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Jun 29, 2009 - 82 comments

Some of you know MyleesMommy, she is my cousin and signed up on the site earlier this year. She is 7 weeks ahead of me and her little girl, Mylee, has cleft lip and possible pallet(not sure if thats the correct pallet). She is in the August 09 babies forum.

Her and my family need prayer for her and the baby right now...Basically the story is as follows...

Last week, a few of my cousins and my uncle were going to go see Transformers. They invited Brittanie and Michael(her bf and the baby's father) to go. She called him and asked and he said buy the tickets. Well once he got home he apparently changed his mind and had told her that he said do not buy them yet she was around everyone else that was going to which they all heard, yes buy them. He had dropped it, or so they all thought. When the two of them left (they have their own apartment) he brought it back up on the way home. He ended up back handing her across the face so when they got home she decided she was taking some clothes and going back to her moms. He refused to let her get any of her things and ended up throwing her on the bed, straddling her, Mind you, she is 33 weeks pregnant and really big, and he ended up hauling off and punching her in the nose. There was blood every where. He ended up splitting and leaving her there while she was bleeding profusely. My aunt and uncle got there and rushed her to the ER. They did a cat scan, he broke her nose in 3 places. Luckily there was no bone fragments broken off anywhere. The hospital couldnt handle it, it was too severe so they rushed to another hospital where they told her that she will need surgery. Friday they went and moved all of her stuff out and she is now back at home with my aunt and uncle.

Well her baby shower with this last Saturday (yea, could you imagine that one) and she continuously had to leave due to her nose just pouring blood. Apparently she has been loosing so much blood and she started having bloody show and contractions so she has been in and out of the hospital. The last time they were at the hospital, they stopped the contractions and the bleeding and put her on strict bed rest with her head and feet elevated. This morning my aunt left to run some errands when my cousin called and said i need you, hurry. When my aunt got home, Brit almost passed out and the entire kitchen was covered in blood. She has been throwing up blood and blood clots and her nose just pours like a faucet. Along with that, she started having contractions again as well.  As of right now, this minute, she has been admitted into the hospital, they are giving her a bag of blood and the medicine they are giving her for the contractions are not stopping them. I just got off the phone with my aunt and they are scared they might have to take the baby if she is under too much stress. I will keep everyone posted and PLEASE keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

(as for Michael, he was arrested, its a felony to hit anyone who is pregnant. But his mommy went and bailed him out the next morning and now he has been calling Brittanie trying to apologize. Needless to say, he just lost all rights to that baby and Brit wants nothing to do with him.)

Thank you

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525485 tn?1314364901
by Lance06, Jun 29, 2009
OMG awful for her!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with her, that baby and all of your family!

Hang in there. If they have to take the baby, I am sure everything will be fine, but lets hope it doesnt come to that! I hope she gets better soon and I hope she can be strong enough to stay FAR FAR away from that a**hole!

Hang in there girl.

HUgs and kisses for Aidyn and Bryce too!

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by Latrice414, Jun 29, 2009
I will keep her in my prayers, thats an awful thing to be going threw.

458072 tn?1291418786
by peggy64, Jun 29, 2009
You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Please keep us posted.

924126 tn?1253207865
by missyaftc, Jun 29, 2009
im so sorry to hear this.
i will pray as with all our issues.
Im so glad that they arrested him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im so mad!!!!
Keep us posted. Im so glad you had the energy to talk to us.
You can call me if you have no one to talk with
I know, im sure you have people. I just know i go blank when im in an emergancy situation.
biggggggggggg sigh.
so glad he has no rights now.....
ugggg im so mad.
how are you doing????
please call me if you need to.
im so sorry.
i have a huge feeling she'll be ok. just a weird feeling.
luv/hugggs for you and everyone there.

552767 tn?1262191776
by holly_b, Jun 29, 2009
That's horrible, the poor woman. I will pray for her and the family.

Avatar universal
by spade22, Jun 29, 2009
Unbelievable - she is in my prayers.  I hope she takes this to court, in due course, and that AH is put behind bars where he belongs.

