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37 weeks :/

Feb 23, 2014 - 16 comments

Lol no I'm not 37 weeks, I'm 32w1d.
   I don't want to hurt feelings, that is never my intentions.
So I'm going tell you about my first pregnancy in 2008. I was raped at 16 and I didn't tell no one that I was because I was scared. I didn't know for sure that I was pregnant until my baby kicked me for the first time at my belly button, my mom and I were on vacation over on the Oregon coast towards Tillamook. I vomited off and on but she thought it was from climate change. But any ways I didn't tell no one I was pregnant until 26-27 weeks pregnant, I didn't take no vitamins of any kind or even seen a doctor and I didn't even know about wic. How I told my mom, she was taking a nap and I had a fake baby doll (lol yes I use to play with it at 16 and dressed it up in girl and boy clothes and I had tons of baby clothes for it lol) but I found a box, I put small baby was in it with a baby bottle, boy n girl clothing and a baby rattle too. I wrapped it up when I was doI did stop son I started crying againeard my son thee. I sat down in a pink rocking chair just across from her 10 minutes went byand she woke up. She's like oh how long were you there I said not long. She said what is that by you? I said mom its for you holding back tears. She opened it and she's like aww that's cut, its for your baby doll right? I said No mom, she said what do you mean Lisa. I said to her I think I might be pregnant. She starts saying, ok I'm getting 2 pregnancy tests, making a doctor appointment to see if you are then if you are then an obgyn dr appointment. Lol I'm like you have to see a doctor for pregnancy. She said yes.
So we get the test lol I pee in a cup my mom dips the first test not even 2 seconds later she said omg no this can't be then just right after she does it again. Shes crying a lot :'( and now I am. Shes like no maybe your not and I'm telling her mom I feel some movements in my stomach but I wasn't sure. So we go to my ped. Dr and she comes back in pulling her glasses down to nose and looks at me first and says I got some bad news, she's pregnant mom. So I seen the obgyn just days after and he did an ultrasound everything looked great. My mom was sad for about a week but when she got her income taxes she bought my son everything! I was and still am to have an fortunate mother, she went to every dr appointment with me:).
I was having contractions a lot in my last weeks, I was hurting in pain and could not barley walk. At my exactly 37 week appointment I asked my dr if inducing was an option, he was kinda iffy about it so I was walking out crying, my mom got to the stop sign and could not see me in any more pain so she turned around and we went back inside and we talked to the nurse and she talked to my dr he agreed to the induction so the next day I was induced exactly 37 weeks. I told my mom, I want to avoid a csection as much as possible, she said everything will be okay :) I'm here. It made me felt better. Well 12hrs after inducing my sons hb went down to 19bpm and my bp raised dramatically! I could have lost my life or my sons life or the both of us. I was crying so much when dr came in and said I needed an emergency csection. The first thing that I remember is one of the male drs said to me is, its okay baby, everything will be fine. Lol I could not stop crying then when i heard my son until I was in the recovery room then I stopped.
                                    Here's my vent kinda
Now I look back at my story being a little upset with myself because I could have prevented my csection and almost losing my son or I. I understand that the csection could still be a chance but it would been a little lower.
I don't think any women should have their baby at 37 weeks unless your having health issues or baby is not doing fine.
When I see women wanting to induce at 37 weeks it kinda upsets me :/ there's just too many women even trying to induce around 35-36 weeks. I understand the pain but I wished I knew now back in 2008. I don't know why it upsets me that mothers want their babys out that early, maybe after what Iv went through I don't know :/. But Iv learned that your baby will come when she/he wants to not when you want to. I was going into labor with my second at 37w2d so I had to have another csection, but I did want to try for a vbac but the first thing that came out of the dr mouth was your baby could die so it was a csection. I had my son November 15,2008 1.5 months after my 17 bday then I had my daughter August 29,2010 just before my 19 bday both csections were hard but I was sad that I didn't have a natural birth. Then August 9th,2012 I had another daughter right before my 20th bday. I think most of my depression came from not having a natural birth like I wanted. But when Roberta was 11 months old, that is when I conceived. We weren't really trying to get pregnant so quick but we weren't preventing it either. We thought it would take like 3-4 months because that was how long it took last time but my depression is gone, for now.  But now trying for a vba3c changed how I look at inducing early like 35-37 weeks.
For me, I rather have pain then losing my child! Why won't those ladies stop trying to induce because obviously their doctors isn't doing it for a reason! I'm in pain and every lady I know is pregnant is in pain too but I'm sure you all are not trying to induce labor. I don't even like commenting on posts like that, how do I induce labor I'm 37 weeks :/. I find it terrible. I know everyone had different thoughts but I can't help it no more to vent about it any more.
I think inducing or csection at that early needs to be for a reason, not a choice!!
What are your thoughts about this ladies.? Lol do you think I'm over reacting about this??

