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Narcotics Anon

Feb 17, 2014 - 0 comments

I rang NA today to see if just in case i'm unfit to get there if some one can give me a lift. And i;m making sure before i get in any car, i know the person, or my Cousin who joined the Police because they kicked the bell's outta him and accused him of stealing a £23,000 car? His Mum bought it for his 21st Birthday and the reason it all happened? He's mixed race, but look's like a White Guy but he had am Afro at the time.

And said I HATE THEM!! %$£"! Then decided the only way to F**k them back was from 'The inside' which he did big time. He got promoted and became the boss of the ones that did it to him? Thats another story. but i can ask him to run a back ground check on who ever first you never know a car ir really Dangerous a building is different especially when you live there and know every way in and out.

And the Chick i spoke to was HIGH!! And i mean HANGING!! She could barely talk and it's known in NA drug dealers get involved all sorts of crap. But i'm going to try the Chick was in London not here so i'm going next Monday as i'm not up to this nigh as i dropped 10mg Oxy and i feel wergh!! And getting worse as time goes by. So shower and chill but i feel really sick right now.

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