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mothers day

May 06, 2008 - 1 comments

this year for mothers day is going to be very special for me... well of course each one is but my girls are getting older and i am finally standing to the side, able to slow down enough to realize...they are growing up sooo fast! what happened to me being able to actually help them put their shoes on, or go potty, or rocking them to sleep trying to find their "binky". At least they still let me read to them at night. you always think, man, i cant wait until they can walk, i cant wait till they know how to eat on their own... yes i can! i can wait. now my baby is headed off to school this year... and she is READY! lol she wants to ride the bus on her own and make friends, and i just want my little girl with me all the time. i cant believe i am about to take this huge step letting her go into the world all by her little self, i know its just half a day, but the truth is it is the beginning. you wont be there to dry their tears if a kid is mean to them, or protect them from bad things they hear or see. its heartbreaking for me and DH says im overreacting, i guess hes right. i suppose im attached to them a little too much. but im guessing all mothers feel this way about the dreaded first day of school. but the point is, this mothers day is special for me. i see my beautiful daughters and how bright and happy they are and i am soooo sooo soooo proud. i know they are not old enough to acknowledge mothers day, but we will all go and do something special together. i am getting matching pj's for us or something. i wish every mommy out there a happy mothers day

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by Nickypoo, May 06, 2008
Happy Mother's day  to you. You are a great mother. Keep up the good work, no matter what comes to happens.

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