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Notes to Self .. Lessons Learned

Jun 27, 2009 - 1 comments

Great party with many friends.  Celebrating a small organizational effort that began around a kitchen table at my sister's house 5 years ago.  They have met, talked, argued, and worked for the good of childcare and childcare providers.  They organized a grass roots effort a couple years ago called EEBA (Early Education Benefits Association and sought to interview and align with a union.  They believed in their cause, campaigned, knocked on doors, organized and attended statewide meetings in kitchens, libraries and churches and found other like-minded people.  Today they have a union, and just had their second election of officers.  My sister, Terry LaBelle, initially held a Vice President role and was just elected to a 2-year-term as President.  I am soooo proud of her and the wonderful, excited, determined and caring people that are serving in all capacities of this effort.  They have done the hard work and are living their dream!  We could all use their tenacity and "can do" attitudes to see what can be done when you put in the effort, the hard work and never, ever quit!

NOTES TO SELF:  (1) Complete Food Diary BEFORE you eat a little of everything; you might change your mind on the number of foods you try when you have to enter them OR when you see the calorie content.  (2)  Just because you HAVE the calories, doesn't mean you need to EAT them.  

Am not disappointed in myself; it was a CHOICE.  Still learning ... it is a process .. and stayed pretty close to targeted calories for the day.  

I am too full, uncomfortably so ... but the food tasted great and I ate even when I was full.  Bad habit!  Will plan better for next time.  

Food Diary
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by lucindamartinez, Jul 10, 2009
Love the notes to self!  ; )  I do that also sometimes.....

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