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My cycle for the month of November - AF came today

Nov 20, 2007 - 1 comments

im really feeling lonely and depressed today...AF showed up with no warning

im really starting to feel like im not going to get preg anytime soon and i really wanted another baby before my 30th also regretting being anorexic for so many years...i really did wear and tear on my body and am paying for it last doc (not the one im seeing now) said my body will age faster now because of how long i was anoerix and after 30 its going to become more difficult for 28 now!

the letdown today is a lot to deal with and as of today i feel as though im not going to try for a few months...i cant keep doing this to myself every month

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by girldirtbiker, Nov 20, 2007
HI, I am new to this site. Logged on to get help with my daughters addiction.
However it happened, I ended up reading these posts.
I am almost 45, a mother of two and gramma of 2.
Can I offer some advice from an "old woman" augh! - stress like you are in right now makes it hard to concieve. Really. And here is an age old trick.......Hang out with a or more than one pregnant woman. Seriously. It works. You know how women who work together sometimes end up on the same mentraul cycle, well somehow the body works like that too for pregancies. I have seen it happen MANY times.
Good luck to you! (but stop worrying about it too, that will help)
~peace and grace.

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