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Jun 30, 2009 - 0 comments




Well what a difference just over 24hrs or so can make!!!! I have been looking after my darling nephews since sun eve & yesterday I wasnt my usual self with them. Although we played games in the sunshine in the garden, then after lunch went to a nearby park I really wasnt my usual self. I think my bro & sis in law even noticed this in the eve once they returned from work, as sis in law was asking if I was ok!! I think I just lost my mojo for a day or two, I get like that sumtimes, as I said its the loneliness. I also find that nearly all of the friends that I do have (of which there are very few) are all in relationships or married with kids etc & therefore have busy lives. I enjoy being single sumtimes tho at other times that can seem all to glaringly lonely!!

I have woken this morning with a much more positive attitude, prob helped by feeling my 6yr old nephew crawl into bed with me and start heavy breathin on my face to see if I was awake (which I was)!!!! This was followed by a game of "Go Fish" - dont ask??!!! Now I have quickly *** online to ty0pe up my journal & put ystrdys mood tracker info on b4 going for a walk to a large park to keep them entertained as at this very minute I can hear them fighting in the next room - boys eh!!???

I have also contacted my local Drugs Action and they are going to call me back & arrange an appt to go & talk to sum1 in an evening as i cannot attend during the day due to work commitments, they also gave me the helpline number so I can call that as well if need be.

Tho finding this site has been great - even though our addictions may not all be to the same substances/chemicals/prescription drugs - whateva - addiction is addiction and its great to get support & to give support.

Im gona keep up this journal, even if its just to type up how my day has been but I think it will be a good tool to see if there is a pattern to my moods.


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