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About My Favorite Hand Control

Nov 20, 2007 - 0 comments



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Ø It does not take an engineer to install it
Ø It works with over 90% of vehicles with automatic transmissions and power brakes
Ø It is build “rhino-tough” to last a lifetime
Ø It is compact, light, portable and friendly for disabled drivers
Ø It is designed for the active physically challenged driver who demands his/her freedom!

The Peddle Master was invented and developed for the physically challenged driver, by a physically challenged driver, to offer them an alternate choice to current hand controls on the market today.

Because of the high price and permanent installation of the hand controls on the market today, we felt there was a need for a more portable hand control solution.

The Peddle Master has been evaluated and tested by the Louisiana Tech University, and was determined to be the most user friendly of any hand control on the market. Also, it was evaluated and tested by the UVA Auto Safety Laboratory in Virginia for durability and to be used in the automobile industry. This actually means we are SAE tested and approved.

The Peddle Master is totally portable and can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds. The Peddle Master can be used in over 90 percent of the vehicles manufactured in the world today. We suggest the automobile being used have an automatic transmission and power brakes.

One of the benefits of The Peddle Master is that it can be installed and removed by the driver while in the driver's seat. No tools are needed. It also gives the physically challenged driver the option of test driving any car he or she wishes to drive before purchasing. Only 20 to 30 percent of the world's airports offer handicap vehicles for rent. The lightweight (2 lbs.) and portable Peddle Master can be taken with you in your suit case, so physically challenged drivers have the option of renting any car that fits his or her needs.

To the staff of Peddle Master

THANK YOU so much for giving me my life back!!! I was diagnosed in late April with acute transverse myeletis & though I’ve improved quite a bit, I still lack enough sensation in my legs to adequately drive. It’s been frustrating, to say the least, to rely on family & friends for the most straight-forward errand. After finding the USA tech guide online, I found the Peddle Master. The controls arrived as promised & were even easier to install & use than advertised. After a couple of quick trips around the block, I was ready to go. I have never enjoyed grocery shopping so much! Though I’m hopeful I’ll continue to improve, I’m so happy to know I am functional now that I have my “wheels” back.

Thanks again for such a wonderful product,

Teresa Kastens
Oklahoma city, OK

Dear Rick,

THANK YOU so much for the excellent and well thought out design of the peddle master!! This is by far the simplest and easiest portable hand control out there! I really appreciated the fact that I can install this quickly by myself without bending and without tools in only seconds.

I had originally purchased these controls in 1995 for my Ford Escort GT 2 door car and have found they have served me well while doing the following:
1. Traveling and renting a car
2. When using in a small Triumph GT6+ car that I converted to electric
3. Most recently, for using on my new riding Lawn tractor
4. Now I have found I needed them in order to evaluate a wheelchair accessible van

In all this time, 12+ years, they have been maintenance free! BEST money I’ve ever spent.
Bill Shea
Reliability Engineer & T7/8 Para
New Hampshire

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