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What Will it Take

May 06, 2008 - 3 comments





Congenital hypothyroidism


just lost 20 lbs in 2 mo.

I never expected to be in the pain I'm in at 44 years old.
I look around and at others my age and they're doing so much better.
I've never smoked
I quit drinking alcohol 6 years ago
I have "Fibromyalgia"
....too many meds
....supplements galore
I want to get well, but all of the doctors say,
"There's not a lot we know about fibromyalgia"
So they treat the symptoms and I function to earn my money to live and go to the doctor - is this it?

Please help me - my legs are burning soooo bad I couldn't make it through the grocery store last Sunday.
Why the burn????

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by Lee_1963, May 06, 2008
Ask your doctor about Lyrica. It's a new drug specifically for Fibromyalgia. Best of luck. Hope you are feeling better soon.
God bless

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by BurningLegs, May 07, 2008
Thank you - I've asked my Pain Management doctor and my Psychiatrist.  Neither of them will let me try it.  Are you aware of anyone's it's worked on?  Is it for pain? or depression?  I hear about it on TV all of the time and my family keeps telling me to take it so i'll function again.

If anyone has taken Lyrica and it's helped them please let me know.

And thank you Lee_1963, very much - thank you!

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by Betsy1965, Sep 22, 2009
Well, this post was over a year ago but I have some experience with lyrica. For the first 2 weeks, I felt great! I felt BETTER than great -- I felt euphoric! It was absolutely fantastic! It was like the ultimate good-time drug. Happy as a lark and soooo much energy. And then ... nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing, that is, but the same old pain and fatigue. We increased the dose. Nothing. So disappointing. Life has gone on since then and I FINALLY have a real pain management doc, but it took over a decade. I'm on methadone. I have something like a life. I am able to work but I don't do a lot else. IS this all there is? Maybe. That doesn't mean you can't find meaning in it, but you sure do have to look harder!

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