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Period after D&C

May 05, 2008 - 60 comments

I know many women have asked this question before, so I wanted to post a journal entry about getting my period after D&C.  I had to get a D&C on April 2, 2008 after finding out that my pregnancy was non-viable/missed abortion.  My doctor told me I should start my cycle within 4-6 weeks after the D&C, and I started my period yesterday, May 4, 2008.  I thought it would be a light cycle following the D&C, but it actually seems to be heavier than normal.  I also feel more crampy and tired than usual, and I have been getting headaches off and on.  I am definitely more emotional than normal.  I feel like anything and everything could make me cry.  I don't know if it's the realization that I'm definitely not pregnant anymore and I'm not going to have the baby or if it's because my hormones are still not quite back to normal yet.  This has been one of the most sad, difficult, emotional times of my life.  The only thing that has kept me going is focusing on the future.  I know we have to try to conceive again if we want to have another child, so I am trying to remain hopeful for the future.  If you have had a miscarriage, do not give up hope!  Remember that life will be better some day!      

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by wantsababy929, May 05, 2008
I felt really emotional after my 3rd miscarrage it went the longest 11 weeks.  Had to have a D&C.  my period was heavy the first time and I felt like crying about anything and everything.  I felt better about a month later.  hope this helps.  My prayers are with you.  you will feel better soon.

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by Crysi, May 05, 2008
I just got my first period after my D&C and it was heavier then usual, with more cramping, I was also very emotional.
I think your body is still out of whack by the time you have your first period, and emotionally still trying to come to terms with everything. I had my D&C on March 25, and got my period April 26. So pretty much the same time frame as yours. I have felt a lot better this last week then since I found out about my missed abortion. It was like pregnancy hormones were bringing me down and then right after that it was all the hormones from PMS messing with me.

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by colorado_g, May 05, 2008
I just found out that rasberry leaf tea is great for cramping durring the period when you drink it 2 a day. I got my period yesterday and it helping me so far.

Good luck

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by Shabbz, May 08, 2008
Hi mummy2be2,

I was in the same boat as you with the low HCG levels, not sure if you remember...

Id had an ectopic and then a beautiful little girl and then i was pregnant again my period was the 7/2/08 so we were both pretty close..

Anyway back to my story - we had seen the heartbeat and i was being positive, i went for a scan supposedly about 8 weeks and the measurements were not right i was measuring about 6 weeks so we assumed that i had ovulated later that 14 days..

I had my 7wk and 2 day scan heartbeat was great 169bpm... Dr said come back in 2 weeks!!

Went back at 9wks 2 days and no heartbeat. Dr arranged a 2nd scan an hour later to confirm and had made a booking at the hospital for a DC on the 23rd April...

I was upset but somehow i just knew that something was wrong and i was prepared for it.....

It was very heartbreaking to see the scan with the little body fully formed. Apparently the baby had died at 8 weeks...

I hope i get my period at the 4 week mark so i can start to try again...

Good luck to all that have been through the upsetting road of loosing such a little precious angel...

I hope it happens soon for everyone....

Good luck...

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by Mommy2be2, May 08, 2008
I do remember your story, and I was so hopeful that one of us with low hcg levels would end up with a viable pregnancy and healthy baby.  I am so sorry for your loss.  I think low hcg levels usually result in chromosomal anomalies and early miscarriage.  We opted not to do genetic testing since this was our first miscarriage.  

It is now over 5 weeks, and honestly my hormones still seem out of whack.  I was hoping that I would feel better after my period, but I've heard that it can take up to 6 weeks.  I have also been having horrible headaches, and I don't usually get headaches.  It could be allergy/sinus related though.  Is it possible that I could be having caffeine withdrawal after not having it for over three months!?!  haha

My husband and I are ready to try again, and like most of you, I want to be pregnant again and have a baby!  I hope our next mutual topic will be pregnancy after D&C!  Please keep me posted on your progress!

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by trixie357, May 16, 2008
Hi everyone. I had a missed miscarriage at 3 months pregnant. I was in complete shock. I thought after 12 weeks I was in the clear and nothing but "smooth sailing." I guess I was wrong. It's been 4 weeks since my D&C and I am now ovulating. This is a very good sign that my body is healing. My doctor called me to check on me and I told him that I was having cervical mucus and he said I was definately ovulating at this point. My hubby and I plan to try and get pregnant after this first period. I am so sorry for all of your losses. It has been an emotional roller coaster for me. One day I'm fine and laughing with my two children. The very next day I wake up crying and it continues all day long. I hope this helps all of you wondering when you will get your period after a D&C. At least I know my body is on track and now ovulating. I'm on my way to conceive my third child soon. The best of luck to all of you. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you...keep your head up and know that we are all in this together. It's wonderful knowing that we all have support.

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by Mommy2be2, May 17, 2008
I'm so sorry for your loss, trixie 357.  I just started feeling like my hormones are back to normal this week.  I'm finally at the point where I don't want to cry all the time.  In a way, I still feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster.  I don't think I will feel better until I get pregnant again, but when I do I'm sure I'll just be worryied about having another miscarriage.  I wish we [women] didn't have to go through this.  At this point, I still have more questions than I do answers.  I don't think I will feel better until I actually have a baby.  I keep trying to make sense of something that doesn't make any sense.  I can't think of any good reason or anything good that we can learn from miscarriage.  It is nice to be able to share stories and support one another here.  Thank you for your support!    

