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today TERRIBLE!!

Feb 20, 2014 - 4 comments

Todays is awful!! I feel like evry 10mg i dropped a few days at a time have all hit at once i was coping and doing my best but things are too hard right now and WD and the Mental realm? I can't shake it at all today an i havent done much at all the pain wont let me and i cant stop crying everything feels and looks so dark and dismal and i been buying flowers as there cheap down the road and my mouse is playing up now i hop it dont break down now i really need my PC Aat the moment and i hope i sleep i need away from this pain and evrything else and the sweats?? my bed was soaking and im so tired i didn't want to get up but i had to it was soaking wet and freezing and you cant lay in that and try to rest? ah well. tomorrows another day. I am grateful for the bits i can do and have been doing and i too en up bed ridden for ages and now just as i thought the worse was not going to be so bad? All or nothing ey?Got to lay down enuff!!!

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by ROSYouralright, Feb 20, 2014
Im sorry sweetie... It will get better... I wish you were tapering with a doctor. I hate that you're going it alone

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by nursegirl6572, Feb 20, 2014
I ditto what rosy said.  Prayers for you that this starts easing up sooner rather than later.  Have you given any thought to what we said about maybe trying to find a new doc to do this with?  Even if you aren't a huge fan of doctors, I think it would be better for YOU, and once you get past the detox, you won't need the doc quite as much.  Just think about it hon.


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by BanMethadone, Feb 20, 2014
Hi Hun:

I know you feel like hell. I wish my words were adequate to squash the pain you are feeling, but I can only be marginally helpful with some supportive words. I hope that you can find as many positive things to cope rather than collapsing in on your self. Physical w/d is something we all have to handle alone, bc ultimately you are the one feeling the pain, but the more you can look to the outside world the better. Being on here helps, and also finding other ways to mentally escape even momentarily may help. I am sure you know more about it than me, but I wanted to offer my support. ty for friending me, and I will be happy to see you put this all behind you in time.

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by Tswana, Feb 21, 2014
Thanks everyone xxx I got no choice Dr's? Tried again offered even more drugs? I can do it i know i can. I just got to i can't handle this poison no more!! And that lot are 'MEDICAL HERETIC'S!!!! I am probably 'Banned' for telling them people are pissed off with ''You addicts' making us one or killing us? My DR takes EVERY DRUG he prescribes!! And is bloody Neurotic!!! He acts like a mad man on speed some times you van see the 'Come down' and another one is on 'Downers' when you are on Drugs off the Doc and half the City is on Street Drugs and at my age?

54? your actually know a LOT more than some Richard Head with a piece of paper on the Office wall? I am going to NA next week and trying to find a Drugs Councellor at the moment. You can't get in-house rehab in UK unless you go private? And the NHS put EVERYONE on Methadone or Subs? There as bad and in some cases worse than the actual drug? I know people on Methadone taht feel sorry for ME?

As they seen what i alredy CT'd and i'm coming off now? O just spent the last few year's fighting to get off Dr's  and Hospitals drugs. I am getting worn out trying to exsplain if THEY caused the problem THEY wont do F-A? But if its Street drygs the have 'A LEGAL DUTY?' I am on my own..yet again and yet another plea and crying to them was NO GOOD? I am doing aht i been doing stay away from them and do it myself and try and get outside help. Thats all i can do short of winning the lottery and then we can ALL go to rehab i'll pay i swear to GOD!! I be really happy if i had enough money to free us all. Love Tswana xxxx

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