it to help with w/d's from vicodin, AWESOME! I thought, this stuff is great! 4 months later and I am suffering more that I would have ever suffered from vicodin. I was able to quit vicodin ct no problem, any time, I did it at least 5 to 6 times. Is there such a thing as extended release Tram? That seems it would be easier on a taper, right? I am trying to keep from going above 400mg. my body is not accepting it though, how can I do a taper when I can't get below 400mg??

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by onemoretry48, Jun 29, 2009
The Monkey Off My Back

Been off Tramadol since June 6th. Struggling with the depression. Feeling good some day, some days its just meh.....

Yesterday was just beautiful out so I was very pleased to have a little hard earned energy that has been lacking for so long.

A break through moment came around 2pm yesterday when I realized that I was miles away from home and I had left my backpack at the house. So I sat there pondering how to pay for my gas home, how to buy a dinner, and then it hit me I DID NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT TRAMADOL!!!!!!

That was the highlight of my weekend.


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by TRAMMAN999, Jun 29, 2009
Clendenon Lillyval  jekorb & samajax
Thank you for your responses to my rushed dialogue - as I said I am new at this. BUT, I do appreciate your comments, which are the first responses I have ever had in this forum type procedure. Who knows your interest may be the 'start of something new', as they say!!
Thank you all.

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by grandmagirl, Jun 29, 2009
Happy Monday Everyone...Thank so  much for responding to my call for help with the depression stuff. I feel better today and have been busy cleaning the house. I have worked 218 days with weekends off.. I'm home for a mos and than back to work on Monday Aug. 4th...but i must say i do think work was a good deversion while i was in W/D..Work forces you up and out of bed and you just have to get on with it. I know a lot of you are working and trying to W/D at the same time. It's not fun ..but it can be done. I spent several weeks in my office and work Van driving and crying,. As i arrived at my different  school sites  through out the day and had to deal with students ..I started to realize that wroking through the W/D was a good thing for me. It forced me to concentrate on other things and it forced me to have to make decisions. This was not easy ..and i did have brain freeze and brain fog and still have the lack of concentration. Notice sentence struture and spelling. Hopefully all that will return.

For those of you who are at work and freaking out...just remember nobody else is really paying any attention ..thier all to concerned about other stuff..not you. I was sure my co-workers thought something was up..but in retropect i think we where all so busy one was really paying any attention to what i was doing..CRYING alot,..and wearing big dark sun glasses in meetings..Oh it's a swell look..No it's a very odd look..but ya got to do what ya gotta do to get through your day.  

Big I'm so glad you posted...keep going can do it..I left you a note by the way on your page...

To all the new people...welcome..welcome...I'm 62 in Oct. and never thought I would have to W/D from any thing except maybe FOOD. So to say the least this has been an adventure that I never care to repeat. The thought of W/D again  from Tram is just not a place I'm ever going to go. I told my husband if I was run over by a truck and the only thing that would save me was Tram...He has been has my permission to collect on that large insurance policy...

If your here just all the posts...they are so insightful and so well written. If reading the posts helps just one of you then we have done our job by posting. It's NEVER to late to start a new life with out Tram. You won't die....but you will get well...The GREASTEST GIFT that we can give our self is good health.  If you want that bad enough you WILL do the right thing and get off Tram.

It's been said before..,."MAKE A PLAN."   have a peaceful week..

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by nurina, Jun 29, 2009

Dear Emily and everyone willing to read...

Yesterday (june 29th) was day 1 for me... so as im sure some of the people here have done, i was spending my painful, miserable, OFCOURSE SLEEPLESS (sleepless,realy?)night online trying to find good news, ANYTHING!!! on how tramadols withdrawals is actually not that bad........i have of course failed miserably.

I have however found the good news that i am infact not alone.i was besidmyself!!where i live most ppl never even HEARD of tramadols! i cant believe how many ppl are going through what i am goung through right nw on different parts of the so many ways it is comforting...not that alot of ppl are suffering of course but the knowledge that im nt alone, that ppl go through this and most importantly,that they actually SURVIVE.........i know its dumb but i was starting to think i was never gonna make it....

Emily, i cant tell you how much i admire you and how grateful i am that u started this forum even though the process is like all done for you and you can basically just congratulate yourself, celebrate an never look bak.....u r my hero man,i so envy you and look forward to being where u r now...if i ever make it through this hell that is

so iv bin taking trams (wel not anymore..its only been a day but watever) for about 18 months...i started off taking 150mg/day and at the end was taking on average 500mg/day. I decided to quit cold turkey, finally, after going to my first Narcotics Anonymous the past iv tried tapering but it never worked cos i always ended up getting sucked back in.......u knw like, 1is too many 1000is never enough, borrowing a quote from NA...i also tried to quit cold turkey b4 but gave up after only one day (had the wooooorst nite and decided to give up,waited til the next morning to gt some from my special chemist (theres such a thing here). Not the story this time however as it is now 5.19 am (and although i am definitely not sleepng and probably wont be either tonihgt) (though i realy desperately want so tired i could just drop and start snorring-i wish!) i have decided that ihave officially had enough...

my NA friends convinced me to throw away all my tramadols hidden inside a was sooooooo hard cos i was soooooo scared i was going to really crack and there wouldnt be any backups...but then i realised how stupid that was, like how can u ever stop if you keep having backups,quick fix or ths point i totally cnt trust myself especially cos i have bin known to having no willpower whatsoever...  

i am in paid and depressed and most of all SO VERY SCAREDof what might b cuming next.....i read that the duration of the really bad initial withdrawal usually lasts frm 2-5 dys yah?well Emily, you had 4 days right...(see,told u iv bin reading ur posts....the old one, the 'kinda old' one, and this latest one...please please send me something, good news if at all possible....but basically anything for encourgagement...and i dunno...i guess i jus really wanna know this will all be over soon....

i am s0 desperate to sleep im so tired and depressed and in pain...........would it be soooo retarded if i cried ?and is day 2 even worst...cos this is day2 now yeah? now being 5am and everything....thank you thank you for reading..hope to hear from ppl soon....

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by nurina, Jun 29, 2009
day 2 (last post was day 1)

DESPERATE FOR SLEEP, in the bathroom cos thats where i can smoke, with my laptop, SOAKING wet frm sweat, seeing spots (this one just in), drinking coffee cos i read somewhere on this page (or maybe other page,dunno,lost track cos reading so many)that cafeine is the best sub for trams???

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by grandmagirl, Jun 29, 2009
Welcome nurina....I know how scared you must be..You are very brave to take this step. Having NA as a back up is a good plan. Keep reading all the posts over and over again when you feel good enough.... Those posts are your life line and those posts have helped so many people to get better. Hugs to you for being so brave.....Your going to come out of this fine ...keep going ...don't stop..I'm proud of you for throwing out the pills..That was a very smart good to your self and rest as much as you can...

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by kevzx81, Jun 29, 2009
Nurina-Anxiety is a common symptom of Tram w/d, it truly sucks. It can add in to our natural fears and make things so much worse. Be very on guard against negative feelings,anxiety,suicidal thoughts and be aware that its the Tram w/d doing this. This drug will play with you as you withdraw so try to avoid emotionally lead decisions as this is how Tram can get the better of you. I hate to quote such a cheesy line, but with Tram its the ultimate case of 'feel the fear and do it anyway.
Good luck Nurina our thoughts are with you.

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by Aicle, Jun 29, 2009
I have been out of town for a month. I am done with my first day 26 hours since I took 25mg of that crap!

This is the longest  I have gone since last Christmas when I ran out and went a day and a half. I was taking about 9 a day at that time and it was hellish.

I was in South America the last time when I ran out  3 weeks ago and I bought some Tramal. The WD's dont seem to be as bad after taking the Tramal for a 3 weeks, I still feel like crap though.

Low energy, motivation to do anything.
chills/ spasms
restless leg syndrome last night big time.
flashes of intense depression

I am going for broke. I want to be done with this evil poison once and for all. I tried to talk myself into taking a couple of pills  to get some things done twice today. I didnt give in and went down to my garage and pulled a motor and and transmission out of a car. I had been putting that off for a long while. As long as I can keep busy and get out of the house for a while I think I can do this.

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by Aicle, Jun 29, 2009
Coffee and crazy bus rides help!
ice pops
good music
more coffee
laboring at something, once you get started it gets easier.

I hope day two is better than day 1.

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by kevzx81, Jun 29, 2009
Hi all- I wanted to say a few words to people in early w/d,Nurina,Tramman et al. Sleeplessness and anxiety and depression drain all energy and disable our coping mechanisms.This is why we 'feel' that 'we cant do it' sometimes in w/d.
The strength and courage we normally draw on are undermined by the symptoms of the w/d. Anger is a good tool against depression or fear/anxiety. I found that by thinking about the ruined months,the heartless doctor etc etc that I was able to summon enough valid anger to get back some of the enrgy to fight back. We talk about depression and fear more readily than we do about anger, thats our social training. But anger can be useful. Its not easy to be depressed and angry at the same time and its easier to mow the grass/fix lunch feeling angry than depressed. We are trained to contain/supress our anger but in Tram w/d this will work against us. Anger contains energy. Tram steals energy. Tram loves depression and can keep us addicted through these feelings. This is a war, against an enemy that wants to enslave you. You are fighting for your freedom. Dont go to war without your anger!

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by Aicle, Jun 30, 2009
made it through the night, very little sleep, but I didn't give in!
Cant seem to get comfortable and the spasms lasted all night long.

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by samajax, Jun 30, 2009
Welcome all the new folks...and all those who are making a choice by just reading a bit.

Real world news: this is day 5 and way better than yesterday. Yesterday was full of anxiety, frustration, dis-ease, the complete list of symptoms stated over and over by folks who have come before me. Today is all those symptoms, but diminished by a power of 10.

What I can tell you is that my time in the gym last night was pretty darn good. A sweat fest, but the power was there- and it didn't come from a pill. I had one of the best calories burnt/time on machine totals that I've ever had. That came as a complete surprise.....I used to pop 100mg prior to my workout session and would be really disappointed if I forgot to ingest because I figured my workout would not be as successful....

So I'm in the office, the symptoms are fading- just as my city's string (16 days) of 100 degree days has come to a close- and it is raining. How beautifully symbolic is that.

I know that the crap will stay around for awhile, but I trust the worst is over. It was not as hellish as I expected, but I made a decision and I wasn't going back.  To those sweating and crying, you are only days behind me, so it does go away...diversions, liquids, sugar...whatever it takes. Listen to those who are months, years out in front. From their words comes our guidance.



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by turnin_it_around, Jun 30, 2009
Hello all!

Thank you for sharing all of your stories, on my 4th day of withdrawal with no tram, they have been a great help.
This isnt the first time I have gone through withdrawals, I have had many failed attempts, as many of you have described. I have visited many sights where others have come together to support eachother, yet this is the first time I have decided to contribute and tell my story.

I was never prescribed tramadol, I am a healthy 24 year old. I found the pills which were prescribed to a family member, looking for a high to cure boredom (sad right?) I looked it up online and saw that it was used recreationaly and decided to give it a try. I was off and on for awhile, not a full blown addict, and never felt withdrawals. Some time later, I began taking it daily, I found that it made me more social (i had always been antisocial),happy, had more energy, and actually DIDNT MIND going to work. I would eventually take from 100 to 50 mg a day for about 1 year. I stopped and W/d so many times, I cant remember...

What is so different now? why i am reaching out and telling my story? That is also a sad story. Since the tramadol wasnt mine, I eventually ran out. I looked and looked for more....nothing. I know you can get them online, but I refuse to, I decided to make the BEST out of the situation and stop altogether.  

It sux, I feel really tired, and lame... like I am no fun. But after reading about Emily and all of you, I know I will be me again, even if I have forgotten what "me" was like...

Here is was I don't miss:
1. Feeling desperate thinking my supply would run out
2. Feeling like a low life addict
3. Feeling really tired when I got off work
4. Not paying attention to my loved ones
5. Not knowing what would happen to me if I didnt stop
6. Hiccups....

We dont need this crap...Or any crap for that matter, think of history, when there were no pills and such.... We must be happy with ourselves because we all have a unique reason for being here, for some it is sharing their experiences and helping others, for others it is being a good parent and raising kids with morals and values that will one day help others find the truth as we all have. We dont need any of this crap. The withdrawals WILL SUBSIDE and your shining SELF will be there to greet you at the end.... DONT LET HIM DOWN....

Good luck to all of you... It pains me to see society be hurt and sick becuase the pharmaceuticals companies need profits.


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by grandmagirl, Jun 30, 2009
Good Morning all.....welcome Aicle....turn it glad you posted. Read as many of the posts as you can...Make a plan and just take it day by day.   nurina...How are you doing today? glad your feeling better...                                                                                                                                      

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by mrcrump, Jun 30, 2009
Jules, That is so awesome that you didn't have to worry about your Ultram. That actually hasn't happened to me yet but I am waiting for the day!!!    Whenever my boyfriend plans a trip or even something small, the first thing that comes to mind is: do I have enough Tramadol to make it through it???    Scary!!!!   Hang in there. More beautiful days will come.  I was just talking to myself lastnight (oddly enough) and was wondering if who I am right now off of Tramadol (the insomniac, tired as hell, bum) is who I will be forever off of Tramadol.   That's sad I then thought, and had to remember that someday I will see me again. Maybe not any time soon though!!!      I'm proud of you to say the least.    -KS

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by mrcrump, Jun 30, 2009
Okay this is I think my fourth post. Screw it, I like to talk my issues out. It is day six of no White Devil. I woke up with just a little nervousness, not as bad as the last five days. I had mild nausea, so I would like to say I am feeling much better. Yet, last night I cried for like an hour to my boyfriend about nothing really I just wanted to cry??  lol!!   I was wanting to list things that make me feel better during these W/D days from the WHITE DEVIL (pill).

1) Movie Sleepless in Seattle
2) Father of the Bride 1&2
3) Whale Wars t.v. show
4) Family Guy t.v. show
5) Any kind of caffeine-
6) Iced Vanilla Latte with extra Breve and Vanilla
7) Freshly brewed iced tea
8) meclizine (anti-nausea medicine)
9) Reading a good book
10) replaying a movie word-for-word in my head in an attempt to fall asleep
11) HOT HOT towels on my legs at night
12) watching the cooking channel
13) talking to my parents or brothers about my pathetic life
14) sitting on my porch in the morning enjoying the warm sun
15) my couch
16) sleepytime tea

These, are just a few of my favorite things!!!!!!!!  Try some it helps soooo much.

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by mrcrump, Jun 30, 2009
Nurina, set small goals. Keep food in your tum-tum, like Cup-of Noodles (the best!!) and some hot tea. No matter how nauseous you are you'll feel alot better after you have even just a little bit of food in you. Get a coffee and drink it down. Every time you feel better or worse post it. Therapy is the best thing right now. Were all here for you. We've all been there!!  Every day is a slow progression. You've already made it this far right??? What's a few more days??    You gotta keep on keepin on!!    Love, KS

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by turnin_it_around, Jun 30, 2009
Hello All!

I was reading an earlier post by Amy

"-Be prepared to have other w/d's that last about a month after the acute w/d's are over (lethargy, depression, sneezing, etc...) (note: if you made it to this point, you'll be able to handle these w/d's with no's simply a waiting game. KNOW that it DOES get better around 30 days post tram. "

What are the other w/d's that last about a month? what are they like? This freaks me out, i am day 4 and I dont know if I can take a month more of this crap!

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by onemoretry48, Jun 30, 2009
Thanks for the kind words mrcrump!
I come back here every day to know I am not alone, that I made some poor choices by taking a drug that was not prescribed to me and I lived to tell about it.

This pill business is just outa-hand. So many suffering, so little help. I lived a life of ordering Tramadol off the internet for 6 years. Last night I came across a picture of myself that first month on Tramadol and even thought I look fantastic, you can see it in my eyes. But that was the "good year", the love affair I had with tramadol, it was hell for the following 5. I hooked up with tramadol like any good junkie would, first taking 2 pills a day and then later taking 2 pills 4X a day. Hello, they were so easy to get and cheaper than anything streetside.

This place is for everyone and you just cannot find this type of forum anywhere.
In my past years in NA, they really frowned on anti-depressents, a cop-out they would say, you have to get off everything or you will never heal. I diagree. I met some very mentally ill folks around those tables, who needed something.

The last week I have started taking Wellbutrin again. I have to confess that the first 1-3 days CT from Tramadol I tried adding the Wellbutrin, hoping it would somehow save me from the pain, but it really made it worse. Now I feel less depression, and I'm glad I waited 20 or so days off the tramadol to add it. Some of us just are depressed and I don't think I'm replacing one pill for another, I'm trying to get back to my old self.
Peace Out

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by Trees_and_Tablets, Jun 30, 2009
Well thats a full 8 DAYS since my last dose and I am feeling a million times better every day. Last night I got 6 hours unbroken sleep and felt loads better for it. It's really humid here and I'm even better able to cope with that. For years hot weather has stalled me.
I must have the best doc in the world. She rang me at home today just to see how I was getting on and accepted that my research (this site) was obviously really good and she felt comfortable supporting me with this group knowledge.
Like a couple of recent posts I too am scared of the other wds to come over the next few weeks, and wonder what form they may take, but I can't believe they'll be anywhere near what night/day 3 was like for me, and so I feel strong enough at the moment to weather the waves that may come.

Good luck to all those on this journey - there do seem to be a lot of us at the moment. Hope the drug companies that make this stuff are suffering too from the revenue loss!!


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by turnin_it_around, Jun 30, 2009
Feeling like crap..... felt better this morning... my legs hurt... I have been coming to work, but I really suck, I hope no one notices that I am of no use here today...
I am taking vitamins and drinking alot of water...I think I will go to the pharmacy later and try some tyrosine, sounds good. I definitely don't want to know about any other pills ever again! They ruin you. I really want to ask some questions to someone who has recovered completely...Are you out there?

The funny thing is, I remember a week back in march i went on vacation, and had no tram. I felt GREAT! no withdrawals, bad mood, nothing! why do I feel like crap now?  could it be that some withdrawals are better than others occuring in the same individual?

DAY 5 here we come!

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by grandmagirl, Jun 30, 2009
turn it around....hello....The W/D 's

are crummy in the first gets SO MUCH will have some crummy days but starting in a day or so you will start feeling so much better. The thing about Tram is it hits us randomly you'll be rolling along feeling pretty good and all of a sudden you will feel a little odd. than it will pass and you will have more good days. Every day will NOT be like the first few days. It gets better each day.                                                                                              

mrcrump...I loved your post..THE LIST was so funny..but so true..Been ..done that...                                                                

onemoretry...sounds like your doing good. Do what you need to do for sounds like you have a good plan..

peaceful wishes from California

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by clendenon, Jun 30, 2009
I've had a little trouble with my IP but I'm online again and I see a lot of new people here fighting the good fight.

Nurina and aicle at day 2.  Rough days but only 2 or 3 more days until some sunlight.

Samajax and  turnin_ it_ around at day 5.  whoo hoo!  that's the rough one, but it will be over soon.

mr. crump at day 6, I think the worse is over.

Trees_ and_ Tablets,  you're on the other side at day 8.  Any WD symptoms after the first week are not as  bad.  If you can survive the first week you can quit forever.

Bigman and one_more_try  post tramadol and on your way.

Evangelina:  Tapering from 400mg/day is hard but NOT impossible. I would start by increasing the spacing between doses and then start halving the dose while increasing the time between them.  Pre-plan.  Write out the dosage and spacing schedule on a calendar and stick to it.  If you see it organized it will help immensely.

clsss, I agree about the benadryl.  Terrible RLS for me and others (some can tolerate it though)

Onemoretry48,  good to see you at day 24

grandmagirl,  good to see you upbeat thanks for the peaceful wishes.

Anxiety, sleeplessness, stomach problems, shakes, fears and everything in the world is just part of the WD process. Determination and resolve is the answer.

Good luck and blessings to all....clen

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by lugnutsalyer, Jun 30, 2009
I have been reading for a while now, and I have an etiquette question.
Is is frowned upon to discuss what was enjoyable about tramadol ? For me I feel I can handle the physical part, It is the withdrawal in my head that truly hurts. When I first started to abuse the tramadol I felt like the drug made me "better" ? More fun socially, more active and productive (home and work), regulated my diet, and even postponed ejaculation during sex. So now will I ever have the same energy ? Will I let my house and business decline? Will I withdraw socially ? What will sex be like ? I truly believed at one point tramadol made me...better.I am sure I sound petty and insecure, but this may be my first attempt to be honest. It was not until I was caught in a lie, did I even notice my "pills" had run wild. Constantly shopping online, creating false visa gift card accounts, getting to know Fed Ex and UPS better than some of their own department managers. I was having them delivered to me at work mostly though, some how never thinking people would notice, and eventually not caring if they did.
What have I done. What have I done with my life? How many people have I hurt? Not to mention the THOUSANDS of dollars.

I am in my third day of a taper, 200mg per day divided up in two doses. 100 in the morning, 100 in the evening. I was takin 25-30 50mg pills daily, 3-5 pills at a time.

Next time I will wait for an answer to my question. Once I started typing I could not stop.

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by Pat_, Jun 30, 2009
Hi LugnutSalyer,

Funny, I felt the same way about alcohol. :-)

You may have thought you were doing better, but really, it is all a lie created by a drug. My question five days ago was similar, in a way, how would I deal with my sciatic and back pain without my tram? I decided that I'd rather deal with the pain in other ways than tram. It is tough, but a much better path to walk for me.

The choice is whether we want to be the authentic 'us', not living in a fog or trying to deal with an ever increasing tolerance to a drug, and the unknown things it does to our brain...

