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Jul 03, 2009 - 0 comments

i think i found myself today,
i didnt go far, just went astray.
i went down a path of pure delights,
i just spread my wings and took to flight,

i was blind you see, not to everything,
just what was in front of me.
all i wanted was not to feel,
reality had no appeal.

soaring high most everyday,
i began to see things in a different way.
no longer was i having fun,
clouds covered the sun.
hazey days to say the least,
i had befriended the beast.

i so longed for the life i once had,
i turned directions, went the other way.
the winds were strong, my wings were weak,
the more i flew, i made bounds and leaps.

the more i tryed, the harder it was,
until the day i grew strong.
so here i am in reality,
its where i found sobriety.


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