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Starting from zero

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My family




Disabled Child

I decided to create a journal to track my family's slow but upward movement in many areas of life, education, health, finances, job. So much room to breathe now it is nothing like when we first started out as teenagers. I just feel so "at home" here and comfortable enough to do this. I believe that a journal like this is good for concentrating on the positive forward momentum. A tool to enable a person to think positively and keep trying no matter what is going on.

We have had to make so many adjustments, critically think about our choices, behaviors and everything else we ourselves cause or create the environment for thus enabling negative events both personal and financial.  

I might soon start an autism journal as well. My son has high functioning autism and I am sure there are many people here with someone in their family also with autism. I was lost in a sea of ARD's, uninformed about actual realistic IED's, and faced many many ignorant people; teachers as well as a couple of family members. Mostly I was and still am a parent of a communications diabled/social disabled/learning disabled child. THAT journey will never end, but I hope by telling mine, someone will know more than I did earlier.

My husband is Jewish (pretty traditional),  and I am a mostly non-religious, a person who tends to rely heavily on fact, logic and scepticism. We seem to get along with each other well oddly enough. My whole perception of relationships, personal space, and respect for others has undergone several changes with a few constants. I still battle with family members for my own personal space mentally and physically. But I absolutely love my life... even when it gets... intensely hectic or disagreeable.

It has been a hard long journey for my family. Low finanical status, no assets to rely on and very few close family members of mine helping us along the way. We have made consistent forward steps with few hitches in the giddyup along the way. Honestly, in my opinion, we have been quite lucky. Beyond reason kinda lucky truthfully.

My husband and I have been married for 27 years now. A long time for a girl who still only feels 21 (in her head anyway). I will always be growing and I hope to grow old as gracefully as my great-grandmother did.

(My thoughts are with you always Mamaw thank you for all you taught me or tried to)

Please forgive the scattered nature of this writing. I do not intend to do anything other than free writing so please, do not try to correct the grammar. It really does not matter does it as long as the point gets accross?

I really hope I dont give up on this as I have so many journals..... I actually tend to be pretty private so this may be a real first in "opening up" to total strangers.

For those of you who actually read this yammer, I thank  you and appreciate commentary as long as it is constructive.

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