I can do anything clean and sober that I can do on a drug. I may have to work a little harder, but it can be done.

Best wishes to you as you taper, LugnutSalyer. This journey is hard but well worth the effort!
End of five tram free days for me. I was lucky, I only used for months and never went over 150mg per day. It still sucked.

Best wishes to all, and all you folks in the early days, HANG IN THERE!

I love this place. If I think of taking tram again, this is the first place I will read. To remember.

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by kevzx81, Jun 30, 2009
Lugnutslayer-Its ok to discuss what attracted us to Tramadol.After all these are the same attractions that could draw us back.The warm pink tramadol appealing as it makes us feel so in control....until the mirror cracks and we see who is really driving.

Pat you are so right- being our authentic selves,although harder perhaps, is the only way to really live at all.

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by Aicle, Jun 30, 2009
50 hours and counting. I feel like crap but I am not giving in.

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by nurina, Jul 01, 2009
Dear Aicle,

OMG really day 1?? i am SOO thrilled to find sum1 else going through early withdrwl..on day 1 the night is when it REALLY kicks in.cos during the day u still have sum of the evil stuff in ur systm

To aswer ur ques i DIDNT do anything about the leg thing cos i couldnt figure out WHAT to do with that. i found i couldnt stay in one place more than a couple minutes cos always jerking and kicking and stuff. even worst when lying down...

On day 1 i couldnt stay lying dwn longer than a couple secs at each attempt...i went to gt a massage on day 2 (yesterday)(tuesday)which usually does wnders for me in every OTHER case but i couldnt hold still, aactually struggled free a few too many times until the mesause finally gave was so upsettig cos i was realy hoping that id drift to sleep during the massage even for an hour or even half an our or whatever.thats how desperate i was for a shuteye!!

This is day 3 for me and i'll write about it soon as i get a chance. will also post about day 2 mostly for you cos im sure being on your 1st day ud probly like as much info as possible on day 2 huh? i know i did on monday ;D

so speak soon and thanks for the note.... hugs, ilsa

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by FinallyFred, Jul 01, 2009
So many new "lucky ones" to have found this place.  (At least that's the way I  felt when I got here.)  

Grandmagirl,  Glad you are feeling better I tried to write a note to you on Sunday, but the darned thing was "down for system maintainence"  which seems like a twice a week thing.  You have SO much going on these days and so much loss.  I don't really think that with your time off the drug now, it is tramadol WITHDRAWAL that you are experiencing.  I'd feel blue too if I had as much loss to deal with as you have recently.  (((hugs))).

LugnutSalyer, you asked whether it is appropriate to discuss what was "enjoyable" about taking the tramadol.  I think that 99.9% of us here (excepting Tommyboy's financee) have used tramadol and I suspect that 99.9% of us thought we liked the affect that it had on us AT ONE TIME.  I know that I felt like alcohol was serving a purpose (as Pat said) once too and I didn't want to give that up either.  I suspect that could be said about anyone using any drug that desires to take over and wreck our lives.  As far as I know, a person doesn't need to be OFF this damned drug to post here.  (that would have precluded 99.9% of us from EVER posting, right?)

I have noted that when people go from saying what they enjoyed about this drug to advocating it's ongoing use, a line has been crossed.  And I have observed that advocates FOR the use of this drug are not well appreciated or tolerated.  I don't believe that is you however so I hope you stick around.  (my two cents).


We EACH have plenty of excuses and fears to explain why we are unlike other people and why for us, it would be impossible to quit this drug.  I get that we all have families, obligations, and other things that we feel make us terminally unique.  Reasons nobody else could appreciate and reasons why we think it would be impossible for us to stop taking this drug.  

This drug lies to us and desires to keep us for itself.  For years, I felt that my vocation required every ounce of energy and clear thinking that I WAS CERTAIN, only my good friend tram could provide.  I think that it is fair to say that at one time or another, EACH of us felt that we had our unique reasons why we could never stop taking this drug.  That's how I felt for myself at least.

Here's the thing...kicking this takes EVERYounce of strength, faith and helpful remedies any of us can muster.  I don't care how old or young a person is, what their obligations are, or any of the excuses we all had at one time or another.  TRAMADOL  sure as hell doesn't care a lick about any of us.  Neither do the drug manufacturers, drug reps, inadequate regulation bodies, ingorant doctors or anyone else..  What we do about our relationship with this drug is an extremely  personal thing.  I am fairly sure that while I may loose some sleep over some of your actions, I won't make or loose money based on what another individual decides to do about the TRAMS.

Anything less than a willingness to declare an all out war on the drug that desires to tkae our names and kick our butts to the curb will fall short.  Any determination short of this will fall short of the courage, strength and hope that enables us to finally get free of this horrible drug.  So my advice to anyone who doesn't feel they can even begin yet is don't.  For that person, the benefits of quitting this rat poison DO NOT  outweigh the reasons to quit - YET.  

Yet I know from my own six year battle with this drug, that whatever dose a person is on today, it will be insufficient to cause them to feel UNWELL next year at this time.  

Regardless of why we take this drug

Regardless of why we don't feel we can stop,

Regardless of EVERYTHING ELSE,

We each ultimately have ONLY three CHOICES after tram comes into our lives:

1. Increase our daily dose of tram to "combat" the tolerance that we build up to this drug, such that the same amount, over time, makes us feel LESS UNWELL.  Folks who come here and report taking 30-35  50mg tabs/day aren't bad people. They are just people who have chosen option # 1.   I won't detail the risks associated with this choice, here, but let's just say that if the best testing in medicine tells us that 400 mg is the maximum daily dose...and I know for sure that THIS is unsafe...

2. Continue taking the SAME daily dose as before and feel like HELL all the time.  I chose this option for years.  But when the drug turns on a person and we are in a nearly constant state of withdrawal, what consolation is the initial "high energy"?  Where did the "good times" go?  How sociable are we feeling in groups after this drug turns on us and we are forced to drag  around in a near constant state of withdrawal, wishing only for the all too familiar aching to stop.  

3. STOP.


Aicle, you have done well to make it to past two days. an investment now you know?  If you can hold on another 2-3 days, you will actually be FREE from the grips of this nasty drug, that does not go without a fight.  Like Amy said, yes, there will be lingering symptoms for "weeks and weeks", but it should get CONSIDERABLY easier after the 5th day.  

So many here are pushing through (Trees, Samajax, Nurina, turningitaround and anyone else i forgot

mrcrump, congrats on six days off this rat poison.  You made some helpful lists of things to help us pass the time while w/d'ing.  I'd add another, "The Golf Channel".  I enjoy playing golf, but even if I didn't, the scenery is so darned beautiful and the dialog is whispered occassionally instead of hollared.  (in muffled tones, "he is taking a 7 iron out of his bag..."  Check it out.  

Jules, your posts were so encouraging.  Yes, the Monkey is off your back and how does one put a price on that? There are a good many health related reasons NOT to take this stuff, but one reason not directly related to one's health, is that feeling of no longer being beholden to our docs or online drug pushers.  And what is it worth to leave town and to not worry about whether you will run out of trams or not.  ( I generally did, and the last few days of every vacation was a hellish withdrawal zone.)   Lots of fun, huh?  

Keep up the good fight you guys.


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by turnin_it_around, Jul 01, 2009
Hello all!

Finally Fred your kind words are an inspiration to us all.

Nurina, you are doing soo good just stay strong and no one will stop you from finding yourself again!

Aicle, you are just in the begining, everything will be fine soon, you dont need any tramacrap in your life, life is beautiful without it! You will suceed!

grandmagirl your kind words are healing for us all...

Anyone I left out: We are all on the edge or over the edge of becoming our perfect selves again, The w/ds feel soooo good! BRING 'EM ON!

I stopped by tapering and then cold turkey, (does that make sense?)
Day 5 is here and i feel much better. I read in an earlier post by Fred I think. It said that withdrawal symptoms tend to differ with your dosage level and maybe the time spent on the tram (i.e. 1 year) I find this to be very true, I only took at most 100mg a day for a year and I have not experienced any of the following:
1. Insomnia
2. Restless leg
3. Strong Depression (I have a bit of a bad mood)
4. Anxiety

I have however had a brief (but sucky nonethless) bout with the following w/ds
1. Extreme Fatigue (days 1-4)
2. Sneezing (not much)
3. Pain in my limbs (days 1-4)
5. mild headaches

If anyone is interested in any mind tricks you can use on yourself to keep from thinking about taking that fatal dose that will RUIN YOUR LIFE again, I have come across this bit of treasure called Paradoxical Intention. I suggest you google it to get the full scope but here is a bit of info below:

"Paradoxical Intention is the deliberate practice of a habit or thought undertaken in order to identify and remove it.  Developed as a therapeutic technique by Viktor Frankel, clients are encouraged to intensify their symptoms in order to increase awareness of it, it's absurdity, and consequences"

Apart from that he is the father of Logotherapy, a definite must read for those us who want battle depression without taking pills.

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by turnin_it_around, Jul 01, 2009
Another reason to stay away from pills, Finally the FDA is WAKING UP!!!!!!!!!!!

910168 tn?1262466069
by Lillyval, Jul 01, 2009
Hi Everyone.  It's great to see so many newcomers, people returning after a stumble and "old timers" sticking around to help people.  
All of you in the first days of wd I send you my healing thoughts - I know what you're going through

Bigman - Glad to see you back.  Your message is a wake up call to those of us who think we might be able to go back and use tramadol "sucessfully" next time.  Thanks for posting it.

lugnutslayer - If you read back through the posts you'll find that many of us thought we had found the perfect drug when we found tram.  It made us feel good, have more energy, etc. etc.  But then over time it turns on us.  The negative effects, especially tolerance, come to far outweigh the positive.  That's the part doctors either don't know or fail to warn us about.

A few days ago people on this thread were talking about celebrity rehab 2.  I hadn't seen it so I went to the website and started watching it.  Then I got really wrapped up in it and ended up watching the whole season.  The sick part is, even though it was like watching a train wreck- the clients we obviously sick and suffering - something in it gave my addict mind a desire to use.  I think people like me with a history of addiction should stay away from that stuff.  

Physically I'm so much better (walked for an hour and a half and went swimming yesterday).  But mentally that little voice keeps telling me that a little tram will make me feel better, will help me lose weight, I can control it this time, etc.  Thank you all for being here and keeping the suffering that this drug causes real to me.
Bless you all,

544292 tn?1268886268
by EmilyPost, Jul 01, 2009

I promise you, it's a temporary withdrawal. It's severe, but it passes.

There is nothing but good news in stopping this terrible drug!

You'll get better. Hang on tight those of you in early withdrawal. It will be ok, just let the time pass and distract yourself.

Love and healing,

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by Bigman7778, Jul 01, 2009
As many of you know I am the guy who keeps going on an off Tram ,3 times in approx last two to threemonths.First time was a living hell, youknow what I mean.Second time about 20 percent,third time 5% but with a very heavy depressive episode following the physical symptoms.The thing I hate most about tramadols is how easy and quickly I get addicted to this specifioc opiate.I can take high doses of a lot of different opiates and I have slight cold flu like symptoms for 2 or 3 days and thats it but evil tram different than the rest.When my extreme uti pain begins and if its centering on external organs,and I feel that kind of pain in that portion of my body I will take whatever I can to make it go away.A rational person would take 1 or 2 cut the pain down to manageable levels and then move on.Unfortunetly,for me after having( that)kind of pain for several days that level of pain reduction is not satisfactory.I want the pain to go away completely so I take enough to make pain go away and by then I am high as a kite and I like that feeling and don't want to give it up.So for the next several days I take high levels, up to 1250mg daily.Now I am still in pain but am still enjoying the high.This won 't be a problem in futurebecause I am out of tram and won't allow it to be written for me EVER!   Urologist wrote me a script for Levaquin for 14 days and if finally cured or at least temporarely cured pain problem. Been aboutthree weeks since I last took Tram and glad to be off.If you  fall off big time get right back on the horse as quicky as possible.It's not pleasant but you done it before and now  know that you are not going to die or anything.It's likely  not goingto be anywhere as bad as last time and it is really worth it.Tram is evil and the less I have to to with it the better.Best to all ,Big.

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by lugnutsalyer, Jul 01, 2009
Thanks for allowing me to openly discuss being me without judgement. I rarely feel comfortable like I did when I posted.

Your responses mean a lot to me.

Thanks everyone.

I can tell you every time I get past the urge to ask my wife for an extra dose, I feel like a small victory has been acheived. I will be cutting my taper to cold turkey Monday. My body is telling me I am dragging this out for some reason ? Does that make sense ?  Good luck everyone, and thanks again.


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by jekorb, Jul 01, 2009
Hi, all.  Bigman's post of several hours ago is exactly why I've made the decision to go into Suboxone therapy; my body just would not withstand the punishment that would be meted out to me by Tramadol withdrawal, evidently the worst withdrawal of any narcotic around these days.  My endoscopy yesterday showed quite a bit of gastritis, angry red areas in and around my stomach, esophagus and duodenum---touchy and painful.  The MD found no evidence of cancer, praise God, but took 8 vials of blood f and some tissue biopsies for a work-up as my liver enzymes are raised.  This a.m., I awoke with a terrible headache, which, when that bad, always leads to vomiting for me, and once I start vomiting (making the headache worse, of course), I sometimes can't stop and must take a phenergan tablet.  I am still completely gung-ho and committed to getting off narcotics for good and all, but, though I feel like a total weakling, not via cold turkey.  I am so happy there is another way to go and thank God for medical breakthroughs in the fight against substance abuse.  Now, if they could just get Tramadol safely blasted to another planet....

Does anyone else go to Narcotics Anonymous?  I am wondering how others like it and what they get out of it.

My prayers and God's blessings to all who fight the fight!


953006 tn?1247997550
by nurina, Jul 01, 2009
Hi KS and CIen,

thanks soooooooo much for writing and eaiting lots and llots of oreos, timtams,the lot.smoking like crazy.drinking hot coffee, hot choc, lots of pocari sweat…..u never see me without SOME tipe of food or drink

No nausea just visiting the loo heaps and heaps…….my legs are killing me,findig it hard to stay in one place any more thn a couple minutes. Legs hurt soooo much. Did thi happen to you and any tips.??

eyes barely open,barely seeing the screen

953006 tn?1247997550
by nurina, Jul 01, 2009
*quote* nurina...How are you doing today? *

Grandmagirl, ur a total sweetheart  4asking

well Its 2.35 am in indo where I live so I guess this is day 4 for me-bleary eyes,so tired I feel I could probly sleep 2weeks strait but we all knw that’s nt going to happen, aching, legs barely strong enough to hold body weight,all 80pounds of it yep. am now officially ridiculously underweight its almost hilarious.

Depressed, anxious, in hell, but mostly HAPPY day 4 has finally arrived….this all supposed to gt better soon yeah?so hello day 4, looking forward to meeting ur friend namely day5…

953006 tn?1247997550
by nurina, Jul 01, 2009
Kevzx81 : Thank you for responding to my post. The anxiety truly does suck. Some have even tried to convince me that even the physical pain is mostly in your head. initially I wanted to throw things at these ppl saying it but then again……could it be true? Could it be that if we can SOMEHOW convince ourselves that yeah,it really isn’t that bad,ur head just playing triks on ya..if we could do that could it make the physical pain go away????

What does every1 think of this

Plus I totally couldn’t possibly agree with you more, this IS a war and we are fighting for freedom.

CLENDENON : hi and thanks a heap for the support. I am looking forward to seeing sunlight the way I did 2 years ago before evil entered my life lol

EMILY hi, thanks for replyig..may god be with u always xx


953006 tn?1247997550
by nurina, Jul 01, 2009
Day 3 (esp. for Aicle)(sorry again btw for this being so late :( :(

day 3 to me wasnt all that different frm day 2. a little better though i guess....took a sleeping pill frm a doctor i saw the nite b4 (drug abuse specialist) and manages to get ONE WHOLE HOUR of sleep yay...according to my husband i was rambling and walking around restlessly and bumping into things before finally crashing into bed....woke up feeling crap with absolutely no idea how i made it to bed. yeah the pills probly wernt the best idea..but i was just so deperate to get some rest :(((((

(the doctor also gave a bunch of other things which i am definitely going to share in details with you guys as to get your opinions but i simply must run in a couple mins so il write abuot that later )

so anyway, got up and ate some brekfast and still feeling drowsy whish im guessing was courtesy of the pill so i tried to sleep some more and got another 2-3 hrs....again, woke up feeling absolutely depressed.....

the good nus know how day 2 was like absolute hell but you still do get a few minutes of feeling somewhat almost sorta normal then feel crap again for a longer period of time, then kinda ok again for another few mns then in pain again etc...?wel in day 3 the few minutes thats about the closest ppl norlmlly gets to sanity last a little longer. iofcourse you still feel awful most ofthe time...but anyway...we are gettign very close to finish line right?cus they say the evere pain only generally lat for 2-5 days so yeah..all we cn realy do is think positive....

if you cant handle it and realy need a doctor at least go to one that actually works in that area speificly (drug addiction) but b careful cos dont wanna get hooked on other thing/s....

REALLLYYY have to go now but will be thinking about u and wshing u luck....will write more later x ilsa

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by sarahbab93, Jul 01, 2009
Hello all,

I am a sixteen year old female and I recently got sick with tonsillitis and mono. The tonsillitis was so bad that I could not bare to swallow or talk. So the next time I went into the doctors I asked him if there was anything that he could give me for the pain. He prescribed me Ultrams/tramadol. I started with 2 (50mg) thinking that they were so small they couldn't pack the punch that they did. I felt the affect it had on me and I have been taking doses of it for about a week now, depending on if i felt it working or now i would increase or decrease my doses, but for the last 2 days(yesterday and today) I have started to get horrible headaches, and I am one of those people that have not had headaches a lot. So I was searching in google to see if maybe that was a side effect of the tramadol. I found out so much from these chained forums and I decided I am going to quit taking them. I thank you, I am glad I read these before I got to far into the drug. I feel for the people that have been fighting the addictions, and I thank you for your stories and experiences. I have 12 out of 30 left of the pills and plan on throwing them out and I believe that this may be part of the reason why I have not been feeling to good. I hope that I don't have a huge withdrawal from these but I will let you know how it goes.

The things I noticed while taking these is that I sometimes got sick to my stomach, headaches, tired, and I mostly noticed my behavior toward my family members, little things made me have the worst mood swings I have ever felt.

I know this is not a lot to go by but every little bit helps right?

Thank you all again for sharing and helping me realize.


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by grandmagirl, Jul 02, 2009
Hello Sarah....welcome.....this is not a drug that you want to mess around with. You sound like a very bright girl. Would you be comfortable telling your parents or doctor how your feeling?  Do not increase your dosage what ever you do. If you start to get depressed and have no's a side effect off coming off of the drug. Please let your family know how your feeling and if you can start tapering the amounts you are taking. If you can get a hold of the doctor that gave you this medication let them know exactly how you are feeling......again ...remember....this is not a drug to play around with...get off of it as soon as you can....keep posting and let us know how your doing...hope you feel better soon...

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by jekorb, Jul 02, 2009
Sarah, I agree with grandmagirl~~~you sound like a smart young woman to realize there was something "not right" about this drug and to check out reactions/consequences of it on this thread.  Please do not go one more step with Tramadol, though it invites you to do so.  Please don't become like so many of us, suckered into the soothing effects of Tramadol and lulled by it, only to have it turn on us and tear us apart like a junkyard dog with rabies!  Sorry---I tend to get a bit melodramatic, but I just can't think of anything too awful to say about damn Tram.  I've always felt so envious of folks who could take their doses for whatever ailed 'em, and then leave them behind:  I was not one of those lucky people, believe me.  I hope I didn't offend any of the Tramadol warriors on this site, but we were taken in by the "not a narcotic!" assurances and by how wonderful it made us feel~~~for awhile.  We've decided "to hell with Tram" and the real battle starts; our bodies do not come out unscathed and we will feel the residuals for a long time to come.  As much as we hate, detest, abhor and despise Tramadol, we will undoubtedly crave it again at some point.  Maybe some lucky ones won't, but I don't think that's the usual case.  

Stay far away from them, Sarah, except and unless you are under a doctor's close attention (and even they often don't realize Tramadol's potential for great harm, I don't believe, unless we tell them).  Stay strong~~~~~stay away!

God bless you,

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by samajax, Jul 02, 2009
Morning All......If you are having any doubts, read Fred's post about the options over and over.

1. Over time, increase the dose you were taking- it is an opiate, there is tolerance. You will soon be over your prescribed limit and unless you are honest with your physician, you will have to turn to the internet drug pushers.

2. Continue on you prescribed dose and once addicted, suffer the daily withdrawal of not having enough/more.

3. Quit.

It is day 7 for me. This morning was anxiety central- and I'm not prone to that mental state. It passed. It all passes.

I was on 400mg per day, my prescribed dose, since last summer. I went through all the physical/mental aspects listed in this forum. Counting pills- my insurance and pharmacy only filled the script if I stuck to the dosage...stressing about refills- will the nurse be in the office, withdrawal symptoms on a daily basis if I waited to long to ingest, chewing one of the two tablets for a quicker result....many, many more. Almost a comedy routine if it were not so real. I ignored all this because they still worked on the pain. I can't remember when I noticed that the body pain was gone and only the drug pain remained...but when that "aha" moment happened, I found this site.

To Lugnut..the final aspect of the tram I did not want to give up was the seemingly unending energy it gave me. I am a naturally driven person, so when I noticed the "speed", what a bonus. I have been given the gift of ADHD and I have never medicated this body chemistry, so when I could be pain free and also harness/focus my energy, what a combo. So that is the only funeral I will hold for this drug.