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by Brittny27, May 17, 2008
I had my 10 wk u/s on April 17th, They found no heart beat after they had previously had a strong one on my 6wk u/s.  It only measured 6wk 6d.  I had a D&C myself on April 18th. I haven't gotten my first AF yet and having all the symptoms of it coming very soon.  I have been patiently waiting.  I am still very emotional and I know that my hormones are not back to normal yet and it's been 4wks.

I know that when AF does come I will probably be upset and emotional with the realization that it is over and I have to keep moving on with my life.  Everyday does get easier.

Good luck on TTC again.

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by NEONA, May 19, 2008
by neona, May 19,2008

I found out I was pregnant in Sep 2008, on to find out the baby was not viable. They performed a D&C a day after  Thanksgiving. I was 6 wks, and didn't expected it to happen to me who has 4 healthy daughters in the past.

Found out on Feb 22, 2008 we was pregnant again very excited, I said things happen for a reason, was having no complications went for my 6wks checkup for an ultrasound my husband and I seen the heartbeat we was feeling very happy.

Recently found out that here I'am at 11wks pregnant the baby died 2days after the 6wks sonogram.
I was devasted, still is devasted, with 4 daughters healthy pregnancies in the past, what happen?

We want to have another baby right away, but I can't seem to get over the misscarriages.

I know that we will keep trying and I have faith, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE who is still trying.

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by Mommy2be2, May 21, 2008
It is very difficult to deal with the loss of miscarriage.  There are so many ill feelings and emotions, and changing hormone levels do not make it easier.  I find myself with far more questions than answers lately.  I believe that everything happens for a reason, but I just don't understand why anyone would have to go through this.  I'm tired of people saying "it just wasn't the right time" or "it will happen when it's supposed to."  I wanted to have the baby I conceived then, but I know there is nothing I or anyone else can do about it now.  It is nice to have support from each another here!

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by zozo33, May 27, 2008
by chloe may 25 2008

I miscarried last week went for a scan as i was having severe tummy pains while havin the scan they noticed that there was another baby but no heartbeat they assumed that the severe bleeding was one of the babies but unfortuantly the other had died. Next day was sent for a dnc to remove the baby this is the most difficult time in my life as when this happened my partner is in greece hes since come home and wont see me or talk to me i feel so alone .
There are so many questions i want ansered but i know nothing will bring my babies back x

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by vtmommy1, May 27, 2008
I had a D&C a week ago. I went in for a ultrasound and they found swelling (edema) around the baby at 12 1/2 weeks. Also that there was a large neroplast (spelling?) behind the baby's neck. Which indicates Down Syndrome. I did a CVS test and it confirmed the Downs. The doctors and geneologist basically said that I would miscarry. I did the D&C a week later and they said I had at that time MC.

This is definitely the hardest thing I had to go through. I have a almost 3 year daughter who is perfect. I just keep thinking why me? But reading and hearing others stories has help. That it happens to a lot of people. I really was hard seeing the baby on the ultrasound to find out minutes later that it wasn't viable. Why can't they not show you until they know its all clear?? I'm writing a letter to our hospital about it!

I can't wait to try again and I really hope it was just a fluke and we'll have a healthy pregnancy next. I'm 34 so not too old yet! Thanks for sharing your stories it really helps to get through this...

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by krushing, May 27, 2008
Like everyone else...very emotional.  I had a d&c with my first m/c and natural m/c with my second.  After the D&C I got my period in 6 weeks and it was very heavy.

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by Mommy2be2, May 27, 2008
I am so sorry to hear about your situation.  I want you to know that you are not alone!  There are so many wonderful women here that will answer any questions you may have.  Some have had miscarriage with twins or multiples.  You can send me a message any time if you just want to write about how you feel.  The support I have received here has really helped me.

I will be 34 yrs old this year.  I feel really old sometimes, but women are having babies at much older ages than we are!  I was also told my miscarriage was more than likely due to chromosomal abnormalities.  People keep telling me that it's much better to have a miscarriage than to have a baby with severe disabilities BUT it really doesn't help to hear all that.  I wanted to have that baby AND I wanted it to be healthy!

I already have PMS again.  This will be my second cycle since my D&C.  I think things are finally getting back to normal.  I don't feel overly emotional or cry all the time anymore.

Here's hoping we all conceive successfully very soon!  I'm still focusing on the future.  I know life will get better for all of us soon!

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by jonesgurl, May 31, 2008
When I first went to the doctor when I found out I was pregnant she gave me a ultrasound to determine how far along I was and I was 5w6d but they couldn't find a heartbeat or the baby.  Nobody said anything to me they said it just might be too early to see so this being my first pregnancy I thought everything was okay, 3 weeks later I started to spot I went to the emergency room to find out the same thing but this time they found another sac so they say it could've been 2 babies but neither developed.  So I had a d&c done on May 22, 2008 I felt at ease because I knew everything was going to be alright and it put closure to this horrible nightmare.  Before I had my d&c I cried everyday so I started writing in journal and I found my self coming to peace.  Well its been a week and a half since my d&c and no bleeding or anything and I'm just waiting for my period to come so we can start trying for our little family again.
I was just wondering is my chances greater on having a healthy baby this time around?

