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Ovulation s u c k s

Jul 01, 2009 - 0 comments

So I'm sitting here at work cd20, minding my own business and holy cow the pain starts.  I've been having some O pain on my left side for the past few days, and that's normal. But now I'm having INTENSE pain on both side and it just hurts.  Much worse than the last time we were on clomid.  Holy cow it hurts.  I know that we have a chance of multiples because of how many cysts/follies we have.  But the doctor didn't seem concerned, so I'm not concerned.  This pain ***** though.  We didn't have my follies checked this month, but he said that with all the cysts and such, that we could ovulate more eggs at a time.  I just want the pain to go away.  Blah!  Hopefully all the BD'ing we've been doing will work!  I doubt it, though.  this is supposed to be our trial month before we up the meds.  But how awesome would be if it worked this month?

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