I will say one thing to those in the early does end. Read the posts and try to incorporate something positive in your life every single day as a diversion.

I have said this before, but it bares repeating. I came to this drug as a way of controlling pain. That pain is mostly gone with the help of Prolotherapy. My heart goes out to folks who must quit this drug and still have to deal with pain. I also have no issues with depression- nothing that some self assessment or exercise  won't cure. I know that many people have a body chemistry that is prone to that state- you will have to make that choice on your own. Some folks need help through medication, some folks- like me, just need a kick in the ass.

Self analysis is often the hardest part of getting rid of behaviors we don't like- See the positive when the mirror is held up, but certainly don't ignore the changes that might be necessary.

Courage my one more day.


910168 tn?1262466069
by Lillyval, Jul 02, 2009
Sarah - I'm glad you googled tramadol and found this site.  After only 1 week at a low dose you should be able to toss those last 12 pills and not suffer ill effects.  Good for you for being so on top of things.

Joan - I've been to a lot of the other forums on Webmd and there is quite a bit about Suboxone.  Because it contains an opiate  there are many people tapering/ withdrawing from it.  If you haven't had a chance yet, search Suboxone on this site and you'll get a ton of information.  I wish you the best.


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by Evangalina, Jul 02, 2009
I have heard a few people mention the weight loss aspect of this drug. I have been taking Tram for about 4-5 months, I had a baby 8 months ago, I have dropped down to a size 0-2 in the last 4-5 months. I attributed this weight loss to running around like crazy being a single mom to 2 kids under 2 and working full time. Well, now I am wondering, is this because of the Tram that I have lost this weight? I hate to even say this but my body has never looked this good! I was able to lose all fat, and retain muscle tone. What in the world is this misleading drug? A diet pill, an antidepressant, a pain reliever, an energy booster. I am totally convinced this would be the best drug in the world if it weren't for the horrible monstrous part of the addiction/withdrawal/mindgames this drug holds behind its back. Ugh. I am going to my doctor to tell her what I am going through. I made an appt for next week. I am a little freaked out. I am not sure what she will say. I am from Northern California, where 'herb' is more than the DOC, not even considered a drug here. I have partaken of the 'herb' on and off in my life, has anyone else used this as helping with the wd's. I have been on it for years at a time and stopped ct with no problem, so addiction to the 'herb' isn't a problem, helps with anxiety, helps me sleep, helps with nausea. Don't give me the "trading one drug for another" thing, because if I need 'herb' to help me get off this S#!% Tram, then so be it!!

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by turnin_it_around, Jul 02, 2009

I am writing to offer some hope for those that maintained a minumum dose of the tram (100mg/day) for a relatively short period of time (1 year or less).

I am on day 6 of tram free life and I have never been better! I am not experiencing ANY w/d's and I finally feel normal. I thought that I would have lingering depression but I was wrong, I am happy, upbeat and social. And after a year of tram, I honestly thought that this was not possible.

Don't be afraid of getting off this devil drug, you can have a normal life again, I am here to testify that you will be "you" again. And being "you" without tramcrap, is not as bad as you think....

LET IT GO!!!! Turn it Around....

710395 tn?1249143251
by kevzx81, Jul 02, 2009
Nurina-I dont think the pain of w/d is in our heads(ie psychological) and I think its natural to want to throw things when people suggest that it is. What a lot of folk here have discovered though is that Tram INCREASED their pain. I do agree that the mind has a powerful part to play in healing. Attitude and behaviour really do count toward our health. I was prescribed Tram for disc pain in my upper back but within a few weeks the pain became worse(no doubt as each dose began to wear off). What has really helped me to live without meds is learning not to resent my pain so much, to be more accepting of the fact the some days will be crappy no matter what I do. We have an attitude in society that any pain or discomfort should be medicated away. We are conditioned to be intolerant of pain. Im not saying that the pain will vanish but that it can affect us much less if we behave differently towards it.If we are resentful/stressed/angry about our pain that can only make it worse. Its impossible not to resent pain sometimes,but as I often tell myself-'its natural enough to feel this resentment but not in my interest to keep the feeling going'.
Well done on your w/d so far youre going great guns....keep on fighting.

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by sarahbab93, Jul 02, 2009
Grandmagirl - thank you very much for your advice, even though I do not feel comfortable talking to my parents about how i feel about the tramadol, i am just going to be the tough girl I know I can be and stop taking them, I am on day one and so far all I have felt is just kinda sick to my stomach and tired. I go back to the doctor in 4 weeks and plan on telling him that he needs to tell people what they are getting into when he prescribes tramadol to a patient. Especially the younger people that go in there alone, like myself.

Joan - Thank you. I don't judge you by the way that you feel about the tramadol and the addiction that has seized some of the people on here. That's your perspective of the drug and to tell you the truth it could put that drug at a distance, if that is what you're telling yourself, you won't have to worry about it again. Every time you feel the need to take these just go back here and remember all the consequences this drug has had on not just you but all of us.

Thank you again, I'll keep you posted.


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by sarahbab93, Jul 02, 2009
Lily - thank you, that is my plan on throwing the last couple of pills down the toilet. Thanks.


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by grandmagirl, Jul 02, 2009
sarah...I'm so proud of you...Your doing exactly the right thing,...Get rid of the pills...down the drain.  I know your recovering from a few things so if you start to feel really ill...Please let your doctor or parents know...You did not do any thing wrong...You where given a medication that does have side affects. It's very important since you are recovering from mono that you let the people close to you know..if you start to feel worse. They will understand and will be so happy you confided in them...Please keep posting and let us know how your and feel better soon.

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by jekorb, Jul 02, 2009
Lillyval~~~Thank you for your kind concern.  I have been researching Suboxone for several days now, ever since I made my decision.  There is just no way I can 1) taper, or 2) withdraw cold turkey.  My body will not stand it.  My fear as my "due date" was coming closer was so much that my b/p was through the roof, my heart was almost coming through my chest wall and I was nauseous, all from being terrified.  This therapy will be the best for me, and the substance abuse doctor (there are several in a pain management group not far from my home) will track my progress and will help me withdraw from Suboxone after an appropriate amount of time.  I hate Tramadol!!  It's made me terrified of the future!  However, I am not afraid now.  I can't do it alone, I know, but I will have the help and support of an s.a. doctor, my husband, my family and friends.  B/c I have gastritis and duodenitis, the acid stomach (anxiety) would be too much for me and frankly, my husband would take me to the hospital if I were suffering so much, whether I wanted to go or not!  Just the kind of guy he is, I guess.  I did hear from an NA friend that many who attend the meetings don't want a Suboxone patient there~~~they advocate NO drugs of any kind.  I'm sorry this is so, b/c I want to be off narcotics for the rest of my life, just like everyone else here and just like those who attend NA.  I resent being held in prejudice just b/c I will be on Suboxone. Guess I'll have to find another support group somewhere; at a church or something.  *sigh*

Avatar universal
by grandmagirl, Jul 02, 2009
Hi Joan....It sounds like your having a stressful time. I think you have a plan set in place....give that a try first. If that doesn't work out you can always go to plan B..As we get older it is harder for us to go with the flow..As long as your committed to a plan that you think will work for you...go for it...The good thing is have made a plan to get well again and that in it's self is a very good start. We all have to make our own choices.

I try to always look at different points of views and than ...give it some thought ...and move forward from there. It's always good to have other people help you out with useful information and knowledge, With knowledge we are sometimes able to see a different view. We have all come here for information and knowledge and most of all to get well. So take it lightly when a different point of view is presented to you. I think you are going to be fine and I wish you the very best,,,,,, I would hate to see you leave this site on a bad note..The treatment you are going to have might just be the correct thing for you. It would be nice if you could keep us informed as to how this is working out for you as it could help others.

I really do feel each one of us brings different information and views to the table here...The bottom line is ...EACH POST HELPS SOMEBODY.....that's why it's so important to post...I really believe that things work out the way they are   supposed too. Sometimes we learn a lesson that we never really planned....

Avatar universal
by Bigman7778, Jul 02, 2009
Congratulations Sarah,I am awed by your level of good common sense and practicality. Throwing out the Tram is definetly the right thing to do.In future if your Doctor  decides you need a Opiate class drug just make sure it iswritten for short term amount of days and that is not TRAMADOL! Many of us have paid a   terriblyhigh price in many areas in our life( some virtually every area) by becoming addicted to this crap.Just the thought  that this community has helped  at least one person  to  avoid taking this crap makes me feel good even though I recoginize my own part is just a small piece of the pie.Best of luck in your future.   Later, Big.

910168 tn?1262466069
by Lillyval, Jul 02, 2009
Hi Joan, When I attended NA several years ago I went through postpartum depression and had to go on anti-depressant medication.  There were those in NA who felt that being on medication was not sobriety, but there were others who were also on anti-depressants and supported me.  I think if you attend NA you will find other people on Suboxone, people withdrawing from Sub. and people formerly on Sub.  So I guess people just need to be where they are on their journey without judgement.  Don't let a few "hardliners" discourage you from a fellowship that may be of benefit to you.
I hope my previous post didn't give you the impression that I was judging  you.   I was only expressing my concern because I had read that others have had difficulty withdrawing from Suboxone.  I hope you're feeling better and I hope that you'll continue to post your journey here.  Your experiences will give much needed information to others who come here and are considering a variety of options in order to get free of tram.

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by sarahbab93, Jul 02, 2009
Big - Thanks, even though you were just a small piece of the pie, so to speak, doesn't mean that you shouldn't take credit, every little bit adds up. In my eyes everyone that has posted on this sight has given me the strength to stop before its too late. Even you. :)  They have given me tips on what to do if withdrawal occurs, prepared me for what could happen and the seriousness of the withdrawals, the side effects, everything that has been posted on this site has helped someone, including me, and made a difference and you should feel great that you had something to do with it. Thanks again!

grandmagirl - Thanks again. I know that I am doing the right thing, and thank you for reassuring me. You are making a difference to people, not only me, on this site too. I am doing mostly good, it's not as bad as what I thought it was going to be, well at least not so far. But that's probably because I caught myself before I got to involved in the Ultrams/tramadol.  But some of the stories that I have read on here are enough to scare anyone to stop. (NO OFFENSE) But thank you again. I'll let you know more.

Take care,

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by Trees_and_Tablets, Jul 03, 2009
Hello everyone,

11 days and counting. WooHoo! Feeling better every day. It has been a major life enhancing decision to rid myself of this crap - not only the chemical effects have gone, but my self esteem has returned and I feel empowered. Some of this is perhaps just a sort of "bounce-back" from withdrawal, but overall I am getting better. Sleep is still a bit hit and miss, and I have tried some anti-histamines to help this but they made me a bit groggy, and I really would like not to have to put any stuff in me for a while. In my first week of the wds I found soluble co-codomol to help a massive amount with the headaches and dt's, but I haven't needed any for the past 48 hours.

Thanks again to all those who I obtained help and support from, and strength and determination to those on the journey.It really is worth it.

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by saphire1, Jul 03, 2009
hi everyone,

I am knew to this site. I have read about 1/2 of your stories and each one is a heart breaker.  Let me tell you mine. i was a nurse for 25 years. I never abused medsbefore in my life. I lost a brother to drugs and was always anti drug.  I had several surgeries and only used meds for the first 24 hrs.  i was assauldted by a patient I trried to restrain.  Of course the Patient was fine, but i wound up with 3 herniated cervical discs, torn rotor cuff, and pinched ulnar nerve. I have chronic pain in my neck for it is inoperable due to advanced degenerative disc desease( which i have in my low back as well) the neck discs are bulged in 3 directions one one the spine one on a rt nerve root ,and 1 on the leftneerve rt.  i have nerve damage dowm both arms and my fingers are numb and tingling on  sthe left all the time and I have nerve pain down my upper rt arm with interrmittant  numbness and tingling of my rt fingers.  befor this accident If I sprained my back or shoulder I would go sto the ED and say no narcs just give me a shot of toradol which is an anti inflaitory. because of this injury  my   tolerance built up and I needed more and more meds just to relive the pain.  Last year at this time I was taking Fentanyl 100mc, vicodin 10/325 9-12pills / day, 4 soma.and ultram inbetween.  tlhis is all under the care of a Dr.  I wound up 2x in the ED with bowel obstruction and my GI Dr told me because of the meds my bowel was going atonic.he said I had to get off the opiates and lyrica or I could wind up with a colostomy. This was Dec O8.  I have been dexing one drug at a time for  7 ms now.  today is day 2 off tramadol. this last drug to detox. it seems lyrica and tram were the hardest. these 2 gave me terrible chest pain and palpitatins in addition to the muscle spasms, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, stomache pain etc.. today I feel alittle anxious and my neck and back are killing me. The chestpain and palps are now gone(i did have a cardiac  work up during the lyrica detox)  I refuse to give in to these meds and rather stand my pain than to have to think of the withdrawal experience.   this whole ordeal gave me quit a different outlook on substance abuse. I trully believe you don't know what withdrawal is like untill you have been there. To all of you out there who are going thru it and all of you that are clean I have emense respect for and wish you all the best. I can no longer work.I tried to go back to work light duty but could do it because of the nerve damage and pain.  So I had to give up an 80,000/yr job which I loved, for disabilty. combine the depression of that with the depression from the narcs---your self esteem is in the toilet and you feel so useless you just want to die.  I went from an attractive woman who always looked much younger that she was to a tired old hag. but now I am following the serenity prayer-----changing what I can and praying to accept which I cannot change.  to write this note took alot physically as well as mentally.  because of my neck and back i had totake rests in between.  
I will be pushing myself to go to physical theray in little while and maybe get some cardio done at the gym. day one was hard but I think day 2 will be easier.  From reading some of yous stories I know I am not alone anymore and have the strengh to go
on.  I have been isolating myself from family and friends and my poor husband has been on the recieng end of all my anger. I have been a total b---h during this whole process and I am looking forward just to be myself again

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by grandmagirl, Jul 03, 2009
saphire...welcome....You have come to a good place for support. It sounds like you have really had around of bad luck with injuries and medications. The good thing is your trying everything you can to get well. Coming of off Tram is not a fun. The good thing is your going to feel so much better as time goes by. Read as many of the posts as you can...when you feel up to it...I found this site to be a life saver. Try and post as much as you can ...there is usually someone that will come on and help you out. Believe me..I've had to post many times and there has always been a kind soul to give me a quick response and support. I think when we don't feel good ..we need all the support we can get. Family will do the best they can...but they are not having the pain and W/D they really  have no idea what we are going through....Your doing the right thing coming off of Tramadol/ ultram...I have only been here for 3 mos. and this site has been my life line back to sanity...If you get really tired, leg cramps,depression, sweating,'s all part of the W/D..Post when ever you can...I'm so hoping that you feel better...

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by grandmagirl, Jul 03, 2009
trees and tables.....way to glad your feeing better.

Happy early 4th of July everyone....Have a peaceful weekend....

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by saphire1, Jul 03, 2009
hi everyone,
just want to thank grandmagirl for her supprt.  This tram w/d is harder than I thought but I refuse to give in.  I was initially embarrassed to say I was a nurse. But as one person said in a post when your in pain and the ship is sinking you will hold on to anything even a log with a nail. but i have decided to swim.  I got in my car around 1100 this morning and went to the gym,but the abd pain and diarhea came back so I went back home and took a knap. got up at 1;30 pm.and felt better.  Had a bowl of cereal and a cup of tea. so far so good
to trees and tables--you've come a long way --congrats.

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by infectedgenetics, Jul 03, 2009
Hey everybody.

I'm here because I'm in here with the rest of you. Today, I started my cold-turkey (not by choice) withdrawal and recovery from my Tramadol addiction. For the past three years, I've been taking tramadol 6 times a day (about 100 mg at a time) for chronic pain from a back injury and pain caused by uterine tumors. Alongside that, I've been taking about 25 mg of hydrocodone at the same time. I've been taking so much for so long because I'm not well off financially, and haven't had enough money for more than just my pills at any given time. It would have been much easier if I'd been able to see a chiropractor and a REAL OB/GYN and endocrinologist like I need to... but because of bad circumstances, I haven't had insurance since I was 17, and I'm almost 23 now. My future In-laws have been helping me pay for this. My future FIL is also the doctor that's been prescribing it to me. It's been hard doing this whole painkiller thing because most of the pharmacists know that I'm somehow related to him, and that is is in certain instances a conflict of interest. My future husband is also on the same exact medication/schedule as myself for other ailments. This evening, I was informed by my regular pharmacist that another of hthe meds my fiance takes has a bad interaction with the Tramadol (and it's one I take on a sporadic basis, Amitryptilene), and that we needed to get off of the Tramadol immediately basically. He wouldn't fill the prescription without talking to Dad first, but Dad isn't available til tomorrow. I talked to him though, and he said he wants us to quit taking it anyway..

Now, I know that's all random BS, really, but I need a little moral support. I admit that I'm addicted. I have no qualms about indicating that. It's been going on for a long time. I'm addicted because the pain I normally have without it (even before I was to the point of addiction) is far worse than most withdrawal. But I'm at a point where if I don't take at least one pill  before bed, I wake up with horrible nerve tremors and pain in my legs and arms... and the headaches I get from even mild sleep-time withdrawals is menacing... and to be quite honest, I'm scared absolutely sh*tless to do this. I've read most of the stories in this thread, and it gives me hope that I can probably function again in a few days.

I'm going to continue taking the hydrocodone for the time being because there have been no contraindications on that one, and I'll need something to take the edge off of the pain. Eventually, I hope to get off of the hydrocodone as well, but for right now, I can't do both at once. It would be too hard on my body. I'm terrified of what the next few days are going to be like because of this.

Sorry if I rambled on a bit. Thanks for listening :)

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by Aicle, Jul 03, 2009
Day 5 for me and I feel so much better today than the first 3-4. I am still having a battle but at this point, I think someone would have to hold a gun to my head to get me to take more of that crap. I was so afraid of what I would feel like if I ever ran out of tram or just quit. I wish I would have quit two and half years ago when I first knew I had a problem.

I recommend tapering down and then taking a five day break from life and just quit. just do what ever it takes to get through the first 5 days and then you will feel better, not perfect but better and you will have a sense of accomplishment also. I am free of this crap and it feels good. I really honestly feel better even with the lingering W/D effects, I am free and I am going to learn to enjoy life again without tramadol, just like I did before tramadol.

Thank you all for your support and good luck to all of you that are where I was before last Sunday. You can do it, five days hell and then you start to feel better. I think deep down I knew I was abusing this med when I started taking two and three of them several times every day. It's a small price to pay, and a valuable lesson for me anyway.

3 years this crap has controlled my life. Not any more!!!


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by FinallyFred, Jul 04, 2009
Hello Tramadol Warriors!  Happy 4th.  Independance Day.  For those of you in the throws of battle with this drug, you can beat this.  Let Independance Day 2009, be a date you will always remember.  By your determination and staying in the moment, you can have your "independance" back.  

Samajax, you are doing SO WELL.  Like all of us, I know you must have had doubts when you got here.  But look at you now!  Kudos man.  Impressive.  And thanks for reminding folks that options really are a bit limited as active tramadol users.  That old phrase, "you can pay me now, or you can pay me later", comes to mind. And as I reflect on my own awful six year "love affair" with this drug, I can tell you that it wasn't getting ANY better with time on the drug.  I was not getting any better with time.

When I got through my own first week without any trams, I was a bit zealous - I became an apoligist for winning the tram-war ONLY via cold turkey.   And I still believe that if someone has an "addictive personality" - tapering all the way out, cutting pills, isn't for us. Because for me, I wasn't so good about staying on my tram-meal-plan before I thought of even tapering.

When I took more than my alloted 8 pills/day, I always ran out by the end of every rx cycle.  And at the end of each rx cycle, I would say to myself, "I have 30 pills to last me five days." Six a day by that point.  But TRAMADOL CAUSES PAIN.  And even though I could be "surviving" on a few measly pills by "RX Day", alI I could think about was that one day.  I needed more than six on that day just to feel UNWELL.  So I took more than my allotted number and suffered so badly that I could barely work...or be civil to my wife.  I didn't know it, but I was in "withdrawal".  So no, I knew that I could not successfully taper.

But I now believe that for someone else, I say whatever method of becoming free of this crap is good for that person. Whatever it takes..  Because I can't imagine any other drug that would be as dangerous, as hazardous to our lives, as the tramacrap.  Our primary purpose here is to ehlp people get free of this drug.  So if someone has a way that may not be "my way", I have grown to be tolerant, more open to other means to break free.


I like the idea that someone here came up with to lock their doctor up and force him to take tramadol for a few months and then take it away from him.  I'd like to see how great he/she feels when the drug is taken away.  And let's add everyone who sells this pill and the FDA to our little experiment.  Let's see how they do coming off this "safe", non-habit forming  analgesic.  

In six years, I know that I took over 17,000. of the lovely jewels.  And there is no way in hell that anyone could force feed ONE pill into me now.  Now that I got my old "me" back.  

Stephen,  "Empowerment".  What a golden nugget in that word you chose.  It is so true that one of the greatest blessings from getting OFF the tram-o-train is that we get our lives back. We are no longer controlled by a substance we feel as though sways complete control over us.  NICE!  

The ting for me was that I didn't even know I had a problem.  It is hard to admit it, but I never really put 2 and 2 together to come up with 4.  But there were clues that I just could not see:

Like worrying more about whether I had enough "pills" packed on any overnight trip.

Like counting my pills many times in a 3 week RX cycle as though I was obsessive compulsive.

Like feeling ,like CRAP the last few days of every RX cycle.