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1816154 tn?1463433618
by hansen20, Feb 23, 2014
Sorry for a long post :/ ladies.

2020005 tn?1476662562
by KTowne, Feb 23, 2014
I completely agree, the only way induction or c-section needs to be done before 40 weeks is if absolutely necessary for the health of mother or child, there are 40 weeks of pregnancy for a reason, not 37. Baby will come when ready, and that's all there is to it!! :)

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by Ellen038, Feb 23, 2014
I completely agree with you too! I am so worried at the fact that my health isn't doing well enough possibly to make it to 37 weeks. I am having the worst anxiety over it which is not helping. I think that being uncomfortable or having pain in the third tri is to be expected. Part of our responsibilities as mothers is to put the health and the needs of the baby first. It's one of many sacrifices we need to make.

1816154 tn?1463433618
by hansen20, Feb 23, 2014
Thank you ladies for understanding and agreeing with me:). It just makes me upset :/.  My baby will come when she's ready :). I know it will feel like I would be pregnant for ever but I know that would be impossible lol.

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by Ellen038, Feb 23, 2014
It is upsetting because it's NOT fair to that innocent baby to have to struggle unnecessarily. It's only 9 months out of our lives we do this. It worries me that the baby isn't top priority. I know in some cases doctors can be to blame for early deliveries/ unnecessary inductions and c sections too.

2066718 tn?1431147169
by TTC2006, Feb 23, 2014
I also agree that unnecessary inductions should not happen, especially that early.  

The other thing I want you to remember though, is that a healthy baby and a healthy mom is the most important end result.  I want you to remember that and repeat it to yourself often, because if you do end up needing another c-section, you will NOT have failed in any way.  I'm glad you want to try for a VBAC, and I hope that it goes smoothly for you. I just don't want you to beat yourself up about it if it comes down to needing an c-section instead.  


1816154 tn?1463433618
by hansen20, Feb 23, 2014
Even some doctors, they want to induce when its not needed just because they go on vacation or when you and baby is fine. I guess in other words, when its convenient for them :/ so that way they get paid and not someone else.. I'm going to look at this journey as I'm going to try but if I don't get the ending I want then at least I tried my hardest :).

973741 tn?1342346373
by specialmom, Feb 23, 2014
I think personally that is valid for everyone to have these feelings.  Especially so when they've had personal experience that really hammers home why they feel the way I do.  I think had I had the experience you had Hansen, I'd feel that way too.  I really do.  

I had a different experience though.  

I had my second son induced at 39 weeks-- I think because my doctor knew I was uncomfortable and had a one year old at home and a very vivid memory of what happened the first go round.  I personally was thankful.  My first pregnancy they refused to induce and I had latent phase labor.  I actually ended up almost losing my son because they refused to induce me (at 10 days late!).  It was such a miserable experience especially compared to my nice, neat induction done at the hospital under doctor supervision the second go round.  

I think every woman is different and the emotional impact of a very difficult first birth was such that the induction was best for me.  Baby was perfect by the way.  

It's my understanding that doctors hesitate with first pregnancies to induce (the reason I was given even though I began to feel something was clearly wrong) because there is a higher percentage rate of those births ending in c section but that the percentage goes down with subsequent pregnancies.  I'm not a doctor though and certainly not an expert.  

Women who are randomly posting on pregnancy forums may also hear that 38 weeks is full term, which technically, it is. So, then they don't see it as risky and aren't thinking of the higher risk of c section.  That's my guess any way.  I don't think anyone would want to put their baby in jeopardy or have an unnecessary surgery they brought on themselves.

Anyway, I just thought I'd give my thoughts on the subject and hope you don't mind.  I would never put my babies at risk, that is for sure.  

1742167 tn?1436475320
by heather727, Feb 24, 2014
I was induced with my son at 11 days late. He wasn't born until 13 days late. Yes, that's a two-day induction. Fun! With my daughter I fought the induction but finally agreed at 10 days late (after 5 weeks of peri-labor). I showed up at the hospital already in labor. My second delivery was MUCH easier because I let my body do what it needed to do on its own and in its own time.

