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thinkened uterine lining


fluid in uterus




uterine fibroid


Test Results





           Thyroid Results, 2/26/2009------------------Normal

FT4    0.85   (0.58 - 1.64 ng/dL)
T4      6.9     (6.1 - 12.2 mcg/dL)
TSH    0.94   (0.34 - 5.60 micIU/ml)

           Thyroid Ultrasound - re check from last year:-----------------Normal

Right lobe of the thyroid measures 4.6 x 1.8 x 1.5 cm.  Left lobe measures 4.6 x 1.7 x 1.7 cm.  A small hypoechoic area is present within ithe left lobe of the thyroid measuring 3.6 x 1.5 x 3.4 mm appearing to be unchanged in comparison to the patients prior examination.   The size of both lobes of the thyroid appears to be stable in comparison to patient's prior examination.

             Misc. bloodwork:---------------Mostly Normal

Hemoglobin AIC  (HBAIC)  6.0       (4.0 - 6.0)
Lipase  (LIP)                     21        (22 - 51 U/L)
Amylase                           53       (15 - 145 mIU/mL)
Creatinine                         0.7      (0.4 - 1.0 mg/dL)
GFR-AfA                           >60     (>60)
GFR-Oth                           >60     (>60)


Satisfactory for evaluation.  Endocervical cells present
Negative for intraepithelial lsision or malignancy.  Predominance of Coccobacilli consistant with shift in vaginal flora.

            Abdomen Complete Ultrasound--------------Looks Great.

The pancreas, common bile duct, liver and spleen are unremarkable.  The common bile duct measures 4.1 mm.  Spleen measures 9.9 cm.  Both kidneys are unremarkable with the right kidney measuring 10.3 and the left measuring 11cm.  The aorta and inferior vena cava are unremarkable.
Impression:  No difinite abnormality is seen within the abdomen on this examination.

            CT Abdomen and Pelvis W     Optiray 350, 125 mL.---------------?

1.  Lower portions of both lungs zones are normal.
2.  The liver shows some slight fatty infiltration, otherwise th liver spleen, gallbladder, pancreas as well as the adrenals are normal.
3.  The kidneys are normal.  The right kidney is oriented long its horizontal axis, otherwise no hydronephrosis or masses appreciated.
4.  There is no retroperitoneal adenopathy, free fluid or ascites in the abdomen or pelvis.
5.  There are prominent ovaries bilaterally with low density changes invoving both ovaries.  On the left side, the ovary measures about 4 cm x 3cm.  On the right side, the ovary measures 3.3 x 3.3 cm.  The low density changes could be related to cysts.  On the right side, it cannot be separated from the uterus and further ultrasound of the pelvis advised.  The patient did have an ultrasound on 2/17/09 which described no significant cyst.
6.  The endometrial cavity is irregular showing some areas of focal thickening with fluid.  The fundal portion shows more irregular cahnges of the endometrial cavity.  This is nonespecific and because of the patients' age again correlation with an ultrasound of the pelvis is advised for further evaluation.
7.  The appendix is visualized and is normal and there is no evidence of colonic obstruction.  
8.  There is some nonspecific distention of the duodenal sweep which is fluid filled.  Some of the folds do appear prominaent and could represent some localized duodenitis.  If it does this can be further evaluated with a small bowel series, and/or endoscopy.

Next and hopefully last of test are:
July 1st.....UGI o`SBFT-----drink barium for and find out how long it takes to get into and threw small intestines......Nothing by mouth after midnight.
  And July 20 th.......US of Pelvis-----drink 32oz. of water 1 1/2 hours before test.  This one is hard since I have to go to the bathroom ~ every 30 minutes..............then I'll also get the Mammograghy screening out of the way on the same day.  
  After all test are in I guess I'll see an OBGYN then.

Well I talked to my Doctor's office today.  They want me to have a colonoscopy and or GYN evaluation.

     The Upper GI: test was NORMAL to start off with.

     The Pelvis w Transvaginal US:

Mid endo thickness:  11.2 mm     Ovaries...Right: 3.4 X 1.9 X 3.5 cm   Left:  3.8 X 2.1 X 4 cm.
Exam compared to prior pelvic US on 2/17 and CT on 6/24/09.  The uterus is of normal size and shape and is midline with endometrial thickness of 11.2 mm in which is not enlarged.  There is a small amount of fluid in the endometrium in the lower uterus.  There is an echogenic area adjacent in the left of the endometrium and the mid endometrium measuring 0.7 X 0.7 X 0.7 cm and cannot exclude small uterine fibroid.  There is left ovarian dominant follicle measuring 2.4 cm.  No free fluid is noted in the cul-de-sac.
1)  Fluid in the endometrium in the lower uterus.  There may be a small uterine fibroid adjacent to the endometrium which is echogenic.
2) Dominant follicle left ovary.
3) Endometrium is not thickened.

I don't know really but I think it all sounds pretty normal???  I like the US results better than the CT.  

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187666 tn?1331173345
by ireneo, Jul 01, 2009
Well, the test results look good. They're thinking the duodenitis is causing all the trouble? Goodness - amazing what some inflammation can do to the body. Looks like you get the barium drink today. Years ago I had it going in both ends: drink some, squirt some up the other end. I hope they've stopped that test. It was nasty.

