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I need motivation!

Mar 08, 2014 - 5 comments








I've worked out starving myself doesn't help and I'm unable to purge therefore I'm turning to exercise. I MUST LOSE WEIGHT! Today I cried after looking in the mirror and it's not the first time... It's time to change. I feel I'd be so much happier when I reach 130lbs, I'd look amazing and start to feel amazing too. I've started a blog to keep me motivated, I'll see you on the lighter side

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by evewisewoman, Mar 10, 2014

Hello there,

I just read your comments. Don't starve yourself. That's the worse thing you could do. When you deprive
yourself of food, your body holds on to every calorie because it doesn't know when you will eat again.
Also after you eat, don't purge. Purging is so bad for your body so don't even allow yourself to make that
an option. You're only fourteen years old. Have patience with yourself. I know you want to lose weight.
That's okay, but do this in a healthy way. It might be an idea to involve your family doctor in your weight loss.
Your doctor can also offer you some advice as to how to lose weight safely. If you're drinking soda pop, try
to eliminate that from your diet.  It's not good for you, it's got lots of sugar . There are weight loss forums on
Medhelp that you can join. I see you're a recent new member of Medhelp.  I'm sure you're a lovely person.
I know that some people can be mean to you when you're overweight and that is very upsetting.
The whole situation can be frustrating, but hang in there. You can lose weight, but do it safely. Involve your
family doctor and follow his or her advice.  Take baby steps as it were and above all love yourself right now. :)
I wish you well.   Eve

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by MH Community Mgr, Mar 10, 2014

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It's fun to try and lose weight with a group of members on the Weight Loss & Dieting community.  We have plenty of tools to help, too, including My Diety Diary -  Here's a link to tools:

Best in Health!

MH Community Mgr

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by deathnxte, Mar 10, 2014
Hello Eve,

Last year I went through a phase of starving myself but I was stupid then, I'm a whole lot smarter now I promise! The whole purging thing only crosses my mind when I get frustrated because I'm not losing weight, then again I wasn't doing anything to lose the weight. As far as soda pop goes I've never liked it, I'm more of a ice/green/normal tea&coffee kind of person aha. I can't really talk to my family that much because they don't understand me, they think I'm not going to see this program through to the end, which makes me want to do this even more! People sure can be cruel, I want to do this mainly for myself though, to boost my confidence so I can finally start to be happy again. Thank you so much for commenting, I've taken everything you've said into mind.
Once again thanks a tonne!


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by weaver71, Apr 21, 2014
I suggest dance therapy. Whatever you like, aerobics, Zumba, kick boxing, wii Dance Party 2014. That is my favorite with the kids. It's good for endorphins too. Have fun and look good doing it.

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by EvolverU, Apr 21, 2014
Hi there Holly :)

I'm so glad to hear that you're no longer purging or starving yourself & that you understand that they're both counter-productive to your goal of losing weight & feeling good about yourself. You sound like a lovely, intelligent person. I looked at your status & saw that you've just returned to MH. Congrats & Good on ya'!! (Welcome back :)

It sounds like a smart long-term plan re: nutrition & exercise are in order, here. To tell you the truth, fad diets & 'programs' rarely work for long unless they really cause you to change your whole way of approaching food/exercise. You're young & you have a good chance of doing this now & thereby avoid the health risks & stigma sometimes associated w/ being overweight. (I'm not sure what kind of weight we're talking about here.) I'm thrilled to hear you say that you're doing this for YOU!

Please, try to have patience with the process. While I totally sympathize with you on how hurtful & thoughtless others can be, to do this right & make it 'stick', takes a little time but you'll see the results soon enough!

Could you maybe tell us a little about how you eat & exercise & what you feel has been holding you back? That way, we could give you some recommendations. (I'm particularly interested in nutrition/food/alternative medicine.)

Treat yourself gently, beautiful! You're worth it!

Pulling for you,


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