Like making left turns in front of oncoming vehicles, only snapping out of the FOG only when horns began honking.

Like feeling like I was so full of energy and ultra productive, even if all I did was star out the window in a happy fog.

Like having to take more and more of the trams to feel less unwell.  

Like seeing all, but doing very little actually.

Like the day eleven months ago, when I was too amped up on trams to realize my cat's life required my attention.Yes, I got a great deal done that day.  But in my tram-a-fog, I blew right past a cat that needed me that day and she died because I wasn't really "there" to discern her needs and distress.  What good are all those good feelings and energy, if he can't discern the needs of those around us?  If we are unable to interact with reality?  

Nope, there were clues, but sadly I was apparently the last one to see that I had become tramapowered by this terrible drug.

So yeah, I like that word empowerment.  It means I get to take my life back from a durg that so impacted my life, my passions, my work, my interests, my honesty, and my relationships will EVERYBODY.  Yesterday marks seven months off the tram-o-liner after a six year ride.   God I wish I had seen the clues long before I did.  But thanks to the good people here when I googled "tramadol withdrawal", I not only saw the drug for what it is, but I saw that a way out just might be possible for me too.  

I am pretty confident that one day, the TRUTH about T will come out.  Maybe 60 minutes will do a piece.  Maybe someone in places of power will read these posts and recognize this drug for what it is.  RAT POISON of the most lethal kind.  And just to frost your cookies, did you know that tramadol is prescribed by some vets? Can you imagine your dog, or cat, or rat hooked on this stuff? And the last time I checked, my cat is unable to use the interwebs to learn the truth and tell me.

Thanks to everyone who sticks around - to be here for the others coming up behind us. If a drug THIS powerful wants me, it can't have me.  And it takes a village of people to support the next guy/gal, who happens along this way.

Happy Independance Day.  Make the moment count!!!

Courage, Strength and Love,


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by infectedgenetics, Jul 04, 2009

Thanks for your insight. I'm still reading up on this WD stuff... I don't know how in the last 3 years that this never occurred to me. I guess the Trams just had me thinking I absolutely needed them and that survival without them was impossible for the time being. I've been on them pretty much since halfway through college, because that's when I met my fiance, and his dad prescribed them to me. Yeah, in the beginning, it was a great idea. Especially because I didn't need to function more than go to class. Anything I did at home was debatable. But then I got to where I couldn't function without them.. and that's where it got really bad. I always thought that I was one of those people that had a "stop" button.. that could handle something like this better than other people.. and I really had myself convinced that I did... My best friend has constantly brought it up that she thinks how much I took was an issue.. My pharmacist only filled them for me because I was between a rock and a hard place, and that I needed the meds for the pain because I couldn't get surgery. I'm thanking my lucky stars I have the possibility of getting insured this month so I can find out what's REALLY, SERIOUSLY wrong with me instead of Dad making the best diagnoses he can based on my symptoms. We're more likely to find out the truth of the matter with adequate testing and such.

I'm on day 2.5 now. Still having some trouble adjusting. Thanking the powers that be that I haven't had to cut my hydrocodone at the same time. I'm going to get off of that next, but the tramadol needed to happen first. I don't care what anybody says. Hydrocodone may be more widely taken, but getting off of Trams is worse than anything I've ever experienced. I've been sick a good portion of my life with one thing or the other, and this withdrawal sickness is just... the pits.. seriously.

Thanks for all of the support and the success stories I've read. It helps me see that getting through this is easier than it looks right now.. it just takes determination <3

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by nurina, Jul 04, 2009
Dear all,
I am now on a doctors program. Now, i know how everyone here feels about doctors but this is ones a family friend who happens to be a specialist in drug abuse (finally confessed to my parents-dad on day 2,mum day 3,they encourgaed me to go to our doctor friend)..

Not posting til program ends and will only share if it works.

No, sorry, rephrase; will share late next week (thats when the program supposed to end) to tell u its worked (MUST.HAVE.FAITH-so i keep telling myself) and hopefully it will b helpful for others suffering.........

You r all in my thoughts and prayers and hope i am in urs too...til next week x

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by Aicle, Jul 04, 2009
Good Luck nurina. I know you can do it.
I am on day 6 and I feel great, still some WD's in the night mostly. All in all I feel great compared to just 3 days ago.


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by infectedgenetics, Jul 05, 2009
Does anybody here have any suggestions for extreme irritability? I'm having a serious issue with it right now. I nearly just put my fridge through my bathroom wall out of frustration from not being able to get things to sit right in the freezer.

My biggest problem is, monday morning, I have to go babysit (which is what I do for work right now). She's a little under three, and a bit of a hassle sometimes. Would it be in everybody's best interest to call her mom and ask her to find a sub-sitter for the day? I do need the money pretty badly, but honestly, I don't feel like it's in the best interest of the little girl to be around her like that. Not only that, but the DT's and the fever/sweats are pretty bad right now. The idea of putting the kid in any kind of danger is way more of an issue than money to me.

But really though.. anything besides herbal remedies/baths? I tried a cool bath today and it only helped for about an hour. Then again, I live in one of the hottest places in the US, so it's hard to stay cool. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

I'm into my full third day without Tramadol. So much agony, but not like it would be if I kept it up.

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by gettinglifeback, Jul 05, 2009
Hi everyon,
I am new here but have been lurking for about a week.  Actually, if it wasn't for this amazing board I wouldn't be able to post this right now. What an inspriation all of you are. I thought I was alone, ashamed, and nobody understood.  Until I found this board I didn't realize I was constantly going through d/t's with my T. I am not sure what day to count myself??  I have been on Tramadol 2-3 50mg tab. 4 x day for about 8years and on my bad days I would sub. 1-2 of those doses with 2 10mg/Hydro.  I have had chronic pain for the better part of 12-15 years. Dx with Fibro, have had a spinal fusion with a revison 18 mo later.  I have been depressed, chronic deblitating sweats where I can't take care of my children because I am so uncomfortable.  Anyway, a week ago wed I ran out of my hydro and it couldn't be filled until Friday so I went back to the higher dose of Tramadol.  On Friday I went back to the Hydro and started to feel very weak, nauseated, sweats were terrible.  My husband took our boys camping so I was with ur 2 y/o daughter trying to care for her. It took EVERYTHING I had just to meet her basic needs.  When my family came home on Sunday I was very nauseaus, sweating, shaky. I took my doses and it didn't seem to work.  I have gained a tramendous amout of weight over the last year and am so out of shape.  I told my husband that I made the decision that I wanted to lose the weight and when I was stronger taper off of all my medications.  Well, little did I know there was another plan for me.  (I should say that when M.J. died I couldn't get the picture out of my mind that my family could come home that weekend and find me dead with my poor daughter here with me)  Talk about an eye opener!!  Ok, so went to bed Sunday within an hour started vomiting, so, so weak.  By Monday I couldn't keep anything down...including my high doses of Tramadol and Hydrocodone. Needless to say I was a mess.  Why I didn't put it together?? Denile maybe.  I ended up in the E. R Monday all day severely dehydrated.  I was given two bags of saline, Phenergan I.V. and a dose of Dilauded.  I left feeling better but still far far from ok.  Went home at 9 p.m. and by 1 am was vomiting, diarrhea like I have never had (and I have IBS with diarrhea at least 2 times a week). This went on.  I hadn't been able to sleep at all since the Friday before I laid in bed until about 5 a.m then could fall asleep for maybe an hour...RL unbearable.  During this time I was able to take  2 50 mg tab. of Tramadol on Monday kept it down a.m. and late that night.  Tues. I took T. in the a.m. again and kept most of it down I think.  Decided to try Lortab that evening and kept it down. It was at this time that finally a light bulb went off.  I originally thought it was the Lortab withdrawl so I went ahead an took the doses of Tramadol trying to "help" how stupid I am.  It's at that time that I was strong enough to get on the computer and look up withdral of Hydro/Lortab when i decided to look into about a SHOCK!  I found this amazing forum and reading back the early post from Emily (who is amazing) I realized I was reading  my own story!! What a wonderful realization! I wasn't crazy!  It was then that I decided to quit this poision all together.  I wasn't sure what to do so I decide I was going to taper.  When I sat back and realized how drastically I had already cut my dose I figured it would be stupid to go back up...let alone dangerous considering what a high dose I had been taking.  Soooo, after this novel I wrote it leads me to the question of what day I am actually on???  I took 2 50 mg. tab. on Thurs. a.m. then took 2 10mg Lortab at 6 pm that night....first time in years I went more than 4-5 hours without the Tramadol or Lortab. I was very proud of myself.  It was right about then that I decided I needed to be accountable and shared with my husband what was going on....he is being so amazingly supportive!!  I took that last dose of Lortab at 6 p.m. Thursday July 2nd and haven't taken either Tramadol or Lortab has been HELL ...seats/shakes/vomiting/diarrhea/headache/weakness...but I have also never been happier. The biggest problem I am having s with the anxiety/RLS during day and night.  I have been taking 5mg of Diazepam(sp?) about every 6 hours and it is helping greatly with the anxiety.  I got 4 hours sleep Friday to Sat. and actually slept last night from 1:30 a.m.-7:30  I haven't done that in years.  The key I have found is to get up and keep moving.  I have done 14 loads of laundry since Thursday. Cleaned my house. Yesterday asked if I could go to the grocery store with my family (I never get up and go, always in pain)  I have made myself go for slow walks the last three days.  Friday was a wonderful day.  I had some energy, and kept myself busy and when 6 p.m. came and it had been 24 hours since my last dose of anything I thought WHY?  Why take anything else and put myself through the worse part again?  So, nothing!!!!! I woke up yesterday with diarrhea again (which I didn't have on Friday) so was a little bummed, figured I probaly started wd from the Lortab.  Kept moving though, celebrated the 4th at home. Again another day without drugs.  I agree with some of the old posts. It's like a veil being lifted and I am ralizing I'm not having the terrible back pain, muscle pain like I had been.  I am sore of course but I now know it's this terrible  poision I was putting into myself!!! Why have I wasted so many years to this drug?  I am having trouble with mood swings, crying mostly watching my children and realizing what I have put them through.  I went outside with my husband and kids while they played Friday evening (I haven't done this for a while. I usually only go out in the day with my 2 y/o when everyone is at work because I am humiliated at how I look with all the weight and how I feel. Of course not without taking a dose of something becaue i "needed it to keep moving"  what a lie!!)  My 12 y/o said to me when we came in "mom, it was nice to have you outside with us, you never come out with us anymore" talk about a wake up call!  I am missing everything in my childrens lives because of this...poision!  I realized yesterday that I haven't sigend them up for many sports, extras and it was all because I didn't think I had the  energy to keep selfish I have become!!  I also have pushed my parents away who are the most loving, amazing people.  I have blown up at everyone around me and have decided my "friends" just never will understand the pain I am in and pushed them away too...all excuses...and all because of this crap.  I know I have gone on and on, but it feels great to say all this.  I told my mom about it the other day and I feel now that my mom and husband know I am accountable and can't give in! I need to do this for me first and then everyone else I come in contact with.  With the days ahead be easy...I know they won't, but the last few days have proven to me that I will be healed, and I will be happy.
I woke up today after sleeping from 1:30-7:30 with just very minor muscle aches...oh I tried the hip hop abs DVD yesterday so figure I am going to be sore...not a DVD to do with a spinal fusion LOL.  I woke up today took all the vitamins and minerals I have been taking along with 2 advil and since my family was still sleeping went for a 1/2 hour strool. I was  sweaty, but for the first time in a long time it was a wonderful sweat..I feel like I am sweating out this terrible drug and putting it all behind me.  I made the decision while walking(lots of time to think) that when my husband wakes up I am giving him the bottle of Tramadol and he is to hold onto it. Once I hit one week wihtout it I am going to have him watch me flush it down the toilet!! I am so, so loking forward to that.  I guess I just want everyone to know if you are lurking out there you can do this. The amazing sense of freedome that is coming upon me is the most amazing feeling...yes, feeling I haven't "felt" anything in a long time.  I huggged my husband the other day and wow, I haven't been able to be "touched" for a while now and relized what I put him through. I have only seen him cry one time in 21 years and here is this man crying because of ME! another push to keep going. what a wonderful feeling to be held again!!  
Ok, my one question that I am concerned about is the diazepam.  Will I have a hard time coming off of it?  I am currently taking about 3 a day for the anxiety/Rl an it is helping greatly. I took one at 1 a.m. last night and it's now 9:35 and I haven't had to take one so I am happy about that. I plan to push the time between them further and further until I don't need them anymore.  Also, do I consider myself on day 3 or day 8 since I tapered down radically?  I guess can't get that nagging worry that I am only day 3 past CT! Will I still have terrible wd's from the Lortab? Or have I already gone through the terrible part?  Hmmm, guess it doesn't matter because I am not going back.  I am so looking forward to going to church today and see how I do. I usually have to have a dose of something to sit through it each week because of my "pain".  We will see. Also very looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday (if I still have a job after reporting off my two days last week)  I feel like I can finally focus some on what I am suppose to do. I have been trying to learn a new computer program for work for the last month and a 1/2 and couldn't focus and retain what I was reading....I am an R.N. who passes locked medications to patients who have mental issues and history of chem. abuse  isn't that hypocriticle? Ok, enough I promise.  Good luck to all who are starting this journey....we will get our lives back.  And thank you to all who have posted here, reading these every morning has helped my resolve and helped me realize what I was going through was the medicine  and NOT me!!!  

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by saphire1, Jul 05, 2009
welcome gettinglifeback.  I too stoped tram on thurs. I consider this day 4.  Iam not having as bad a time as most but for a non addicting drug---duh---some one should alert the rest of the medical proffesion. tramadol is one of the worst. Like you i am also an RN.  my pain management Dr told me not to worry about tramadol that it there was so little narcotic in it.What a joke. Ive been using benydrl daily for the runny nose. I needed to take 1/2 an ativan 2x day on day one or two(cant remember which day) for chest pain, and anxiety.  I also have put on about 40 pds and really strugling to  get it off. i've been going to the gym since I started to detox 7 ms ago, but because of my injury I am limitted to what I can do. I try to 1 hr  of cardio 3-5 x a week to sweat out this stuff. I've taken off about 15 lbs so far. I made  it to the gym yesterday-but almost passed out from dehydration.Recovered quickly after lying down and drinking quart water. so hang in there.  
hi to everyone else out there--hope you all had a good forth. I have a question.  Is it commom for the syptoms of tram w/d come and go. I actually didn"t feel too bad yesterday but last night I woke up in the middle of the night with chest pain,intense anxiety, restless , thick post nasal drip, neck and back pain. I finally took an ativan and went back to sleep. my neck really hurts today and I am having ahard time  being onthe cumputer---but that is how I got started on meds in the first place. but other than that and alittle post nasal drip I don"t feel to bad. to those of you over w/d did ypu notice symptoms coming and going untill complety gone and if so how long should I expect this w/d to take.

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by saphire1, Jul 05, 2009
After reading some more of previous post and some of your replies it seems the physical 5-6 days are acute then a month or so to get back to normal...thanks for being here....sorry for being such a twit...To those of you having a rough time right now I will keep you in daily prayers..

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by Cyrll, Jul 05, 2009
Well, I'm kicking it.  I'm a disabled vet with two tours to Iraq.  Army doctors started me on the great Tramadol (hey it's not percocet!) years ago for battle wounds, and I stayed on it.  Easy 450-500mg a day.  Well, I leave the Army, and get in the Vet Affairs system, and guesswhat...tramadol is on the formulary!  So right back on it I go, with a thumbs-up from the doctor (Hey it's not an opiate it's great this manages your pain!).  It's been 3 days now since I stopped.

Now, I was a combat medic.  I should have known a lot better, and listened to my body, but tram is evil.  Percocet, vicodin, those drugs...they "dropkicked" me into that opiate happy place when I took them.  I knew instinctively that they weren't good for me to keep taking.  Tram does not work like that.  It takes you by the hand, carefully walks you into that opiate happy room, and tells you "keep taking me.  If you don't, your life will end."  You really don't notice until it's too late.

I'm still in the hard parts of withdrawal. I was perscribed zoloft and seroquel to help with some of my PTSD symptoms, and luckily, they're knocking down the SSRI and SNRI effects of the tram.  Aleve and benadryl is the rest.  Also, much as it may seem bad...a bottle of beer or a glass of wine in the evenings seems to ease the symptoms enough to get a few hours shut-eye

Anyway, I'm stronger than these little white pills, and I *WILL* break myself of them.

895630 tn?1273803653
by 12Stepper, Jul 05, 2009
Saphire1, Yes, the symptoms do come and go at random, an effect that has made w/d a non-linear, and often confusing experience. I used Tram for about 9 mos, 100-400 mgs daily. I've been Tram-free for about 6 weeks now and during the first month, I would experience depression, anxiety, and lack of motivation on and off. In fact, I'd have a good day and then a bad day. Sometimes when I thought I was in the clear, it would hit me in the afternoon, and I finally just surrendered to the feeling, knowing that I'd be feeling sad for awhile, sometimes reading a good book or walking to keep my mind from totally falling prey to its demons. I may have been more sensitive to the emotional aspect than some, but I'm sharing this so that others will know it is the Tram causing these symptoms and most importantly, they will pass as the Tram leaves the body and our own chemical balance is restored. Now, I'm having a few good days in a row but am still alert to the effects of Tram and am keeping up my coping devices (exercise, meditation, herbs, etc.) to be prepared in case the negative feelings of w/d return. My thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone here. God bless, Linn

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by suzieq625, Jul 05, 2009
Hi everyone.  It's taken me most of this evening just to read a fraction of these posts, but I'm so glad I found this place.  I had a car crash back in March this year, fractured a thoracic vertebrae and a misaligned coccyx.  All this two weeks before my dissertation was due in and final exams due to start.  So as codeine wasn't working I was prescribed tramadol 100mg every 4 hours on top of anti-inflammatories, paracetamol and diazepam (for spasms - low dose and only as required).  Well it's the beginning of July now and somehow I've managed to get down to 100mg per day, split dose, 50 in morning, 50 before bed.  However, the withdrawal symptoms are starting to kick in big time.  I'm worried quite frankly, I already take anti-depressants and suffer from anxiety, occasional panic attacks and I'm scared that these are going to get worse.  I have a lot of emotional stuff going on behind the scenes right now and the thought of coming off tramadol is terrifying on top of everything else.  I'm already having problems with lethargy, horrendous sweats, I woke up this morning absolutely drenched, yet shivering with cold and have generally felt lousy all day, like my brain wasn't quite connected, I'm tearful at the slightest thing, very touchy and probably a nightmare to be with right now.  I just want to withdraw into a little corner all by myself right now.  I've had very fleeting thoughts of self harm this evening, although I should stress that I have not acted on them.  I'm worried about how I explain this to my boys, they're 14 and have been amazing since my accident, they've practically run the house by themselves and I feel awful having to put them through this as well.  The plan at the moment is to continue this week with 100mg per day and then the following week take it down to 50, with a complete stop after that week.  But I'm scared, really scared.  I've always been a strong person, I take care of others, I plough on regardless, hey I'm superwoman right?!  But this is really freaking me out right now.  :-(

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by infectedgenetics, Jul 05, 2009
Suzieq (and everyone else!),

You're doing great! Keep up the good work! The withdrawal symptoms are just the absolute SUCK. We're all going through it or have gone there already.

Does anybody have any suggestions for the DT's experienced from this? Like, if you're lying in bed, and the pain in your arms and legs is so bad that you're thrashing and screaming in pain because moving them about a bit is the only thing that helps in any way?  I had that about an hour ago.. worse than it has ever been in my entire experience with trams. I ended up taking the last of the hydrocodone I had just to get the twitchies to stop. Anything?

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by mrcrump, Jul 05, 2009
Hello all these great people in their struggles. It is the 11th day off the Rat Poison. Today was the hardest in terms of psychological torture. I was very depressed. Couldn't hold back my heavy crying, and just really felt like dying. So now my boyfriend is off work and I'm sucking it up for the sake of my sanity. I feel alone, desperate, confused, angry, and every other emotion on top of that.  The important point here is that I'm still alive and makin it through. I no longer say: "One day at a time." Cuz when you feel like this, it's: "One minute at a time."   I'm not gonna lie, I miss who I was on Tramadol. I miss the energy, the relaxing calm feeling. It's all over now and I have to get to know my real self. Will I ever be alright? Is this the last time I will struggle with an addiction? There are no answers to these stupid questions, only time will make it right.   Goodnight to my friends that struggle with me.  Love, KS

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by choose_life, Jul 05, 2009
Hi All,
I havent been on here in a while, but just thought I would check in. I am now 33 days free of Tramadol and loving it!! All of the w/d symptoms have gone, and finally I have nearly all my pre-tram energy back.....I'm now just getting on with life.....the good, the bad and all the trials and tribulations that come with it!!
To all of you who are in the midst of w/d..JUST KEEP GOING, IT GETS BETTER EVERY DAY........
I have found that now i am back to the normal me, i need to keep my mind and body busy,busy, i dont dwell and think what it used to be like on Tramadol.........I now just keep everyone else who is clean and and days are going to be hard sometimes, but its no excuse to try and make it easier with a pill!!
I'm back at work, and have thrown myself full throttle into fundraising for a charity, which keeps me busy, grounds and centers my mind, and most of all makes me feel good about myself as a person.
My thoughts are with all you on here, and i will keep checking in Lilyval!!
Happy days to you all xx

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by choose_life, Jul 05, 2009
Forgot to add Ifectedgenetics- HOT BATHES/SHOWERS/PACKS/SPAS are all fantastic for the pain you are feeling in your limbs. I also found Magnesium, Zinc and regular Paracetamol helped too......It will pass soon.......
Good luck, I hope you find relief asap.