The TVUS (is that the one you're getting?) is so disgusting. Not painful but embarrassing. I remember them doing the ultrasound on my full bladder, letting me drain it and then sticking the wacky wand up there. Yuck. But it's the best way to see what's going on.

When I took my Mom to the imaging center yesterday for her MRI, I noticed a big sign about "Soft Mammography." Wonder what that's about. No info on the sign.

Today is my quiet day. It's the first free day for my husband. Yesterday was his official retirement day. He's home today but goes back to work tomorrow to keep training the new guy. Hope that doesn't take too long.

I've been working for days now because the vet is on vacation and the person that's supposed to be in charge dislocated her hip. She's had 2 hip surgeries but it keeps popping out. I've been the sole staff person. They got a volunteer vet to help out so I could take my Mom in for her test. Today is just an emotional day, end of an era type thing for hubby. Tomorrow it's all back to work. It's supposed to get into the 90's and there's no A/C at the center. Just lots of hard work scrubbing and running around.

I may not be around much the next 4 days with work and all. But I'll try to keep track of how you're doing. Next week the vet will be back and my life should slow down a bit. Not counting my Mom of course. She's not doing well emotionally.

Later then,   irene

390388 tn?1279636213
by Me967, Jul 01, 2009
Still questioning FT4 and TSH concerning HR and BP and # 5,6 and 8 on CT of abd. and pelvis.  I've read on my own that an irregular uterus with endometrial cyst and fluid was not good, so I was a little worried.  Cancer runs high in the family and I guess my doctor had me worried.  Hoping for an easy answer.  I'm glad to hear that the  two people that have responded thinks it's fairly ok or normal so I guess "I'm" just worrying needlessly and that's a big relief.  I just want the pains and pressure to leave.  ;~/

Today I done the UGI series with the fizzy drink, thick barium and the thin barium drink.  Yuck!.  Nothing up the other end.  A little over a week from now I'll have a repeat US of the pelvis concerning # 5 & 6 on the CT.  Hardest part is drinking the H2O without being able to go to the restroom.  The pain get's really bad.  

Irene;  Thanks for replying to my comment.  I was beginning to think I was just whining too much on here so no one really wanted to reply and was just ignoring me.  ;~(  I just want to feel normal is all.  So tired of feeling like doo doo most of the time.  
I hope your Mom comes around emotionally.  I know it's hard to deal with emotionally when your worried about other family member either physically, mentally or both in your case.  I've been keeping up on your post and such.  May God Bless you both.  HUGS


187666 tn?1331173345
by ireneo, Jul 02, 2009
Could the endometrium be forming some kind of fibroids? I found out I have those too in my ripe old menopause age. Your left ovary is a bit larger than normal, maybe 1 cm but they can monitor that one.

I bet you'll have some interesting doodles today. It seemed to loosen things up for me. Don't expect to go shopping for hours. #8 mentions a small bowel series and that's what you had yesterday, right? One test down, 1 or 2 more to go. Wonder what causes duodenitis and how to fix it.

Keeping up with life on my end is just a matter of finding enough time to do it all. Doing errands at my Mom's, running her to the doctor every week, calling often, now work every day and still find time to eat and do laundry at home. The MRI she had went well but they gave her some Xanax. Nasty stuff actually. It worked at calming her down but she was so groggy I had to sit with her for a few hours. Got her settled in to sleep. The next morning she was a wreck, crying, thought she was dying. She had a major drug hangover, couldn't remember much of the day before and was scared. It took most of the day to get her calmed down. We'd talk to her and she'd forget what we said again. By last night she sounded more like her old self.

Gotta check the laundry then head to work. Temp will be over 90 today and the center is full of critters. My favorites are the baby skunks. Too bad they're stinky.

Keep posting the news. I may not always have the energy to post right back but I'm keeping track.


390388 tn?1279636213
by Me967, Jul 02, 2009
Not sure about fibroids.  Last US said that the small .9 cm cyst (adjacent to the endometrium w/in the uterus) could be an endometrial cyst and that I had calcification in the cervix and/or lower uterine segment but that it was less prominent than my prior study. And there could be a collapsed cyst in the left ovary.   The comment above, of the irregular endometrial cavity w/ focal thickening and fluid has me concerned a little though.

I think duodenitis is just sort of like an ulcer.  Probably treated with anti acid med's is my guess.  I found out a good lesson today though about UGI's and barium:  Pain in more ways than one.....Stupid little ghost turds (from barium) plugs up the toilet BIG TIME!  ;-#  Grrrrrr Urggg.  What an huge embarrassment. ( I know TMI).  LOL

I feel for you and your Mom.  It sounds like your stress level is up....in which is understandable between your Mom, work and everyday household stuff.  It can really work on you.  As for the Xanax, I'm not a big fan of that.  It always seems to make problems worse emotionally.  I hope your week goes by quickly for you and you have some time over the weekend to just relax.  90 degrees and baby skunks.  hmmm Yuck.  They really are nice de scented though.  I had a friend that had one.  Very sweet like a cat is, and soo soft.  They still carry an odor though.



