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"must be migraines"

Feb 14, 2014 - 0 comments









no reason




what is going on

Weird? Strange? Occasional? Oh that must be migraine related..... know don't get me wrong, I understand almost ANYthing can be migraine related. I'd been having a new symptom, electric current type feelings running through my body (never had that before....), and either they say, migraines ,, I don't have any idea of what that could be....

But wait, what's that? they said those labs were normal, why is the B6 highlighted in red with a "high" label? "Wonder what that causes", google, google, journal search.....huh. It causes neuropathy..........and weirdness..... Not that I can find any info on what could cause that when I'm not taking ANY B vitamins (ok, so I take B9, but that does nothing......I've checked), not even taking my multi vit anymore, and seriously, barely eating any of the top 20 foods that have a lot of it.....

But you bet my Dr(s) are getting messages on those lovely electronic chart systems about this....*sigh* don't you understand yet? "usually", "most of the time" etc, doesn't apply to me "most of the time", I apparently, am not "most people", and if I hit one more dx on the rare disease registry, well, i'm about to near statistical anomaly....

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