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Potts Spine

May 06, 2008 - 0 comments

Hi it is regarding my Mom, she is suffering from potts spine since  from past 2yrs. She was  totally at bed rest for 7 months(she was totally lying on bed) during this period she suffered with burning pain in back of legs, hips and thighs.  Initially potts spine got detected at L2-L3 position this MRI took on Jan 2007 initially for 2 months she took Akurit-4 and later she continued with Akurit-4 for almost 18 months.  In month of Feb 2007 ESR reading was 40 and it went on increasing in month of April 2007 ESR was 120 in this month she got hospitalised and was given antibiotics ESR came down to 80, again after few months ESR again went up and know at present time (April 2007) ESR is  80.  She also had another MRI in month of May 2007, there was no improvement but more destructive impact got notice.  In month of Sep 2007 she got abscess and surgery got done to drain abscess and a hole was left to drain the further formation,   but continuously she was mentioning about the pain  in Hip joints and Lumber spine area, but currently she is having extreme pain in just mention areas.  Recently in last week in this month (May 2008) we took another MRI and compared with previous MRI,  no significant improvement was noticed but still kocks are existing and destructive changes in soft tissue component, there was not even 10% of improvement.   So please let me know whether the Drugs are not adequate to control the Potts spine disease or  the resistivity of body is not reacting towards the diseases.  I am very much worried what to be done, so any one please suggest the remedy.

  My mom is of  age 55 years, she doesn't have diabetic.

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