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Mar 05, 2014 - 13 comments

Okay need to vent for a minute. My sister and I have always had a rocky relationship, from her kid bullying mine to her just being fake as crap! To everyone, not just me. She is nice to a persons face, then a conniving b*tch (excuse my language!!!) to others. We were talking via text and she is trying to lose weight also. So she sent me some healthy recipes, workouts, etc. We were just going to keep up on each others progress. Well anyyyytime I text her and tell her anything good (I've lost weight, etc), she rebounds with a bitchy comment! I'm OVER sick of it, so I stopped texting her about it. Well she texts me this morning because she knows I've been sick the last few days and asked how I was feeling. I said I called and talked to my dr about my symptoms and he said a sudden onset of headaches, dizziness, nausea, etc. isn't good and to stay off birth control for a month, wait til I start my period next and then we'll try a different one. So I told her this (she's on the same pill) and she said "How is it not working? It's only been like a week, lol" (she NEVER says lol, so she was being an ******* with this comment), and I said well I had a sudden onset of these symptoms and that's not normal, and she said "he's an idiot, it takes a while to get in your system, I had headaches at first too" - well she's ALWAYS had headaches, I never do, that's the difference. I'm not feeling right, that's that - I was just telling you what my doctor said. She HATES my OB because when she was pregnant, he was the one that diagnosed her baby with spina bifida and transferred her to a specialist, like ANY OB would do.. it's NOTHING he did wrong, it wasn't his fault the baby didn't form correctly, and she hates him now. I'm just SO sick of the snarky comments, the conniving backstabbing, bitchy attitudes she goes through. I ignore her and she starts a big friggen drama fest about me not talking to her!!! Like example, my DH wouldn't use his ONLY day off from work to go pick up a couch set for her 3 hours away, so she gets on facebook saying "Wish I had family that actually helped, Selfish", etc. Or I don't babysit for her (which I have refused to do since her daughter started bullying my kids) she gets all pissy. Ugh, just constant high school drama, I hate my in laws!!! :( What would you ladies do? Ignore her or what?!!

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1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Mar 05, 2014
ignore her . you can get some great recipies from trim healthy mama they have stuff on pintrest .
I do not have siblings but my dh has 8 :P and they are all in their 30's trash talking I just ignore them one thinks she is a unicorn healer none of them live on their own . one brother has had 3 wives by age 30 been divorced 2x has 2 kids which he dont take care of i could fill your page lol with family b/s but i wont she is just being petty . you are doing great losing weight is a hard thing to do .

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Mar 05, 2014
It sounds like your sister is looking for reality-star-level-drama. Just don't give it to her. Keep all of your responses simple and show absolutely no emotion. She won't get what she's looking for and hopefully will stop with the childish antics.

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Mar 05, 2014
Thank you ladies, she is DEFINITELY reality-star-level-drama! Lol! I hate it, I stick to myself to avoid drama! I'm going to reply only when necessary and very little, and hopefully she gets the hint!!

1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Mar 05, 2014
Ignore her. She obviously can't be happy for you. Almost seems like a jealousy thing going on. You don't need negative people like that around you or your kids

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by Ellen038, Mar 05, 2014
This sounds like a deep rooted problem from years ago....maybe she's jealous of something you've achieved or something that your completely unaware of is the reason she continues to act out this way. I would say also that the thing with the OB shows she's not dealt properly with the grief of loosing that baby. She appears angry towards him but I think it's really hurt. I'm not sure how you can resolve the conflict. I think it's going to take some counseling on her part to deal with some of these repressed feelings and she may not accept that it is she with the problem. This is just my guess...

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Mar 05, 2014
I agree Ellen but we've tried getting her to go and she won't. I know she will go on her own time, but she is acting this way to everyone, disrespectful and rude, even to her fiance. I don't know what to do about it!

1742167 tn?1436471720
by heather727, Mar 06, 2014
The fact is that it isn't your responsibility to do anything about it - it's hers. She needs to start taking responsibility for herself or she's going to end up pushing everyone around her away. If that happens, it's because of something she did - not something you didn't do.

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Mar 06, 2014
Thank you Heather, I definitely needed to hear that. She is definitely pushing everyone away, terribly lately. She has said herself she needs to go to counseling but she won't do it. It's frustrating!

1712422 tn?1443337501
by LovemyKids86, Mar 06, 2014
Sorry but she sounds jealous of you! Is she younger or older? Try not to let her rude snarky remarks bring you down, obviously she is jealous and miserable so she is taking out her misery on you.

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Mar 06, 2014
She's older by almost 5 years, she has always been in constant competition with us. We had the first child, she was mad, we named him after their father that passed away, which only seemed right, the first grandchild, first boy. We got married, and she was miserable about that, she bought a house, and we bought ours shortly later and she was mad about that. We got pregnant the 2nd time and she sworeee it was another boy, and it turned out to be a girl, so she ignored me for a while about that. She was trying when I was pregnant for Chloe and got pregnant, and she found out it was a girl, at first she was upset because she wanted a boy, then 2 days later she found out she had severe Spina Bifida and terminated. Since she decided to terminate her 2nd pregnancy from she's went downhill a lot. I understand completely. And she's had a ROUGH life, but I've never been anything but supportive and happy for her when she accomplishes something, I don't get why she can't be happy for us when something good happens to us, or me especially. I went out of my way to babysit for her, been there for her when her "friends" weren't, and she still treats me like crap, and I'm beyond over it. I can't continue to treat her like a fragile egg because she won't help herself.

134578 tn?1578157483
by AnnieBrooke, Mar 06, 2014
You sound pretty charged up about it, and ready to take on anyone who says this, but I'll suggest it anyway -- it takes two to be drama queens, and you need to disengage.  Drop your expectation that she will ever be anything but who she is, she will never change and appreciate you and delight in your wins and mourn your losses, don't even bother to wish for it.  It's not worth your time.  Disengage, back off, let it go.  (I mean, who cares if she writes something idiotic on her Facebook page.  Life is not Facebook.)  Don't give up your power wishing she will reform.  Just stay distant and polite, and go on with your life.

952542 tn?1456763561
by Gardezi, Mar 06, 2014
you said it all by ur self....just ignore her for a while.

2020005 tn?1476658962
by KTowne, Mar 06, 2014
I don't even have a facebook AnnieBrooke, the comment on facebook was brought to my husbands attention with my MIL called him tearing his head off for not helping her. This is when she comes to me and I reply, in any way.

Thank you for your response Gardezi! :)

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