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Treatment Starts Next Week

May 03, 2008 - 4 comments

My treatment should start next week – just a little earlier. The nurse ordered the medication yesterday. Also yesterday I attended what the Center calls “THE TEACHING”. When I walked into the room I halfway expected - Jesus and one or two of his Disciples would be there - in white doctor coats - sitting around the table doing that wine and food thing - what a crazy name for an --- ORIENTATION Group!?!?!!!!

Anyway, we received much information from the Nurse about the ‘dos and don’ts of treatment and an insulated bag with all ‘the stuff’ we’ll need to get started. (I felt as if I was going off to summer camp or something.) We were assured that our assigned nurse would always be available to us (during office hours of course) and to call whenever we needed help with or had questions about anything. The nurse seemed to sincerely care about and understand what we were getting ready to go through. That was comforting.

I think a month ago someone posted on the forum a ‘shopping list’ of sorts - for what may be needed while on treatment. After ‘The Teaching”, I went to the store to purchase some of the items – but for some reason it became an overwhelming experience walking up aisle after aisle looking for everything.

So today I went on line to  '' and ordered everything I might need (I forgot to order the back scratcher) – it was much easier – and cheaper – no PA tax and free shipping. The customer reviews of the products were also helpful.

Since I live alone I would rather have what I MAY need vs trying to run out to get it in a time of need.
When the order arrives, I plan to put my ‘stuff’ into a RED ‘care box’ right next to my bed just in case I FORGET where I put it. I’m learning as I go along here.

Nervous – yes –I take a lot of deep breaths – my therapist wants me to reach out more – and say what? I need help and I am afraid my life is getting ready to morph into something I won’t recognize? – I'm trying to reach out and it's helpful - especially from the folks on my friends list – I have to remember (and believe) in the long term this is going to be good for me – it’s better than the alternative. At least I have most of what I need to deal with the side effects – IF I have any – have to keep it positive….

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by paulalynn1965, May 04, 2008
Kick some butt girl, kick some butt!!!!

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by medicmommy, May 04, 2008
Slay that dragon!...By the way, a 9 yr old makes a pretty good back scratcher -and they work for cookies! :)
May you breeze through this and become hep-free! ((((((((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))         ~Melinda

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by medicmommy, May 04, 2008
PS.PS...When I started treatment, I really expected to grow horns, become really hairy, or howl at the moon!...I was disappointed...-I didn't even lose weight!  LOL                            ~Melinda

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by headshop, May 06, 2008
Good luck, and reaching out and sharing what's going on with you, is probably the best therapy there is.

I start tx after my teaching on or before June 10th. Whatever you share helps me, and others, as well as yourself. Take a load off of yourself.
I have a few questions, What kind of stuff did you have to pick up from the drugstore? Also I thought the day of teaching, we got our meds. Maybe I misunderstood, she might be ordering them that day.

Try not to think about the treatment coming up, if you don't think  about it and stay positive, up to the day you start tx, you will have only missed out on all the worry and anxious hours if you stay thinking about today and not tomorrow or next week.
Stiff upper lip,
Please let me know how it goes, you'll be fine.

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