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bad fibro day

Jul 03, 2009 - 1 comments




i went to go get an air conditioner today with aeron. even before that i was a wreck. i felt so anxious and confused. i went without dinner because i was incapable of thinking clearly enough to make a decision about what to eat.

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by LovelyLibra, Jul 07, 2009
Whats fibro? I get anxious but I'm more paraniod about being attacked when I'm out and i get anxious walking past people if i am by myself, I've run home before because I've been that scared of two people that I've walked pasted but luckly my Best Friends know how edgy i get, I don't like going to the shop by myself I've never really paid much attention to it but thinking about it, It explains a lot...hmm... I'm afraid of the dark because i don't know whats out there or in there i should say...

Hmm... Randomness or what? haha


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