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Not yet achieved!

Jul 02, 2009 - 1 comments




This last few pounds is proving more difficult to get rid of. Factors involved :~ A 'Wolf like appetite' has undermined my determination to eat less/better. Have binged on choc/cakes/cream et al. No wonder I'm not losing any weight. Also I'm going to blame the current 'Heatwave' for discouraging me from running as much/far. After several weeks of fairly rigid self discipline I felt like having a break ~ & took it. What else can I think of........? Perhaps I can cite my advanced years/natural sloth etc? My wife cooks meals that are too tempting & I don't like leaving an empty plate. So, not having more days left I'm going to try to drag up some willpower & deny myself all that is too much for a 'normal' person's needs. I rate my chances of attaining my goal weight in the remaining days at about 50/50. Perhaps I'm too optimistic? Meanwhile my mood's continued to be excellent. Rain's forecast for tomorrow, I'll run then. Exercise does inhibit excess hunger ~ homeostasis is restored & I'll lose more flab. It will be an achievement & I'll feel good. If I should fail I'll have more excuses                                                            ready.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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by gofio, Jul 14, 2009
Of course I gained weight, my attitude to losing was lost when I decided I'd had enough self-denial for the time being. It would have been nice to achieve my target weight, but after losing 10lbs & hitting my first target weight I slackened off & binged. I'm untroubled about my failure, am as happy as I want to be & not anxious about anything. Come what may, I'll face it when it arrives. Certainly learned how much 'extra' food I'd been used to, now I'm aware of what to try to avoid. As I can still do all the things I ever could, even if the pace is much slower, it's very satisfying to do them. I wish all that want to lose weight success.  Healthwise it's better to be at the weight you feel happy with, regardless of what weight tables/fashion dictates. Found the tracker very motivational, at least it makes you aware what the trend is. Will have another try from now. Nothing Great Is Easy.

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