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Feb 28, 2014 - 0 comments

I am just going hour by hour and restnig my arms and hands.Very hard as hands arms painfull stiff and locking All over paib exspected WD's and C/PAIN is ^%$£"! But there is no finishing line but a place in life u want to be WITHOUT Medical intervention and drugs, THAT'S the bit i am against. I only ever had 1 Doc that looked for the CAUSE and CURE. Not 'The cover up'' sure pain med's were given BUT that wasn't a 'FOR LIFE' senario with her. It was the part of the healing journey and well kept an eye on.But now it is what it is and right now it's HELL!!!  BUT....i am walking away from it and that's a good thought and if GOD see's that if i am able to be a % better and i want it not just for me but so i can then help other's to find their way too then all the year's of suffering are for a good reason. I know that if this did not happen to me, not just me but other's i have loved and lost. Then i can go and help many more people to have some reason to smile and want the day to come.Pian bad so break.BUT i have to exercise a bit as the locking up will get worse! pain or not!! it is bad now but at least i can move a bittt. Has to be done.

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