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July 1, 2009

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Exercise and weight loss

Just came back from the gym. Took all my effort to get there today, due to being the most skilled procrastinator I know, and nothing else. I worked hard on the circuit, as hard as usual, but it seemed easier somehow. Maybe since I startecd a month ago my endurance is coming up. I think it's too soon to be having real cardio progress, but then, what do I know? Started with the jump rope for the first time since grade school today; I lasted an entire three minutes. LMAO Whatever, I'm off the couch anyway.

Thinking about all the medical tests I have scheduled and pending sceduling. Very overwhelming. There are 2 tomorrow, one on the 7th, one on the 22nd, and 2 in the first week of August, already. I'm trying to write all of them down redundantly in different places so I might be able to keep stumbling upon them and eventually force them into my little brain. I have business cards, prescriptions, and referrals, notes, lists, scraps of paper, and messages on the answering machine...and try to explain to the family what's going on. Ha! It's taken me a couple months of research and study, learning achronyms, and talking to people with experience, as well as numerous conversations with doctors to even BEGIN to understand all of this. I keep trying to boil it all down into a few easy sentences. It just seems to defy explanation.

Alright, I have to get out of my head now. Going out to my friend's house for a while. Maybe write more later....Until next time.

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by Bill1954, Jul 01, 2009
One thing that helped me immensely throughout HCV treatment was to begin a file. I personally use a 2 inch binder; and clear plastic page protectors make it so I don’t have to punch holes; this makes it easy and I’m more likely to actually file things if I don’t have to find a paper punch.

I have a page in the front with my current medications on it; the next page has an overview of my HCV treatment. A section includes all my test and procedure results, with the date of service highlighted, and filed in contemporaneous order. Another section has any faxes, letters, clinical notes, etc. And finally, I have a page that’s dedicated for business cards and contact numbers; if another doctor needs to know who else you’re seeing, they can photocopy this page for their records. You might also copy the acronym page located in this forum, and include it in the file for reference.

This file is nice because it obviously keeps everything organized and in one place. It also allows easy access for any other health care provider; if you decide at any point to change doctors, it’s so easy to present this for review. It’s also handy to track progress, and makes it easy to communicate with others in this forum.

You’ll eventually hit a point where the light comes on and the epiphany hits; it’s much easier to understand this disease from that point on. Make sure to ask questions whenever they strike; most likely, someone in this group has encountered something similar, and will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

Good luck,


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by averagegeek, Jul 01, 2009
Thanks Bill,

I hadn't really thought of trying to keep anything straight yet other than to keep track of where to show up when, so I can present myself to be poked and prodded obediently. Ha. My brain is frazzled, it seems, beyond repair and it probably would have taken me a year to figure out on my own to use a binder. :)

I have so many other co-occuring things to go along with this new blood borne pathogen I (Literally) picked up: OCD, bipolar depression, schizoaffective disorder, anxiety/panic disorders, PTSD; just to name the ones that come to mind right away. These other things make it very hard to keep track of appointment days, times, procedures. So far I keep thinkng I'm having this procedure at this place on this day, and in actuality, i'm having the other procedure on a different day, but at this office, and every combination thereof. I still have to wait until um, I don't know which day, but early August, to see a Psychiatrist in this new town I'm in. My PCP has me on meds, but they're not working as well as they could. Plus, I worry about taking anything now. Especially in light of the FDAs intention of putting black box warnings on tylenol, ibuprofin, advil, aleve, to alert to possible liver damage/failure.

I don't know. I have to stop writing now and get out of my head again.

Until next time,


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