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by FinallyFred, Jul 05, 2009
infectedgenetics,  I am sorry I didn't see your post about Monday morning until just now.  You asked about calling it in tomorrow.  Personally, if it were me, that's what I would do.  Be gentle with yourself right now.  by the time you read this, you will be into day 4.  I think that you will be feeling much better in just another day or two.

I like to take a brisk walk or find another way to work out when I feel irritable.  It helps me to exhaust myself when I amn feeling that way.

You are in the dog days of withdrawal right now.  The good news is that the tramadol IS leaving your body.  You have made the choice and you have come so far.  Just a couple more days and you will be through the wost of the withdrawal.  

Cyrll,  You sound like you are determined to beat this.  I KNOW this is hard.  Hang in there if you can my friend.  Yeah, right, the doctors told you this isn't an opiate.  When I began my tramadol journey, I incorrectly believed that that word, "SYNTHETIC" before the word, " opiate" somehow meant that it wasn't a REAL opiate.  FALSE thinking I am afraid.  It is entirely understandable for people to want to believe that we have found the wonder pill.  Only THIS one isn't it.  Good luck Cyrll!!!

Suzie,  Yuppers, horrendous night sweats is very common when withdrawing from this drug.  Did anyone tell you that there is an antidepressant in tramadol?  You may want to talk to your doctor about what you are on your way to do and why.  If you are taking other drugs for depression and anxiety, he/she may want to review your dosage.  

A person WILL experience withdrawal symptoms any time we don't feed the beast what it demands.  If I understand what you have posted, you WERE on 100 mg every four hours, or up to 600 mg/day (which is more than the recommended daily dose).  The point is that you took your dose down rather quickly, if you are trying to get by on 100 mg/day.  I am not saying what your plan is is a good thing or a bad thing, I am just saying that you have made a drastic cut.  The symptoms you describe are entirely normal.  Stopping entirely wouldn't be producing any worse symptoms that what you may feel right now.

There are some here who have followed a GRADUAL taper, but what you are doing is not what I would call a "taper".  "Taperers" report less severe symptoms (if a person can do that sort of thing, which I KNEW I could not do.)  But for goodness sake, don't radically INCREASE your dose because there could be a risk of seizures when this is done.  Just know that you are in for some additional lousy days until you have put about 5 days between yourself and that last white pill.  But being rid of the trams is SO worth it.  I predict that the final plunge will not be any worse than what you have expereinced to date.  That's because you have already DROPPED so drastically.

You see, i did much the same as you; went from 400 mg/day down to 100 mg/day for 5 or 6 days and then jumped off.  And the symptoms I experienced at my initial drop was just as bad or worse than when I made the final plunge.  

Good Night to All (I hope)  


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by samajax, Jul 06, 2009
Wow, good morning to you'all.

There is some serious quitting and suffering going on right here in this forum- and these are just the folks who have the determination to do something...I'm sure we have readers who are just now doing some initial thinking.

It is day 11 for me. Getting easier, but the mood swings, sleeplessness, and general anxiety are still there.

I have been sticking to my guns and engaging life each day. That has not been easy while trying to w/d during a string of over 100 degree days. My workout routine has been modified to allow for changing goals now that I don't chew up a hit of speed/tram before going to the gym. I allow for my moods to be a little more varied and let my body say when it it time. Some days it has been full on sessions, some days it has been lap swimming and nothing more.

I took time to go downtown for the fireworks with those close to me. I made myself go outside and do chores in the garden. Each time it was a bit of an effort to get started, but once going, it seemed like the better option than choosing to feel those incredible mood swings and general un-trustworthiness of my own brain. But this is for me, I like diversions.

I'd like to give a cheering session to each and everyone of you. Without going into each name, I see a bit of myself in all who have posted here this weekend.

To those who are tapering,  what worked best for me was to keep to my dosage time frame (every 4-5 hours, starting at 6AM until bedtime at 10PM), but decrease the amount. That way I didn't go for more than six hours without taking some until the very end of the taper. At each allotted time, I dropped the amount by one half a tablet. I went from 2/50 mg tabs, to 1.5/50, to 1/50, to 1/2 of a 50mg tablet. I know the pills are not scored in half, but did the best I could to break them evenly. I thought that obsessing about it being exact only further showed how 'special" my feeling was about tram. I thought I could see if once broken that one side was larger then the other....Hehh.  So at the end, without changing the time I took the pill, I was down to 100mg taken over four increments. Then it was finally in the schedule to hold out for more time.  A couple days of 25mg every 6  hours.... I did this until I was down to 2 "servings" of 25mg, then I jumped off the train. Hit the ground and rolled. I spread this whole process out over about 10 days. From 400mg to 0.

Right now, I'm still repeating my three options as the mantra when the mood swings hit.

1. Take more- if not tram then something. and suffer.

2. Continue on as prescribed and suffer.

3. Quit.

I am a grown man and have been a world class athlete. I have healed broken bones in every quadrant of my body. Do I choose to be on pain meds the rest of my life or do I choose to find a way to heal as best as I can and go forward? I refuse to sit back and not to actively participate in my own healing.

I have heard many of you talk about being overweight, gaining weight, etc. I love to eat, so I can only tell you from experience- to move. No special diet plans. Calories taken in must be less than the amount burned. If you don't have injuries that prevent moving around, that is all it takes. No serious gym sessions, just walking. Oftentimes that is all it takes, one step a time. Small steps to better fitness usually leads to more activity...small steps. America is overwhelmed by bad diets as well. I use the color method pyramid.  If your diet is white and brown (for lack of a better description, meat/potatoes), you might need to add way more color- red, green blue, purple, orange......OK, enough of that cheer leading session.

My experience with tram only proves that it is a great leveler. Each of us, though we might have come from various styles of need, have woken up with the exact same symptoms and revelations. That surprise moment- though not really that hard of a stretch, when we found ourselves addicted to a drug that was pushed as benign. The moment we realized that the body pain was withdrawal on a daily basis. I know that many of you have come to tram through serious injury, so you will only know once off the drug what is really you and what is the drug- and the decision  to be pain med free is your choice alone.

So to all you newcomers- welcome to Withdrawal. This forum gives you instruction and tools. You are not crazy because you want to cry and sneeze at the same time. You are not crazy because you want to withdraw from the world and ride it out- although I do recommend diversion over the fetal position. Let your body scream and use these days as a serious memory imprint for those times when your brain is saying it wasn't really the tram that was the problem....

OK, enough from me for now. Courage.


953006 tn?1247997550
by nurina, Jul 06, 2009

thank you for the support...ur on an all natural program yah? i envy u...wish i could be that program supposd to end in a couple days...reallllly looking forward to be off meds and sharing the success with all of you...rite nw i realy just need to have ALOT of faith,which is y im waiting til the program ends before going bak to NA and the forum .....

To all the other trams warriors (borrowing quote from Fred :D) keep fighting, have faith and remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE

xxxx prayers for everyone

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by infectedgenetics, Jul 06, 2009
it is normal for certain symptoms to wait a few days before showing up? Those horrible nerve tremors and DT's weren't there for the first three days, but yesterday and today have me begging for mercy. I feel like my bones are being put through a meat grinder. Seriously. I ran out of my hydrocodone before my doctor could call it in, and was just now literally begging my best friend for a percocet. Thankfully, she was a good friend and only gave me tylenol. The percs would have helped for now, but not in the long run. Good god in heaven this sucks like hell ._.

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by TRAMMAN999, Jul 06, 2009
All day in bed. Depressed! If I have symptoms on 300mg/day what will it be like dropping more. I know I have come a long way in a short time.
Resolute yesterday - today feeling weak.
But, despite, after reading more postings I will drop bit by bit. The postings definately give models and ideas for withdrawing and most inportantly give inspiration to carry on trying (despite having these bad few days!).
I am seeing the doctor on 9th July and know that the antdepressant Reboxetine will be prescribed. I really don't know whether this will help or it may be a case of yet more chemicals through my brain. Reboxetine is supposed to give one a lift/umph/energy. Anybody taken this stuff!? My preference would be to be completely off Tramadol before taking the antidepressent. I am sure the doc will say that it will help me cope with withdrawal symptoms. I am sure he doesn't know about the problem of withdrawal form Tramadol. Last time I saw him he said "OK, taper off Tramadol and come back to me 'next week'!!! and I'll prescribe Reboxetine". ONE WEEK!!! I am going back now after 6 weeks! (not 1 week!) Interesting to get his opinion.

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by suzieq625, Jul 06, 2009
Thanks for your comments.  Fred, sorry I don't think I explained v well the taper.  I didn't go from the highest dose straight to 100, i cut it to 200mg a day, then down to 100 which is now split to 50 in morning and 50 before bed.  I have tried cold turkey also but that just wasn't the right way to go for me.  I'm hopefully seeing my GP tomorrow to discuss getting off them properly, so will discuss the anti-depressant situation with them as well.  I'm more concerned at the moment how to deal with it with the kids, if it's frightening for me, it's going to be just as frightening for them and they've been through a lot recently.

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by Bigman7778, Jul 06, 2009
Having no pain at present and am not wanting any opiates due to being pain free.I know most people taper and it seems to work for them and I am happy for all you guys.I  am very glad that I went ct all 3  times.Yeah, its bad while its going on but  its realatively quick ((comapred to tapering)and when your done your done.No lingering with wd symptoms for months on end.Personally I just couldn't stand that.My problem was that my chronic pain kept bouncing back on me and the meds(antibiotics) I was getting were'nt cutting it.Finally the last course14days of Levequin made problem go away.Periphial Neuropathy stll present  in feet but that kind of pain I just ignore.Which ever way you get off tram is good as long as you get off tram.   Best to all.   Big

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by turnin_it_around, Jul 06, 2009
Hello All!

Haven't been around lately, (not that anyone really cares) but I have grown to love this forum as it helped me deal with my withdrawals by helping me realize that I was not alone.

To those tapering: Keep going! Life does go back to "normal" step by step, your BODY deserves it!
To those who CT'ed: YES! you are almost there! Enjoy and Welcome those withdrawals they are your medal of honor!

I have been tramfree for 10 days now! (yay me) and I feel ok, no more W/D's. I find myself "missing" the tramsh*t at times, those are weak moments that we all fear. I try to think of my new found freedom and my mind somehow tells me otherwise. I think about this forum at those times,(because I am not in front of a computer) and about the struggle we all share in common and the little devil thought subsides.

I found myself looking for pills on Saturday, thankfully I couldnt find any. It made me appreciate the hard work that we go through even AFTER  we decide to finally put an end to this unhealthly habit. I thank this forum and Emily for creating something that means so much to us. Every day is a struggle, addict or not.


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by grandmagirl, Jul 06, 2009
Hello everyone,
     Welcome all newcomers...I know there are a lot of you that are suffering from depression. I have given in and will see doctor tomorrow for meication for depression. It's gotten soooooo bad that i'm not even getting dressed ...Had to get up today as the carpet cleaners where here...Carpets are done and very clean...I may have shared with some of you that I have been taking care of special ed. grandson...He looks normal...but has a reading and cognative thinking dis- order....In other words ..acts like a nine year at times. I have asked his mother to take him for a while ....while I recover. He did come over today and got cloths and personal items. He told me it was time for him to move on and grow up...Having him here for the last three years has been hard ...but also very rewarding..Long story short..He will stay with his mother until I feel better. Considering I have never had depression to this degree....I was wondering if it's because I came off Tramadol so fast. I have had periods of feeling OK ...but never well....So ..My question is to all those that have gone befor me..."did you have depression at 60  days out up to 100 days out? I was wondering if the tylonel pm is causing depression ?  Any help would be some of you know I do work full time and have 3 more weeks off. I'm hoping to get depepression in check before I have to return to work,. This is so scarey to go thru....I have never experieced anything like it....Sorry for spelling....peaceful week to all.

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by grandmagirl, Jul 06, 2009
Hello everyone,
     Welcome all newcomers...I know there are a lot of you that are suffering from depression. I have given in and will see doctor tomorrow for meication for depression. It's gotten soooooo bad that i'm not even getting dressed ...Had to get up today as the carpet cleaners where here...Carpets are done and very clean...I may have shared with some of you that I have been taking care of special ed. grandson...He looks normal...but has a reading and cognative thinking dis- order....In other words ..acts like a nine year at times. I have asked his mother to take him for a while ....while I recover. He did come over today and got cloths and personal items. He told me it was time for him to move on and grow up...Having him here for the last three years has been hard ...but also very rewarding..Long story short..He will stay with his mother until I feel better. Considering I have never had depression to this degree....I was wondering if it's because I came off Tramadol so fast. I have had periods of feeling OK ...but never well....So ..My question is to all those that have gone befor me..."did you have depression at 60  days out up to 100 days out? I was wondering if the tylonel pm is causing depression ?  Any help would be some of you know I do work full time and have 3 more weeks off. I'm hoping to get depepression in check before I have to return to work,. This is so scarey to go thru....I have never experieced anything like it....Sorry for spelling....peaceful week to all.

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by clendenon, Jul 06, 2009
Hello, grandmagirl and all:

It seems like there is a lot of depression post tram.  I'm 40+ days off and I have a lot of depression like symptoms.  I guess that's why I haven't posted in a week. Today was the first day that I started thinking of depression medication so I guess that's part of the WD experience.  Depression is pretty bad but coming off of depression medication is probably worse so I'll give my brain time to settle down and work things out.

   Tylenol PM cause RLS in me (sometimes severe) so I stopped taking it  and I'm still stretching out the ambien RX.

Also I have been taking flexiril for the migraine headaches that don't want to go away. Has anyone had any experience with gabapentin for migraines?

Turnin_it_around , it's great to see you're at  day 10 tram free,  I guess you have turned it around!

Bigman,  glad to see you're pain free. Beware of the anti-histamines though.

infectedgenetics,  I know how terrible you feel in the midst of that awful WD, but remember that cold turkey is cold turkey.  Taking another opiate medication to help with the WD pain will just delay the process, hang in there!

samajax. day 11 already?  That is good news because as we all know in cold turkey withdrawal the clocks stop and the minutes are like hours.  But being post tram is worth the pain.  Also I see mrcrump at day 11 too.  Good for you!

Nurina, finally fred, lilyval,  and all others in the battle,  stay healthy, tram free and positive.

Blessings to all,  clen......

599071 tn?1300072302
by madtram, Jul 06, 2009
So glad to see so many still finding their way to Emily's life-saving space, (the closest thing you will find to a real miracle cure).  I think that a clinical trial would establish without doubt that Emily's blog outperforms any other medication in helping to heal our battered bodies & minds.

In case anyone needs another 101 reasons, (4 today, check back regularly for the other 97),  why a trama free life is the life for me, (now 11 months untramatized):-

* no more meds cascade.  Failure to increase my dose of tram, lead to regular withdrawal including insomnia.  Introduce sleeping benzo, (& its own sweet withdrawal hell).  Also needed break through pain relief, (nurofen related gut pain or codeine & more opiate receptor desensitisation).  Now we have interactions, is the nausea due to too much opiate or just not enough tram & on it went.

* no more time wasted pondering if I really did have some disease that wasn't being identified by a CBC.  From the time the tolerance set in, I never felt well & I couldn't quite accept that one little pill could fubar my system, hence there must be something else going on.

* fixing stuff, (especially finances & tax), I neglected while in my trama padded cell, is taking so much longer to deal with now than it would have if I had dealt with it in something approaching a timely fashion.   (Fred, I'm very impressed that you managed to maintain a deadline focussed law practice, while under the influence.)

* zero flexibility.  Yes I thought I was efficient & I certainly had my routines, (& yes Samajax, I thought tram was a good preboost workout) but in retrospect, it was pretty OCD, anything outside my comfort zone was rejected.

I will never get those wasted hours back but you all can benefit from our experience & put an end to the madness as soon as you can manage.

Tramman, Reboxetine is a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor so you may find it does help provide you with the energy to break through your low mood.  It has relatively low side effects & doesn't have the orgasm inhibiting/ preventing effects of the SSRIs which is a big plus for many.

If you are on tram for any length of time, it has turned down your opiate receptors which effects the production of natural endorphins; dopamine & noradrenaline & also your serotonin receptors.   There are solid non-pharmaceutical means of rebooting the receptors, including exercise, meditation, self-hypnosis  & natural supplements.  The major upside of these methods is that they are largely side effect free & self-empowering.

However, when your system is under stress & you feel depressed, it can be very hard to get started let alone make these practices the habit they need to become to experience sustainable results.  For these reasons, I think that if you can find a pharmaceutical antidepressant that works for you, (& unfortunately this can take trial & error), it may give you the neurochemical boost you need to start introducing non drug therapies.

From my own experience & study, no non-benzo antidepressant has anywhere the complications of tramadol.  Some SSRIs need to be tapered off so if you want to avoid this risk, studies have found that St John's Wort & 5htp can be as effective as SSRIs, without the side effects.

Anxiety is trickier as there are no really effective non-benzo meds available, although anticonvulsants such as Neurontin or levetiracetam can work wonders without the benzo tolerance effects.  If you are really struggling with anxiety, it's worth a trial to see if one of these agrees with you.  Gettinglifeback, you may want to consider trialling an anticonvulsant, given your concerns about the diazepam.  

I was fortunate to manage my benzo rebound anxiety with high dose inositol & cognitive behaviour therapy, both of which are side effect free but the CBT is darn hard work, particularly at the beginning so I truly sympathise with everyone who has the anxiety as part of their withdrawal package.

Healing strength to you all,


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by grandmagirl, Jul 07, 2009
Thanks Clen and Michelle.....for all the great information...I am taking St John's Wort and many other supplements to try and off set the depression. I may wait on that doctor's appointment and give this a few more weeks and see if the brain can come back to life..The good news is I'm almost 3 1/2 mos out.... with out Tram...and that's really something to be thankful for....                                                                                                                                                               On a funny note our 1999 Bright Red Honda..yes we just got it tires and and new carpet pkg...                    WAS STOLEN ....Now this Honda has 278 thousand miles on it..Who would have guessed that it would have run this well all these years. The husband was so proud of this wonder machine..that he wanted to please giving it a paint job, new shoes and did not get new instruments to play good music..old cd player and old radio...Air works great...Long story short may be in Mexico by now or Canada......If you see it and can get it back to us we will reward you with lots of 1960's...1970's.....perfect condition L P's.........Peaceful wishes from California

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by Miss_Amy_2009, Jul 07, 2009
Hi everyone.

I'm 63 Days off of tram and just checking in.

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks...because I'm busy LIVING LIFE again!!!

It's wonderful to see that there are many new people that have found Emily's post...That tells me that there is promise that more will be saved from this awful drug called Tramadol. I watched an episode of "Intervention" last night. A woman was addicted to Methodone which is, like Tramadol, a synthetic opioid. Anyway, that episode made me think of all of the Tram users out we suffer while ON the medication and how difficult it is to get off of it.

It still overwhelms me when I think of all the various types of people from all walks of life that put trust in their doctors and become addicts, unknowingly. So many people that are prescribed medication that is addictive, yet told it may just be habit forming by the person that they have been taught to trust; our doctors.

It's the pharmaceutical companies that I personally hold responsible, as they are the ones that peddle drugs to our doctors. They are the ones that understand exactly what certain medications are capable of, yet through their best efforts, downplay the addiction affects for marketing purposes.

However, although I believe that Doctors are somewhat responsible for what they prescribe, I think the initial source of our pain and suffering of Tramadol comes from the pharmaceutical companies. Do they not realize that they are destroying our lives, families, homes and most of all, health? That to me, is not worth the trade of numbing physical pain.

Please make no mistake that I do understand that some with severe pain feel that they have no other alternatives, but there are so many others that have been prescribed this drug, blindly by our medical physicians. No matter what source introduced us to Tramadol, whether it was being prescribed to us, or a drug of choice for addicts, it breaks my heart to know what Tramadol does to people's lives...and how we are unaware of the true impact until it's after the fact...Tramadol causes it's own pain and suffering and robs us of so many things that are priceless in our lives...To me, it's simply not worth the trade.

I believe there was a time where a patient could take their prescription to the pharmacy and trust that they are being HELPED by our medical field. Now, I can't help but be skeptical and untrusting which forces me to do my research on anything that I am prescribed. My life is too valuable to be altered by an industry that hands out masks for one type of pain, yet an unfair trade for another (Tramadol pain). These are simply pacifiers that I'm not willing to accept without fully understanding the impact it may have on my well being.

Anyway...Just about all of my previous posts have been in relation to tapering and w/d's...

I just wanted to make at least one post that pertain to my thoughts on how this drug is distributed (legally) to trusting patients.  Just a few of my personal opinions that I wanted to share.

I'm hoping that I haven't offended any of you...but would like to hear any thoughts either way..

On the flip side, I want all of you newcomers and those that are in the middle of the good fight to know that at 63 days off of tramadol, I FEEL GREAT!!! Things are so much better now...LIFE IS GOOD...

Don't give up! If you want it bad enough, you will make it..A few days of pain for a better future is worth it...because you're worth it...

Keep pushing forward...even if you feel that sense of doubt at your weakest moment.. that means that you're almost there..hang on tight and I will see you on the other side..

Strength and Courage to ALL!



896885 tn?1241666751
by Aicle, Jul 07, 2009
I am on day number 8 and I feel great! I remember getting up during the winter to read the post and take another pill because I could not sleep and hoping for the day where I could be one of those people writing about their post-tramadol life.

