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Mar 03, 2014 - 7 comments

Feeling terible and it hurts to move and my breathing iis not good. pain dreaful i hurts to lay down or be anywhere at all CANT TYPE LONG ENOUGH TO SAY WHAT BUT I AM IN A MESS

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by ROSYouralright, Mar 03, 2014
Oh sweetie.. I wish you were closer!!! COME HERE!! I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!! Im sorry your suffering... Come back and write more when you can, k?

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by dominosarah, Mar 03, 2014
Sending a warm hug from Minnesota~

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by Tswana, Mar 03, 2014
xxx R+S xxxx I <3 U xxxxxxx T X :-D

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by nonights, Mar 03, 2014
I'm so sorry you feel bad. Sending you good feelings. Hang in there.

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by nursegirl6572, Mar 03, 2014
I'm sorry you're feeling badly too.  Is the breathing issue from the pain, or is it due to another medical problem?  Please don't mess around with it sweetie, go get checked out.  I know you don't like the idea of turning to doctors, but I really think you need to give that some thought.  You're putting your body through so much.  I'm worried for you....sending you hugs and prayers.

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by jimi1822, Mar 03, 2014
Sending Love, Hugs,and Prayers your way. If you are feeling really sick please see a Physician ASAP and tell him/her what your going through especially if your having difficulty breathing it could be a severe case of anxiety.

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by jimi1822, Mar 03, 2014
Again especially if this id Benzo withdrawal you have to be careful or you could have a seizure please see a Physician ASAP.

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