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My Last Visit To The Specialist!

Nov 19, 2007 - 1 comments

Here's a blog I posted on my blogspot, dated November 16th.

Well, well, well!  What can I blog about now? Since I have been taken off my medication and the therapy has stopped, I should be feeling better. I am feeling better. Ain't that something? Off the medicine and feeling better! So "my progress" is just going to be gooder-n-gooder. I guess I'll have to blog more about "church, my family, sermon thoughts, theology, other and new things". (see my blog labels)

Let me just say this concerning the doctor visits to Dr. Buchner: It was kinda sad to say good-bye to those nurses. After seeing them so many times, I begin to think of them as my friends. So, why didn't I think of the doctor as my friend? Simple! Believe it or not, I never did even meet the doctor. I wouldn't know him if I bumped into him. I think he only comes to the Cleveland office once a week. Now, he could be comming more than that, but I still never met him and I don't know him. He sure has a good staff though, and I was well pleased with the care I received from them.

On this last visit, Monday, Nov. 12th., for the first time, I didn't loose any weight. As a matter of fact I gained 2 lbs. My blood counts were almost normal. I was almost out of the anemic stage, falling short of it only by a .2 (point two) reading of one of the four or five or more readings that they do. I knew I was getting better. In summary: It was hepatitis-c, geno-type 1b, I completed 28 weeks of the 48 week therapy session, beginning viral load of 7.2 million, mid-term load of 164,000, ending load of 1.02 million, I would not clear the virus, my primary care physician would receive a report of all that was done and he can do the same lab work if he desires. That's the doctor's report but there is another report to consider (See my blog dated Thursday, Oct. 18th., entitled "Whose Report Will You Receive?")

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Should there be any important developments concerning my fight with the hepatitis-c virus, I'll probably post something about it on this blogspot.

Here's something new for you to feel sorry for me about. I have to renew my driver's liscense by Nov. 20th. This is the 16th. However, I can't do it yet. I'm waiting for the office of vital statistics in Florida to send me a certified copy of my birth certificate so I can prove to the liscense bureau that I am who I said I was five years ago when they issued me a Tennessee State driver's liscense. Mercy, mercy, mercy! I have my valid Tennessee driver's liscense, with my picture on it, and all the other important info, but that want do. The requirement is that since this is my first renewal, I must have my birth certificate. I ask you now. Does that mean that they are admitting to the possibility that they may have liscensed me illigally? Sounds like it to me. Well, the best way for me to respond to all that is just like I am doing now. I've put a rush order in for my birth certificate and I'm waiting. When it comes, I'll just go down to the liscense bureau office and take my number and go through the mill for my renewal. I'll not grumble nor complain. Err...ah, is that what I am doing now? Complaining? I'll get over it.

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by hepcstudy, Nov 25, 2008

I am trying to get in touch with people being treated for Hepatitis C for a report that I am writing.

What I would like to explore is their experiences with their condition and the challenges that they currently face. I’d also like to gain some feedback on what they think could be done to make taking their medication easier.

An incentive of $200 would be offered to each participant of a short and anonymous phone interview.



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