Well here I am, and it is great, well worth 3-4 days of life changing WD's. (which I deserve for taking more than my prescribed dose)

I feel so much better, I just keep busy and drink lots of coffee and read good books at the cafe.

Thanks for the continued support.


896885 tn?1241666751
by Aicle, Jul 07, 2009

Hang in there. Everything you are going through is necessary to get where you are going.

I feel so much better being off that crap and I think we all have the ability to be the kind of people we were when we were on tram after we are off of it. With time I notice myself becoming that person again, and you will too!

Think of how many people out there have not found this place and are still hooked,  it should make you feel better to know that you are almost finished with this and on to a new and more exciting tram-free life!

You can do it!

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by gettinglifeback, Jul 07, 2009
Thank you everyone for all the great post/advice. Day 5 since last dose of Tram., 4 1/2 last Hydrocodone....feeling amazing!! Hard to believe just two weeks ago today I was taking 400mg Tram. with Lortab when I felt "so bad" stupid of me.

I am feeling a complete turn around in my life! Never have I felt so optimistic (at least not that I can remember being on this crap for over 8  years)  I am still having some issues with anxiety. Not sure if it's anxiety that I will want the tram or just a normal side effect.  I am still taking the Diazepam about every 8-10 hours now. I still find that keeping busy is the best.  Been taking every vit. supplement I can find :-)  Finall found b-12 sublingual. today. I am back on my Gabapentin..was on 1200mg a.m and 1200 mg pm before all the vomiting started and couldn't keep it down. Decided my fear of seizures was more than my fear of taking it so started back on the dose.  It seems to have helped me go longer in between the Diaz. since I restarted it.

I am just so excited that I am back partaking in life again.  I have been outside every day since Friday with my family either playing with the kids or talking to neighbors...I have been a hermit for months and too much pain..yea, damn poision.

I gave my husband the bottle of my Tram. on Sunday...what a great feeling, today I handed him the Lortab. Decided I didn't like having it with me at work.  I will be flushing at one week out.

I do have one odd symptom and figure it could just be bad timing, I am having terrible bladder spasms. I have been drinking water like crazy along with ice tea.  Could this be from not having the muscle relaxant (stopped that too) or is it just bad timing?  NOT going to a doctor until I have been off this crap for at least a month....scared going into the office will remind me of taking it.

I went to work today for the first time since stopping (only work Tues.and Wed) first time in 8 years I didn't take pills during my  morning....and I felt great. Took the stairs, was able to focus more than ever.  Still have bouts of diarrhea, headhaches but both tolerable.  

Thanks again to all for your inspiration, good luck to everyone.

895630 tn?1273803653
by 12Stepper, Jul 07, 2009
Greetings All and thank you for sharing.

Grandmagirl, your post about depression sent me doing a little research, and it only confirmed that tramadol has antidepressant qualities, inhibiting the uptake of seratonin and (I think) norepineprine (sp?). That must be why we feel more down, less able to cope with life's ups and downs without it. Sorry to hear about your car, by the way. The fact that you haven't had to go back to Tramadol with all you have been through is an inspiration to us all. Also inspiring are the newcomers hanging in there in their first days--which seem like years, as I recall, and good to hear the longtimers of 60+ days coming back to share that life is good again.

After about 5 weeks, I'm still experiencing some depression and it's good to know it's due to a chemical imbalance created by the tramadol w/d. It is fleeting, and sometimes only a small part of the day is affected. I'm going to try the things Madtram mentioned (thank you!) such more exercise and St. John's Wort to see if the natural production of those chemicals can resume. I'm also going to more meetings, spending more time meditating, reading inspirational books, and noticing the things I am grateful for in my life. I can see a positive, happy, productive image of my life if I just keep trudging. If it is due to the Tram w/d, it should pass eventually, but I'm open to trying a regular antidepressant if things don't get better after a few more weeks. Good to see you all here! God bless,

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by infectedgenetics, Jul 07, 2009
I can't truly express my gratitude for this board. I don't know how I would have made it through the last week without it. It's been a long, hard couple of days here, but I'm doing it. I haven't slipped at all. I still have the last 10 Trams I had when I quit them. Actually, wait.. I have more than that because I found a few stashed away.. but I still didn't take them, and for that I'm proud of myself. I know I'll eventually have to get off the Lortab, but for now, I'm just working on the trams. Those are the ones I'm the most concerned about, because I can go quite some time without the Lortab and be just fine with Ibuprofen most of the time.. but with the trams, even sleeping without taking some beforehand was awful because I'd wake up with miserable DT's and stuff.

I'm getting out of this. Finally. The last few days have been really hard on me. I haven't been able to be as physically active.. like, going to the grocery store has been really hard. I feel like I'm walking through jello. I had to call the people I'm a nanny for and cancel for the week because I couldn't be like that around the baby. It WILL get better.

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by turnin_it_around, Jul 07, 2009

Throw those trams away! The sooner you do it the better you will feel!

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by endofthetunnel, Jul 07, 2009

Thanks to all who have shared their stories.  These have been a great help to me in accurately diagnosing my problems and symptoms.

I have been using Tramadol since 2003 when my doctors at the V.A. Medical Center switched my arthritis pain medication from Lodine to Tramadol.  Contrary to what you might think, I am not upset with them for this.  It was a choice between Vicodin and Tramadol.  I always hated the way Vicodin 'dumbed me down' so I counted myself lucky to have encountered a medical tech who prescribed the Tramadol as a long-term alternative.  However, I do blame the VA  and ultimately, the government for not allowing patients to receive effective medications.  
They offered me Lodine and when it didn't work, I had to buy Vioxx out of my own pocket (hundreds of $ sent to Canada).  As a matter of policy, the VA regularly dispenses drugs and treatment based upon their budget and, like some other drugs I needed, the more effective ones were off limits.  For as long as I took it,  I hated the side effects of Tramadol - sweating, pinprick itching, and as I know now, the physical pain when 'it wanted more' and a psychological side-effect of never feeling well.  Until read the blog, I didn't know about the depressing 'antidepressant' properties.

I realize that, for many of you,  Tramadol ruined you health in more dramatic ways than it did mine.  Again, part of what they say about this drug is true.  It does affect people differently.  Since 2003, I have had 3 major surgeries (Lung resection and bilateral total knee replacement) .  While in the hospital, I was always given the Lortabs and, of course, other more short term pain killers.  But, I always went back to my maintenance dose of Tramadol (4 to 6/day) between surgeries because I believed that it was for my arthritis (mainly severe back and knee pain). Since I have completed rehabilitation for my second knee, I expected certain things to be better -  and initially, they were just because I was so happy to be able to walk normally again.  I launched into various repair and remodeling jobs around the house and accomplished a lot until I had time to sit down, relax, and think about my new reality.  I had been hobbled by my knees and recuperation from the lung resection so long, that I was in a do or die survival mode and I didn't have time to think about feeling decent or normal like everyone else.  I came to the conclusion that I still had a ways to go because I still didn't feel good.  I went to a Neurologist last October and had a brain MRI and EKG.  Everything checked out.  One thing he told me was that I my nasal passages and sinuses showed a chronic condition.  By myself, I began to explore that avenue.  My assessment had been that I somehow felt I wasn't getting enough air or oxygen.  My complaint was that I always felt tired and I had so much pain in when I woke in the morning that I had to take my medications and just lay in bed for an hour while the drugs took effect (TRAMADOL and Tylenol).  Then, I could go about my business.  But, the lack of energy and sometimes dark thoughts, was plaguing me.  Then, I went to a sleep specialist.  The result of my sleep test was that I had a mild to moderate case of Sleep Apnea.  This condition can cause lots of problems and symptoms of the kind I was experiencing.  Even my doctor at the VA (I stopped going there in 2005), had offered Apnea as a possible problem but I never had it checked.   So, last month,  I got the CPAP machine and noticed an improvement in my mental acuity right away.  BUT still, I had to face the day when I awoke with pain throughout my body and I needed to take my Tramadol and Tylenol just to get out of bed.  Finally, I thought I was on to something!  I began googling and reading the blogs and message boards.  I found this one and read EmilyPost.  When she talked about her reactions, I said "Bingo!"  I decided to stop the Tramadol and started on Naproxen (NSAID arthritis medication).

In the last three weeks, I have steadily reduced the Tramadol.  I have not had a pill in two days as of 7-6-09.   I am still experiencing withdrawal symptoms but I no longer have the 'all-over' pain when I awake.  I can just get up and go about my business.  I have more mental and physical energy too.  I believe that, if I had found that the Tramadol connection a year ago, I probably would not have figured out that I had Apnea.  I would accepted the relief from the drug's effects to be 'as good as it is going to get'  but thankfully, I can count on additional improvement in the future when I get into the habit of sleeping normally.  This will have positive effects on other aspects of my heath and longevity also.  I am 65, 6'2" and I weigh 210.  I am counting on knocking that down to at least 190 or so in the near future.  I no longer feel listless!  

God bless all who have suffered the negative effects of this drug.  It is true that the doctors do not tell you enough about it.  I have asked both a Neurologist and a Pulmonologist and both have said it is not a 'real opioid'  and it is not the problem.  I will tell them what I have learned when I see them next month.  They will have a hard time denying the results.

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by grandmagirl, Jul 07, 2009
ok... here goes....Went to the doctor today..Told him the whole story about coming off the Ultram.   {reg. g p not the doctor that gave me utram.}. He has written script for Flouoxetine..generic fo Prozac 10mg. one per day....I just looked up all the side affects and I will welcome any coments ...this stuff doesn't look to good..Has any one taken this stuff ? and if so how did it make you feel? I'm not taking anything until I get more information...Any comments are most welcome.

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by infectedgenetics, Jul 07, 2009
I can't truly express my gratitude for this board. I don't know how I would have made it through the last week without it. It's been a long, hard couple of days here, but I'm doing it. I haven't slipped at all. I still have the last 10 Trams I had when I quit them. Actually, wait.. I have more than that because I found a few stashed away.. but I still didn't take them, and for that I'm proud of myself. I know I'll eventually have to get off the Lortab, but for now, I'm just working on the trams. Those are the ones I'm the most concerned about, because I can go quite some time without the Lortab and be just fine with Ibuprofen most of the time.. but with the trams, even sleeping without taking some beforehand was awful because I'd wake up with miserable DT's and stuff.

I'm getting out of this. Finally. The last few days have been really hard on me. I haven't been able to be as physically active.. like, going to the grocery store has been really hard. I feel like I'm walking through jello. I had to call the people I'm a nanny for and cancel for the week because I couldn't be like that around the baby. It WILL get better.

599071 tn?1300072302
by madtram, Jul 07, 2009
Grandmagirl, sorry to hear about the loss of your hot car.  Probably not much chance of a sighting down here in Oz but you never know.

  If St John's Wort & 5htp or tryptophan have not really worked for you, I would be inclined to give the prozac a go.  It does have the side effect of anorgasmia for many people & can take varying time to kick in but is nothing like tramadol as there is no tolerance or addiction potential.

Everyone's biochemistry is unique so you just have to try some of the lower risk ADs to see if they work for you.  I have not used Prozac on a long term basis but in the past have taken for a few days a month & found it worked well for PMT related depression.  Theoretically, you are supposed to take it every day but this was not necessary for me & there is a study supporting periodic, (excuse the pun) use for PMT so a short term use might restore your serotonin receptors to their pre tram functionality.

I have never had any withdrawal from using SSRIs in this manner although some long term continuous users do report discontinuation symptoms but this is much less likely to occur from short term use.

Best wishes,


960086 tn?1247078580
by BensLady07, Jul 07, 2009
WOW I just can't beleive how many people other than myself has been addicted to Tramadol .. I Had surgey and was prescribed Loratabs at first when the pain was severe and then i was prescribed tramadol after i started healing Im only 21 years old and have never been addicted to anything at all. maybe caffeine but i had to take these when i went back to work and and when i tried to stop taking them i had NOO ENERGY AT ALL!!!!  I was trying to fall asleep while i was walking and i had to be on my feet all day!! THIS SCARED Me because i didnt know how i would ever be able to quit taking them  So i kept taking them so i could even get to work everyday!!!  And i was a totally dif person when i was taking them i had to keep moving taking lunch break was basically like the end of the day for me when i would slow down they would basically knock me out when i would get home i would just fall asleep i was always scared of falling asleep while i was driving home!!!  I know this sounds stupid but it got so bad to were I just up and quit my job so i could stay at home and not have to take them at all.. all i did was sleep.. Some people said i was just lazy but I was a really hard worker and had a job since i was 15 not the same job but the point is  thats how addicted i was to them the only way i could stop is quit my job ! Im going to be sooo carefull next time im prescribed anything for pain!!

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by jekorb, Jul 07, 2009
Hello, dear ones.  Back from trip to NY visiting, went to family MD this a.m., and spilled my guts about my adult life of addiction and my most recent drowning of 1 1/2 years thanks to damn Tramadol.  I watched him write all this in my file, knowing that from now on, I will be known as an addict, a person who cannot control nor should ever be trusted with pain medication.  I felt a bit panicky, but then a veil of relief fell over me.  My MD was so gentle and understanding; he told me he admired me and was proud of me for admitting to him and most importantly to myself, that I cannot control this and that I need help.  I have my appt. with the sub/abuse MD for Suboxone therapy on 7/23.  Wish it were tomorrow!  I printed out 14 pages of patient forms for the Sub. doctor, which I will fill out tomorrow~~~another full confession.  Haven't been back to NA b/c I am not "clean", but have their book, which I'll read until I get back.  Am anxious to do this, as well!  I miss my fellow fighters.

I will have to buy one more bottle of poison from my internet pusher, and then........that's it for good.  I want my life back; I NEED my life back.  I'm in it for the long-run now.  I won't give up.  I won't give in, with God's help and my friends on this site and Narcotics Anonymous.  And the support of my loving husband.

Blessings and prayers to all of you,

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by grandmagirl, Jul 07, 2009
ok....I've FINALLY made a plan for the depression...I will start on the generic Prozac 10 mg. tomorrow...I will update as I go along...If it works than it was a great plan..If it doesn't...than I will go to plan B...Ok..everyone stop laughing....I don't have a plan B YET...

madtram  ...thanks for the information on Prozac......It's so good to hear that this worked well for you..Thanks again.                                                                                                                

Benslady.....glad to hear your story.... Welcome...

Infectedgenetics,...Hope you feel better something and post. happy you told doctor what was going on. Now you have a good plan...I'm so glad you posted. Let us know how it's going..  Very proud of you... glad you found us...

No news on the stolen car....Good news we got a couple of hundred thousand miles on that Honda...Husband wants a new motorcycle..I say ..YES...Love them..Rode to Canada and back on the back of one in the 60's.
...More later...Peaceful wishes to everyone...

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by FinallyFred, Jul 08, 2009
Hello Tramadol Warriors.  I have been busy lately, but I keep "lurking" even when I don't post.  You guys are the best.

To all you  friends of cats out there, I think you already know how torn up I have been over the death of my sweet cat on 5/31.  I have continued working on my little (or not so little) memorial out in the yard.  It's located nearly out of sight from the rest of the yard.  It began small,  but Lord almighty, it has morphed.  

Discrete, but an impressive tribute to my beloved cat for anyone who cares.  So far, that is apparently just me.    

The main structure is done - constructed of  cedar shingles, standing about 3' high with a pitched cedar roof.  On the back side I framed and mounted an 8 x 10  photo of each of our beloved pets WHO have died in the past few years.  My son helped me pour a "heart shaped", exposed aggragate cement  patio around the entire thing.  I attached the brass name plates to the bottom of the pictures tonight.  All that remains is to oil the bench and rebuild a rock wall I had to move to make room for this monster.  

My wife tolerates my efforts, but doesn't seem excited about what I am doing.  She loved the cat, but she thinks I am going overboard.  Maybe i am.   I just tell her that sometimes it takes a whacked person to do something worthwhile.  It's not like I am doing this for her anyway.  

I will post pictures once it is finished.  Still a week or two out I guess, depending on our fine NW weather, which currently is pretty wet!

Whacked catlover in Seattle, fred

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by infectedgenetics, Jul 08, 2009
Doing a little better right now.

Going to talk to my doctor about switching from Lortab to Percocet. I need a lot less of it. I'm really hoping to get my CONDITION treated soon instead of just dulling the pain. Right now, I just took 3 "10mg/325's"  Hydrocodone and 1.8 mg of percocet ( I had a quarter of a 7.5 left) about three hours ago... and I still have pretty hardcore pain where my problem is. I have tumors in my uterus and incredibly bad Polycystic Ovaries... and ye-ah. They hurt like a you-know-what.  Some one of these days it'll get taken care of. It's one of the things I really hope Obama pulls through on is that we might have easier access to health care. I've been dealing with the PCOS since I was fifteen, and the uterine issue since I was 19, barely 20. At present, I've only been able to  treat the pain from it instead of the actual issue because I couldn't afford the surgery. I could do $50 a week for my meds because of my in-laws.. but they didn't have $5K+ to help me with surgery right now. It's been hard because I can't do a lot of jobs because of the pain/med issue. Here in Las Vegas, they're pretty sticklerish about what's in your system, regardless of its legality. It's also really hard for me to walk or stand for more than 10 minutes at a time without getting lightheaded or close to passing out. Without at least the hydrocodone, I wouldn't be able to even get out of bed right now. Today was a major progress though. Even though it took me 3 times the time it normally would have, I made an awesome from-scratch stir fry with peppers, sprouts, broccoli, mushrooms, beef, and teriyaki sauce with rice. I'm going to use the rest of the rice from tonight to finish up the veggies in another one tomorrow if I can handle it. It was nice to be able to do something normal. I know it's only been a week, but this week has been inexplicably hard. Thanks for the support, guys!

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by girlfriendinwisconsin, Jul 08, 2009
Hey Everybody,

Been reading for a week and will post my story soon.  Just wanted to quickly post a link about Percocet.  FDA is pulling it.

I'll begin my journey/trial at the end of the month.  This is a wonderful community.  I believe it was providential that I found you all.

910168 tn?1262466069
by Lillyval, Jul 08, 2009
Hi Grandmagirl - You have "fought the good fight" being medication free, but with the level of depression you have been suffering I think you are doing the right thing by trying an SSRI.  I have been on several of them myself, including Prozac.  They have worked for me and are non-addictive (no withdrawals if you decide to stop).  Like many others have said, it's a matter of trial and error to find the one that is best for you.  For me prozac made me have no affect at all - not happy or sad just functioning.   I have two friends, though, that have been on Prozac long term and it has worked great for them.  The only warning would be that if you suddenly start feeling worse, or have thoughts of harming yourself STOP TAKING IT RIGHT AWAY.  These reactions are rare and usually occur in young people. I think you will start feeling better over the next week on the SSRI.  Then you can make better decisons about what direction to take in the future.  As always, I wish you all the best.  Feel better!

infected genetics - Sorry for all you're going through. I also have PCOS.  I'll send you an e-mail later about some non-pain medication options you might have.  I would stay away from the Percocet. I'll write more later when I have time.

Welcome all you newcomers.  I'm glad you found this site and I wish you strength and courage.

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by jekorb, Jul 08, 2009
Hello, everyone:

Grandmagirl, thank you so much for your kind words, and I am proud of myself, tho still frightened.  My goal is set, however, and with God's help and the wonderful support I have, I'll both make the touchdown AND kick the field goal!!  BTW, you'll love a motorcycle.  We have an H-D Ultra Classic ElectraGlide, a big roaring hunk of machinery, we've named "Jim Bob"---we adore him and I know you would, too, if you and your husband get one.  Live Free and Ride!

Girlfriendinwisconsin, welcome.  I, too, find this community warm and supportive.  Love to you and everbody on here.  I'll be thinking of you~~~keep a brave front, OK?

Infe-gens, I also suffered terribly from Stein/Leventhal Syndrome (polycystic ovaries) starting when I was 13 year old.  The pain and subsequent surgeries in my 20s and 30s are what finally hooked me to pain meds---there was just one physical trauma after another and I was always being given scripts for meds.  Wish I could have found another way back then, but hindsight is 20/20.  Now in my late 50s, at last I will be clean; I pray for this every day.  And I pray for you.

Fred, that's so wonderful what you are doing in the memory of your furry family.  Good for you!  I'm sure they're standing by, watching with interest!  I have the ashes of my beloved cat and dog in little carved boxes upstairs.  I have another cat and dog now, but will do the same for them when their time comes (God willing, it'll be a LONG time).  Be sure to post pics!

Blessings always,

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by grandmagirl, Jul 08, 2009
It's Wed. and I have just taken the first Prozac...10 mg.  I started crying as it went down..I"m hoping this will work and I'm also hoping it doesn't whack my system out more...Just very scared ...I will post as the days go by and let everyone know how this medication is working for me.  God depression sucks.,

Hello Fred....I love  the idea of the tribute to the kitties. Pets play such an important part in our day. They know when your happy...they know when your sad. They will curl up with you for hours. When your sick...they sense it and will lay with you for days and sometimes even put a paw on you for comfort.

I see a new kitty in your future. The last time I had a cat pass it was hard as this cat was 18 years old...I waited a few weeks and found myself at the shelter..".just looking around." I noticed a rather thin very ill  gray cat with beautiful green eyes.
The shelter said the cat had been hit by a car and was not expected live. I told them .".I will take that cat."  They gave me a certificate for all the shots and only charged me $15.00...Long story short it took about 3 mos. for this cat to rebound and many trips to the vet. My husband and I have loved this cat like it was our child. I guess staying up all those nights checking to make sure he was doing o k bonded us forever...They seem to know how much we love them. Doesn't matter if you get a grown one or a cute kitten you have saved another pet.  Reminds me of the sea shell poem

Love to all  peaceful wishes from California.