507875 tn?1423163861
by Juana824, Jun 29, 2009
That is just awful...She is in my prayers...I am sorry your family is going through this...

296027 tn?1287762643
by Shawndell, Jun 29, 2009
you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers...

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by JoyRenee, Jun 29, 2009

That is just absolutely awful and I'm glad your cousin has left him (a broken nose over MOVIE TICKETS? Seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!). I just have no words.

349463 tn?1333575176
by NicMom, Jun 29, 2009
Oh my gosh this goes right to the top of my prayer list! That's a horrible story I hope he goes to jail and gets punched in the face by another inmate.

460185 tn?1326081372
by lonewolf07, Jun 30, 2009
You don't know me but how could anyone not respond to this.  I'll pray for both mom and unborn baby.  I was stupidly married to someone who tried to do that to me, which is another story but I do know how it feels.  Hope he goes to jail and gets more than a punch in the face by other inmates.  What goes around comes around.

Avatar universal
by scoobylulu, Jun 30, 2009
I just said a prayer for her and her baby, that they will both be strong and ok despite this ordeal.

Avatar universal
by msniki412, Jun 30, 2009
That is horrible!!!!!! How could anyone do that to anybody?!?!? I hope they get the restraining order against him. He should never be able to see her and the baby ever. What a monster!!!! I will keep them both in my prayers and pray that the baby can wait out a few more works before being born. I hope she will be ok too.


439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jun 30, 2009
Hi everyone, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!

As of last night, she was still in the hospital, they gave her 2 pints of blood and the contractions hadnt stopped. They said the baby is under so much stress right now that if the contractions were to continue (they were going to give it a little longer) they were going to transport to another hospital that takes more severe cases. I have not talked to anyone yet this morning but as soon as i do, i will let everyone know how she is doing. They are afraid that if the contractions have not stopped by today, they may have to take Mylee.

As for him and his family, they found out that Brittanie was in the hospital and so the mom called down there pretending to be his aunt trying to talk to brit. Well my aunt (Brits mom) was in the room and said wait, they would call my cell first, hold on, answered the phone and sure enough, it was his mom. She asked, why didnt you tell us she was in the hospital. My aunt said *QUOTE* Because its none of your f*ing business. His mom said well she is carrying my grandbaby. To which my aunt replied well it was your wonderful son that put her here in the first place. Needless to say, they got into it and my aunt finally hung up. They have a guard outside of Brittanies room and a guard out in the parking lot waiting for any of their vehicles to show. They did get a restraining order but have yet been able to catch up to him to serve it so they are kinda hoping he shows up to the hospital. For now, its only for Brittanie and the unborn baby but as soon as the baby is born, she has to file another for the baby. They are pressing FULL charges and are taking him to court (of course as soon as things get taken care of and she is healthy enough to go home and the baby is ok and all of that) So he will not be getting away with this. Well when they were moving all of Brits stuff out of the apartment, they(his mom and grandmom) wouldn't let them take the stroller, carseat, playpen, and a few other things that had already been bought and apparently now somehow they found out, they are going to try and fight for custody and bring in CPS. So today, my nana, her neighbor and a few friends are going to my aunts house to completely renovate just so that it looks that much better for their case. New carpets, fresh paint, new curtains, all of it....Hopefully though, a judge wont even bother with that and see that he has anger problems and be smart and now grant him anything except possible supervised visits, once a month....

i will keep everyone updated as i get them...THANK YOU ALL AGAIN FOR THE PRAYERS!!!!!

287246 tn?1318573663
by Michele, Katy, TX, Jun 30, 2009
Oh my gosh!!!  I just don't know what to say.....I am so sorry she is going through this.  How awful.......I am SOOOOOO glad that he will be prosecuted for this!!!!

She and her baby are in my prayers.....May God bless and watch over Brittanie and Mylee.  May God watch your family and give you all strength.

Please let Brittanie know that we are all praying for her for that AH to get what he deserves!!!  Ugh.....They're always sorry......Makes me sick.....

