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Mar 07, 2014 - 2 comments

Its been a year and 5 months from by risky exposure, unprotected oral sex, i encounter a lot of symptoms like sore throat,  swollen sebaceous gland, foliculities, dermatitis, stomach ache, excessive perspiration,  fatigue, tingling of hands and feet, some rash that looks like prickly heat, scaling of skin in my eyebrow area and nose looks like dandruff, i also had fever on 9 months, i testes non reactive for 4, 8, 1 and 2 months...

its a cold season here started last January and till this march... i develop some mucus dripping and coughs it think due to irritation from the mucus... and on February i start having this frequent urination and swollen lymph node in my groin right side.  i was diagnose for cystitis.

some of the symptoms fades out,  foliculities rash was still there, the bumps in my scalp  was lessen and so as the swollen sebaceous gland... i still have some scaly skin in my nose and my eyebrow sometimes and so as some mild white tongue.

because of this mucus dripping, coughs and swollen lymph node in my groin i start asking again about HIV... and thinking a lot to  a test again...

followed by my risk encounter was 4 already protected vaginal sex with a different women then last August 2013 i already stop =D October 2013 was my last  HIV test it was  Non reactive again.

i really don't know why does this swollen lymph node in my groin appears recently...


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by just_fun_19, Mar 08, 2014
Hi , I am not an expert , but with understanding i have , you have tested negative in all the tests out of which was after 3 months from the last risky exposure you had, also you had unprotected oral sex  which is very unlikely for you to get infected, relax and consult doctor . I think you are completely ok

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by simpleman00, Mar 12, 2014
do you think so? thanks may be your right.. but this swollen lympnode in my perienal area create some abscess and pops with puss...

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