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by Mommy2be2, Jun 01, 2008
I asked my doctor about the chances of a repeat miscarriage, and he said a miscarriage is considered an isolated incident.  Although, I think it depends on the reason for the miscarriage.  In my case, it was due to chromosomal abnormalities.  My doctor thinks my miscarriage will not affect future pregnancies.  After multiple miscarriages, I would seek additional testing to make sure there are no other physical problems contributing to miscarriage.  My non-professional opinion... if this was your first miscarriage, I think your chances of having a healthy pregnancy next time around are good!

Writing about my miscarriage and sharing feelings has really helped me cope during this difficult time also.  Remember... you are not alone, tomorrow will be a better day, and keep thinking positively about the future!  Thanks for sharing.  Good luck!

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by 1m31, Jun 14, 2008
i had dnc at 9 wks due to missed abortion just before 4 wks from now. 6 months back I had an abortion at 24wks due to abnormal developement of the baby. Do you think I can have healthy baby in future?

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by doodles007, Jun 15, 2008
i had a boy and girl then had a miscarriage at 12 weeks with a coil in, i then lost a boy at 22 weeks pregnant before succesfully having another boy who's now 9. last year i had a blighted ovum in march, then lost another at 11 weeks in september, i had hoped that was my sadness over but i've just lost another on 21st of may baby didn't grow and i had a bleeding pregnancy on my ovary. i'd love another but terrifed. Know how if feels to lose.

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by Mommy2be2, Jun 16, 2008
I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriages.  I am always hopeful we [women] will be able to have healthy pregnancies and healhty babies after miscarriage!  Did you have genetic testing done after either of your miscarriages?  My miscarriage was more than likely due to a chromosomal abnormality.  I didn't get genetic testing as this was my first miscarriage, but I will request additional testing if I have another miscarriage.  Did you have genetic testing of the fetus to confirm the cause of either of the miscarriages?

Did you have any testing to see if you might have any physical problems that may have contributed to the inviable pregnancies?  Some women have problems such as incompetent cervix that cause problems during pregnancy.  It is something you might want to look into if you have another miscarriage.  I think most doctors recommend additional testing after 3 miscarriages.

My OB-GYN said miscarriages due to chromosomal abnormalities are isolated incidences.  Basically each miscarriage due to chormosomal defects does not increase your chances of a repeat miscarriage in the future.

Always have hope!  I try to remember that we have to keep trying because we won't have a baby if we don't try!  Good luck!

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by 1m31, Jun 17, 2008
thanks a lot for replying to my post.

Choromosomal test after 1st abortion(at 24 wks) came normal and doc said it's an isolated case and won't be repeated again since everything was normal.

After the DNC due to (blighted ovum) my second m/c, they performed some blood tests and also chromosolam analysis of the fetus tissues. chromosomal test says TETRAPLOIDY.
In the blood test my TSH level shows 9.76 which is called hypothyroidism(not severe). I have now started Thyroid treatment and waiting for my first period.

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by hope_23, Jun 18, 2008
Been trying to get pregnant after fibroid surgery 2 yrs ago. Finally got positive result in May after HSG done in March. Just had my first ultrasound, 9 weeks and 5 days, so sad that the baby had no heart beat. My ob-gyne sent me to the emergency for D & C. Scared to get pregnant again after missed miscarriage.

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by Mommy2be2, Jun 19, 2008
My non-professional opinion: It sounds like you have a very good chance of having a normal pregnancy after you get your thyroid problem under control.  I am very hopeful for you!  Please let me know how you progress.

I know exactly how you feel.  I have posted this before, but I want to say it again... I feel like we have no choice but to try again if we want to have a baby.  The whole process of mourning after miscarriage takes time.  I think it's the same as mourning the death of a loved one (it is the death of the child you didn't get to have) in that you go through different stages... sadness, anger, depression, etc.  Focusing on the future is what really keeps me going.  I'm at the point now where I just really want to be pregnant again.  I'm trying not to "think" about it all the time.  I'm not doing ovulation predictors, etc. because everyone keeps telling me it will happenif I quit worrying about it and just relax.  I hope you are able to cope and find love and support from your family and friends and the members here!

You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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by Latrice414, Jun 20, 2008
Hi everyone, I had my LMP on march 31st and me and my fiance was very excited that we were pregnant, I have a 12 yr old boy whose going to be 13 in july and this would of been my fiances first child.  I had my first dr appointment on may 15th and i was suppose to come back june 20th for ultrasound.  I turned 32 on June 10th and two days later I didnt wake up as usual to eat my mourning breakfast.  I didnt feel hungry or nauseated, I started crying because I new something was wrong.  I went to the ER, I saw my 10week old baby on the monitor for the first time and I could not stop crying because I did not hear nor see any cardiac activity.  The ER doctor told me I had a missed m/c and to make appointment to see my DR. I spoke with my DR friday mourning and I went to her office on monday mourning for another US, and yes, my prescious baby was dead.  I had d/c on tuesday the 17th.  I have been feeling terrible since that day at the ER.  I had to turn off my phone ringer because people can be so insensitive to your situation, no one wants to hear you can always try again, dont worry that happens to a lot of women.  What about what has just happened, the here and now.  I am so sorry for everyone's loss, there is no right time in any pregnancy to have a loss.  This has been an emotional roller coaster for me, I thought by me being a registered nurse and knowing about complications it would keep me a float, but I am down in the pitts.  I will pray for everyone who is trying to conceive again for a healthy and successful pregnancy, because I no that I want to try again soon.  Im not sure how things work in other states, but what makes this very emotional for me is that in wisconsin all babis that die is taken to a burial site, I had to actualy pick out a cementary, and I got to see the contents that they removed from my body.  I really wanted this baby.  So many questions and no answers.