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by grandmagirl, Jul 08, 2009
Correction ..on last post...not sea shell poem....don't look it up I quoted the wrong one...

Read the The Starfish Story..

The Star Fish Story

     A man was walking along the beach. For in the distance,, he could see a stretch of beach where hundreds of starfish had washed up on the beach. As he got closer, he saw a young boy picking up the starfish one by one and throwing them back into the ocean.

     He stood and watched. he felt the futility of the boy's actions....there were so many starfish and only one boy trying to save them. he shook his head with frustration and walked closer to the boy and the hundreds of starfish. He again watched and finally when he couldn't watch any longer he walked over to the boy and said ' why are you doing that? There are hundreds of starfish and only one of you. What you are doing is impossible. you will never save them all,,,,, and besides...what difference does it make?" The boy looked at the man and as he picked up one starfish and threw it back into the ocean ..he replied, " It made a difference to that one."

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by infectedgenetics, Jul 08, 2009
Yay! I finally got restful sleep for the first time in a week! I was able to fall asleep pretty quickly, without any drugs of any kind, and I stayed sleeping, too! That was the best part. I went to sleep around 5:30 in the morning and slept til 11.30 when I had to get up. I got a few REM cycles. I'm REALLY happy.  I'm feeling a little better today.. no DT's so far. I'm 7 days clean today :)

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by girlfriendinwisconsin, Jul 08, 2009
Wow!  Congratulations!!  I'm gonna say that some day too.

I guess now is a good time to jump in.  I’m recovering from spinal cord cancer, astrocytoma C1,2 and 3.  I also have scoliosis. Have had multiple surgeries since age 9, maxed out on radiation, was a quadriplegic for a year,  no chemo.  I have a cable, 7 screws and brackets attached to my spinal column and a steel rod also attached to the length of it.  All this by the time I was 20.  I married, finished college, had a beautiful daughter (cesarean), fought the same cancer again at age forty, rehabed from quad again, divorced and re-happily-married. I’m 50 yrs old cancer free due  to some powerful food nutraceuticals I took during a case study, but other than the food pills I take I have been amazingly med and pain free until a year and a half ago.  

Two years ago I started developing increased muscle tone known as spasticity. It has taken my coordination and causes me pretty severe sciatic pain.  I took tizandine for four months and quit ‘cause I didn’t like the side effects.   So, no meds…nada…and was pretty proud of  it.  Then I slipped on water in my bathroom, dislocated my knee and fell on it breaking my femur just above the knee diagonally.  Ouch!  Surgery. Rod in femur.  Oxycodone immediately following surgery every two hrs if needed.  I’m trying to keep this short.  I took it every four hrs, then six, usually after therapy.  Wanted to get off all meds I have always believed that my body has to leave the healing process to deal with the toxicity before it can begin healing again.  But sleep is also critical to healing and immune function, so made allowances for sleep. Oxy twice a day, mid day nap and night time sleep.  This next part makes me so mad I see red!  The docs should have switch my med before it took hold of me.  I should have investigated sooner instead of blindly trusting them to do that.  A month out from surgery I’m relatively pain free, but the oxycodone is managing my spasticity quite nicely ‘cept I’m needing it more often.  I promised myself I would never increase the dose. So I figure… in four more weeks they’re gonna let me put weight on the leg right?, I’ll be hurtin again right?, so I’ll just keep on it ‘till then. Not a good plan.  At eight weeks from surgery I start weight bearing on the injured leg.  Wow, no pain, this is great.  So I decide to stop the oxy.  Woah!!!!  12 hours out my blood pressure is 117 over170, my spasticity has doubled in tightness, I’m cold and sweating, my whole body is tightened up and shivering.  So tell me, is this DTs?

I know this is a tramadol forum.   I came here to check it out as an alternative to oxycodone.  Needless to say, I won’t be going that route.  But what to do.  I have never increased my dose, but boy do I want to and every two hrs if I knew it wouldn’t lead to destruction.  I am so naïve and inexperienced with addiction.  I’ve lectured, read and studied about it, but this is my first time on this side of the word.  I knew I was addicted when I went to fill my prescription and I was two days too soon and they wouldn’t fill it.  WHAT!? I’d never heard of that, I need them now!  I had a few tizanadine and two oxys to get me through. I was miserable those two days. Now I watch those little white pills like a hawk, never letting them out of my sight.  Gosh! this is so  wrong.  Then MJ dies.  He was taking oxycodone.  Even if it wasn't the direct cause of death, it was a wake-up call.  I've started having chest pains and major constipation.  Man, am I mad, how dare they do this to me!  I didn’t ask for this! I am so in tuned with the many posts of frustration and anger on this forum.  And am I hearing correctly that some of the withdraw symptoms mimic the symptons you originally took  the drug for so you don’t know if the misery your feeling going off the drug is caused by the drug or not having the drug?  Is my increased spasticity, and it is painful now, from my neurological condition or from the withdraw from oxy?  And if it’s my condition, can I switch pain meds every month on a three or four month rotation so no one drug has time to hook me?

Either way, I’ll be ending this love/hate realationship with oxycodone at the end of this month.  I have wedding to travel to and my husband will be away hiking in Pictured Rocks for a week.  He’s afraid of my getting off of my “happy pill”.  But at this point it’s  losing its happy effect anyway unless I increase the dose or frequency.

I hope you guys will let me stay.  Even though my poison is different, I’ve benefited tremendously from your stories and am less frightened to start this whole thing, knowing I can come here and you'll be here.  Thanks a ton!

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by Dazygrey, Jul 08, 2009
While researching my nervous stomach/sick feeling in the stomach symptoms, I found maybe dyspepsia or gastritis but after finding this site and reading all the posts I am thinking my ill feelings are caused by the tramadol I have taken for almost 7 years now. Maybe my body is wanting more and because I have not increased the dosage, I feel aweful.....maybe a sort of withdrawal process?

I started feeling worse when the pharmacy changed manufacturers....from Cara to Apot. When I started taking the apot brand I felt like the tramadol was not working anymore. My aweful feelings have been going on awhile now.

7 years ago becasue vioxx bothered my stomach I was given ultram for arthritis. I felt good, very very good. It helped my mood and gave me the energy to keep going physically. Over the years I got up to 50 mg. 3 times a day. 8, 12 and 6.

About 7 months ago I found myself waking up and feeling anxious, stomach pain, a feeling of impending doom....I get up take a tramadol but I don't actually feel better until the evening when I have had 3 in me. I started thinking that because I do not have tramadol in me for 13 hrs., my morning feelings might be a type of withdrawl. After reading all the posts here, I am pretty sure of it.

My stomach pain was so bad today that I found a tramadol from the other manufacturer and took one at 6 tonight and do feel better.

I often wondered how I can get off of tramadol and what kind of damage is it doing to me? The Dr.s say it's safe. I went on prozac last year because I lost 3 of my precious pets (greyhounds) in a 5 month time frame and it pushed me over the edge. I cried all the time. I told the Dr. I can't take prozac and tramadol together (he didn't know this) so he gave me vicodin to take in place of tramadol. I wanted off the prozac and vicodin and back on tramadol and so I did.

My symptoms are:

a very painful stomach (this started when I switched mfg)
not hungry, but can eat once I start
feeling of impending doom
not happy with anyone or anything
I don't laugh
I don't have a desire to do anything
My relationship with my husband is strained.....not because of the use of tramadol but becasuse of me
Everything bothers me

Is it possible these could be withdrawal symptoms from maybe a lesser potency of tramadol from the different mfg? Or are these symptoms of 7 years of being on the tramadol? I am 61.

Thanks for listening.

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by mrcrump, Jul 08, 2009
Grandma girl, when I stopped taking Ultram I had to go to an emergency psych clinic. I was prescribed Prozac. I can't say I'm positive about this but I really felt better after about ten days. No side effects that I noticed. I stopped taking it to make it out of the w/d gutter, but since my relapse my depression has been so bad that I think I'm going back on it. I miss my husband that I have seperated from. If I miss him, then that means it's definately time for an antidepressant. So I say go for it. I believe no drug can be worse as far as w/d's go in the long run. I'm here for you as well as everyone else. Keep us posted.  Love, KS

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by grandmagirl, Jul 08, 2009
Thanks KS ..I started the first 10 mg.. pill today..I have felt tired...but other wise I'm ok..Thanks for the information...It sure helps.....Hugs to alll

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by gettinglifeback, Jul 09, 2009
Hey everyone,
Question, I was on Zoloft the few months leading up to stopping the Tram. I have been on just about every anti-depressent over the years, but Zoloft was going to be my answer.  When I started getting ill last week...was that only last week? I stopped everything I was on Tram, Lortab, Robaxin,Neurontin,Maxide,Valium, at first only took my I now have started back on the Neurontin (scared of seizures) and on day 2,I thnk day 2, I started back on a low dose of the Valium to help with the horrible anxiety I was having...feeling that someone was pulling my back tight and the back of my neck. After no sleep for about 4 nights it started to help.  I don't feel overly depressed but have my "moments" of depression and paranoia....I keep having anxiety over my husband cheating on me(long story but my neighbor insists my husband is spending too much time with his wife outside....he is chasing our 2 y/0...needless to say I am outside LOTS more now :-)  I trust my husband...if he's put up with me this long, don't think he would cheat right now.  Anyway, can't get past some of these off the wall feelings.  Doesn't help that i have gained so much weight either, use to play softball,basketball and volleyball all year until the spinal fusion. Not sure if these feelings are just a normal part or if I should be on something.  Is Zoloft safe?  I was on Zoloft and Wellbutrin up until about 5 months ago when he increased the Zoloft and dropped the Well. d/t the insane cost of Well. I have also been on Prozac in the past along with Paxil and several others.  Ok, if anyone has an opinion on it I'd appreciate it.

Just update I am now day 8 without any Tramadol or Lortab and feeling really good. Had my first full day of work yesterday and found myself reaching for the bottle once when my legs were burning....out of habit..had given my husb. all my pain meds a few days before thank God. Don't think I would have taken it, but glad it wasn't there anyway.  I am still taking every vit. known to man along with Advil, still having some soreness but figure my body is in shock at the moment.  Yesterday evening was my worse day in several but figure after in and out of the car all day and then had to do 2 1/2 hours on the computer (I'm a home health nurse) I think it's just muscle soreness.  Still, would like it to go away. Didn't sleep as well last night but did get about 4 hours.

Everyone lurking, you can do this just make the jump!!
Thanks in advance

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by grandmagirl, Jul 09, 2009
Gettinglifeback...Hi...I'm so glad your on day 8..Thats fantastic...good work...I don't know much about Zoloft  except that I have know a few co-workers that took it ...They seemed ok..but gained a lot of weight. I think these people where on it long term.

Day 2 of prozac 10mg. Just took 2nd pill....started to cry....still crying...I felt shaky this morning when I woke up...but slept pretty good with out any TY pm last night. Doctor did say not to take ty pm as it could also cause the depression from the antihistamines in the ty pm..  God depression sucks.....I  never thought it would come to this. That I would be getting up everyday Tram free and feel sooooooooo depressed. Yes I've had a ton of STUFF..4 funerals and over load at work.....but normally I would just keep rolling a long with life's stuff.  I'm hoping as the days go by this prozac will kick in and I can start to feel better. Going to Seattle on Monday to sit on our floating home on Lake Union .My sister lives in Seattle and we all vacation there in the summer....hugs to all  

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by ultradic, Jul 09, 2009
Hello Everyone.
     I'm happy I found this community. I don't quite know what to do. I've been a slave to Ultram (Tramadol) since about 2003. I recently realized I absolutely need it to function. If I don't take it I'm crabby, somewhat nasty, and don't feel like interacting with anyone. I know it's time to take it when I feel that tingle deep inside.
     I tried the cold turkey thing and it was just about the most uncomfortable thing I've ever done. I couldn't sit still, my legs and arms were restless. I got no sleep at all, and after 7 days it didn't improve, so I relapsed and here I am. I'm so desperate for help. If I could avoid the withdrawal symptoms I would do cold turkey. I have a family, and have to be there for my kids, my wife, and handicapped mother. As long as I take my Tramadol i'm fine, and function very well.
     Years ago my Dr. gave me Ultram for arm pain. They helped, but I kept needing more and more in order to get the same relief. The pain is still there, but now I take much more than the 400 mg recommended dosage. In fact i can take 1200 mg no problem. So needless to say I am 100% addicted and my Dr gave me Ultram because it wasn't addicting. Obviously he was wrong, and here I am a drug addict at my age.
     What do i do? how can I get off them? They're so easy to get. I'm so sick of wasting my money, as well as destroying my body. I would like to try the tapering method, but I see some haven't been too successful.

     Thanks for being there


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by grandmagirl, Jul 09, 2009
Hello Nick...I left you a note on your page...Please keep posting..I know you can do this...Start tapering very slowly and read Emily's early posts if you can. Please post and let us know how your doing...Fell better soon...Peaceful wishes from California

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by grandmagirl, Jul 09, 2009
correction to last post...Feel better soon...

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by Kacey797, Jul 09, 2009
hello all.  been here before...on day 2 cold turkey.  Could someone please tell me how to get the pressure out of my chest and tell me what I can take to bring up my energy in a supplement :) Having six kids I have to be able to get up and go.  I am a lot better than I was yesterday, but between having the "flu", no energy, and  always feeling cold but sweating...I was just wondering if there is anything to take to help.

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by grandmagirl, Jul 09, 2009
Hello Kacey   Pressure in your chest could be from the flu...Did you in fact have the flu or do you just feel like you have the flu coming off of the Tram?

The cold sweaty thing is pretty normal for a few days. The no energy thing is pretty normal too. Start taking some supplements.  Lots of Omega 3's ...B-2  B-6  a good B complex...vitamin D ..Valerian...St. John's Wort for depression...I also take prenatal vitamins.

Wow  six may want to tell them your not feeling well and depending on their ages can they pitch in and help take care of the younger ones while your doing this tapper? Try and get as much rest as you can and be sure and eat something.  Drink tons of water... My thoughts and prayers are with you. ....keep posting ..

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by Kacey797, Jul 09, 2009
Thanks, grandmagrl---i have read through the previous posts.  No, I don't actually have the flu...just one of the downfalls of the ultram.  Few days? Gosh, I hope not too much longer. I'm tired of washing my sheets.  St. Johns wart? I thought there were some things that weren't too good for you to take that, ha ha I guess that's kind of silly since I took the ultram.  No taper, I went cold turkey.  Im ok...just feel like walking up the steps is a chore, yet I'm not laying around...just have no energy.  I thank you from the bottom of my one should have to suffer in this way.

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by onemoretry48, Jul 09, 2009
Kacey797, I experienced the same chest pressure, I was concerned but I had a feeling it was due to Tramadol w/d. I think it happened on day 4 or 5. I really have no idea what caused it, it seems so wierd, but the good news is that it went away just suddenly and never returned.
Have faith, it will be OK.
Jules.....33 day off Tramadol and feeling OK most days.

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by Kacey797, Jul 09, 2009
thanks jules...scary right?  Everyone here is right when they say the hours feel like minutes though.  I keep counting over and over how many days it has been.  I know once I get through to day four, I will be much better.  i just wish I could get moving...I'm not one to sit around which made the ultram all the better for me.  It was always such a big decision to get off or stay on everytime I ordered them.  I'm getting off.  I refuse to spend any more money on it. I realize there is no quick fix for the energy, I just wish there

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by 2Sue, Jul 09, 2009
Hi havnt posted for a while. im over  3 months post tram now. the first month of was awful, depression lasted a bit longer.but start running and got those feel goods factors.When i felt stronger i stopped all vitamins cause i wanted my bod in its natural state.
to all you at those early day at a proof things do get back to normal. kids went through a lot,(three under 12). give it one final push, i feel guilty,though it wasnt my fault, for what my children,god love them have put up with over a year, but they were good as gold,and thank god i had a lot of support from the good folk on this site,cause they got there mam back and we now have fun.
grandmagirl. my reason for posting again.i was on prozac and the effects were awful.within two weeks i was spaced out,no interest, they could have taken my kids and i wouldnt have caredi was like a full blown junky needing a fix..My first experience ever of a sensitivity to medication..dont want to scare you and every one is differnt,but just needed to post.

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by tramaqueen, Jul 09, 2009
Hi tram warriors,
I haven't posted in a very long time. Still struggling with being completely clean. I've got to say that I'm tram-free for the most part. I tapered off of them in April, but have taken 1 pill on 3 different occasions (with at least a week in between times). This happened when I found myself in pain and there were (seemingly) no other options available. I'm still wrestling with my chronic pain issues and have resorted to taking 5 mg of an opiate every 24 hrs. I know.....I hear you telling me that for me to experience the joys of a tram-free life I must be completely clean. I know that. But I ain't there yet. I know that I need to start practicing tai chi again in order to loosen up my body enough to alleviate my stiff joints...but I haven't done it yet. Bad girl!  

But, on the bright side. I'm functioning much better as a person. I'm happier and more energetic. I don't yawn and sneeze all the time now and my general disposition both mentally and physically is more predictable. I went on a trip for 2 weeks just recently with only a few percocet 5's and one lone tramadol in the bottom of my purse that I didn't fish for until 10 days into my vacation. I didn't drink. I didn't long for drugs or cut my trip short so that I could go hunt some down. I was in almost constant pain as well. But, I enjoyed myself and was able to socialize in spite of my aching back and legs.
Mind over matter.
I'm hurting horribly right now as a matter of fact, and I just took 800 mg of ibuprophen. We'll see if it works or not. I have to go to work in a few hours too. But, I'm happy with my life and I feel like I'm doing a-ok. I know that daily I have less desire to swallow anything that's going to alter my mood/mind and I'm getting away from the thought that states "I need to take something to feel better". Maybe 'better' isn't an attainable state. I know it isn't a permanent one.
I apologize for not reading all the posts since I've last checked in but there are SO MANY!  Good luck all, and keep up the good fight.

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by jekorb, Jul 09, 2009
We may have to go to a new posting page, Emily~~~gettin' pretty full here and my computer is not keeping up with my typing.  

Thank you, everybody, for your interesting and heart-breaking posts.  You are all so brave and we are all one in our fight again The Enemy---Damn Tram!  I said in earlier posts that I was going to go on Suboxone.  Now, I'm rethinking this.  I read a couple of medical reports, saying that Suboxone does not help with the serotonin problems Tram causes and recommended 1) Prozac, to be started several days before w/d; 2) Immodium for obvious reasons; 3) Clonidine (I have low bp; will this hurt me?); 4) Pre-Natal Vitamins, as per Grandmagirl---great suggestion!!  

Please, opinions!

Love and blessings,

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by FinallyFred, Jul 10, 2009
Tramadqueen,  You sound great.  This is a no judgment zone and no stones are thrown from this end of the planet.  (((hugs)))

Grandmagirl,  You deserve a big HUG for all of the kind words and warm sharing you are doing around this place.  

Um...some of you newcomers have some complex medical histories.  You really should not substitute our experiences and the hope that we can offer for medical advice you know.  If someone reading here has anything like chest pains or severe depression, I would find a doctor and talk to him/her.  As far as I know, the closest thing to an M.D. we have posting regularly here is Michelle aka madram and I believe that she is a medical student in Australia.

Kacey, you are doing wonderfully, even though I am sure you aren't feeling wonderful.  But if you can just keep the faith that things will be letting up by about day 5, you can be done with the trams ONCE AND FOREVER.  

Nick, Welcome and I hope you keep coming back.  You said, " What do i do? how can I get off them? They're so easy to get." And I think you also said that "I tried the cold turkey thing and it was just about the most uncomfortable thing I've ever done. I couldn't sit still, my legs and arms were restless. I got no sleep at all, and after 7 days it didn't improve, so I relapsed and here I am. I'm so desperate for help. If I could avoid the withdrawal symptoms I would do cold turkey. I have a family, and have to be there for my kids, my wife, and handicapped mother. As long as I take my Tramadol i'm fine, and function very well."

I started taking trams in 2002 after surgery and like so many others, I was told this was a safe alternative to "real" opiates.  Like that word "synthetic" before the word "opiate" meant I could swallow them with reckless abandon.  

Nick, you aren't gonna like this, but there is simply no EASY way to avoid the terrible withdrawal symptoms that you have described.  I don't know of a person who has been able to stop taking the damn trams without going through the symptoms you described.  Would you be able to step down from 1200 mgs a day to say 800 for a few weeks, down to 400  for a few weeks and then gradually taper off?  Some here have worked a successful taper, but NOT me.  And as you have/will find, tapering from a dose like you describe isn't any picnic either.  And if you are like me, you can't even fathom a taper.   I don't know of any way out except to put in 4-5 days of the worst days of your life.  It's really very rare that anyone takes so long as seven days to get through the worst of withdrawal.  

So here is my tough love advice for you Nick...stay on the 1200 mg/day and hope you don't have a seizure.  Maybe you will be around to see grandchildren.   And one day, I pray you will have that moment of clarity that I was so fotunate to have experienced.  When getting off these things consumed my every thought for several days.  I didn't work for that week, I didn't cook, I didn't care for our pets (my wife was understanding) and I actually did VERY little that week except declare a personal WAR on this drug.   An investment in hell.  But that ONE week has been paying dividends to me since the first week of December last year.  

What you will get in return is your health and your freedom from nearly constant WITHDRAWAL symptoms.

You will no longer have to throw down money for a worthless pill of pills that serve to control us.

You will no longer need to count pills...and plan family vacations around your rx orders.  

And you will see your normal passions and concerns for others return.

And you will no longer be that spaced out, foggy brained zombi this drug turns us all into.

