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27 days left

Feb 27, 2014 - 1 comments

im excited today ! I finally got sleep broken from having to pee but sleep oh how ive missed you !
ive been having nightly heart burn /acid reflex tums and milk are my nightly routine to keep it at bay .

been cleaning my house like detailing it to sparkle for miss k
my pop should be having puppies on st pattys day . making a apt for mr Rawr to get clipped and mr sawyer bear too no more puppies or kitties here .
I did not mean for lottie pop to get pregnant but this was her first heat and the boy dog ripped off her diaper so i seperated them and he tore up the carpet in my dd room . so one day when she was done bleeding i thought her heat was over and when i came home from shopping they were stuck :(

now puppies but good thing is she isnt that big im thinking maybe 2 ill keep one and give one to my mom .
if three ill give it away or sell it to pay for her spay .

finishing school today meeting next thurs for teacher meeting 2 more after that and this year is done !!! spring break isnt until April seems so far away !

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by Yrmacias, Feb 27, 2014
wow lady you have much going on . try and relax these last few weeks.

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