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by Im31, Jun 22, 2008
I had DNC due to blighted ovum on 17th May. There was no cramps or pain after DNC and i had bleeding for a week, initial 2/3 days was more and then it was very very light. Suddenly on13th day, I started bleeding again. bright red colored. Doctor gave me 4 cytolog tablets and then with in two days my bleeding got over. Today is 22nd June and I am still waiting for my first period. I feel little period like symptoms, like lower back pain for last 3 days. I am really worried as my period is not coming after 5th wk of dnc. Do you think I have left over tissues in my uterus and do i have to do one more dnc? I am really tensed:(

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by lillybee, Jun 22, 2008
On April 17, 2008, I went to my 10 wks appt and found out I had a missed abortion around 7 wks.  I had a D&C on April 18th.  I still can't believe it happened.  I'm confused though because last week I had a few days with brown discharge.  I don't know if that was my period or not because it was very lite and it was not like a typical period.  Looks like everyone on the page had a very heavy first period after their D&C.  It's been 2 months since my procedure. I just want to have my period and move on.  Did anyone have a light period or did anyone have such a long time between D&C and their first period?

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by KJ325, Jun 23, 2008


I'm so very sorry for your loss. I too had a missed miscarriage. I was 14 weeks pregnant with our first. I thought I had a UTI and I went to the dr on May 23rd and the dr couldn't find a heartbeat. They did an ultrasound and sure enough there was my baby with no heartbeat. I can not get that moment out of my head when the nurse told me. I could not believe it. How could this be happening to me because just two weeks earlier my husband and I had sat in this same office and heard a very strong heartbeat! I had to have a d&c too but not until June 4th. That was the longest and hardest week. This truly has been one of the hardest things I've gone through but the one thing that makes me feel better is to read and know that other woman can understand and relate to what I'm going through.

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by lillybee, Jun 23, 2008
I called my OB today since it's been over 9 weeks since my d&c and I still haven't had my period.  She said it could take up to 3 months before I have my first period after the procedure.

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by Mommy2be2, Jun 24, 2008
One thing I have learned from all of this is that we are not alone.  (Even though we feel alone sometimes!)  Most of us seem to have the same feelings and emotions after miscarriage.  Sometimes I wanted to be alone just so I wouldn't have to talk to anyone and hear all of the comments like "it just wasn't the right time" or "atleast you know you can get pregnant."  Remember, our friends and families are just trying to be supportive.  Luckily, we have each other for support, too!  

It's been almost 12 weeks, and I think I'm about to start my 3rd cycle after my D&C.  If I don't get AF in the next few days I'll take a pregnancy test.  I'm almost positive I have had PMS so I expect AF anytime now.  I had another follow-up appt yesterday and my OB-GYN prescribed Clomid.  I have my fingers crossed that I will get pregnant again soon!  Good luck to all of you ttc!

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by 1m31, Jun 25, 2008
Hi Ladies,

Just wanted to share this with you all that I got my period today. Feeling so much relieved today. It really depends on time. When your body is ready. But I want to wait for some more cycles and try after that. Best luck all of you !

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by mommy2bintennessee, Jun 26, 2008
Hi Everyone!  I am a new reader that seems to have so much in common with so many of you.  It all started on May 29th, 2007 while I was on my honeymoon in Jamaica.  I got a call that my dad had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  Crushing to say the least, I spent the next month in total depression until one Sunday morning, July 1st I took a pregnancy test because my period was late and it was positive!  Wow- I can't even begin to explain how it helped me to deal with my fathers death.  It gave me something to want to wake up for.  But then, almost 12 weeks in, I noticed I had brown spotting.  I rushed to get an ultrasound only to lay there by myself and be told that there was no heartbeat.  You all know the feeling....devestation.....saddness.....disappointment.  How could this happen?  How is this real?  I gave it a couple of weeks to see if I would miscarry on my own.  I didn't and had to have a d & c.  We decided to let things happen on there own and we would get pregnant when the time was right.  Well, I got sick of waiting and finally "tried" on my ovulation days.  BINGO.....pregnant again!  The due date was December 25, 2008.  This was it....MY TIME!  10 weeks along I rented a at home doppler....we heard it....we taped it....the heartbeat brought tears to our eyes.  It is one thing to see the heartbeat on an ultrasound.....but to HEAR it...oh my goodness it was amazing!!!  Two weeks went by....I'm 12 weeks!!!  I'm out of the scare zone.....but I had this deep down feeling that something wasn't right.  I just didn't feel pregnant anymore.  I just lost it while I was at work, called and had an ultrasound scheduled.....I took my mom this time for support.  I laid there shaking....scared beyond heartbeat!  The tech said that there was fluid behind the baby, which I could also see on the screen and the neck was mesuring thick which were two signs that this was a down syndrome baby.  I scheduled the d & c for 2 days later.  That was 2 weeks ago this coming Monday.  I had heavy bleeding for about 3 days and stopped for 4 days.  Absolutely nothing.  Then, I started to have blood again and it has been light, but this is the 4th day.  Could this be my period???  This happened last time and my Dr. said that she was going to count that as my first period.  I just don't know.  I am scared if we tried to get pregnant again and this isn't my period- then something bad might happen again.   I am just so depressed and the only thing that could make me feel better is to be pregnant again.  I am so tired of LOSS!  I am also scared that now I am going to be one of those people that has like 6 miscarriages in a row.  I just don't want to be one of those people.  Anyway, I am not sure what I am wanting to get from this post.....I guess just some encouragement from people that can relate.  And if anyone has any idea if this could be my period or tell.  Also, since I did have a d & c....should my hcg levels be gone or could they still be there?

