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I feel sad for the world and guilty for having a home and others have 0??

Feb 17, 2014 - 5 comments

I can't help feeling Guilty that there are people out side some where suffering and i can't do nothing to help them physically i mean. I give away my things and contribute where i know the money IS going where it should be and not stolen or squandered. And i got soup in my freezer and just look about when i go out and think if i see anyone that needs to eat or get in the warm they are welcome in my home.

You can't sit there thinking things are terrible and then do NOTHING? Or refuse some one the basic right to help because all your worried about is they will steal off you or being a woman or even a man men get the R word as well. And then yes, there's the they may kill you? I

took people i didn't know to help them when i was younger and i would hate to think as i been homeless with nothing and i lost my mind as well and i was terrified ALL the time and if anyone offered to help there was alway's something at the end you really didn't want any part in at all?

In the end i just stayed on the streets and did what i could like washing in public toilets and asking if there was any work going anywhere that was what i call 'Out of sight work' where i never had to be on public dispaly as there was no way not being 'Socially?? presentable' would be accepted when well, looking what i was Homeless. And the CRAZY LAW!!!! If your not working and the Government are giving you money that you and Generation after Generation of your family worked for and calling it ''THEIR MONEY???'' %$£""!!!  

Your not ''ALLOWED'' to take anyone in even Family with out telling THEM??? And if they find out your money will be stopped and YOU get thrown on the streets with nothing?? Because the way THEY got it worked out is this person or people are paying you to be in your home? HOW CAN THEY!! THEY AIN'T GOT SQUAT!!  

No matter what there are stiil those of us who are more than willing to help any living creature to survive or do what we can so their comfortable. I for one wouldn't walk past some one in my local area were i go walking down and out with nothing? How can people have so much and do nothing?

I have always shared of given away anything and evrything  i am NOT saying ''Oh! look at me Miss Goody 2 shoes!'' What i AM trying to say is ''This is what I DO to help and if there is anything else i CAN help with then please let me know.

You GOT to SHOW WILLING otherwise people that NEED any help you can give don't know your there and WILL help them if you can? I have been in a mess and can't ask people i helped out for year's and NO i never ever did anything for something back.

BUT stuff happens and evryone need's help at times and maybe all the time. And it's awful when you don't even know who you can ask? Or it's pointless asking anyone you know well because as quick as they snatch your help they won't do F-A when they know their your ONLY chance and it's a case of life or death??

Been there more times than i want to think about. But i am Grateful it's never made me not want to help other living things. You can't allow no matter how many bad people around you to turn YOU in to one of them?


how can people sit in a place and position where they have the means even if they can't physically or Mentally deal with it BUT have enough land or a room in their home's where they can afford to pay decent people to over see any help they can give. Make sure THEIR safe and help  other's to help them selves and all it takes is giving them a place to eat. sleep, heal be comfortable and if they can for their own sake and to give help back do something productive?

Like helping the ill or weaker one's getting work and all contribute finances so there is a way to make syre everyone is looked after and fed, as until EVERYONE wakes up and let's go of the idea that STEALING FROM THE PLANET AND DESTROY HER OTHER CHILDREN to do that is the biggest sin in the Universe? NOTHING BELONGS TO ANYONE IT'S THERE FOR ALL LIVING THINGS .

hope together we can find a solution for EVERYONE. When i gave up Alcohol and others kept slipping backwards big time or struggling i was never glad it's not me. But i was Grateful i had fought yet another round and that they may have been me?

And i know hope hopeless and the self hatred that comes with having gone back there again and put a lot of hard work pain and loss in to pushing that boulder up that hill for it to slip and run over you? Man! i took no pleasure or ever though well that's their problem? But others actually said that? After knowing that hell??

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by Tswana, Feb 17, 2014
I just wish i was more physically able to go help more in the world but right now I NEED HELP.

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by ROSYouralright, Feb 17, 2014
Tswana you are such a sweet soul!!!! What you've written is making me think & thats a good thing..

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by weaver71, Feb 17, 2014
My travels in Asia and Latin America really made me think about these issues. I've seen Maya harvest coffee for $1.60 for 12 hrs labor, I've seen middle school age kids weaving silk and making Reeboks. I've walked past thousands of orphans during civil way, but India hit me hardest. I was so touched by the poverty and could clearly see that this was caused by Western Culture. They didn't drink the coffee, own any shoes nor silk, those things are for the privileged of other nations. I gave away my money, my shoes, everything. Shoeless and penniless in Calcutta living in the streets with the homeless children, I was still surrounded by dying people. I drank chai with a raining who lived under a tied up blanket, 4 members in total. The husband had gangrene so bad his hand and feet were mostly gone. He held the cLay pot between his palms to give it to me. He was trying not to cry. He had about a month to live and $50 would save his life. The were untouchables, so he burst into tears and tried to hide his face. His wife and kids consoled him and said they would be okay. He knew better, they will slog starve to death without him. I had given all my money away, I didn't even have any clothes left to give him. I know he's dead, so are many of the kids I've known in my travels. For what? So we can have a $3 latte, $150 tennis shoes, and $1000 silk suite? Yet I gave all I had and there was still suffering. From the codes of Hammurabi and Assyrian Law to the Congressional or Parliamentary laws of the new colonies, this problem of division of labor has plagued man kind. Jared Diamond writes about agriculture as the "Worst Mistake in the History of Man Kind." Now 5 can grow food while 5 rule over them as they eat. Hunter gathering was the good ole days, primitive cultures use gossip as law enforcement to prevent gluttony, which slows down the migrating families. For exams, I just made a new how, but my old one still works. Gossip starts, "Did you see Tony has 2 bows now? Wonder what he will do with his old one. I keep the second how for myself and they talk louder, "It must be nice having the skills to make such fine bows, I can't imagine carrying 2 to our next seasonal location." I decide to try and carry both and the gossip continues until I give it away or am shunned from the band. Laws today protect property more than people. The caste is set, the division and value of importance is set in place. I farmer, who provides essentials is not as valuable as a Cop who protects the wealthy interests. Just check their pay to see who is most valued. Okay, I was ranting along side you.

Point is, I got sober, which has taken a few years, and am writing a book to raise awareness. I am building a biodigester, have chickens, organic gardens, and trade my produce locally for other goods. I tried giving myself away, but I had to start doing little things to start putting mysf in the right life. People are inspired that I am chasing after this dream. I want to live as simply and locally as I can, not concerning myself with filling my barns so I can live fat and lazy for years to come. Even Jesus said that was wrong, but the 'Religious people' are the richest of all, they keep building new barms to fill their excess into. Every act of kindness you described above has a bigger impact than any law ever has. You are on the right track and your big heart will find a home, a peCful place to share all of what you know and love. Keep facing the light and the dark shadow's always cast behind you.

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by nursegirl6572, Feb 17, 2014
You have such a kind and caring heart, Tswana, and I admire you for wanting to do what you can to help others, HOWEVER, right now, you've got a LOT on your plate.  IMO, you need to focus on getting YOU better before focusing on getting others better, you know?  You'll be much more valuable to people in need when you're in a better place sweetie.

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by Tswana, Feb 17, 2014
Thank you everyone with much love to you all <3 Tswana xxxxx

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