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Rusty's mass

Feb 22, 2014 - 5 comments








I first noticed it last week, a white (off white) thing on his first joint of his back right leg. So I made an appointment to get it looked at, it looked like a wort to me. The vet said we don't know what it is until we do all of this and handed my an estimate that on the high end was 600.00 low end $400.00. I think the best thing to do is get it, whatever it is OFF as quickly as possible. Mike, my son and Rusty's co-owner & I have agreed that if it is malignant and starts to grow again we will just have Rusty through his happy days, whatever time he has left. We do not want him to go through chemo-therapy and all that which will probably in the end not save him anyway. My Rusty means the world to me, so I am just going to stay positive in my thinking and hope and pray for the best! He is half Chiahuahua and half pug so it is in his biology on both sides. If anyone who looks at the pic which looks like the one on Rusty's leg and you have been through something similar and it turned out okay or otherwise, I would like to hear about it, your course of action etc. Thanks in advance.

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by opus88, Feb 22, 2014
hi D, I strongly suggest you post this photo on the Dog community, perhaps someone over there can give you some much depends on how long its been there and how fast its growing, but the only sure way to know is by getting it off and testing done. However...just MY opinion...if you don't really intend to go ahead with any chemo or radiation I question why you wouldn't save the expense of getting it taken off? Don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with your decision...but just knowing what it is, won't help Rusty and will cost you alot of money:((
I'm sure there are many who wouldn't agree with my comments. good luck, I do pray its a mole....

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by breezytoo, Feb 22, 2014
Pat. I have known you long enough to know what your motives are on the advice that you are kind enough to give. Is that what the next course of treatment will be after removal? Chemo or radiation? Of course I would do it, its just a matter of not having the money to do it. Why I want to know? I think I am still in denial and want them to tell me that we were wrong and Rusty is FINE!!
The pic that I posted is the closest pic that I could find online to what Rusty's looks like now. Yes thanks Pat I will post in the Dog Community and add the pic and ask. Thank you my friend. xooo Darla

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by evewisewoman, Feb 23, 2014

Hello breezytoo,

Perhaps you could take a picture of the growth on the first joint of  Rusty's leg and post that. If I read your comment
correctly, the picture included in your initial comment is a picture you found which looks like the growth on Rusty's
leg but isn't actually the picture on the growth on Rusty's leg.  I would also get a second opinion from another vet.
As I'm sure you're aware some vets charge more than other vets. That was the case of a vet I used to go to.
I was telling a family member about the cost of having various routine things done for our cat . This family member
told me this sounded really expensive and told us about her vet. We've been taking our cat to this vet ever since.
I've heard that some vets let you pay in installments. Opus88's idea to post your comments in the Dog Community
is a really good one. I wish you and your dear Rusty all the best..   Eve

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by breezytoo, Feb 23, 2014
I will do as you both suggest and thank you for your support.

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by breezytoo, Feb 23, 2014
Well I just took two clear shots of the mass, however can't find the cord to get it on to the computer. I am trying to send the pic to my e-mail then I'll be able to go there from here.

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