I am so sorry for everyone's loss.  I feel your pain and it is the worst thing.  Not everyone understands!

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by fi119, Jul 06, 2008
i had a missed misscarriage at 12 weeks the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks i have not coped with this well at all some times i think i am going mad it so sad.
hope every one else falls preg soon and good luck xx

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by fi119, Jul 06, 2008
my first period after my d&c come today also it pretty painful not that heaving has any one else had the same. still feeling really sad all the time and feel lonely hope i feel bettter soon

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by 1m31, Jul 07, 2008
mine was quite heavy and painful but previously it used to be 6 days cycle and this one was for 5 days. Just before my first period after dnc, I felt lot of ovulation[egg white like discharge]. But now it is 14th day since the period(started on 25th June) and I cannot see any ovulation related symptoms. I am 31 years old. Do you think my age would affect to concieve?

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by Mommy2be2, Jul 09, 2008
I am so sorry for the loss of your father and your miscarriages.  I hope you are able to find some peace of mind and that you are coping as well as you can now.  In difficult times, it helps me to focus on the good things I have in my life, my husband, my daughter, and other family members and friends for support, in order to keep me going.  After a loss like the death of a loved one or miscarriage, I think it takes time to deal with all of the different feelings and emotions before we can really go back to living and feeling good about life again.  In difficult times, I always try to make each day better than the last.  Unfortunately, it seems like sometimes we just have to go through the motions and there's nothing anyone can say or do to make us feel better.

Keep in mind that I am not a professional...  I think it would be odd to have a period that soon after a D&C.  My OB-GYN said you should expect a period within 4-6 weeks after D&C.  I think I read that hcg levels do not return to normal (<5) for up to two weeks after D&C.  I still felt "hormonal" for 6-8 weeks after my D&C, but some women feel "normal" after just 2 weeks.  I think we're all different.  I wouldn't be worried about having multiple miscarriages just yet.  It sounds like your miscarriages were both due to chormosomal abnormalities.  These are considered isolated occurences and should not affect future pregnancies.

I wish you luck ttc (trying to conceive) again!  I wasn't sure how I would feel about getting pregnant again, but my husband and I know that we won't get pregnant again and have a baby if we don't try!

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by Mommy2be2, Jul 09, 2008
You have all come to the right place if you need support from women who have experienced miscarriage!

fi119 - I think we all feel mad at one point after miscarriage!  It's nice to be able to discuss feelings and issues with other women who have experienced the same or similar situations here.  I am so thankful for the support and friendship I have received here from so many people.

1m31 - My first cycle after D&C was heavy with more cramping and moodiness than usual.  I didn't realize when ovulation occurred or track ovulation until I started ttc in January 2007.  Sometimes we might have cycle(s) when we don't ovulate, but I don't think our age has anything to do with it.  31 is still young, and my OB-GYN isn't concerned about my age (33) in relation to conception.  Women much older are getting pregnant and having babies now!

It has been over 3 months since my miscarriage, and all I can think about now is getting pregnant again!  At the same time, I'm trying to relax and not think about it all the time!  I am also afraid of multiple miscarriages, but we won't have a baby if we don't try, right!?!

Good luck everyone!

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by bridgeb, Jul 15, 2008
Is anyone there this morning before I post my long winded questions (smiles)?

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by Im31, Jul 18, 2008
Thanks Mommy2be! Good luck to u too and let us know if you have a good news :-). It's really good to have all of you with whom we can share our poblems/feelings.

Hey, recenty i could see yellowish urine. Did a Urine test and it says: Gamma GT range is 9 which should be 10 to something(don't remember the upper range now). My doc appointment is tomorrow. Anyone had experienced such thing ever? 25th July I am due to my 2nd period after DNC.

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by shameshame, Aug 28, 2008
i need help!.... i had my LMP last june 17,.. and i found out that i had a miscarriage so has to have D&C at 6 weeks..Exactly 30.. i had some some bleeding but it lasted for a week... i experienced excessive burping after i ha d the procedure... i went to my doctor last aug 13, and he had me ultrasound.. and the result was that my ovaries are normal and my endometrium s slightly thickened by 10 mm... it's been 5 weeks and 3 days since i had D&C but still haven't got my it normal?... i'm just 21... and it's really driving me crazy!!!!!!!!... could it be possible that i'm still pregnant?... i didn't have an intercouse... but could it be possible that eventhough i had D&C my baby still continues to grow.. i'm hoping.. but the ulrasound said that my ovaries are normal and nothing was there.. could i still be pregnant? ..i had some HCG tests and it came out negative..

