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Living for today..

May 05, 2008 - 1 comments

It was a beautiful Pacific NW spring day today...My daughter and I weeded the flowers and planted peas...I wish I had energy to do more, there is still so much that needs to be done...My Hubby and I rearranged our budget once again, for, at the end of the month we will have to pay the entire amount (90 days of FMLA coverage expires) of the medical insurance if we don't want to lose it...($1200)...The thought of returning to work for 12 hour shifts and being able to lift 300 lb patients is still unfathomable...I'm counting my blessings still...In 1 1/2 weeks I'll be half-way done with txing, and I'm at "0" for my viral load...And I'm able to spend some very quality time with my family...                ~Melinda

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by Wassup, May 12, 2008
Hi Sweetie, Hope your Mothers Day was glorious!! Bad enough to be going through TX, feeling like doo doo, but add financial pressure to the mix, whew, that's alot on your plate.  You can only do what you can do, and I'm praying that you're not feeling guilty about not being able to work.  Please don't even think about this right now.  Concentrate on getting well, and spending relaxing fun time with your family.... you can go back to being 'Wonder Woman" when you're strong enough, and not a moment sooner. So, let go, let God, and let your family be there for YOU.  You're no good to anyone if you rush it, and wind up even sicker.  Lotza Hugs, Bevy

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