720547 tn?1282623532
by birdiewebb, Jun 30, 2009
I wish you luck with the case!! I am not sure how laws work there but our laws here in Oregon he wouldn't have a chance. They lean hard towards the mother unless somehow they can prove mom isn't a fit parent. But I really don't think even at that point if he beat her they would give baby to him. Best of luck to you all and my prayers are for sure with the family!!

Avatar universal
by msniki412, Jun 30, 2009
Even the family is horrible!!!! I am so sorry she has to go through this. It's hard enough being pregnant as is with complications that may arise, but when these types of things could have been avoided it just sickens me. I hope he never gets to see the baby because he does not deserve for any of them to be in his life. He is a horrible human being and she be locked away so he can never hurt her, the baby or anybody else for that matter. I hope he gets what he deserves 10 times over!!!

Will be praying for your family that she gets better and that sweet baby stays in there a bit longer.

145992 tn?1341348674
by mami1323, Jun 30, 2009
This is awful, she is in my prayers and so is her daughter.  She should get a restraining order against his mother as well.  She can get one against anyone of his family who tries to harrass her.  I'm so sorry, no one should have to go through any of this and especially during pregnancy.  I wish her the best.  Keep us posted.

Avatar universal
by msniki412, Jun 30, 2009
OMG. Ooops I just re-read what I wrote and in the line "He is a horrible human being and she be locked away so he can..." it should have been HE. He should be locked away! Guess I was so angry reading this and trying to type fast and work and yikes I can't multi task that well.


439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jun 30, 2009
I just called my Aunt to see how she is doing and i was on the phone for no more then 2 minutes and she said ill call you back. Brittanie started throwing up blood again. She called me back and said that they are going to give her 2 more pints of blood. They did end up transporting her over night to the other hospital which is where she is now and the contractions havent stopped but i guess they are way calmer and slower then they were yesterday. I guess i misunderstood yesterday, the Drs never actually said that they might take the baby they were just afraid because she was under so much stress but from what i was getting today, it doesnt seem like a threat now. The night this all happened, the Drs told her they could have done the surgery then but because she was pregnant they would only be able to give her light pain medication so the dr said that at that time, it seemed best to wait till after the baby was born. Well my aunt just said that they are going to come and talk to her about going into surgery today because yes the baby is very important, but she needs to be here for the baby which makes her pretty important too. My aunt said she would call me back later that the nurses had just walked in and she had to go.

Mami, as for the restraining order against his mother, i said the exact same thing but to my nana and i cant guarantee that it will be relaid to my aunt so when she calls me back later i will be telling her!! This mother of the loser sounds like a real winner too doesnt she =)  apple never falls far from the tree...

Thank you Ladies, i havent had a chance to tell her that you are all here praying for her health and the for the baby but as soon as i can sit and talk to my aunt for more then 4 minutes, i will let her know to tell Brittanie.


294043 tn?1354211546
by Helen72, Jun 30, 2009
What a bastard!!!  I hope your cousin and the baby will get through this with family support.

229760 tn?1291471470
by rdh1981, Jun 30, 2009
This is just so awful. It sickens me to think how could a man hit a woman at all must less a pregnant woman.  He is just one sick jerk.  He will get his justice!!!!!

If Brittanie is half the fighter like you she will be just fine! She has Baby Angel Aidyn on her side!!!!! It sounds like you guys have a great support system for each other and I am sure Britanie feels so blessed to have people like you in her life.

I will for surely keep Brittanie and her family in my prayers. This is just such a tragic story that I am praying will end with a very happy ending.

By the way I know she has Baby Angel Cooper on her side too!!!!!!


Avatar universal
by JoyRenee, Jun 30, 2009
Please let us know if she ends up getting the surgery and how the baby does!

393893 tn?1283554830
by jjsh44, Jun 30, 2009
What a piece of shi*.  I hope she sticks to her guns and wants nothing to do with him or even let him see the baby.  I can't believe people.  And what the he** was his mom thinking bailing him out?
You and your family are in my thoughts
Love & hugs to you all

667409 tn?1309155783
by SoCalTricia, Jun 30, 2009
Wow. What a sick bastard. Hopefully he won't get off easy. But, more importantly, hopefully your cousin will stay strong and not take him back. The cycle of violence is a powerful thing, and sometimes otherwise smart women make some really stupid choices.