I thought I was doing pretty well too while taking thee pills, thought I was functioning well.  Why would any of us keep poisoning ourselves if, in the heat of our addiction, we felt we were functioning poorly?  We cling to these hopes because we can justify remaining hooked on this pill.  

The crazy thing is that I knew a meth addict once who thought HE was functioning well.  A tour around his house showed different.  He had a million projects he had started while functioning well.  But none of the things he began were finished. His life was a mess and he thought he was functioning well.   Sad.

Unless getting off these damned pills becomes the most important thing in your life for a few days, you will never make it.  I wouldn't recommend even trying if the withdrawal symptoms seem too much.

But it's really no big deal.

It's just a matter of life or death.

Courage, Strength and Love to Everyone.  (((hugs)))


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by 2Sue, Jul 10, 2009
Hi Dazy,
your symptoms sure do sound like tram side effects.might be time to taper or stop if they are malking you worse not better, but expect symptoms to last a while after you stop (read posts) but it is worth it.
I do believe that medication from different manufacturers can seem different although medics would prob argue.

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by 2Sue, Jul 10, 2009
Sorry folks, that last comment.when does tram ever make you better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by gettinglifeback, Jul 10, 2009
Just wanted to say today is my 39th birthday and my first birthday in over 8 years that I am Tram. free...and for that matter Hydrocodone free too!! What an amazing feeling.  On one hand I feel great and so happy with all I am rediscovering and depressed at the same time for the years I lost thinking this poision was necessary for me to be happy...yea, NOT happy when on tram just didn't realize it.

I am day 8 without any T. or Hydro. Got 5 hours sleep last night (that is great for me even on the tram) woke up at 5:30 went for an hour walk and just felt wonderful to take in deep breaths of the cool air here.  I just feel like I am waking up finally after being in a coma for 8 youngest son and daughter's entire lives...lots of making up to do.  

I actually told my husband I wanted to go out tonight and celebrate my b-day the two of us. Sitter lined up and not once did I have the urge to run to my purse to count the pills to make sure I had enough to make sure I can sit through the,dinner.etc.   If you would have asked me just a week ago if I would have felt like this I would have told you that you were crazy!!!!  I am still taking all the vit. suggested and the b-12 subl. seems to really do wonders. I take one mid day and it seems to give me that mid-day boost I need.  Still have moments out of the blue where I feel anxious, depressed it passes not like before where I would just want to lie in bed and snap at anyone who talked to me.  Taking it one day at a time!!

Thanks again to all of you who are posting. Each of your stories,symptoms has helped me know this all  would/will pass and it unfortunately is just part of the wd.  Otherwise I might have given in by day 4!.   I have made it part of my morning ritual to stop in the den and read all the recent post, especially on days 3-5 it was the justification to keep going knowing I was investing in my families future and all these symptoms were just this terrible poision.

Heres to a Tram free life to all!!

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by Miss_Amy_2009, Jul 10, 2009
Good morning and TGIF, my friends!

I am 66 days Tram FREE!

For those that don't know my story:
I took Tramadol for 5 years, as I was prescribed this drug for back pain...Last taper was from 100mg- although highest dose for 2 of those 5 years, was at 200mg)

Update: I'm honestly feeling better than I ever imagined! I've realized that my lack of interest in certain things has become ALIVE again. My energy has increased! I even feel younger since I am more active now. Doing more things...enjoying life again...So, believe that you can feel like the old you (or better)! onto what I came here post some info for the newcomers!

First and foremost, you're doing the right thing by just being here...and you won't find a more caring and supportive place than Emily Post's journal...WELCOME! :-)

Below, you will find some info that I am hoping will be helpful to at least ONE person. :-)



To the people that have children and are trying to get off of Tramadol:

When you get the flu, you really don't have time to plan how you will manage your responsibilities (work, children, etc..) so, what do you do? Whatever it is, it's pretty much on the fly. However, when going through the challenging 3-5 days of the acute w/d's of tram, you can control when you will start your tapering/CT process...which gives you time to plan...Just keep in mind that there will NEVER be a good it's up to you to MAKE the time...Plan on getting some assistance with your children, household chores and take a few days off of work. I was actually able to manage going to work the entire time and even though I felt as though I was crawling out of my own skin, it kept me busy...or should I say distracted...but to each their own...I would say, try to go to work, but have a tentative plan for the days that you just can't make it. Something to think about...

To the people with the desire to end their relationship with Tramadol:

Becoming tram free takes will and's definitely called a "fight" for a reason. You will feel challenged, no matter what method you choose to break the relationship with this drug. You will feel the grasp of Tram when it knows you want to leave it's arms. FIGHT THAT GOOD FIGHT and DON"T GIVE UP...You will find that it will be well worth the trade....3-5 days of misery for a better future...better health...and some will find that they will even have less pain, like I did. Understand that there will be a time or two when you feel as though you HAVE to take the pill to NOT feel the misery because you THINK you just can't take it anymore...but KNOW that if you just hang on, YOU WILL MAKE IT to the other side! When you feel the MOST challenged, you are ALMOST just don't know it yet...and you won't until it's hindsight...After all, you know what they say: "Hindsight is 20/20" HOLD ON TIGHT and DON"T GIVE UP! I know that it feels like an ETERNITY when you're going through the eye of the storm...but if you make it over that hump, you will look back and understand that it's not actually the time that it took, it was actually the struggle that made it feel LONG and DRAWN OUT. It's NORMAL to ask yourself these two questions when you're going through the worst of it all and even for about a month after....

"How long is this AWFUL feeling going to last????"
"Are these symptoms EVER going to stop?"

Well, here are your answers:
3-5 days for acute w/d's (anxiety, lack of or limited sleep, RLS, chills, muscle cramps, sweats, etc..)
These will be the most challenging days..make it through! BECAUSE YOU CAN.
Yes. Even though it doesn't seem like it, THE ACUTE W/D's WILL STOP between day 3-day 5. Plan on day 5.

Then you will move into a second phase of w/d's...These will last approximately 30 days...You may find some symptoms lifting around the second or third week..plan on a month)...Although it can be a struggle, these w/d's are like a walk in the park compared to the acute w/d's that last those 3-5 days.If you made it through the first 5 days of the acute w/d's, this part will be a breeze...just KNOW that it's a WAITING GAME.

Expect the following w/d symptoms:

Lethargy, Brain Fog, Depression, Sneezing, etc...

Know that even though you may feel these symptoms, you will also gain a sense of self control, liberation, freedom, etc..

You will notice that these GOOD feelings will eventually crowd out the bad ones...even if you don't notice them right away..

It's normal to ask yourself the same two questions mentioned above:

"How long is this AWFUL feeling going to last????"
"Are these symptoms EVER going to stop?"

They too will fade...and your new life will begin...Just understand that your body is going through an unfamiliar process. Look at this duration of time as your healing period...tell yourself that you WILL survive it...remind yourself of the joys in life that you have miss out on and that you want back...and it's just a waiting game to get be WILL feel your strength increase..


You will be able to relieve yourself of the pain that Tramadol has caused you in order to MAKE you FEEL as if you HAVE to keep taking it in order to NOT FEEL UNWELL (understand that that unwell feeling that you have that makes you reach for that next dose is actually your body going through daily w/d's...THIS IS HAPPENING BEFORE YOU EVEN DECIDE TO GET OFF OF TRAM..and it's important to understand WHY this happens...It's because YOUR BODY HAS BUILT UP A TOLERANCE FOR THE DRUG AND WANTS MORE...AND IT WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO...OVER AND OVER..NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU INCREASE THE DOSE...This is how this drug turns on you and you will always feel these w/d's...even if you increase the will come again..making you want to increase your dose some more..and then more.and get the idea....

Basically, if you continue to make your addiction worse by increasing your doses just to feel "well"- You will have bigger problems than what you have now...THAT is how Tram works and keep you in it's grasp..It's THAT simple. If you choose to NOT INCREASE the dose, like I will just suffer with the w/d's everyday...I got tired of the suffering on a daily basis...and ended this misery by going through a shorter term misery of breaking that relationship with tram. A few days of misery or even one month is better than the rest of your life...Isn't it?

The choice is yours....

Here's what's PRICELESS about being TRAM FREE:

You WILL be IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE...and you will feel like you have MORE TO OFFER to your family/friends, but most of all YOURSELF....


*Big Hugs*


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by EmilyPost, Jul 10, 2009
This thread is closed.

Please move to Part 12

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by Kacey797, Jul 10, 2009
Hey Fred, Thank you for you're kind four and I have to say...THINGS ARE LOOKING UP! So if I am of any help to anyone out there considering the wd process...yeah, I am not going to say it was east, but I know I have suroassed the worst.  Am I great, no, not by a long shot, but I feel a whole lot better.  Nights are a bit hard, especially with a three year old who doesn't want to sleep in her bed and I am still getting the sweating a bit, not as much.  But all in all I am at work, and I am and will make it through this.  I will continue to post because it makes me feel great to know there are others who have made the mistake of thinking life was better with ultram.  I cannot wait to be completely done with all of this.

By the way, grandmagrl, went to the store and bought the St.  John's wart.  Not sure if it's the pill working or just because I am feeling better, but thank you for the advice!  

one question, though, does your body become accustomed to taking the supplements as well?

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by elizabeth442, Jul 11, 2009
This is my first post. I've read through a lot of the posts here which made me feel a lot better (thanks everyone) and I thought I would share my situation and ask for some advice. I feel a little silly writing because my situation does not seem nearly as difficult as what some of you have been through and I feel a bit like a baby for complaining.

I recently had some neck/back pain again (it comes once a year or so) and I happened to get Tramadol from someone who got it for pain and didn't like it so they offered to me (I have no health insurance). I LOVED the tramadol. It made me feel great. They were 50mg pills and I took one a day until they ran out (long after the back pain went away) After that, I was depressed for 2 weeks but I got through it. That was about 2 years ago. Recently I got another bottle for my most recent back pain. You would think I would know better considering the prior time, but apparently 2 years was enough time to remember how much I liked them and forget about the withdrawal.

This one was a big bottle but 37.5mg per pill and I took it until it was gone, but only one pill a day, on occasion two. I ran out and I am having withdrawals. I am on day 4 without. I am surprised considering the low dose I was taking but it was for about 3 months every day. My main symptoms are anxiety (I have a constant knot in my stomach), depression and weird pain in my arms and to a lesser extent my legs. The depression isn't nearly as bad as the last time, but now I have anxiety and this weird pain. I am dealing with the anxiety and depression fairly well, I know it will go away, but this pain is getting hard to deal with. Is it really possible that this is a withdrawal from such a low dose? It seems crazy. It feels like I imagine Restless Leg Syndrome would feel, but I have no way of knowing. Just this constant dull pain in my arms. I tried Ibuprofen but it doesn't help. I just dug through my medicine cabinet to see if I had anything that would help, but of course, anything potent is long gone and all I have is muscle relaxers that I got for my back but that never worked well enough for me to take, plus they're old. I took one Skelaxin because a google search pulled up results that had Skelaxin being prescribed for RLS. Of course, that probably isn't what I have and so far it doesn't seem to be helping. But it is a muscle relaxer so I thought maybe it could help.

I would really appreciate any advice on how to treat this or opinions on whether you think it really is a withdrawal symptom from such a low dosage or something else completely that I should have checked out. It is really starting to drive me crazy.

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by girlfriendinwisconsin, Jul 11, 2009

I happened back here by mistake, but this thread was closed two posts ago.  Emily has supplied the link to follow to go where everybody has gone.  You may want to highlight, copy and paste your above post in that new thread.  Someone will help you I'm sure.  See you over there. :)

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by Captain_Backfire, Jul 28, 2009
Hello all,

     Firstly, I have to say that I thank GOD for places like this. If it wasn't for finding a site like this several months ago, I honestly thought I was going insane. The symptoms I felt every day, I thought I was literally dying. Sitting here reading all your stories, I'm in tears. I've been so ashamed of myself with all of this, feeling like a let-down to everyone around me. Like I should have known better. I have a 2 year old beautiful little boy, whom when I had him, had a c-section and an spinal. The idiot anesthesiologist I had messed my spinal up so badly, he gave me degenerative disk disease. 14 pokes of the needle and an ENORMOUS bruise later, I've endured the worst back pain I've ever experienced for 2 years now. After meeting my husband's best friend's new girlfriend, she introduced me to Tramadol, explaining that it helped her out tremendously, so I tried it. For the first few weeks, it was absolutely amazing. No back pain, I had energy out the butt, and I just felt great. I went to her doctor and got a script for it, and thus began my downward spiral.

Since, it's been almost a year, and for quite a while, I couldn't understand the flu like symptoms, the chills and skin crawls, the muscle aches and the twitching shakes I would get when I didn't take them every so many hours. I thought my body was dying, like I had cancer or something. (I've never been around anyone with withdrawals, nor have I had them myself, so I had no idea...) My mother works for a pharmacy, has been for years, and told me my stomach would end up bleeding if I kept taking this, freaking me out more. (Thanks, Ma.) But yeah. So one night at work, I was searching and searching trying to figure out where these ailments were coming from when I finally got the bright idea to associate Tramadol into my search. Low and behold, I got my answer, and boy did I feel like an idiot. I finally broke down and told my husband of my problem, after denying it for so long because I honestly didn't know it was because of the Tramadol, and now I just feel stupid. But if I don't take them, the pain is so severe, I nearly climb and claw the walls, feeling as though I could pull my hair from it's roots. My short term memory is completely shot, I'm extremely moody, and I know it's because of this. And how do I go cold turkey with a 2 year old? I have nobody to watch him... I'm a stay at home mom during the week while my husband's at work. I only work overnights on the weekends, and even then, how do I handle pain like that while having to do normal daily functions? I'm petrified, and my supply is quickly dwindling. When I get close to being out, I freak, wondering where my next supply is going to come from. It's sickening. I know I need to go to a doctor and ween myself off, but I'm literally so ashamed of myself, I'm afraid to tell anyone else of my problem.

I just don't know what to do with myself. Is there anywhere on the net or something I can get them so I can just ween myself off without the aid of a doctor? I really want to get off this drug. I NEED to get off this drug, for my sake, and for the sake of my family. Never in my life did I ever think I would have to say I'm an addict, as it feels like such a dirty thing to admit to, but I suppose there's a difference in being addicted physically than being addicted mentally, needing a high all the time. Tramadol gives me no type of high what-so-ever, just keeps the pain at bay. But the pain I'm dealing with from the withdrawals is far worse than what my back pain was. Knowing this pain, I could deal with the back pain. I just want to be normal again. Thanks though for all your inspirational stories. They really make me feel better about myself, knowing that I'm not the only decent human being in the world going through this horrible situation.



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by markusnme, Sep 29, 2010
When I first began taking tramadol (one pill) it did wonders, though I heard more than a few times that it did nothing for most women. I started taking samples from drug reps, then, I'd fake a sore back and get a prescription, the first year or so, it was maybe 4 a day mostly used to sleep (with tylenol pm), I steadly took more and more and after it became a regular routine for me day to day every single day, until it got so bad I was taking 8 at a time, 3 times a day, this went on for a couple of years, at which time, I lost a few friends who were nurses, doctors or in the medical field. I simply used them while not facing the fact, I could not do this forever. There were many days, I mixed hydrocodine with tramadol and tylenol pm for the peace I needed (or so I thought). I only recently have found the strength, and albeit the strength of our lord to stop or slow down this madness. I heard the horror stories and "I can't believe you're taking so much" so much, I simply tuned out, many times when I did hear the news stories of celeb's or someone else not making it out, I always had the "not me" to calm my nerves or fears, because after all, I had to rest, to feel good, to go to work, to pay the bills. In this day and age, I will simply say, you can get anything anytime and not break any laws doing it because the system has to continue, and it will. So thats my story to now, it's been almost 2 weeks of slowly cutting back, the sleepless nights, the cumpulsive kicking, arms and legs, though no one to complain to, I lost family members with the abuse. As I sit and type, I think I've slept maybe 30 minutes in 3 days, but I'm down to 3-4 pills a day, and I will make it, it is so easy to simply slip back though, good luck to all, tramadol is bad addictive!!

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by cdm763, Jun 02, 2011
I hope people are still reading these. I've been wondering about Tramadol for a while now. I've been taking it regularly for about 2 years now. I was born with a degenerative bone disease which now during my adult years has pretty much caused severe arthritus in my hips, knees, and ankles. I started out taking a couple of 50mg pills every 4 to 6 hours, usually ending up having taken 6 to 8 per day. However, that lasted VERY briefly as it seemed I was constantly needing more and more to continue getting the same effect. I always wondered why I had more energy on Tramadol, and frankly I kind of assumed it was simply because my legs didn't hurt so bad. I have been taking 15 to 20 pills a day for the last year or so, and recently stopped. I have had severe diareah, not much appetite, hard time going to sleep at night, and some problems with nausea in the mornings. I have also noticed that not only do my hip, knees, and ankles hurt from the arthritus, but now the MUSCLES in my legs (Particularly the calves) seem to "ache", sometimes severely. The biggest problem I have is the loss of energy though. I was diagnosed with depression long before I started taking Tramadol, and having no energy was probably my biggest issue my depression caused. So I think all of a sudden, having all that energy was something that I had craved for a long time, and I have and will continue to miss it. Will it come back? Or will I simply be dealing with having no energy from now on? I have really enjoyed coaching my boys' baseball teams, outings with my family, etc... Things I never had the energy to do before the Tramadol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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by itsnuckuponme, Jun 02, 2011
Hi all. I have a couple of questions i'd like to have answered if anyone wouldnt mind. First of all, I am addicted to oxycodone and just started a taper plan so not to go cold turkey. I dont know much about other pain meds. but I thought and was told that Tramadol is a non-narcotic pain killer, is that not true? or if it is true, then, its obviously still very habit forming. I also read on this forum in someone's post that they hate opiates due to being addicted to tramadol, so does that mean it is also an opiate? The funny thing is my dentist gave me tramadol and said she doesnt give narcotics and I was hoping to have something to help with my withdrawl sypmtoms from having run out of my oxycodone too early at the time but I didnt even bother b/c i figured if non narcotic, then it wont help. I took 1 and it didnt seem to have any affect at all. This was a while back, but I still have a whole bottle, just wondering now, if maybe I can use it if needed to help a little if I take a few ata time? suppose I could research it, but figure best if told by others who have experience on them.No matter what the drug, quitting or cutting back is no easy task, I know, and i'm glad this forum is here for support for all of us. thanks alot.

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by trammyjunkie, Feb 13, 2012
I am posting this to help anyone out there going through tramadol withdrawal. I have done it four times so know what its like. I love tramadol because it makes me happy etc...Im an addict junkie etc....But i know i cant stay on it forever and ive been on it for three years and the effects have gone away. I take 12 to 15 at a time and get very mild high. Time to quit again.  The first three times were hell. Anyone experiencing it i can tell you this. Quitting tramadol is the hardest most painful thing i have ever done. Up for at least 70 hours, depression like you have never thought possible, and lack of energy that is debilitating.  I am posting because i found something that works and wanted to share. I am taking codiene in small doses and i am on day three. I feel fine. I am sleeping and this is a walk in the park compared to going cold turkey. I am assuming any pain killer will work like vicodine, percs etc...I am not cheering on a new dependency i am simply trying to help anyone that wants to use something else for a week or so until the worst is over. I cant and couldnt go through that 10 days of hell again cold turkey. SO my message is that if you have the means, get one of the above mentioned alternatives to minimize the torture and agony. I am not over doing it just enough to sleep and work until i make it to day ten. I am expecting some mild withdrawals from the replacement but at least that will be minor compared to the absolute 5 to 10 days of utter hell that you get by going cold turkey. Hope this helps someone out there. I wish i had known this prior to going through it cold turkey. If you are already in the midst of the hell i can only tell you this. The pain will end. You will get better. It takes 10 full days and nights but you will wake up on day 11 and be able to function somewhat normally again. Hang in there and post on here if it helps. You are not imagining things. It is a living hell like none i have ever experienced before.

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by Schoen11, Oct 23, 2014
Hi all these post are 3 months old so I hope someone is still here.
I am quoting tram also ( on and off habit for 15 years) my highest dose of tram was 1000mg
As of today I am at 250 mg per day.
I have 40 pills left so so I will we totally off tram.
And I am scared to death!!!
I receive them for a real pain problem( herniated cervical disc, and neropathy .
I HATE HATE HATE. Being reliant on these thing
And just want my old self back.
My question is ... I have gabapentin ( haven't take. Any). Would that help with the w/d I am so scared of.
I have 3 children and my husband travels ALOT.
I can't run my house and have full. Low. W/d
Someone please help.

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by Schoen11, Oct 23, 2014
Hi all these post are 3 months old so I hope someone is still here.
I am quoting tram also ( on and off habit for 15 years) my highest dose of tram was 1000mg
As of today I am at 250 mg per day.
I have 40 pills left so so I will we totally off tram.
And I am scared to death!!!
I receive them for a real pain problem( herniated cervical disc, and neropathy .
I HATE HATE HATE. Being reliant on these thing
And just want my old self back.
My question is ... I have gabapentin ( haven't take. Any). Would that help with the w/d I am so scared of.
I have 3 children and my husband travels ALOT.
I can't run my house and have full. Low. W/d
Someone please help.

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by Schoen11, Oct 23, 2014
Please forgive my grammar and spelling errors.
My brain feels like it's in slow motion. I am sitting here trying to gather the gumption to go get dressed and do my hair. I have things to do tonight with daughters scout troop ( and all I want to do is NOTHING)
I have that bottle of gBapentin sitting here staring at me but I'm so conflicted
Anyone have advise?

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