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Not sure what's going on

Jun 28, 2009 - 1 comments

During the night, I started to feel the pins and needles in my bbs and still woke a few times to pee. Then at some point, maybe 1ish, I started to have some relatively serious cramps (for what I have been having)...tried to make a poo, but they felt more like AF cramps.

I just feel like my symptoms should be getting worse, not subsiding and  getting better. I woke this morning and again, bbs aren't as sore as previous days and no nausea. The twinges and pulls in my ovary/abdomen area are not there this morning, either.

I wish my OB appt. was this week and not next. July 8th feels like an eternity away.  I so hope everything is okay.

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by niki_beth, Jun 28, 2009
Oh... I'm so sorry that you are having a hard time!! I hate waiting too! Did you have any bleeding or just cramping? Could it have been constipation??? Will your OB get you in sooner if you call them and tell them your concerned?

If it makes you feel any better at all I lost ALL of my symptoms with my son when I was somewhere between 6-8wks... I even had spotting that turned into hemmorhaging (TMI sorry) the ER even told me he was gone (but all of this is not relative to your situation... so I am very sorry for rambling)... the point Im making is he is jumping on DH's tummy right now as I type laughing!!! If I've only learned one thing from all of my pregnancies it is that not 1 pregnancy is the same... whether its the same women's, or a million different women's, you will never find 2 exactly alike. Hang in there mama!! Maybe your body is just getting used to the HCG and the Progesterone... you could just be one of those LUCKY gals that go on to have an easy care free pregnancy (with little or no uncomfortable symptoms!!)

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