I'm keeping your cousin and her precious baby in my prayers...poor kid. She's just a baby herself - and to have to endure all of this is a lot for a young girl to handle! Sounds like she has great family support - keep up the good work! You're all in my thoughts, honey...


427454 tn?1315504550
by Prayerful2528, Jun 30, 2009
I am so sorry to hear such a sad story.   You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts.


377493 tn?1356505749
by adgal, Jun 30, 2009
Wow, how awful.  I am so upset to hear she had to go through this, but am so glad she is standing her ground and charging the jerk.  I am not sure of laws in the US, but it can't be too differnt from Canada.  With the documented information from the hospital and her pressing charges, I seriously doubt he would have any chance at getting his hands on that baby.  The courts take family violence so seriously now (as they should).  I pray she is doing well and has a quick recovery.  That baby doesn't need a father like that, and I think it's wonderful your cousin has such a strong support system within her family.  Please let us know how she is doing.

284738 tn?1283110419
by pinkbelle, Jun 30, 2009

This is so aweful.. I will be praying for you and your family

463595 tn?1334000822
by colorado_g, Jun 30, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with her and the baby. What an ash... hiting a woman not mention pregnat carring your baby, how there he calling her now. I hope for her eveything will turn up ok and in august she will have a litlle miracle

764229 tn?1322523484
by Juliaschill, Jul 01, 2009
I too will add my prayers to the list, best of luck

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 01, 2009
Good morning...not much update right now, i spoke with my nana last night who said that she was at the hospital for 41/2 hours with brittanie and in that time some a-hole of a dr came in and basically said that if he had to, he was going to let the baby die so that he could do the surgery for the mother. My nana got in his face and said, shes 71/2 months pregnant, that baby will survive if you take her. He apparently said that her OB didnt want Brittanie to go into labor yet so my nana said well you arent doing the surgery yet then, there is no way they will allow that baby to not make it after all of this. So she has not had the surgery yet. She has however been receiving the steroid shots for the baby's lungs so it sounds like Mylee will be here sooner then expected. She was still having contractions last night but they were still really mild. If they do induce her to take the baby, she will have to have a c-section, she wont be able to push because of the pressure will cause more bleeding.

And get this, so Brittanie had her baby shower 2 days after this happened. NONE of Michaels family showed up right, well that was kinda surprising to them because not everyone is behind what he did like his mommy and grandma. Well they found out yesterday that his mom invited all those people and threw a shower just for him. Along with that, my aunts house is not the cleanest, she breeds weiner dogs (dachshunds i guess the technical name) and has all their kennels in the living room. Well mind you, it was just my aunt and my uncle living there, its an older home and its not that big. Well Michael being there and knowing the condition, let his parents know who now are planning on getting CPS involved to try and take the baby. So today, half of my family, some family and friends and really good neighbors are heading over there, cleaning out the garage. Taking all the kennels and putting them in the garage with a swamp cooler, ripping out all the carpet and placing new flooring down, painting all the walls...and i think i did mention all of this already but i just couldnt believe that they actually thought they would be able to try and take that baby away with what he did. I cannot wait till he gets nothing out of this!!

Thank you again for the prayers and i should have some more updates later today...God Bless you all!!

525485 tn?1314364901
by Lance06, Jul 01, 2009
Amberlee...First off, that Doctor is a total A_Hole...OMG....he has nerve to say he would let that baby die....what an a**.
I am glad that they are giving her steroid shots and I am sure that Mylee will be just fine!!!

Please keep us updated....

Im sorry, but I dont think there is ANY way that man would get any sort of custody after what he has done.....he truly is a piece of Shi*



Avatar universal
by mamaofonetrying42, Jul 01, 2009
This is so aweful.. I will be praying for your family

349463 tn?1333575176
by NicMom, Jul 01, 2009
Wow it just gets better and better. That guys entire family sounds trashy. That's awesome that your family is all going to pitch in and help clean up that house before CPS gets there to check it out. Looks like no matter what a custody battle is in the works, but I hope for now she can just focus on getting better and taking care of that baby.