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by Mommy2be2, Sep 08, 2008
I felt the same way after my D&C... wishing somehow a healthy pregnancy would show up afterwards.  If you had an HCG test that was negative, the D&C probably removed all tissue.  It took me weeks to stop feeling pregnant and hormonal.  I didn't really accept my miscarriage until after I got my period.  I guess it kind of confirmed that I wasn't pregnant anymore.  It can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks for most women to have a period after D&C.  If you don't get one after 8 weeks you should check with your doctor.  Good luck to you.

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by getababy, Oct 04, 2008
I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks and a D and C at 11.  We didn't know we had lost it until we had our first question is-can the fetus remain in the uterus after the D and C?  I went to the bathroom yesterday and felt something "slip out" of my vagina.  It looked remarkably like the pictures of a fetus when I bent down to examine it in the bowl.  It felt and looked more solid than the clots I had been having every once in a while after the procedure. I didn't save it because I was at work, so I cannot show my doc, but I'm curious as to if this can even be possible.  My doctor's office wasn't very helpful...what do you think?

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by suzycriesalot, Oct 16, 2008
hi every one , Feeling pretty down today , after 4 years of trying my doctor diagnosed me with pcos , she put me on metformin i got pregnant immediatly , my husband and i were so excited , i went in for my first u-s at 10 weeks , no heartbeat , the most devastating experience of my life ....... i had a d and c the next day aug. 7 2008 . i waited to have my first period just like the doc said , to try again , started my 2 nd period today , i was soooooo hoping to be pregnant again , my heart is broke .... i wanted to have a child sooo much , starting to wonder if its going to happen for us ... sisters i feel your pain , with your losses .. i think that not having a child is the most devasting exp. for a woman .. kisses and hugs tooo alll of you beautiful ladies ,, it can only get better , can't get much  worse right?

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by COMommyof2, Nov 14, 2008
I had my first mc after my first son.  Baby died at 8wk 6d, I didn't make my scheduled D&C, mc naturally.  It was the most painful experience in my life.  It took 36 days from mc for my hcg levels to hit 0.  8 days later I had a period and started my first cycle.  We decided to hold off on trying since our son was just 12 months old.  I was diagnosed with pcos in June of 2006 and conceived my second son July of 2006, healthy pregnancy.   We have been trying to get pregnant again since March of 2008, my Dr put me on metformin for my pcos in May since I was done breastfeeding.  We conceived again Sept of 2008, found out our baby died at 7wk 5d.  I was devestated, how could this happen again, what did I do wrong... hormones weren't helping, all the pain from my first mc came flooding back.  I decided to not go through the natural mc again and had my D&C Nov 12th.  I know having two healthy babies has helped me, although I don't understand the mc in between each.  I pray that we conceive a healthy baby again after my first cycle.  My thoughts and prayers go out to each of you that have experienced a mc, take the time to mourn your baby.  I have peace knowing my family will be even bigger when I get to heaven.  

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by corrierube, Dec 04, 2008
I had a D&C on October 24th and got my period on Nov 24th.  I felt good after my period hoping things were going to go back to normal.  About 4 days after my period stopped I started to have very minor cramping.  Does anyone know what this could be from?  I want to feel normal again and move on but things like this make it hard to do so.  If anyone has experienced this please let me know.  

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by babytoo, Jan 06, 2009
became pregnant in september and was 6 weeks when I went to the doctors. I noticed I had minor brown spotting and told the doctor. Doc said it may be old blood from uterus dont worry and to come back in two weeks. Two weeks seemed like two months still worried about spotting I had a ultrasound and was told there wasn't a heartbeat. I was shocked but not surprised. I really wanted this baby after having a healthy pregnancy before I never thought this could happen. I had a D&C 8 weeks agoand still no period. I feel as if I will never concieve again. feeling very sad and depressed I just want to have everything normal again so my husband and I could start trying again. I feel jealous when I see women with babies and wonder why did that happen to me.

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by nomorepain2, Apr 02, 2009
i had a d&c three weeks ago. my hormones are going crazy!!!! i feel like everyday is the worst day of my period. i get dizzy and cant concentrate a lot. of course my health insurance just got canceled so i cant go to the doctor. is this normal? someone please help!

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by jennilOgan, Apr 28, 2009
hi there :-) i found out at 12 weeks that there was no baby but the sac had continued to grow , so when i started bleeding at 12 weeks i was devestated .. at first my choice was to continue the miscarriage naturally as i was terrified of having a d&c , i should have been 12 weeks on 14/04/09 and i am now measuring at 14 weeks , i had 3 days of constant unbearable pain and have been bleeding for the last 2 weeks .. went for another scan today which showed the sac had not stopped growing so i am going for my only option left tomorrow a d&c which i am DREADING :-( i really want to try again for another baby but fear this could ruin my chances , does anyone know about the risks as i was only explained breifly aboutt the details , any help would be appreciated!

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by mummy75, May 24, 2009
went 4 dating scan at12wks no heart beat felt absolutely gutted,why is it happening 2 us,worst thing anyone can go through this was 1st may had 2 have dnc done 3rd may can't wait 2 b prego again .

