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WOW! Cant believe this Subutex

May 05, 2008 - 2 comments

Hi all!
Just wanted to post a blog about how Im doing.

I am doing WONDERFUL. I have been reading on this site for over 3 months and just read alot of things about addiction, and what to expect with withdrawl. Well Im one of those people who are weak when it comes to the thought of having the flu. I cry like a baby when Im sick...I hate it! Im a soooo scared of wd...literally.

Well, while reading on here, I was addicted to Norco...**Hydrocodone** 10/325mg about 20 a day for over 2 years. I loved it back then...I felt normal, though reading on here, everyone said how normal they now felt being clean. Well I was thinking, how is that, cuz IM the one who feels normal too!! I never took more then 4-5 at a time. It came to the point where I wasnt taking them to get high or a good energy buzz anymore...but more to maintain my levels so I wouldnt be sick. I have been wanting to stop for 3 months now, but didnt know how. I was to scared to go through w/d. I got to the point where I was tired of being tired. Tired of counting my pills, doing illegal **** to get them...ect. You all know what Im talking sucked!

I am finally very proud to say that I am going on Day 7 of being clean off Norco. I chose to do the Subutex route. **The one my doctor gave me instead of Suboxone**. I havent felt better. Let me tell ya, I remember the night before my appt, and I woke up in wd at 5 30am and was so ancious I couldnt sleep..and just didnt feel right. I couldnt WAIT to get to my appt!! So I finally made it there, and it took THREE hours, which when you feel like ****, and in wd, thats a lifetime. Finally, I got my script and went to Walgreens where the wait was another 45 minutes!!! I wanted to jump out my skin, and couldnt stop yawning!!! Well then the best words ever came....Your script is ready! I ran outta there, hopped in the car, and took the first one under my tounge, and then the 2nd. It wasnt 10 minutes, and I felt human again. I felt like I never had a problem. He put me on the 2mg tablets. I took 12 mg the first day, and have been lowering my dose daily. He put me on a 10 day protocol, with day 10, no pills.

I am very happy with my choice. It has given me a totally different outlook on life now. I look back and wonder what the heck was I doing, with all the illegal **** that could have wound me in jail!! Thats the addiction though. I wish everyone would consider this route, instead of suffering. As long as they are ready to stop...this is a miricle drug. Its not the WHOLE answer, but Im sooo ready to have a new life...and without this medicine, I couldnt have done it. I wish it was cheaper so more people wouldnt have to suffer getting thier life back. I hate reading about people feeling so sick they want to die, when there is a medicine out there to help them go through this feeling human while detoxing off these evil pills. Again..Im not saying that its all they have to do...but its a dam good start! It has already changed me and my life. I am more of a happier person, I actually LAUGH again! I dont want to stay on this med more then another 10 days...cuz this next 10 day supply Im gonna ask for is my tapering ones. Then goodbye everything!! I honestly see what they all meant by feeling NORMAL, cuz I feel it too now! =]

I know that thier are mixed feelings about these meds, and thats ok. Im just a REAL AVID supporter of Subutex, cuz it does work! I have NO cravings whatsoever, and could care less about them Norcos. The main thing is, no matter what route we take to get clean, we get there!! =]

Im not a pro on this med, or dont have all the answers, all I can tell you is how it changed my life, and I couldnt be happier! Im looking at things in like 3D instead of a fog....and their is no better feeling in the world right now. I dont know what Im looking forward to in the next 10 days getting off these, and I hope all the Norco are now out my system...but I have to ask you all that question. I think Im gonna post right now as a matter of fact! GOod luck my friends, no matter what route you choose to take....its all for the better either way! Much love!!

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306867 tn?1299253309
by allaboutmary, May 05, 2008
Great post !  One of the great things about the sub is it lets you feel normal for a while and stops the drug seeking behaviour.  It is a shame about the cost for many.  What I found, was it cost much less than the drugs that I was buying on the street.

562575 tn?1217295935
by j3705, Jul 15, 2008
do all Dr's require the huge 5 6 or 700$ payment to get started?

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