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 03, 2009
Were gonna have a baby!!

So yesterday she had a touch and go day, a couple bleeding episodes. They gave her 2 pints of blood. She was in so much pain she was crying in hysterics my Nana said. Well she had another episode last night and then again this morning so they gave her a pint of blood and while she was receiving it, she went into labor. Mind you, she has been having consistent contractions all week but i guess they started coming fast this morning. My Nana just called and said they are 2 minutes apart, they are going to let her have a vaginal delivery with 2 nurses pushing on her tummy to help with the baby. As soon as the baby is born, she will get to spend a few minutes with her and they will both be heading in for surgery. Brittanie for her nose and Mylee to put a feeding tube in her throat. The OB and EMT met this morning by chance and had agreed on some things that the last few days have not been agreeable terms and in the mean time, Mylee decided it was time to shine. As of right now, 11:00am pst, contractions are 2 minutes apart and she is 4cm dilated. So it could take all day or a few hours but they have her in the delivery room and now waiting...

I will let everyone know how things go as soon as she is here...

Thanks for the continued prayers!!

Avatar universal
by msniki412, Jul 03, 2009
Omg I hope her and the baby will be ok!!!!! Please keep updates whenever you can. Will be praying for her and the baby!!!!


599170 tn?1300977493
by Cherie762, Jul 03, 2009
My heart aches for you, your family and your dear cousin on what should be one of the happiest times in her life, I will pray for her well being both physically and in everyother manner as well as the baby. Please keep us up dated, In our Heavenly Fathers name, Peace be with you, Cherie

210400 tn?1325384170
by amberd5191, Jul 03, 2009
OMG! I just got on here and read this and I am sitting at my desk crying. Lots and lots of prayers. Please update us when you can. I can't even imagine.

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jul 03, 2009
I hope all went well! How is she and baby girl doing???? Cant stop thinking about all of you guys...................

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 03, 2009
well i havent gotten a call yet saying that the baby has arrived so i dont know if she is here yet. Last info i got was that they did end up giving her the epidural (at first they said that she couldnt have it because of all the blood shes been getting, her immune system was too low or something like that) but she was in too much pain so they gave it to here and she was at 5cm dilated. I guess her water broke at 11:30 this morning and so far, seems to be getting to 10 slowly....ill send a text and see if i can get a response, ill let you know...

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jul 03, 2009
Thanks amberlee! That seems like a long labor if she was at 5cm this morning...............

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 03, 2009
no response from my aunt so i called my Nana, she said an hour ago she talked to my aunt and she was only at 6cm, talk about long labor...she said they were on their way to give her a shot to get the process moving a bit faster but no baby yet! poor thing, the epidural is gonna wear off....

Avatar universal
by boldsojah4christ, Jul 03, 2009
Ur family are in my prayers!! & we all here @ m.h. Are praying as well! God bless! Bs4c:

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 04, 2009
Mylee was born at 9:33pm pst weighing in at 5lbs 7oz (I didn't get a length)

Both are doing great and I hope to have more update later!!

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jul 04, 2009
Welcome to the world Mylee!!! 5 LBS 7 OZS is a good weight for 33 weeks!! Congrats to mommy!! Have you heard how bad the cleft lip is?? Is she breathing well on her own??? How is mommy doing?? Sorry im so full of questions:(

210400 tn?1325384170
by amberd5191, Jul 04, 2009
Wow she was a good sized baby. Can't wait to hear more details. Still sending lots of prayers.

525485 tn?1314364901
by Lance06, Jul 04, 2009
So glad Mylee is doing well!!!

458072 tn?1291418786
by peggy64, Jul 04, 2009
YIPPEEE!!! Good news is always received with great joy!!

720547 tn?1282623532
by birdiewebb, Jul 04, 2009
WELCOME TO THE WORLD MYLEE!!!! I hope mommy and baby continue to do well!!! And I hope this so called father of hers never gets to see her or have anything to do with it. Kind of mean to say in a way but after what he did, I hope he rots first. Best of luck to you all and please continue to keep everyone informed!!!

