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Feb 26, 2014 - 1 comments

I have now also using in international Addiction Help Service as well as NA, it's called SMART RECOVERY and you can go to face to face meetings, ON-LINE as well which you DON'T NEED web CAM'S or SKYPE which is brilliant you can just type but these are LIVE MEETING'S at set times and 4 on-line ones a week and the SMART RECOVERY building isn't far from my home and i can get there by bus.

The on-line has load's of helpful TOOL'S which are brilliant and you can have a BLOG if you want but i am going to JOURNAL  and POST HERE and use the TOOL'S at SMART and really easy to use and so well thought out and helpful and if you want to use the LIVE CHAT at the on-line meetings you can buy a headset off SMART and the Funds go to keep all the help OUTSIDE and ON-LINE going or you can buy or use your own.

And i am also keeping up the NA meetings as well so THE CREATOR has made me READY and well ARMED!! :-D GOD IS GREAT!! I need the Spirituality  of NA and it's NOT 'Religious' or a 'Cult' at all!! Its wonderful to share 'Fellowship' of the 'Spirit' with other 'Spirits' after all everyone of us is SPIRIT living a HUMAN existence not the other way around!! :-D  And 'GOD' is just a  Nic name for 'LOVE' it's Man Made and i could go in to how one word had been used to terrify and enslave the Human Race and the WORST INIQUITIES are alway' carried out by MAN using that word?

As a child ALL of us were taught to FEAR GOD!!! A BIG F-IN LIE!!! LOVE does not promote suffering, fear, and if you do wrong is 'OUT TO GET YOU????NO IT'S NOT!!! And follow not 'Man Made Rules, and do as ''THEY' tell you or else? THEIR OUT TO GET YOU NOT ''GOD'' if you don't do their bidding and blindly follow like sheep? And all the TV EVANGELIST?? Send 'MONEY NOW???'' GOD DON'T NEED OR WANT MONEY!! THEY DO!!!

So before i start to sound like 'ONE OF THEM LYING DEVIL'S!!'' i got one last thing to say 'STOP FALLING FOR THEIR BS!! LOVING THE LORD COST NOTHING!! IT'S FREE!! AND SO IS LOVE'S LOVE!! Ans that's what i am doing AND i have cut the pill's down to 40MG I feel STRONG!!  and i am getting a lot of help to get back aand fore to NA meetings and the one lady thinks another NA member may be able to help me get to the SMART building too but it's a lot nearer than the NA meeting place which is quite a distance from here.

And i am WILLING ans DOING everything i can to speed along my recovery AND i have thrown away anything that should NOT be here +any SPARE pill's as well. And the last few day's i been forgetting to take my last Diazapam but you GOT TO be careful with coming off those too fast it's dangerous!! I had huge fits from trying to get off too quickly and i'm lucky i never broke my neck!! it was tha bad and went on for hours!! Right stop typing time!!

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by ricart70, Feb 26, 2014
Sounds like you are getting there Tswana!  ;))    The smart recovery sounds great and you should totally go. Hope you have a great day today friend. ;)))

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