I couldn't agree with you more that voluntary inductions prior to the due date are not only wrong but unhealthy for the mother and baby. The same thing goes for early c-section, in my opinion. And don't even get me started on VOLUNTARY c-sections! (I'm not talking elective c-sections after a previous one. I'm talking first pregnancy, no complications, the woman just doesn't want to deal with the pain and pushing type of c-sections. URG!)

1677620 tn?1384144701
by MeYeah, Feb 24, 2014
I was induced at 37 weeks because My BP started rising.  At 35 weeks I was admitted to the hospital for observance and was there until I had my son. I was there for 2 WEEKS and then I was in Labor for 50 HOURS! My body was absolutely not ready to have him at 37 weeks. Because my body wasn't ready I wasn't dilating fast and the contractions were unbearable. My epidural didn't work and the bolus of whatever they would give me didn't work long enough. So I was in pain my entire labor (the whole 50 hours). And because my body wasn't ready and things didn't progress fast enough and I was in pain I got a fever during labor. When that happens they are afraid you are sick and have to administer antibiotics to your baby when born and so he had to be in the NICU for a whole week.

So no, I don't think people should be able to OPT for a inducion or csection early. when your body isn't ready it complicates everything.

1816154 tn?1463433618
by hansen20, Feb 24, 2014
Thank you all ladies for your inputs, this eases my mind a lot because part of me felt like I was really over reacting. Did you ladies know that the US has the most fetal death put of any other countries. My favorite YouTube video is called business of being born, you ladies should check that out.=)

5575813 tn?1452484685
by Hollus, Feb 24, 2014
I agree that doing this as naturally as possible is the most healthy option for everyone! In fact, my sister is very passionate about this subject too and she encouraged me to watch 'The Business Of Being Born'. I did and I cannot believe how much inducing labor affects the baby. I feel everyone, TTC or pregnant should watch this movie especially if they are thinking of elective induction or C-Section. Also, I would never let someone use any tools to help with delivery such as a vacuum etc. This can be a very deadly mistake!

2066718 tn?1431147169
by TTC2006, Feb 24, 2014
My daughter needed the vacuum extraction, or she would have died.  Her heart rate kept plummeting, she was in distress from the cord around her neck and it being pinched off each contraction.  My options were c-section under general or vacuum.  I chose the vacuum and she was out a couple of pushes later, not breathing, but quickly revived.  Up until then I'd had a full term, complication free, natural, unmedicated labour.

I think that there is a time a place for interventions, and that they should only be used when necessary.  I learned to never say never, because while unnecessary intervention may cause more problems than not, when it becomes necessary, it can save the life of the baby.  

4548024 tn?1474842725
by renae176, Mar 07, 2014
ON my due date i had my reg Ob appt and she stretched my cervix which i guess is induction and that night i went into labor, i had an emergency C section But it was what was for best, Im hoping for a vaginal birth this time, also, but as long as baby and mom are healthy i agree with you.

My son was big, we have had big babies in our family the biggest 13.4 oz so im thinking it might be another C section

961574 tn?1505958942
by mhv, Mar 07, 2014
Mine was a little different.  I, of icourse, was pregnant with twins, and as soon as they were over 5.5lbs, I was ready to have them.  I would get angry when people would say "let them cook a little longer."   They were taking everything from me....anyway, I did go into labor at 36+2, and went to the hosp.  The doc asked if I wanted to have labor stopped, and go home, or if I wanted to deliver.  I chose delivery.  They, thank goodness were perfect in every way, and spent 0 time in NICU, which I was beyond thankful for.  
I would have never asked to be induced for any earlier then my scheduled 38 weeks though.  

1816154 tn?1463433618
by hansen20, Mar 08, 2014
Renae, I think that is fine :). I think that would be considered a gentle induction, but I Dont exactly remember.

MVH, you did a great job carring your twins hun. They came when they wanted to. to me its a little different if your child or children decided if they want to come early, like your twins did. 36.2 weeks is great for twins :), I think that is borderline fullterm.

I'm just saying that your babys will come when they want to, not when you do at 37 weeks pregnant trying to induce yourself. If your baby is ready to come at 36 weeks then you would be in labor because your baby is ready to be depending on you out side of your womb.

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