463595 tn?1334000822
by colorado_g, Jul 04, 2009
So happy to hear that they doing well. And hope they will recoveer soon and that all that drama will end. Good luck to her and baby and whole fammilly.

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 04, 2009
well i didnt get much info last night, things were crazy but i did find out that she only has cleft lip, it did not effect her pallet. As far as breathing on her own or how she is doing, i havent been able to talk to anyone that was there yet, its all been through my Nana who got the call immediately after she arrived. My aunt got to cut the cord and they got to spend a little bit of time with her and then they were both taken for surgery...they are keeping the baby for at least a month though is what my Nana said that the drs told Brittanie so...ill let everyone know how things are as soon as i can actually talk to my aunt!! Have a SAFE and FUN 4th if i dont get back on here till tomorrow......God Bless

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 06, 2009
So after she had the baby, they then decided for whatever reason, they wouldnt say, to not give her the surgery. She was so miserable she couldnt fight it. Well after some well needed rest she told the drs that if they didnt give her the surgery she was unhooking herself and leaving...she hasnt been able to visit the baby because of all the bleeding. She is sick of it and they agreed to do it this morning as of last night...The baby is doing really well, she didnt need the tube at first, she was sucking and they started to feed her but i guess she wasnt eating enough so they gave it to her after all. Her lip is pretty bad, its about half an inch wide all the way up to her nose. She doesnt have a left nostril but they said its all fixable. I guess though half of her gum is gone on that side too. Other then that she is doing well and is very active and apparently has quite the temper on her...ill keep you posted

287246 tn?1318573663
by Michele, Katy, TX, Jul 06, 2009
Thanks for the update....I am so glad that everyone is doing better.  I pray for all of the surgeries to go well :)  I just know they will....God is watching.  God Bless you and your whole family!!!

210400 tn?1325384170
by amberd5191, Jul 06, 2009
Still sending lots of prayers! Thank you for updating.

957185 tn?1250543728
by Lola2386, Jul 06, 2009
Im sorry to hear of everything going on, Im sure god is watchign out for her and the baby, i hope that idiot of an "EX" (think its safe to call him that) burns in hell... i cant immagine someone hitting a pregnant woman!  or a woman for that matter! I hope he gets lots of jail time, i hope the surgery goes well, im sure once everything calms down things will start to go better!
i'm praying for your family!!!

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 09, 2009
From my last post, Brittanie was suppose to go in for surgery the next morning but her DR came in at midnight and gave her her discharge papers and said she was free to leave. They argued with him but got no where and ended up leaving with no reasons on why they refused to do the surgery...i dont know right now what they are planning on doing about that situation BUT as for Michael, today they had a hearing for the restraining orders. With that said, he and his mother barely found out today that the baby was born a week ago tomorrow. The baby is at a different hospital then they are thinking she is for one and for two, she is under a false name SO they wont be able to find her.

Well the hearing started and apparently his mother kept running her mouth and after the 3rd time the judge told the bailiff to escort her out, this was within the first 10 minutes. Michael tried to plea his case by turning it all around and saying that she had started it and showed his two pictures, one of a scratch and one of a bite mark. The judge then let Brittanie tell her side and share her tons of pictures of blood EVERYWHERE and also had the social workers paperwork and the hospital paperwork along with police reports. In the end the judge granted Brittanie full soul custody and gave him a 5 year restraining order along with 52 hours of anger management classes. The judge told him that if he walks into a restaurant or store to turn around and walk out...She told Brittanie if he doesnt leave, call 911. Neither of them are allowed to see the baby or Brittanie period!! And today was just for the restraining orders. They apparently have another date set for the domestic dispute and that is where they think he will be arrested. The DA isnt even charging him with domestic dispute, they got him on administrating capitol punishment. SO needless to say, hes SCREWED!!!!!!

Just thought i would update with the good news. As for the baby, they are talking about releasing her in 2 weeks. She is doing better, they are pumping breast milk and feeding it through a tube down her nose just to make sure she is getting an adequate amount to eat. Brittanie even got to change a poopy diaper yesterday. Things are going to be ok....Thank you all for the prayers and well wishes, they were well needed and im sure that as soon as things settle down, she will be on here herself and posting pictures...    

