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Well had busy day today - workin all day (normally just do afternoons). Been very hot as well - beautiful weather but when ur stuck inside putn away deliveries not so much fun. Though I will admit Ive not had time to think bout me so thats been good in sum ways. I quite enjoy bein busy & my colleagues are nice. Gona have sumtin to eat then off out for a walk with a nice male friend as its a beautiful evenin & seems pity to waste it. Im tryin to remain positive. Made appt with my local Drugs Action 2 speak to sum1 so that is nxt wed. Its just that sumtimes my head is burstin and its like no-one understands. My friend who Im away to go out with is also in recovery, tho a little less time than myself so ill be able to chat to him.
Im still not sleepin too well, wakin up a few times tho I do manage to get back to sleep. I think its more to do with stuf on my mind, finances are always a problem. However, Im addressin those issues nxt wk when I have the time to deal with them, tho I took sum steps ystrdy towards dealin with them by making sum phone calls when at my brothers, so onwards & upwards!!!
Hopin to sleep bit beta this eve however its so hot I doubt it but not complainin, well I suppose I am but Im not!!! If that makes sense. Im also tryin to typew with a plastered up finger, cut it at work!! Not the easiest.
Well Ill say bye for now & continue this l8r or tomora

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