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by Angie512, Jun 16, 2009
I had a D&C done in April. I was 13 weeks pregnant. It has been one of the most difficult things I've ever experienced.  I really wanted this baby, but unfortunately the baby had very minimun chances of surviving. They noticed that my baby had a lot of liquid in the back of his neck, which means some type of retardation plus problems with his heart, and a very high chance of having a natural miscarriage or the baby dying in my woomb before birth. That is why I decided to get a D&C done. Its been about two months and a half since this happened and it still hurts. The physical recovery was very fast, I felt fine within a few days, but its emotionally I still feel very sad. Especially when I am home alone, all I think about is my baby. I don't know how much longer it will take me to completely heal, but I know I will always keep my baby in my heart.

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by jennylynn39, Jun 25, 2009
I had mine on May 22, 2009 ( had yolk sac no fetus at 10 weeks ) I feel as you do, such a sad outcome of being pregnant and excited ( 1st child for him ) and turns out nothing. i am waiting for my period to arrive, hoping anytime.Short version...April 1st - found out pregnant, had 1st sonogram a week later..2 sacs TWINS! week later..not twins, found another sac with yolk sac. week and 1/2 later, she said sorry for your loss. this went on for weeks, cause i did not believe this could happen... 3 d doctor 2 sonograms later...found out the orginal 2 sacs were! the other sac (3rd) never devoleped into a baby. So, i had the surgery. Doctor says im very healthy and my ovaries are normal. What a awful experience.. rollercoaster ride i did not want to be on. Ready to try again :)


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by phiajay, Jun 30, 2009
I was pregnant back in march, it ended up being a blighted ovum, a sac with no baby...I have a healthy almost four year old, no problems with that pregnancy at all....I knew something wasnt right....when they coulnd't find the baby I waited four more weeks to miscarry on my own, at 10 weeks I finally had a D&C.....wasn't a bad experience really, I had my first period about 27 days later, it lasted a good 6-7 days, my normal periods would last at most four days.....I am now on day 32 of my cycle for second period after D&C...two negative pregnancy tests...feeling crampy for two days now, but nothing.....I was hoping to be pregnant, but don't think I am, just really want my period to start so we can continue trying....anyone else going through this?

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by frankiem3240, Jul 14, 2009
hi ya , iwas 7 weeks preg when had a blighted ovam. had a d&c done on 27 may still havnt had a period.bled a bit too much durind surgery bur almost none after.have been having l;ots of mucus ,dont no if means anything.was hoping to get preg but preg test was neg this morming. cramps and sore boobs ,back is killing me. any advice welcome xx

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by Vgal, Jul 16, 2009
This was my first pregnancy and my husband and I were so excited. I am 31yr and no one in my family every had a miscarriage so I felt pretty good about everything. We went for our first ultra sound at 9 weeks. The nurse starts by saying everything looks good, shows us the baby, and then makes a terrible face. She told us that their was no heartbeat and the baby stopped growing at about 6 1/2 weeks. I was lying on that table completely devasted looking at my husband who was already in tears. I had the DNC that same day. It has been two weeks now and my body has gone back to the way it was before I was pregnant. I am very petite so around the 7th week I started getting a little pouch and now I cry every morning when I see that it is gone. My husband was so supportive, but before we found out I was pregnant we were having problems and he had left me. When we found out he came back but now he is gone again. In one week I lost my baby and my husband and this is all too much to take. To make things worse, his sister in law is having a baby any day now and I threw her a baby shower 5 days after I miscarried (it was planned before all the problems). It was so hard to go and be happy I could barely even look at her. Worse part is my husband's mother gave a friend of my sister in law clothes she had bought for our child at the baby shower. We weren't trying to have a baby it was a complete surprise, but now all I want is to have a baby. I am also tired of everyone telling me it wasn't meant to be, lots of woman miscarriage so on and so on. I feel so empty I cry every morning and every night. I continue to read those pregnancy books and see where my baby would have been at this point. I would love to get pregnant again right away, but instead I am awaiting divorce papers. I lost my father a couple of years ago and I feel just as lost and empty now as I did then. I wish nothing but the best for all of you and hope that you all have beautiful healthy babies real soon!

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by KarenChoy, Jul 30, 2009
Hi Vgal,.. I am so sorry to hear what you're going through. In time, I'm sure you'll be able to pick up the pieces and move on with life. You just need to stay positive! It doesn't sound like you had a very supportive family from his side and perhaps you are better off now. =) I had miscarried at 19 weeks because of a tear in my amniotic sac.This all happened on 21 Jun. However, during that time I was also bleeding from placenta previa and because the tear caused a leak and not a gush,.. I could tell one from another since it all seemed so messy there. When I finally got to the gynae after I had completed my course of duphaston and nothing was letting up,... we discovered that i had no more amniotic fluid left. I left the clinic crying because he sent me home to bedrest and said nothing else could be done. If the contractions didn't come, to stay in bed with little movement. He said there was a possibility the bag would refill itself. That night, I went into labour. I had a D&C the following day. Yesterday, my period came 5 weeks after the miscarriage and I was moody the entire day. Moody thinking that this ought to have been week 24. My heart goes out to all of you,... I've read of so many other successful pregnancies after miscarriages. I hope our next pregnancies are successful!!

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by mom2rg, Aug 03, 2009
I had a D&C on July 2nd (worst day of my life) at 12 weeks pregnancy (No heartbeat and the baby only sized 8 1/2 wks). I spotted very light for couple days and no period yet. Its been over 4 weeks but it still hurts the same as it did when I first found that baby didn't make it.  The baby is all I think about every minute like what it would have looked like. I know it is supposed to get better but this emptyness I feel inside is killing me. I am waiting for my period so at least I can try to get pregnant right away so I will have something to look forward to. Good luck to all of you who are trying to get pregnant.