210400 tn?1325384170
by amberd5191, Jul 13, 2009
Thank God the judge saw through him and his mother! I'm so glad the baby will be released soon. Thank you for the update.

419158 tn?1316575204
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jul 13, 2009
That is great news! So happy that jerk is not going to be able to be a part od his daughters life. And baby is doing better is just icing on the cake:)

229760 tn?1291471470
by rdh1981, Jul 13, 2009
What a relief, it sounds like things are finally starting to look up!! I feel so bad that Brittanie is having to deal with all of this extra stress when I know she wants to devote all her attention to Mylee!!!

It sounds like Mylee is quite the fighter like her Mommy and I know this story is going to have an awesome ending!!!!!!!!

463595 tn?1334000822
by colorado_g, Jul 13, 2009
wow 2 good newses. I am happy baby is doing good and happy that she can havea a piec of mind knowing that he cant get near

145992 tn?1341348674
by mami1323, Jul 13, 2009
That is great news.  I'm so happy to hear.  Boy imagine she went full term that baby would've been like 10 lbs.  I'm glad he got hit with a severe restraining order and along with his little mommy as well.  I hope they never get a chance to be part of that child's life.  She deserves a good life filled with happiness and no drama.  Keep us posted.

287246 tn?1318573663
by Michele, Katy, TX, Jul 13, 2009
Thank God for judges that this!!!  I swear the abuser seems to never lose rights!!!

I am so glad all is now going in the right direction for her and her baby!!!  This news really warms my heart :)

172023 tn?1334675884
by peekawho, Jul 13, 2009
I'm no legal expert, but isn't capital punishment, like.... murder?  I'm seriously confused by what you are saying.  Nothing about this makes the slightest bit of sense.

I think we are missing large portions of the actual sequence of events.  

145992 tn?1341348674
by mami1323, Jul 13, 2009
I think it could be classified as attempted murder.  Since he did infact cause so much damage she almost died.  

172023 tn?1334675884
by peekawho, Jul 13, 2009
If it was attempted murder, though....he's probably still be in jail, right?  Unless they have tons of money and made bail.

145992 tn?1341348674
by mami1323, Jul 13, 2009
Yeah, I would think so.  Unless she never pressed charges initially.  But I think once she was admitted to the hospital that would be the hospital's responsibility to report the incident.  I'm not sure how that would work.  

172023 tn?1334675884
by peekawho, Jul 13, 2009
Oh yes, if a woman comes who has been battered, we call the police.  At least, its been like that in every state I've ever practiced in.  

796506 tn?1370191905
by nickieb85, Jul 13, 2009
OMG that man is a piece of sh*t and I hope she stays away from him especially since she is so close to delivering. I hope she doesn't go into preterm labor because of this.... That is awful!

Avatar universal
by Latrice414, Jul 13, 2009
im glad everything is working out in her favor.  Tell her to be strong and keep faith.

Avatar universal
by alikat1205, Jul 13, 2009
capital punishment is not a murder charge, although you can receive capital punishment for a murder conviction.  no one is charged with "capital punishment" so something is misunderstood here.  if he is being charged with second degree attempted murder, he would be in jail awaiting an initial hearing.  so there is some element left out.  but i hope all turns out well.

127124 tn?1326739035
by have 2 kids, Jul 13, 2009
I'm really confused by what you have told us but I hope your cousin and her baby continue to do well.

172826 tn?1423426556
by CYW, Jul 13, 2009
OH MY F#$@#$ GOSH!!!!! I would have ripped him a new i dont know what but i can't believe how could you do this to your baby and the mother of your baby...i will keep her and the baby in my prayers this is just insane

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 13, 2009
Ok, to get everyone on the same page (and btw, everything that i have been updating is coming from my Nana, it's kinda like playing that game telephone with her...take that how you please)

