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More changes in my life

Jun 28, 2009 - 4 comments

To any of my Forum friends and familiy,

I started the home Physical Therapy this past Thursday.My HMO home health care is finally help us. My therapist name is Nancy and she is very nice and understanding of my Fibro. and all my other illnesses.  She  of course  walked through our place to see if we had any thing that might be hazardous that I could fall and hurt my self. We are going to have to move some furniture in our bedroom and possibly get rid of an old amour, which I love and have most of my folded clothes.  So that is going to be a challenge. There nothing we can move  in our office/cat room.  More scaling back. That makes me sad... I know it is just stuff. I have another Dr. appt July 9th to review my meds. again to see if he wants to  add or take me off any Meds.I am being weaned off the Cymbalta and now taking Zoloft with the 60mg Cymbalta.  So I am trying to adjust to the Meds. change.  The Zoloft seems to be helping me I feel a little better, not crying every day, not as jumpy.  

Nancy my P.T. called and ordered me a walker. I was not ready for that. I understand to keep me from falling.  I have days that I get so shakey and unbalanced when standing or walking. I got it today. No co-payment. that was a blessing. It is a nice dark blue walker with a seat and hand brakes and it is mine to keep. It just feels strange having to use it. But just another change.  It is hard on my hubbiy.

I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME SOME TIME TO TRY AND SORT OUT SOME THINGS, IT HELPED ME. i MISSED ALL OF YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am happy you have been patient with me  again.  You all have no idea how much you all a part of my life and my progress with my Fibro. and all it's symptoms, and all my other illnesses.  Each of you have made a good change in my life. My Husband & I say thank youn form the bottom of our hearts. If I forget anything that you have told me and I do not remember I apologise. My fibro. fog and my TBI makes it difficult to remember things, so please be patient with me, I have no control with that.

So Shar is back and if I can help any one I am here and I will try to help you.....:)

Hugs for all of you,

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by PastorDan, Jun 28, 2009
Happy to hear that you're back with us, that you're getting help, and that you have such a great attitude about so many of the people in your life -- including us!  I will continue to pray for your health, and for all other issues that might cause you concern.

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by saveone, Jun 28, 2009
Making changes can be hard, esp if it points to changes in our physical or mental well being.  But as always the human spirit is an amazing thing.  It learns to accept and adapt.  Just keep that in mind.

Glad you are back, terry

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by rando143, Jun 28, 2009
Hi there. I am new to this forum and not sure what FIBRO you mean. I myself was diagnosed with Fibrosing Alveolitis back in 2002 and was given 6 months to live without a lung transplant! I was on 60mg of Prednisolone daily which gave me type two diabetes, lowered my immune system and was virtually killing me.
I was introduced to urine therapy and hey, I am still here and in reasonably good health. Maybe you can check this out: ..
Keep up a brave face and don't forget that a dream kept alive cant help but come true!

525545 tn?1293184794
by SharJ, Jun 29, 2009
Hi Rando,
It is nice go meet you. What I  mean't for Fibro. is an abbreviation for Fibromyalgia which is one of the illnesses I have.  

It sounds like you were very sick. I am happy you are doing better.  I hope this website will help you for whatever you are looking for. They have been wonderful to me. Anytime day or night you can have the support you need. or if you need to vent what ever you need to help you feel better.  The best way is to explore the different forums for different health issues.

I wish you luck in what you need. I hope I have helped you some.


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