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by hannah34, Aug 10, 2009
I had a D&C last year for the loss of twins. At nine weeks, I went in for an ultrasound due to light brown spotting and we found that there were two babies and only one of them had a very weak heartbeat. We were told to wait a week and see what we saw at the next ultrasound. After a week, we did not see any heartbeats at all. This was devastating as we had been trying for over a year to get pregnant. After the D&C, I had some light spotting and cramping and then one week to the day, I had heavy bleeding and is my belief that I actually lost one of the babies at this time. I called the doctor and was told that I should be fine and to let them know if the bleeding and pain didn't subside. It lasted only a few hours and I got a period again in about six weeks. This June I found out that we were pregnant again! It took over a year to get pregnant again (I'm 34) and we were so excited. Because of my history, we had early bloodwork done and unfortunately my hcg levels were not doubling and were rising very slowly....not to mention we had an ultrasound at 5 weeks that didn't show any fetal pole. We waited a week to do another ultrasound and did not expect to see anything. Well, the ultrasound technician started the ultrasound and said, "I don't want to get your hopes up, but I see a heartbeat!". We were THRILLED. The heart rate was normal and healthy and the baby measured 6 weeks....perfect! We followed up with another ultrasound in a week and saw an increase in the heart rate (great) and the baby measured 7 weeks. We were good to go! At nine weeks and two days, I had some red spotting that I just knew was not good. I didn't have cramping or bleeding, so we waited until Monday and called the doctor. At first, they tried to reassure me and asked me to come in at the end of the week for another ultrasound. I pushed for an ultrasound that afternoon and sure enough there was no heartbeat and the baby only measured 8 weeks. What a roller coaster this has been and it's been a week since my D&C and I have bleeding on and off. The recovery from this D&C has been somewhat different than last year. My husband and I are working through the grief and I totally understand where you all are coming from. Hang in there.

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by quitalsalex, Oct 21, 2009
I just had my D&C 2day. This was my 1st pregnancy. My doctor told me that my baby didn't form @ all.  In September I started bleeding so I went 2 the emergency room.  I got an ultrasound done and they told me that I was 6 weeks along and that everything looked fine.  I went 2 my doctor's office and they scheduled me another ultrasound @ another doctor's office. I went there and I was asking the technician ?s but she didn't answer any of them. She told me that she was going 2 send everything over 2 my doctor's office. I went 2 my doctor's office two weeks after that and they performed another ultrasound on me. I started asking her ?s also and she told me the same thing. I finally got a chance 2 talk 2 my doctor and she told me from the time that I had my 1st ultrasound that there hasn't been any changes in my pregnancy. The ultrasound was just showing that I had a sac and nothing else. I was 10 weeks and 5 days if I counted back from last my cycle but the ultrasound had me @ 6 weeks.  She told me that I had 2 have a D&C performed so that I want get an infection. Since I've had it done I have been having cramps and light bleeding so far.  After my 1st cycle I am going 2 try again and hopefully all goes well this time.  So please don't give up b/c I'm not. My new name is going 2 b the Little Momma That Could.

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by simran72, Dec 14, 2009
I had D&C on 10 Nov 2009 but after that i haven't got period. what i need to do Help me PLZ.What possibly the cause for this?

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by mrs_arragutainaq, Dec 23, 2009
hello simran72,

I live in a very small town in the arctic and we don't have any u/s here. I found out on Sept 22/09 that I was 7wk 4d pregnant, everything was going great. My husband and i have been together 5 yrs and got married a year and a half ago. I am 19 now. When I was exactly 14 weeks I started to spot a little, I called the ER and they said don't worry about it. It went on like this for a few days and then got heavier, I called again, i was 15 weeks, my cervix was closed...great..The bleeding worsened and they flew me out with my husband to winnipeg for an u/s. I just had a bad feeling about it. The tech took the sonogram and wouldn't answer any questions and told me to wait in the waiting room with my husband....we were there for 2 hours before a doctor came out and told me that that there was no heartbeat and the baby had stopped growing at 9-10wks....i was devastated to say the least, my husband was heartbroken as well. but i had a d&c the next morning Nov 20/09 and only bled for a few hours and then nothing for like 3 days then i bled heavily for a few days and spotted for a wk...that might have been a was very painful. I haven''t had one since then though so....i really dunno. They say 4-6wks and sometimes longer....some say about 20-28d after you stop it possible you have become pregnant again? or maybe have some left over tissue? did the doctor follow you hgc levels back to 0? because you wont start till after they have dropped to 0 for a few weeks...let me know

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by needhelp0123987, Aug 28, 2014
I had a m/c that lead to the necessity of a d&c. This was on July 18th. It is Aug28th exactly 6weeks later and no period. I was 6weeks at the time. It took another 3weeks before I could get a negative result on my at home pregnancy test. I had sex on Aug 17th. The condom broke and I am worried about my chances of being pregnant. I do not think I could handle it emotionally. Any input is much appreciated.

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by Neldee17, Jul 15, 2018
Hyy pls I had an abortion may 6th saw my next period on the 11th of June but this month is a little bit late am I to worry

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