Michael punched my pregnant cousin on a Thursday, she went to the hospital. The hospital called the police. It's a felony to hit a pregnant woman, they put a warrant out for his arrest. He was no where to be found but Friday night, they caught up to him and arrested him. His mother went Saturday morning and bailed him out for $2500. At that time, he was not being charged as the charges had not been filed. The hearing they just had, had nothing to do with the actual hitting. They were for the restraining orders placed against him and his family for Brittanie and the baby...There will be another hearing coming up for what he is being charged is where what i was told was incorrect from my grandmother...he is NOT being charged with administering capitol punishment, my Nana was wrong. I spoke with my cousin today and he is being charged with inflicting corporal injury. They believe that he will get 2 to 3 years tops if convicted but they wont know more until the court date which i do not know when that is. As far as i am understanding, he is still free on bail. I hope that clarifies everything.

193609 tn?1292183893
by Cheyenne_08, Jul 13, 2009
I guess I am missing the boat here too....all he did was punch her and this is what happened to her? Punched her where? She went from needing surgery so bad a doc was going to let the baby die to being released from the hospital...and a baby was born at 33 weeks weighing over 5 lbs? My son was born at 31 weeks, almost 32 weeks and he was 3 lbs 15 oz and they said he was HUGE for his gestational age. Is anyone else not seeing things adding up here?

439903 tn?1380141482
by Asking4aMiracle, Jul 13, 2009
Yes, the baby was large for her gestation, by my cousins lmp, her due date was July 10th but the baby was measuring small all during the beginning of her pregnancy so they changed her due date to August 14th...until just recently she was on track for august but then she plumped up. as for what happened he threw her on their bed, put his knees on her thighs and held her arms down while she tried to get free. There are pictures on her legs where he was on her, he left bruises. He then hauled back and punched her in the nose and broke it in 3 places, she has the pictures of all of this too and I seen her this weekend, she still has black eyes. They said she was lucky he didn't break her eye sockets he hit her that hard. The dr did end up giving her a reason why they wouldn't do the surgery right now and they said because her face has already been through too much trauma and because she has lost so much blood they want her body to remake it ob it's own before they do anything else. They gave her a total of 5 pints of blood while she was in the hospital... If that doesn't give you the whole story you are more then welcome to go back and re read everything. I am updating with what I am being told, there are pictures of everything, whether or not Brittanie will put them up I don't know, right now she is spending all free time she has with her daughter in the nicu. Mylee does have cleft lip and palate, again, my grandmother gave me wrong info. They will not release her from the hospital until she nipples(drinks from a bottle) I BELIEVE it was 20ccs? I don't remember but she will be able to have her first surgery once she is 10lbs+. That is all I have at the moment I hope it's what you need to send prayer since that is all I'm asking.  

184342 tn?1282592350
by tatorbug40, Jul 14, 2009
Well,  sometimes it is hard to get everything conveyed in a manor that makes sense when there are lots of emotion involved....  and second hand at that....  I wouldn't worry about it-  details aside it sounds like it is a real mess, and your cousin and Mylee will be in my prayers...  :)

548642 tn?1266183252
by thickm, Jul 14, 2009
omg what is in the air with men..........i dont know what i would do during a time like that (preggo and all) i wish all of yall the best and i will keep her in my prayers!!! keep us posted

145992 tn?1341348674
by mami1323, Jul 14, 2009
Sweetie, we never thought you weren't telling the truth.  We just want to make sure that we got the full picture so we can give the best advice.  We want this man to pay for his actions so if something is missing from the story he may get away with this.  That is not what any of us want.  You have my prayers without needing details.  Just want to see him rot in jail.  Good luck to your cousin.

210400 tn?1325384170
by amberd5191, Jul 14, 2009
Still sending prayers.

349463 tn?1333575176
by NicMom, Jul 14, 2009
I'm still praying for your family and the baby as well. I was thinking about your cousin's story yesterday when I saw on the news that a woman here lost her baby after her boyfriend beat her up. Thank god your cousin had a better outcome.

525485 tn?1314364901
by Lance06, Jul 14, 2009 questions asked here......Your cousin and Mylee are in my prayers always..and I hope they are both doing well! Keep us updated!

720547 tn?1282623532
by birdiewebb, Jul 14, 2009
My thoughts and prayers are with them both!!

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