219241 tn?1413537765
by redheadaussie, Jul 06, 2009
Wow! You've sure had the battery of tests done! I think it could be an endometriosis kind of thing happening.
The thyroid tests show you to be a little on the hyper side! You have any symptoms?

390388 tn?1279636213
by Me967, Jul 06, 2009
redheadaussie Hey;

I just hope they can find an answer this time on whatever.  I've been questioning endometriosis due to the bloating and menstrual type pains.  As for thyroid, I have some hyper symptoms ( BP and HR, emotions at times, feeling wired at times), but also hypo symptoms (freezing at 72 degrees and below, body and muscle spasms).  Way too many odd symptoms and not that many answers on anything of any importance really.  Thanks for the comment though.  It's always nice to hear from you.


187666 tn?1331173345
by ireneo, Jul 08, 2009
So how are you feeling now? All the barium passed through? I loved your description of "ghost turds." That's pretty accurate. When is the next ultrasound? You mentioned it would be soon. Perhaps this week. If they press too hard on your bladder, just let them have it. My Mom did that one time during a sigmoidoscopy. She had so much gas and kept tooting. The doctor asked her to try to hold it. Yeah, sure.

My 4th of July was another long day at work. Plus my heart was acting up so badly from the days of heat, fatigue and stress that I had to give in and take one of my heart pills. Ick. Now the staff people are back to work and I'm back to being "retired." Until they need a sub again.

Let us know how the US goes. Have they mentioned any treatment yet? It is dragging on and on, huh?


390388 tn?1279636213
by Me967, Jul 08, 2009
Irene Hi.  
Yeah, the ghost sinkers all passed through finally.  LOL   I have an pelvic US and a mammogram scheduled for tomorrow.  I've had the pelvic US earlier this year in Feb. back when they wanted a biopsy of the endometrial tissue and of the endo cyst that was really small at .9 mm. and I declined on the laparoscopy.
Since the CT was done, they want another US now.  I never noticed issues with gas but I hate having to drink all the water and holding it for 1 1/2 hours.  My limit is usually a half hour or less.  That is really hard for me to due because of all of the pressure on the bladder.  Speaking of pressure, I dread the mammogram.  Unfortunately it is also the week before my next cycle. ;~/  Stupid vise grips.  Then they have you come back for an US anyhow.  I wish they could just skip the first part.  ;~<

As for now, the bloating pains have eased up a bit, but the pressure is still there along with some zingers and pulling pains after I go to the bathroom and some after BMs.  When I cough I still get pains in my ovaries, in which is why I didn't think it was really related to gastrointestinal issues.  As for the back pains and body pains....lol....who knows???
I guess they will let me know about everything when all of the tests are done or after I get an appointment with a OBGYN.   And yes it seems like this has been dragging on for a long time considering it all started around January or February.  Urgg.  I just hope they get the answer this time.  I'm so tired of feeling crappy and lightheaded with no real answers after so many test with a lot of payments heading my way and no money to pay them.  That's the real Ouchy.  

I'm glad your back to being somewhat retired.   I know your stress level was building between your work, your house and caring for your moms needs.  I hope your BP is back to normal.  Take a couple days to just kick back and smell the roses.  You deserve it.  ;~)  

HUGS Always.........Amy.

390388 tn?1279636213
by Me967, Jul 22, 2009
Well I added on what I thought would be my final test.  Hopefully it will be.  It's easier for me to keep track by editing my original post so that I have it all together.  Just thought I would let you know for those that have been following it.  ;~)
Hugs again;  Amy

158939 tn?1274915197
by utahmomma, Jul 23, 2009
GET THE COLONOSCOPY!   (subtle enough hint???)   {{{HUGS}}}}

390388 tn?1279636213
by Me967, Jul 23, 2009
HEY UTAH... subtle....LOL

I'm looking into a different Dr. than done my first one ~16 years ago.  Last time it hurt soooo verrrrry bad during the colonoscopy, and then I bled for days after the polyps were removed.   My husband said if I make the appointment he will go with me and drive me home.  I told him I' de try not to punch the doctor while on the table this time.  LOL  Maybe I can take some pain med's on the side to make sure I don't feel it.  Not a good position to start a fight.  I SWEAR though if it's another nightmare like before.....I will NOT go back.  It looks like it will be ~ a month from now to do it.  I need to call her and let her know.....OK fine, that should shock everyone.  ha ha.

BP unfortunately has been up lately a bit higher than I' de like.  Probably why my eyes are bothering me more.  So tired anymore.  Probably stress related though.  Too much going on maybe.

(((((((HUGS))))))) my dear friend.  You TAKE CARE TOO!  So there!  LOL

187666 tn?1331173345
by ireneo, Jul 26, 2009
My Mom gets one every other year because of colitis but they give her plenty of happy meds so she doesn't remember a thing. She wakes up and says, "What's for lunch?" One time they tried it with no meds and her bowels went into such a spasm they couldn't poke the tube through. No luck there. Ask them for the meds. There's no need to be in pain for this test.


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