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watching time fly by

Mar 16, 2014 - 0 comments

minute watchin,  restless even takin a break,  ms. rls never misses a date. Shes so provacative..assault n batteries, the sheets. 2 in 48, 6 in 72. sleep deprivation gon,' get me for these pills do. Relapse tommrow n it's all for nuthin, me n oxy is finished tho.. detoxin ...praying to a toilet bowl, cover my head n hide I'm ashamed of myself like the Broncos in the super bowl. A pool of codine would b a treat ...but then there's only tricks at Halloween... when the kids come ill hand out empty pill bottles ...maybe my insides r hollow..selfish prick that I am I'm takin a stand against vics percs roxis n percadans.  Not in a house w a mouse or on the couch f#$ k u Sam I am! Im 14 in now waiting for this black cloud to turn pink. I'm not missing one more second of my babies growin up not a half a blink. Turnin negatives to positives changing for the better hoping for the best n praying for the latter..venting thru journal all around me judgementals had to change my life 4 I e ent mental

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